National Technical Commission

The National Technical Commission (NTC) serves in an advisory function to the Technical Director and to the Chief Executive Officer of USA Cycling on issues relating to rules and regulations, officiating at the national level, and to communicate national policies relating to officiating to district- and regional-level organizations. NTC members serve a number of different roles, particularly in officials training and education, evaluation, mentoring, and administration of USA Cycling's disciplinary policies.

The NTC also supports the development of the Regional Technical Commissions (RTC). The five RTCs (West, Mountain, Midwest, Southeast and Northeast) are recognized and budgeted to carry out their missions, which generally echo the efforts of the NTC, but with a focus on the identification, training and development of lower categories of officials within their regions.


  • Nationally recognized officials representing all disciplines (road, track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike, BMX) that are appointed by the Technical Director, subject to the approval of the USA Cycling CEO
  • Total membership: 8-11 members
    • 1-2 members representing each region of the country
    • National, Elite National or International commissaires designations

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Input and advice on national officiating appointments
  • Officials education and training
  • Discipline — Administration of disciplinary policies (general investigations, panels, and appeals)
  • Officials review panels and evaluation
  • Officials disciplinary processes (in addition to administration of general disciplinary policies)
  • Mentor programs (on-site and individual)
  • Officials evaluation
  • Officials recognition
  • Management of the Regional Technical Commissions
  • Nomination of officials for international commissaire seminars
  • Rules & Procedures Document for the NTC
NTC Meeting Minutes & Documents

National Technical Commission


Vice-Chair - Clarkston, WA

Bill joined the NTC in 2014.  He began his career in 1989 and has now retired from active officiating.  During the course of his career, he served as Chief Referee or Chief Judge at more than 50 stage races.  In addition, he served as instructor at numerous introductory official clinics in Idaho and Eastern Washington, and was director of the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference for 13 years and sat on the USAC Collegiate Sports Committee for 6 years.  Although retired, Bill intends to maintain an active role in the NTC and hopes to serve the sport through mentoring and supporting upcoming officials.


Bill is retired from a career in Forestry Research and enjoys reading, travel, and photography.  


Secretary - Austin, TX

Bonnie joined the NTC in 2012. She is a National Road and Track Commissaire and has been officiating since 1998. Bonnie is actively involved with her local association, Texas Bicycle Racing Association, where she mentors new officials, educates race directors, reviews race permits, and assigns officiating crews. When not officiating, Bonnie is a software development manager. When she has time, she enjoys spending time at home, hiking and geocaching. 

Her top five career events include:

  • Tour of California
  • USA Pro Challenge
  • Tour of Utah
  • Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
  • USA Cycling Elite Track Nationals


Skykomish, WA

Dot Abbott is an international commissaire in Road and Cyclo-cross. She has served many years as the Commissaire's representative on the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Committee and now fills that same roll on the Pro Committee. Dot has been a long term developer of local officiating, proponent of officiating best practices and frequent contributor to educational materials for our Official's Training Programs. Dot is extremely active in the international cyclo-cross community. An official since 1988, Dot comes to the NTC in 2016.

Some of her career highlights:

  • Junior and Elite Road World Championships
  • WT events: Eneco Tour, Tour de Pologne, Montreal, Tour of California, Philadelphia
  • Junior and Elite World Track Championships, PanAm Championships and World Cups
  • Multiple Cyclo-cross World Championships, World Cups and PanAm Championships
  • Multiple Paralympics and World Championships for Road and Track


Luthersville, GA

Steve has been on the NTC since 2011, having been an official for 30+ years. Prior to becoming an official, he was a poor Category 3 rider. Steve’s first love is the track, having quite literally grown up in East Point GA. His goal as a member of the NTC is to both raise the level of officiating as well as the number of officials in the country, while enjoying the camaraderie and the teamwork of a great crew.


Mounds View, MN

Bruce joined the NTC in 2010. He is a UCI International Commissaire in road and track.

His top five races include:

  • Tour of California
  • Tour of Missouri
  • Vuelta a Colombia
  • UCI Track Cycling World Cup
  • Grand Prix Vienna

When not officiating, Bruce is a software engineer for a medical device company. When he has time he enjoys canoe camping trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, hiking, cross-country skiing, and playing trombone in a community band.


