Weekly Collegiate Racing Wrap - March 26, 2013


SECCC: Brevard Race Weekend – by Kira Maicke

The men's B criterium at Brevard was a cool and wet one.
The men's B criterium at Brevard was a cool and wet one.
This weekend the SECCC riders headed north to Brevard to race in the mountains. Saturday morning started out a little cold and rainy, but cleared up just in time for the time trials. The course was a loop just over 15 miles with rolling hills. Spencer Oswald of Lees McCrae dominated the Men's A's individual time trial with a time of 35:33.90, two and a half minutes faster than the second place rider. Kira Maicke from the University of Georgia took first for the women, beating the second place rider by about two minutes. The Mars Hill men's A team time trial rode to victory over the Lees McCrae team by just over a minute, but the Lees McCrae women retaliated by winning the women's A TTT, with the Mars Hill team about a minute back.

The road race was a 15.6 mile loop with the first real climb the SECCC riders have seen so far this season. The packs generally stayed together until mile 7 where the climb thinned out the field. The women's A race was 3 loops which made the race about 47 miles, the longest race of the season by far. Lees McCrae was heavily represented in the field and was able to come out ahead when Emily Shields took first place. The men's A race was 62 miles and also split up into several groups. The breakaway consisted of 3 riders, one all the way from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. However, he was beat at the line by Chad Capobianco of Mars Hill College.

After a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, riders woke up to the disappointment of rain and temperatures in the low 40s for the criterium races. The loop was 0.7 miles with a gradual climb that turned into a short steep climb, followed by a long, sweeping downhill. The women's A field was slightly smaller because of this, but Emily Shields and her teammates from Lees McCrae braved the elements and finished the weekend with another win. The Lees McCrae team finished the weekend on a high note, with Zac Felpel taking the win in the men's A race.

The SECCC takes a break next weekend, then heads north to Tennessee to race at the Cobra - Tornado Spring Classic hosted by King College and Virginia Intermont.


ACCC: Navy Race Weekend – by Will Massey

For the first time this season the ACCCers were able to show some skin as temperatures rose just high enough to take off the leg warmers for the US Naval Academy Race weekend.  Saturday's crit was greeted with warm sunshine and strong winds as the women's A took off.  Despite fierce attacks by each rider and some time off the front by a couple riders, it came down to a straight up sprint for the line.  As the riders crested the hill and started heading in to the final corner, about 300 meters from the line, Nina Laughlin (ASU) took a strong pull and came out of the corner first.  The sprint opened up immediately and Nina showed off her skills by holding on for first with a hard charging Ruth Bates (Navy) and Adelaide Tillinghast (American) for second and third respectively.
The Men's A started off hard and didn't let up until about 7 to go.  After a long series of attacks by Duke, each of which was reeled back in, Michael Mulvihill (Duke) put in a solid dig and broke free.  The gap hovered around 20 seconds until the chase became disorganized and the gap grew to an amount that would never come back.  NCSU took advantage of the lull towards the end of the race and put a rider up the road with VT and another Duke.  While they never caught the eventual winner Mulvihill, the break stayed clear of the field and when the dust settled after their sprint, Stephen Smith (NCSU) took second with Michael Reidenbach (VT) third and conference leader Matt Rinehart rounding out the group taking 4th.
The TT sunday morning featured mostly false flat uphill with a couple rollers.  Kevin Gottlieb (UVA) showed the boys how it was done taking the W with Payne Griffin (American) putting in an outstanding ride for second, despite his poor choice of time trial apparel.  The ladies would have a similar showing as the crit with Nina Laughlin (ASU) taking the win over the incredibly competitive A field.
Sunday didn't give much time for recovery between events as the Men's A took off at 10 am for the RR.  Duke once again showed their strength in the first couple of laps and after an incredibly strong attack on the finishing hill by Kevin Gottlieb, the field quickly splintered down to around 25 riders.  After much shuffling, the deck finally played a good hand and with most teams content, 2 duke, 2 NC state, UVA and VT slipped away from the field quickly putting in minutes.  The break quickly got organized and was rolling well, but due to a miscommunication, the race was finished at one lap to go.  Michael Mulvihill (Duke) came across the line first followed by Kevin Gottlieb (UVA) and Michael Reidenbach (VT)- had the race gone on, it could have been anyone’s race, including Stephen Smith (NCSU), Matt Bruner (NCSU) and Matt Rinehart (Duke), who were also in the break.
The Women's A race set a blistering pace over the course and with two laps to go Nina Laughlin (ASU) and Adelaide Tillinghast (American) broke free.  Both riders spent time sharing the workload and maintained their gap over a shattered field despite fierce headwinds and steep kickers.  As the two came upon the 1 k to go sign both were charging hard as the road turned upwards.  Laughlin came out on top after a hard uphill and held the last 100 meters of flat sprint for the win over Tillinghast with Kelly Perkins (ASU) coming quickly behind rounding out the podium for the As.  

