USA Cycling statement


Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 18, 2013) -- The facts and evidence included in the landmark Reasoned Decision report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, and the subsequent admissions from cyclists who knowingly and purposely cheated, have cast a much-needed spotlight on what was the darkest era in professional cycling. These overdue admissions, and the resulting public scrutiny, are an essential step in ensuring the transgressions of the past are never again repeated. It is only through this process that professional cycling will completely heal.

Any rider who knowingly and willfully cheated has an obligation to come forward now and be entirely open and transparent about their actions, no matter how abhorrent, with the relevant anti-doping authorities. From USA Cycling's perspective, the recent series of confessions by Lance Armstrong and others is an important step. Still, USA Cycling is interested to see the extent to which those whose cheating created a dark cloud of suspicion around professional cycling are now willing to reinforce their apologies with substantive efforts to repair the damage they have done, both privately and publicly. They owe nothing less to our great sport; to the members of USA Cycling who continually reinforce the highest values of our sport through their participation; and to the next generation of athletes worldwide who already have begun to usher in a new era through their commitment to clean competition and fair play.

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