Weekly Collegiate Race Recap April 1, 2014


MWCCC: MSU Get Tough Road Race and ITT Weekend - Chris Curran

Michigan State University’s Get Tough Road Race consisted of half gravel-half paved roads. The course was pancake flat, but strong winds challenged riders throughout the day. During the 45 mile women’s A race, four Marian University riders were able to separate themselves from the field of 11 riders. Coryn Rivera (Marian) crossed the line first, followed by Emily Elbers (Marian), and Allie Dragoo (Marian).

Jaqueline Denny (Lindenwood) alongside Riley Missel and Stephanie Torres (Marian), leads out the Women's A pack in the MSU Get Tough Road Race.
Jaqueline Denny (Lindenwood) alongside Riley Missel and Stephanie Torres (Marian), leads out the Women's A pack in the MSU Get Tough Road Race (Photo Credit: Jennifer Missel).

During the men’s 55 mile road race riders raced aggressively, and an early break was established along with a small chase group. The chase group consisted of Matthew Brandt (Lindenwood University) and Jos Chalmers (Marian University) who are both in contention as the overall conference points leader. As soon as the chase group was caught Lindenwood’s rider Matt Brophy, and Marian’s rider Zachary Carlson attacked the break. Once their break was established the two worked together, and Zachary Carlson crossed the finish line first. Followed by Matt Brophy in second, and Jos Chalmers in third. 

Following the road race was the conference’s first individual time trial of the year. Freshmen Cameron Rex of Lindenwood University won the Men’s A, followed by Matt Gittings (Marian) in second, and Matthew J. Brandt (Lindenwood) in third. Matthew Brandt remains the conference points leader after the weekend of racing.

In the women's A category individual time trial Coryn Rivera of Marian University won, followed by her teammate Allie Dragoo (Marian) in second, and Lindsey Durst of Lindenwood University in third. Rivera remains the conference points leader after the weekend of racing. 

ACCC: Duke Race Weekend- Trevor Holmes

This weekend presented rainy, cold, and windy weather for the ACCC races
hosted by Duke. Women's A enjoyed a rainy start
The men's field at the Duke Road Race.
The men's field at the Duke Road Race (Photo Credit: US Naval Academy Cycling Team).
and Nina Laughlin (ASU) managed a strong first place with Adelaide Tillinghast (American University) finishing second.Men's A started out with a strong break by Virginia Tech and UNCW gaining up to 1 minute on the field for most of the race. The teams worked together to reel them in on lap 7 and allowed Chris Jones (VCU) to make a counter attack. Taylor Pearman (VT) followed on his wheel and they quickly put 45 seconds on the field. Pearman counter attacked Jone on the final climb to the finish to take first place.
The Ninth Street Derby was once again a great venue for racing, with a headwind on the back stretch it made things interesting. Men's B was a fast hard crit with multiple crashes in turns 1 and 2. Jonathan Taylor (ASU) created a break with Luke Woodward (VT) within the first few laps. The break held for most of the race with the field getting broke up by the first crash just out of turn 2. Multiple teams managed to bridge the gap and Carter Harris (UNCW) took the win. Men's A began a fast race with a few rain drops and stronger winds. Stephen Vogel (Wake Forest) took the win with NCSU and VT close behind.Women's A proved a day for American University's Adelaide Tillinghast when she crossed the line ahead of Tess Senty (WVU) and Nina Laughlin.


ECCC: MIT XPot Race Weekend - Dominic Caiazzo 

To mark the halfway point in the road season, the eastern conference travelled to central Massachusetts for the fourth edition of MITs XPot race.  To begin, a grinding uphill time trial was on tap, finishing at the base of Mt. Wachusett.  When the road starts going up, the conference has learned to expect brilliance from Erik Levinsohn from Yale.  His performance in the ITT did not disappoint, taking the top spot by 24 seconds over conference leader Zach Ulissi (MIT).  Cecilia Davis Hayes (Columbia) completely ran away with the women’s competition, posting a time a time that bested Shaena Berlin (MIT) by over a minute. 
Lenore Pipes (Cornell) and Cecilia Davis Hayes (Columbia) compete in the Women's A Criterium (Photo Credit: David Dewitt).
Lenore Pipes (Cornell) and Cecilia Davis Hayes (Columbia) compete in the Women's A Criterium (Photo Credit: David Dewitt).