ECCC: Bard Criterium –by Dominic Caiazzo

Samson McHugh of the University of Pittsburgh leads the chase group in the men's A race.
Samson McHugh of the University of Pittsburgh leads the chase group in the men's A race.
This past weekend in the ECCC, one day of racing went down at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.  Earlier in the year, the conference was unsure as to whether or not there were going to be any races to fill this weekend, but Bard College stepped up to the plate and put together a great campus crit in a matter of weeks.  The fields were relatively small across the board this weekend, and all the races were strung out early and often on this fast course.  The uphill kick just before the finishing stretch would prove decisive in several races.
The men’s B field saw an impressive performance from Jacob Lapenna (Princeton), who rode solo for nearly the entire race, and would win with 45 seconds on the first chase group of 6 riders.  Zachary Parker (Dartmouth) won the field sprint for 2nd, followed by Forrest Parsons (UVM) in a foreshadowing finish of the weekend’s team omnium results.  In the women’s A/B race, the pace was high and a large handful of racers ended up getting pulled or lapped.  The race came to an end after Hayley Wickstrom (Pitt) put in a late attack to win with 12 seconds over the peloton, and Jasmine Hansen (USMA) took the tough field sprint for second over Lucie Vagnerova (Columbia).   In the men’s A race, an early breakaway of 4 riders stole the show after they lapped the field with less than 10 to go.  Heading into the bell lap, an attack on the uphill stretch brought 5 or 6 riders off the front to just barely escape the group sprint, as Benjamin Grass (Dartmouth) beat out fellow breakaway riders William Dugan (UVM) and Spencer Gilbert (Yale) for the win.  Peter Vollers Jr (KMS) was the fourth survivor of the day’s winning breakaway. 
In the team omnium, Dartmouth College took the win by 1 point over the University of Vermont.  The US Military Academy rounded out the podium in 3rd.   Next weekend, the conference heads to Massachusetts for MIT’s X-Pot race weekend.

MWCCC/NCCCC: Dual-Conference Race at Lindenwood - by Sarah Lukas

With a snowpocalypse slowly working its way towards St. Charles, Missouri, Saturday’s races showed no sign of it. Sunday, on the other hand, showed full on blizzard conditions with the crit races being cancelled due to a foot of snow. The 50 degree day on Saturday started off with a 13 mile TTT followed by a challenging road race. Lindenwood finished 2nd in both the Men’s and Women’s TTTs to Marian University who has been undefeated all season.
The hilly and winding road race that followed had ideal temperatures as the racers shed layers and raced with their pale Midwest/North Central skin showing for all to see. In the men’s 84-mile road race it didn’t take long for the attacks to start. Under 10 miles into the lap 1 of 4, Jos Chalmers (Marian University) and Devin Clark (Lindenwood University) broke off creating a 3-minute gap on the field. During the second lap Matt Brandt (Lindenwood University) and Stephan Hirsch (Marian University) attacked the field and bridged up to the breakaway with Clark and Chalmers by the third lap. Now with a four-man breakaway formed and two laps left, Clark took it upon himself to attack on the backside of the initial climb opening a gap on the three other riders. After the two Marian riders attempted a chase, Brandt attacked on the second climb and bridged up to Clark to now have two Lindenwood riders off the front. Clark and Brandt soloed the rest of the race to cross the line together for the win at their home course. Brandt took the official win which now puts him back into the JAKROO MWCCC leader’s jersey which he wore the race before at DePauw but lost to Marian University’s Weston Luzadder. Meanwhile Ben Stover (University of Kansas) kept his lead in the NCCCC JAKROO leader’s jersey after finishing 10th. Tony Olson of Minnesota Sate-Mankato was the North Central’s best palced rider in 6th.  
The women’s 63-mile race had the top three spots practically selected from the first climb. Ashley James (Lindenwood University) pushed the pace immediately shattering the field and taking Kaitie Antonneau and Coryn Rivera (who wears the JAKROO MWCCC Leader’s Jersey) of Marian University with her. After the field attempted to chase, the three rode away to solidify their breakaway. On the third and final lap, the three remained together until halfway through the lap when James tested her strength on the climbs and noticed she was able to gap Antonneau and Rivera. James knew she had to commit at that point and attacked with the hope of staying away for the final 10 miles. As the snowpocalypse began to blow in, the flats of Femme Osage became very windy, but James was able to push through it and solo across the line for the win. Coryn Rivera would remain in the JAKROO MWCCC Leader’s Jersey for their home race this coming weekend. Nadine Chalmers of the University of Minnesota was the North Central’s top placed rider and as a result, took the JAKROO leader’s jersey for her conference, heading into a rest weekend.

