Approved CEU Provider List

2016-17 Approved CEU Provider List

Below is a list of approved CEU programs.  Please note, the programs listed below have applied and been approved for the  Provider CEU Program. If you are interested in applying as an USA Cycling approved CEU Provider, please contact the Coaching Education Director.

Company/OrganizerTypeCEU Value
American Red Cross or American Heart Assoc.CPR/AED/BLS Certification3
BikeCoach.comClinic6 per day
BikeCoach.comCamp3 per day
British CyclingWebinar1
Carmichael Training SystemsWebinar1
CDC Concussion TrainingOnline course2
Collegiate Coaching, Head or Assistant of a collegiate teamPer Calendar/Academic Year10
College Credits per Semester, pertaining to cyclingSemester Credits5
College Credits per Quarter, pertaining to cyclingQuarter Credts3
Charity Coaching Program (JDFR/TNT)Program5
CPR/First Aid/American Red CrossWorkshop3
Cycling FusionWorkshop - 1 Day6
Cycling FusionWebinar1
Early Bird Leader/Coach per Day3
Early BirdMentor per Day2
Gatorade Sports Science InstituteSelf Test1
Gatorade Sports Science InstituteWebinars1
Heart ZonesSeminar - 1/2 Day3
Heart ZonesSeminar - 1 Day6
High School CoachingPer Year5
Human KineticsCourses1-5 CEUs (depending on course)
Innovations in Training with Power for Endurance SportsConference - 3 Days12
International Police Mountain Bike CourseClinic - 4 Days20
IRONMAN UniversityCoaching Certification10
IRONMAN UniversityOnline Courses1.5
International Society of Sports NutritionConference15
LEOMO Certification (via Peaks Coaching Group)Certification8
Medicine of CyclingConference20
More Than SportSummit15
Moxy - Muscle Oxygen PhysiologyOnline Course5
National Governing BodyCoaching Certification20
National Interscholastic Cycling AssociationCoach Exams3
National Interscholastic Cycling AssociationOnline Course1
National Interscholastic Cycling AssociationSummit15
National Interscholastic Cycling AssociationWebinars1
Peaks Coaching GroupCamps/Power Camps15
Peaks Coaching GroupSeminar - 1 Day6
Peaks Coaching GroupSeminar - 2 Days10
Peaks Coaching GroupWebinar1
Peer Reviewed Written ArticlesWritten Aritcles2
Performance Conditioning Cycling Self-tests (each)Self Tests1
Respect in SportTraining3
RetulBike Fit Clinic - 5 Days20
RetulBike Fit - 1/2 Day3
Safe Sport (including refresher)Training3
Salt Lake City Community CollegeEndurance Sports Show Symposium15
Science & CyclingConference40
Serotta International Cycling InstituteBike Fit - 3 Days15
Serotta International Cycling InstituteWebinar1
Source Endurance LLCArticle with Quiz1
Source Endurance LLCClinic - 1 Day6
Source Endurance LLCWebinar1
Specialists in Sports PerformanceClinic - 1 Day6
Specialists in Sports PerformanceClinic - 2 Days12
Specialists in Sports PerformanceOnline Courses1
Specialists in Sports PerformanceWebinar1
Specialists in Sports PerformanceWorkshop3
Stanford University "Your Body in the World"Participation7
Stanford University "Your Body in the World"Participation and Test10
Stanford University "Your Body in the World"Participation, Test and Passing with Distinction15
Team Director for UCI/IPC per day, max. 20 in a CEU cyclePer Day5
TrainingPeaks University- In person/onlineClinic - Multi Day10/6
TrainingPeaksSeminar - 1 Day8
TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching SummitSummit - Multi Day15
TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching SummitSummit - Multi Day (Virtual Ticket)7
TrainingPeaksOnline Course4
True SportTraining2
UCI Coach Development ProgrammeUCI Level 1 Coaching Certificate20
UCI Coach Development ProgrammeUCI Level 2 Coaching Certificate30
UCI Coach Development ProgrammeUCI Coaching Diploma40
UCI National CommissarClinic - 1 Day10
UCI True Champion or CheatOnline, Complete Modules4
United Endurance Sports Coaching AcademyParticipation7
United Endurance Sports Coaching AcademyParticipation and Test10
USA Cycling Beginning Racer ProgramLeader/Coach per Day3
USA Cycling Beginning Racer ProgramMentor per Day2
USA Cycling Certified Skills InstructorClinic15
USA Cycling Coaching SummitSummit40
USA Cycling Coaching Summit DVD/OnlineDVD/Online20
USA Cycling Coaching Summit DVD TestOnline Test10
USA Cycling Discipline Specific CertificationCertification15
USA Cycling Jr. SummitSummit8
USA Cycling Level 1 ClinicClinic40
USA Cycling Level 2 ClinicClinic30
USA Cycling Level 3 CertificationCertification20
USA Cycling National SymposiumSymposium20
USA Cycling Officials Clinic A/BClinic10
USA Cycling Officials Clinic CClinic4
USA Cycling Safe SportOnline3
USA Cycling Talent ID Camp ManagerCamp Manager15
USA Cycling Talent ID CoachCoach3 (per day)
USA Cycling Webinars, for attendeesWebinar2
USA Cycling Webinars, for presentersWebinar4
USA Paralympic Development CampPer Day3
USA Cycling Power Based Training CertificationCertification10
USA Cycling Power Based Training ClinicClinic20
USA Triathlon Art and Science SymposiumSymposium10
USA Triathlon Coach CertificationCertification20
USA Triathlon Webinar, applicable to cyclingWebinar1
USA Triathlon Youth and Junior CertifcationCertification5
USADA WebinarsWebinar2
USOC National Coaching ConferenceConference10
USOC SymposiumSymposium10
Velocious CyclingWebinar1
Velocious CyclingSeminar 1/2 Day10
Velocious CyclingCamp15
WADA CoachTrueOnline2
YES (Youth Educational Sports)Clinic/Webinar5/4