Albuquerque, NM

Michael Donovan has been an avid cyclist and advocate for cycling for most of his adult life, and comes to the Technical Commission with a broad experience as an event organizer and as an official for Mountain, BMX and Road cycling events. He has been a USAC Mountain Bike National Commissaire since 1997 and a UCI International Commissaire for mountain biking since 2005 and BMX since 2013.

His top career events are:

  • 2014 BMX Supercross World Cup, Santiago del Estero, Argentina
  • 2005 Mountain Bike World Cup, Angle Fire, NM
  • 2011 USAC XC National Championship, Deer Valley, ID
  • 2012 UCI/Canada Cup, Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada
  • 2011 Copa International de Mountain Bike, Sao Lourenco, Brazil
  • 2012 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon, San Jose, Costa Rica


Davenport, IA

Steve is a Road and Cyclocross International Commissaire that started his officiating career in 1989. He works races close to home or far away from those in his local association and on up in any capacity to help out. He believes in developing people and improving processes has worked with local and regional officials, assigners, and race organizers to that end. Steve was honored to have joined the NTC in 2014.

  His favorite cycling memories are from times when he was with the many good people who make up the sport from recreational rides, to races across the Midwest, to the larger international races. When not officiating, Steve is an architect who works for Fortune 100 company and leads a team of facility engineers with responsibilities across the US. In the past he has was responsible for leading new factory, warehouse, and office construction projects around the world. But he would really rather be spending time with his family, cycling, playing with photography, pheasant hunting, hiking, or cross country skiing.


Fort Washington, MD

Mimi joined the NTC in 2015. She is an Elite National Commissaire for Road and Cyclocross. Mimi is actively involved with her local association - MidAtlantic Bicycle Racing Association - mentoring officials and reviewing race permits. She has helped develop and is the primary presenter of the category A Road course. When not officiating, Mimi is the finance manager of a non-profit arts organization in the Nation's Capital. She enjoys cooking, cycling, and reading theoretical physics. 

Her top five career events include:

  • UCI Road World Cycling Championships
  • Tour of California
  • USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships
  • Winston-Salem Cycling Classic
  • North Star Grand Prix


Colorado Springs, CO

Andy McCord rejoins the NTC in 2017 after a few year's away. Andy is one of the original members of the NTC in its first inception and has served many years as an NTC advisor. Andy brings a distinguished carreer of officiating and experience in multiple Olympic Games, World Championhsip and international competitions for Road, Track and Mt. Bike to the NTC. Andy has served as the lead UCI Mt. Bike Commissaire's instructor as well as teaching UCI Track Starter seminars.


Larchmont, NY

Tom has been a UCI International Commissaire in road and track since 1986 and was the first American commissaire to be selected to the Tour de France, along with many other accomplishments here and abroad.

His top five career events are:

  • Tour de la Communauté Européenne (Tour de l'Avenir)
  • Tour de Trump / Tour Dupont
  • Worlds (Track, Road, Cyclocross / Elite, Juniors)
  • Tour de France
  • Tour Down Under

When not enjoying cycling, he enjoys time with his family, helping out with their math homework in French, and spending time exploring the pavé trails on a mountain bike near his family's secondary residence in Brussels.


Webster Groves, MO

Sara began officiating in 2007. As the local official's assigner for Missouri, Sara actively works with officials in her state and in the mid-west on recruiting and training.  Working to develop updated classes and training materials for new officials and developing officials has been a highlight of her work on the NTC. Sara is an Elite National Commissaire on the road and an International Commissaire in Cyclo-cross. When not officiating, Sara runs the International Student program at an independent school in St. Louis. Her background is in visual arts and education. 

Career Highlights include:

 2015 Road World Championships

2018 Trek CX World Cup

2017 and 2018 Jingle Cross CX World Cup



Noreen has rejoined the NTC in 2019, having been one of the original NTC members with a focus on track officiating.  She is an international commissaire on the track and a national commissaire on the road.


Noreen "grew up" as an official at the Olympic Training Center velodrome in Colorado Springs, serving as one of the first officials at the track when it was built in 1983.  Noreen takes great joy in teaching officials the ins and outs of track officiating, especially in the role of secretary as well as the flow of a well-managed and spectator worthy event.


When not officiating, Noreen is the CEO of CPCD, a non-profit in Colorado Springs that provides early childhood education for young children living in poverty.  She also enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter (who is also an official), and grandson.