SCCCC: MSU Vuelta del Viento  - by Caden Burross

Rebranded as the Vuelta del Viento, this year’s Midwestern State University race weekend definitely lived up to its name. Saturday morning began with a team time trial that was delayed by half an hour due to thunder, lightning, and inevitable rain. Once the storm had passed, the wind remained and the teams were off. MSU swept most categories, relinquishing wins only to the University of Oklahoma, in the Men's C, and Abilene Christian, in the Men's D.
The weekend's road race followed shortly after the TTTs wrapped up and was something new for most racers. This year’s loop was freshly paved with 3/4 inch Chip-n-Seal, and for those unfamiliar with road construction, it basically resembles gravel that has been loosely glued into place. The Men's A race was won by MSU's Evan Bybee, after attacking solo on the last lap. The Women's A race went to Jessica Prinner, MSU, after her field was combined with the exceptionally fast paced and attack ridden Men's B category.
Sunday's crit saw no rain but much lower temperatures, even with the sun shining. With an average wind speed in the 20s and gusts into the 40s, the four corner loop around MSU's campus was a difficult one. MSU's Cory Scott rode to victory in the Men's A field, hand in hand with JAKROO leader’s jersey holder Tony Baca only inches behind. After again being combined with the Men's B field, Jessica Prinner rode to another victory while Alex Vogt, Texas State University, won the field sprint in that same race.
Next week the SCCCC will be headed to Fayetteville for the University of Arkansas collegiate race.

NWCCC: Whitman College Race Weekend – by Colin Ross

Austin Arguello celebrates his win for OU in the crit, solidifying his hold on the JAKROO leader's jersey. Photo courtesy Alan Phan
Austin Arguello celebrates his win for OU in the crit, solidifying his hold on the JAKROO leader's jersey. Photo courtesy Alan Phan
The NWCCC returned to the sunshine with a weekend of racing hosted by Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.  Saturday’s road race featured a rolling course through picturesque green fields staged from a set of grain silos. The men’s A field saw an early break by David Kuhns (University of Oregon), Cole Lalomia (Portland State University) and Luke Ogden (Whitman College) stay away for the remainder of the 75 mile race. In the end Kuhns launched the more powerful sprint in the last 400 meters to cross the line solo, chased by Lalomia in second and Ogden in third. Due to their small field size, the women’s A race was started in the same field as the men’s Bs. Eventual winner Marie Osborn (University of Oregon) paced herself on the Men’s field before completing the remainder of the race solo ahead of a chasing JAKROO conference leader’s jersey holder Erin Goodall (Portland State University). This left four riders in the field to contest a final bunch sprint that was taken by Shelley Dunlop (Portland State University).  

The afternoon’s team time trial featured a double turn around using a portion of the morning’s road course.  Portland State took advantage of their large team size to enter squads into every category, allowing them to win three of the six (women’s A, women’s B, men’s D) and podium in a fourth (men’s A). Central Washington University claimed two of the remaining three categories (men’s B and men’s C). The University of Oregon squad, helmed by JAKROO leader’s jersey holder Austin Arguello, took the top spot in the men’s As.

Sunday’s criterium course was a classic rectangle near the Walla Walla airport with slight elevation change on the two longer sides. The early races featured solo breakaways that lapped much of the field allowing Craig Speck (University of Oregon) and Caitlin Plese (Portland State University) to claim all of the primes and the eventual win in the men’s D and women’s B fields respectively. The women’s A race saw an already depleted field reduced even further by injuries sustained the previous day. Marie Osborn (University of Oregon) continued her strong performance by convincingly outsprinting the remainder of the field for every prime, but an early attack in the final lap allowed Shelley Dunlop (Portland State University) to escape for the win and control of the leader’s jersey. In the men’s A race an early break built up a sizeable lead only to be reeled back in during the final 3 laps. This set up Austin Arguello (University of Oregon) to further solidify his lead on the leader’s jersey by outsprinting Kevin Bernstein (Willamette University) and Seth Phillips (University of Montana) from the pack for the win.