The women’s crit saw a battle for sprint points between the usual suspects; that is Pipes (Cornell), Davis Hayes (Columbia), Berlin (MIT) and Khare (Dartmouth).  Davis Hayes would snag three of the four, before taking off with Lenore Pipes to finish with a 10 second gap on Shaena Berlin. Despite a valiant bike throw from Davis Hayes, Pipes took the win.  The rain started just in time for the men’s A race.  Despite several sharp attacks, the field stayed together until 4 laps to go.  The Northeastern Huskies played the end of the race perfectly, launching two late attacks, the second of which would just barely hold off for the win.  Dominic Caiazzo crossed the line first as teammate Ford Murphy won the uphill field sprint for 2nd over Jack Kisseberth (Tufts).

Mother Nature continued to hold its grudge against the ECCC on Sunday, as flooding forced cancellation of the much anticipated road race through Purgatory Chasm State Park. Quick on their feet, race organizers plotted out a 12 km circuit to replace the road race. In cold and wet weather, Davis Hayes attacked and put an unbelievable 8 minutes into the field. Lupien (Dartmouth) and Bailey (Kutztown) took the 2nd and 3rd spots out of a bunch sprint.  Tom “Big Red” Barnett (Providence) took the win out of a 7 man breakaway by launching an early and long sprint.  Junior racer Jonah Mead-Vancort (KMS) took 2nd as Zach Ulissi defended his maillot jaune by rounding out the podium.


SWCCC:  Northern Arizona University Race Weekend - Alex Winkler

Another hot, but exciting weekend of racing down in the Valley where teams fought for
contention for a front of the line pass for
Omnium leaders from week six of the SWCCC (Photo Credit: Alex Winkler)
Omnium leaders from week six of the SWCCC (Photo Credit: Clipped in AZ)
this year's Road Nationals. ASU and UA have been neck-and-neck for the conference title for the entirety of the season making for a heated battleground during the AZ State Crit Championship. Constantin Schreiber (ASU) came into this weekend with the omnium leader jersey, but it would quickly be reclaimed by Max Rich (UA) who would go on to win the Men's A race with an exciting sprint to the finish with barely a bike length between him and NAU's Michael Woodward to achieve victory. Where UA dominated the Men's Cat A race, ASU sent a powerful response by sweeping the podium in the Women's Cat A race. The Sun Devils that graced the podium were Reiley Pankratz in first, followed by Lindsey Ryder, and Stefanie Sichler in second and third respectively.
The next day of racing was just as competitive, but with a little surprise from Mother Nature, a torrent of wind that cast an unrelenting barrage during the race. Racers faced wind gusts of up to 35 mph, but it was Nathan Franklin (UA) who saw this obstacle as an opportunity. Right out of the gate, he broke away in a fierce head wind, which stopped his competition from following his crazy plan, but with the wind to his back he flew down track like a bat out of hell. This strategy worked so well, he overlapped nearly the entire Men's A and B fields in under 30 minutes and came out on top with a very impressive win. Thus concluded the second last race weekend in the southwest, next week the conference travels to Albuquerque, NM for the last weekend of racing. Will Max Rich be able to keep his individual omnium leader jersey? Can UA win yet another Conference Road Title or will ASU come out with an upset in the Land of Enhancement? Stay tuned for the final races next weekend.

NWCCC: Montana Race Weekend - Lucas Sokolsky

Good temperatures and the allure of racing bikes seems not to have been enough to convince every rider to make the long drive out to Montana for this weekend’s racing. The Men’s C field should have been giant seeing as all D riders were required to upgrade, but only 22 started. Cameron Best of University of Montana took the win after attacking on the uphill finish. His teammate Kurt Erbach almost took the win in the B’s race after a 30 mile solo breakaway, but was caught by Jonathan Crandall from University of Oregon who took the win in the last mile. Conference leader Joel Fletcher and his squad from Portland State University continued to dominated the Men’s A, taking the whole podium this race. Cole Lalomia and Peter Buco took second and third respectively.
In the women’s races, Emily Heleva-Ponaski from PSU won again in the B’s and Rosalyn Rombauer from Washington State University took another win in the A’s. The reduced field saw only 11 team time trials across all categories. University of Washington took the win in the Women’s and Men’s A races.
The crit was marked by crashed and unswept corners at first, but was improved throughout the day. Susannah Nelson from PSU, second to Rombauer the day before, took the win in front of her in the women’s A race. Fletcher and Lalomia again took first again second. Emily Heleva-Ponaski continued PSU’s control of the criterium with a win in the women’s B race. The men’s B and C races were won by Montana students themselves, Patrick Sumrell of Montana State and Vincent Thorne of University of Montana respectively.
Another long drive is in the cards for many schools this weekend at Whitman College, let’s hope for deep fields and good competition. 


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