USA Cycling statement on UCI Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Colorado Springs, Colo. (Jan. 25, 2013) -- USA Cycling fully supports the decision announced today by the International Cycling Union (UCI) that it intends to work with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to create a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This is an important step in bringing much-needed transparency and reconciliation to an era of cycling that has been tainted by abhorrent examples of doping.  It is only through a process such as this, with full disclosure and transparency, that professional cycling can be assured the mistakes of the past will never again be repeated.  Of equal importance is the need for the UCI to work with a respected, fully independent anti-doping authority such as WADA in the creation and administration of such a panel. 
USA Cycling understands that providing some form of amnesty for those who cheated in the past is controversial, as it seems to immunize those individuals for the considerable damage they have inflicted on the sport.  Nonetheless, USA Cycling is convinced that the benefit of taking all measures possible to eradicate doping from the sport for future riders is worth the investment, and that open and candid admissions will only be possible through a WADA-approved Truth and Reconciliation process. 
The professional riders of today -- the overwhelming majority of whom have made a commitment to uphold the highest ideals of clean competition and fair play -- deserve to compete in an atmosphere that is free of suspicion and innuendo.  Those individuals who have defrauded the sport through their deliberate efforts to cheat must now come forward and help eradicate this cloud.


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