WCCC: Fresno State Race Weekend - by Stewart Thompson

This past weekend the WCCC convened in the sunny San Joaquin Valley for Fresno State’s race. Riders from 17 schools were present at this weekend’s festivities.  Saturday’s criterium was held at historic Kearney Park. The spectacular conditions were welcomed with open arms, especially after news of the frightful weather other conferences were experiencing.
The men’s A race was exciting from the start. After countless attacks and numerous small breaks that never gained much traction, the race seemed destined for a field sprint. However, with a few laps to go, a USC rider found himself off the front. With one lap remaining, some chaos in the pack gave hope to the solo break. The sprinter’s teams got things together and the solo rider was swallowed up in sight of the finish line. When the dust had settled, Garrett Hankins (Santa Clara University) found himself with the win just ahead of Andreas Freund (UCB) and Daniel Zitter (UCSD). In the women’s A race, Judith Wexler claimed the victory along with all but one prime for an impressive 98 points.
Hensley Lake was the scene for Sunday’s racing with a TTT and RR in store. Cal Poly SLO set the fastest time over the rolling TT course as the only team under the 19 minute mark. Shortly after, the men’s D, C, and women’s B/C fields hit the road for the 34 mile loop around Hensley Lake. The scenic views and blooming wildflowers disguised the difficulty in this course but the pain in riders’ legs over the finishing rise was a not so subtle reminder. The men’s A, B and Women’s A headed out afterward and proved why they are top dogs in our conference. Their races were animated with multiple attacks and a few breakaways that stuck to the finish. John Tomlison (USC), adorned in his JAKROO Leader’s Jersey, won the men’s A race over breakaway companion, Elliot Hawkes (Stanford). With numbers on their side, UC Davis controlled the women’s A race and swept the podium with Diane Moug notching an impressive solo victory.
The WCCC will take the upcoming weekend off and resume our 11 race season on April 6-7 at Humboldt State. Thanks again to Fresno State for hosting another weekend of great weather and racing!

IMCCC: Tour de Sol - by Scotty Bauer

The IMCCC headed down to St. George once again for the always fun Tour De Sol stage race. Because the race didn't have collegiate categories riders were racing in their normal category fields. The IMCCC got a look at the competition from the RMCCC as Fort Lewis College, Denver University and CU Boulder attended the race.
The race started off in the early morning Saturday for an extremely cold and windy 12 mile time trial. In the Mens 1-2 Category Renan Maia (FLC) had the fastest collegiate time which placed him in 3rd place. Cortlan Brown(UofU) had the 2nd fastest collegiate time trial time placing him in 10th place. Dean Haas(FLC) had the 3rd fastest time placing him in 12th.
In the Mens 3-4 Michael Trussell (SLCC) had the fastest time placing him in 1st place collegiate and in the race. Chris Lundberg(DU) and Brad Neagos (DU) took 2nd and 3rd collegiate respectively.
Later in the day when the things finally warmed up we headed out to the old St. George airport for the extremely fast crit. In the Men 1-2 Brett Peters (CU) took 2nd overall. In the Mens 3-4 Brian Madsen (UVU) took 2nd overall and Brad Neagos(DU) 3rd overall. In the Womens 1/2/3 Joan Meiners (USU) had the highest collegiate rank in 7th.
On Sunday the road race had the Men1-2 take two loops around Gunlock which has a famous climb called the wall which is a 1 mile 8.5% average climb which always creates a break away or filters out the peloton. Camilo Zambrano(CU) took first overall collegiately and 4th overall, Cortlan Brown(UofU) 5th overall and Dean Haas (FLC) 6th overall.
The Mens 3-4 race took one loop around Gunlock then up Utah Hill an 8 mile 5% grade climb. The group stayed together until the climb when a group of nine broke away and continued up the climb. Collegiate riders showed their climbing talent as six of the nine riders were from collegiate teams, SLCC, UofU, DU,FLC. At the end Brad Neagos(DU) took 1st, Scott Bauer(UofU) 2nd and Sam Warford(FLC) 4th.
The Womens 1-2-3 race blew up on the wall a Chase group formed and was able to catch the break on the descent into snow canyon. A crash halfway through took out FLC rider Lauren Catlin who was able to get back up and finish 3rd on the day- Joan Meiners, the other collegiate rider in the race, finished 9th on the day.

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