What is SafeSport Training?

SafeSport training is a front-line abuse and misconduct prevention measure that raises member awareness of misconduct and abuse issues in sport.  This training is designed to help members become more proficient at identifying, preventing, and responding to misconduct and abuse in sport.  The training also familiarizes members with member reporting responsibilities.  

All USA Cycling members listed here must pass the 90-minute training module to earn SafeSport training credit.  

If you have completed this course for another sport, credit may be available towards this requirement by sending a completion certificate to

How Do I Register for SafeSport Training?

1. Create an account

a. Visit this USA Cycling-specific link:

b. Enter USA Cycling’s access code when prompted (please copy and paste): 4IKQ-6AFE-22RN-8EF2

c. Enter your registration information on the first screen. Follow these directions closely.

***Important*** Enter your first AND last name into the first name box.

***Important*** Enter your USAC license (membership) number into the last name box.  Don't know your USAC license number? Click here, log into your USAC account, and reference the upper left corner for your ID number.

2. Confirm Email & Sign In

a. After registration is completed, an email will be sent to the email account you used to register. Check your email for an email from

b. To confirm your registration, click on the link at the bottom of the email to confirm your email address.

c. After confirming your email, you may now sign into 

3. Complete the training modules

The learning dashboard displays the training module, your completion status, and certificate download links. The required training module is pre-populated into your account.  You must complete and pass the module to satisfy the SafeSport training requirement.

a. Click on one of the modules to start. 

b. After completing one module, close the module window using the gray X at the bottom right of the screen. 

c. Click on the next module to launch it. 

Note: You may download your completion certificate immediately upon completing a module, or on the learning dashboard screen at any time. The learning dashboard also displays your progress on each module.

Return to the main screen with the X

Note: You may take this training in parts and you may return at any time to pick up where you left off.  Expect the training to take approximately 90 minutes.

If you experience issues with the training, log out of the website and close your browser, then re-open browser and log back in.  If this does not work please contact the SafeSport help desk at

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