CEUs & Webinars

CEUs are a valuable way for coaches to stay on top of the advancements in coaching to further assist their athletes. Below you will find important information on USA Cycling CEU policies as well as how to acquire, understand, and submit your CEUs necessary to keep your coaching license valid.

Please note: if you’re looking for a CEU report summary form, click here.


Program Overview

In order to maintain a coaching license through USA Cycling, each coach is required to complete 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a two-year cycle.  Coaches must submit a CEU Report Form for recertification every two (2) years, which is based on the first year the coach earned a coaching license. CEU Report Forms will only be accepted at the time of your coaching license renewal. Coaches are responsible for tracking and recording their CEUs, USA Cycling is not responsible for tracking individual coaches CEUs.

CEU Provider Program

The goal of the CEU Provider program is to provide USA Cycling coaches with quality education to coach cyclists. Each provider listed below has submitted an application and been approved by the USA Cycling Coaching Education Department to offer valuable CEUs. Any CEU not listed below has not been approved and will not count toward the 40 CEUs. If you know of a company or organization who should apply for our CEU Provider Program, please refer them to our Seal of Approval Form or contact the Continuing Education Department

As a coach, it is your responsibility to obtain at least 40 CEUs every two years in order to renew your coaching license. Coaches who meet the 40 CEU requirements through continuing education, will receive a “with distinction” as noted on the FIND A COACH page. CEUs gained while a coaches license is inactive or suspended will not count towards the 40 CEU requirement. CEUs will only be accepted if achieved with an active coaching license. Continuing education does NOT include the daily activities of a coach such as attending training, leading training rides, meeting with athletes, etc.

Coaches who are unable to meet the 40 CEU requirements will have to pay the CEU recertification fee and/or retake the exam, dependent on the coach’s level of certification. Please see the chart below to determine your CEU recertification and if you need to retake the test. To pay the recertification fee, log on to your USA Cycling account, click on"tools", then click “Account”, then click on “Coaching Links (including tests)” and the corresponding recertification fee.  If the link does not appear, please email

Coaching Level   40+ CEUs20-39 CEUs0-19 CEUs
Level 3   No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam$20+re-examination$35+re-examination
Level 2  
No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam
$149+ re-examination
Level 1 
No CEU recertification fee


Webinars can play an integral part in a coach's education and provide valuable CEUs. USA Cycling is committed to consistently providing new and innovative educational opportunities for our coaches, therefore we will be providing live webinars 2-3 times per month. 

A calendar of webinars can be found by clicking this link.

Webinar Registration

Registration for all webinars can be processed through your USA Cycling account. Simply log in and click "Tools", then click on "Account" (below the welcome header), then click on "View Available Clinics/Webinars", then select the webinar you wish to participate in. Most live webinars will take place at 11am MTN time. Recorded webinars are available anytime for your convenience.  Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation with an additional registration link. Coaches who register for the live webinars, will also receive links to the recorded version following the live presentation.

Please retain the follow-up email from each webinar for continuing education units for coaching certification. All participants will receive the appropriate CEUs per USA Cycling Coaching Education webinar (live or recorded).

Webinar Recordings

Recordings of webinars will be made available via our website shortly after the live viewing. For a list of recorded webinars, log in and click "Tools", then click on "Account" (below the welcome header), then click on "View Available Clinics/Webinars". From here, you can do a search function for "webinars (recorded)" which will take you to all recorded sessions.

What is a Webinar? A webinar is a web based seminar. Basically it is a cost effective method for offering interested parties educational seminars. When you log into the webinar, you will see whatever is on the presenter's screen. To hear the presenter speak, you will be able to listen over your computer or you can call into a telephone number. There is limited interactivity. The attendees can offer questions via a chat like function.

What are the technical requirements for "attending" a webinar? As for computer requirements, you will need a high speed internet connection and a reliable Internet browser.  Attendees should log into the webinar 10 or so minutes before the webinar is scheduled to begin.

I cannot attend the webinar. Is there a recording available? USA Cycling will make recordings of selected webinars available. Recorded webinars can be accessed by logging into your account, clicking 'tools", then clicking on "account" (below the Welcome Header). Here click on "View Available Clinics / Webinars". From here, you can do a search function for "webinars (recorded)" which will take you to all recorded sessions.

Who can attend the webinar? Webinars are open to USA Cycling coaches.

What is the cost? Webinars cost vary depending on if they are a single webinar or a webinar series.

Registration and attendance is required to earn CEU credit.