Weekly Collegiate Race Recap April 15, 2014


NWCCC: Conference Championships - Lucas Sokolsky

What a gorgeous weekend for one last bout of furious competition in the Northwest Conference.
The sun shone strong over the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Washington across the hilly
and windy 24 mile road race course.
Cole Lalomia leads the men's field during the Northwester Conference Championships (Photo Credit: Lucas Sokolsky)
Cole Lalomia leads the men's field during the Northwester Conference Championships (Photo Credit: Lucas Sokolsky)

The Men’s C race, one lap, was easily dominated by University of Montana’s Vincent Thorne. Finishing not long after was the winner of the Women’s B race, teammate Julia Snieder. The long climbs and wind took their toll on the Men’s B field, a strong attack on the second climb decimated both the field and the attacker, stringing everything out. Jonathan Crandall from University of Oregon took the eventual win.
In the Women’s A race, Washington State University superstar Rosalyn Rombauer took off a mile into the race and didn’t look back, winning solo. Dessie Weigel from Whitman came in second. After a dream breakaway in the Men’s A race got shut down due to a neutralized section through town, Portland State set up Peter Buco for the win, who took the sprint ten meters ahead of luke Ogden from Whitman and Jim Maddock from University of Washington.
Whitman took the Women's A TTT while Western Washington University took the Men's A, B and C events with Montana State University taking the Women's B.
The crit promised exciting racing with a hilly course, brand new pavement, and sunny skies. Vincent Thorne again crushed the Men’s C’s with a half lap lead. Duncan Clark of UW took another win in the Men’s B field. Whitman dominated the women’s crits, with Fiona Bennitt winning in the Bs and Dessie Weigel making up for yesterday by narrowly outsprinting Rosalyn Rombauer in the sprint. The men’s race finished with an easy sprint win by Cole Lalomia of Portland State. His teammate Joel Fletcher was far enough back that Lalomia took over the leader’s jersey by 19 points.
Portland State had the top three male riders with Lalomia, Fletcher and Buco. Each took wins and multiple podium places throughout the season. Rombauer finished the season with a two hundred point lead of Susannah Nelson from Portland State and Rachel Geiter from Whitman. Portland State’s multiple wins this weekend were enough to cement their lead over University of Washington and earn the title of Conference Champion for the second year running.   


ECCC: L'Enfer du Nord and Mt. Philo Road Race - Dominic Caiazzo

With three weekends left on the road to Richmond, the eastern conference raced in Hanover, New Hampshire on Saturday for Dartmouth’s L’Enfer du Nord and Charlotte, Vermont on Sunday for UVM’s Mt. Philo Road Race. Saturday’s ITT started uphill and finished the same way, with some flat winding sections through Dartmouth’s campus between. As is fitting, Daniel Holmdahl, the gracious host from Dartmouth took the win in the elite men’s field. Cecilia Davis-Hayes continued her winning ways and posted the fastest time amongst the women. Dartmouth’s four corner criterium on Frat Row has always been a crowd pleaser, and under the warmest skies the conference has seen yet, this race was no exception.

In a bold attack across the finish line on just the second lap, UVM’s Libby White went solo and quickly established a threatening lead. After scooping up three primes and gaining almost a minute on the field, the chase began, headed by the powerhouse that is MIT. White was eventually swallowed up by the field, letting the top tier sprinters duke it out. Rose Long (Icahn School of Med. at Mt. Sinai) let loose an unmatched sprint, crossing the line with a fist in the air as Michelle Khare (Dartmouth) and Cecilia Davis-Hayes (Columbia) finished 2nd and 3rd. Going into the men’s race, Daniel Holmdahl (Dartmouth) was behind Zach Ulissi (MIT) by just 2 points in the sprint competition. Each prime lap was a heated fight, but Holmdahl earned the green jersey by the end of the day. Jules Goguely (RISD) won the massive field sprint, followed by Mathieu Boudier-Reviret (University of Montreal) and Cory Small (UVM).

Sunday began in the low 40s and pouring rain but ended with sun, leaving racers faces caked in mud as they trudged across the line. After Kai Wiggins (Middlebury) flatted on a promising solo breakaway, the door opened for Tom Barnett (Providence) to score his second win of the season, coming in decisively nearly two minutes ahead of David Ziehr (Harvard) and Samuel O’Keefe (Middlebury). Cecilia Davis-Hayes (Columbia) rolled in solo off of the hilly course to win the women’s race, with conference leader Shaena Berlin (MIT) and Michelle Khare (Dartmouth) filling out the days podium.


MWCCC: Notre Dame Race Weekend - Chris Curran

The MWCCC traveled to South Bend, Indiana where Nortre Dame hosted their three race weekend. The16 kilometer team time trial consisted of rolling terrain along the countryside. Marian University won both the Men’s and Women’s A category races. The road race was held on rolling terrain, and overlapped the time trial course. The road race saw an unusual amount of flats due to tacks on the course. The women’s A race stayed together until half way through the race. Lindsey Durst (Lindenwood) and Corrie Karas (Marian) broke away from the field, and put 10 minutes on the field. Lindsey Durst (Lindenwood) attacked Karas with a half kilometer to go and won the race. Stephanie Torres (Marian) won the field sprint for 3rd. 

Riders from Michigan and Indiana compete during the women's B criterium at Notre Dame (Photo Credit: Marcus Thompson)
Riders from Michigan and Indiana compete during the women's B criterium at Notre Dame (Photo Credit: Marcus Thompson)

During the men’s A road race there was a large crash at the front of the field during the first lap that took down several riders. An attack went off and most of the riders were chasing that were behind the crash. A group of three were able to hold off the dwindled field. 1st: Jos Chalmers (Marian), 2nd: David Novak (Lindsey Wilson), and 3rd: Joshua Johnson (Marian)

The criterium was held near a business district, and consisted of six turns through a developing neighborhood. During the women’s A race the winner, Allie Dragoo (Marian), lapped the field, and was able to help her teammates Emily Elbers and Elizabeth Engwis come in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

During the men’s A criterium a group of six went up the road with Lindsey Wilson, Notre Dame, Lindenwood, and Marian represented. The field
hesitated to chase, and the break was established. The race remained fast, and the break stayed away. Joshua Johnson (Marian) won the sprint out of the break for the win, Justin Lowe (Lindsey Wilson) in second, and Daniel Williams (Lindenwood) in 3rd.



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