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Why a Foundation for Cycling?
The talent development process in cycling spans much of the formative life of an endurance athlete. The resources required to support this process are nothing less than monumental. In most of the world within which we compete, sport development systems are funded through socialized government programs. Of the major industrialized countries, only the United States does not maintain a socialized sport development system. As a result, national sport governing bodies, such as USA Cycling, are forced to 'fend for themselves' in a free marketplace for the resources required to service members, field elite teams, and sustain development programs. Typically, and cycling is no exception, these organizations are unable to find the resources to do it all. As a result, long term programs and planning are reduced to a lower priority and do not receive adequate funding in an environment of insufficient total resources. In other words, development suffers.

To address this issue, the USA Cycling Development Foundation was created with the primary purpose of raising money to drive development programs. The money raised by the Foundation is used to fund the USA Cycling athlete development programs for juniors, women, U23 and other developing athletes in American cycling. Support the future of American cycling by making a donation today!!  

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