USA Cycling Coaching Ed Newsletter - May 2012


Coaching ED Hdr
Coaching ED Hdr
May 2012

Dear Coaches,

Welcome to the first edition of the Coaching "Ed" Newsletter. It's been a little over 2 months since I began at USA Cycling, and what a couple of months it has been. Learning and doing at the same time can be challenging, but this has been, and will continue to be, an extremely worthwhile endeavor and I am confident it will be for a long time to come. It has also been a wonderful experience reconnecting with old friends I've worked with in the past, and meeting many new coaches whom I look forward to working with as we move forward.

There are both short and long term goals laid out, and hopefully you will all see some positive change in the very near future. With this in mind, I'd like to share with you some of the goals which lie ahead:

Website - Already in progress, the USA Cycling Coaches webpage is getting some much needed attention. The goals are to clarify processes for becoming a coach and upgrading your coaching level, implement new webinars, post available clinics, and clarify CEUs.

USA Cycling Coaching Summit - Yes, we will be hosting our summit in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 12-14, 2012. We are in the planning phase and are already lining up our presenters. Registration is open and you can find more info HERE.

Level 2 clinics - You will see in this newsletter, we will be hosting a number of Level 2 clinics starting in June as our last scheduled clinic was in March. Level 2 clinics provide our coaches with valuable hands-on learning experience and are designed to educate our coaches in order to better train our athletes.

Webinars -Webinars are a key component to enhancing a coach's education, and the goal is to have two new webinars available monthly so you may continue your coaching education and earn those valuable CEUs. Have a topic you think is educational to our coaching community? Then submit your ideas HERE.

SRM Certified Coach Sales Program - USA Cycling has recently partnered with SRM to provide our coaches with a tremendous opportunity to get your athletes training with power. We all know the importance of training with power, and this is an opportunity offered only to USA Cycling certified coaches.

We will always be looking at ways to improve and make our initiatives better. With this in mind, your thoughts and ideas will always be listened to and taken into consideration. I am excited about the direction of USA Cycling and look forward to working with all of you to ensure our coaches remain the most highly respected coaches in the world.


Kevin Dessart

Coaching Education and Athlete Development Director

2012 USA Cycling Coaching Summit
The 2012 USA Cycling Coaching Summit will be held Oct 12-14 at the new USA Cycling National Conference Center in Colorado Springs, CO. This year's summit promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and education to all attendees. USA Cycling has brought together some of the leading experts in the areas of sport physiology and exercise science, team and individual coaching, nutrition, athletes with disabilities and bike fit, all with the goal of provided you with the best educational experience possible. The summit is designed to enhance an individuals coaching ability and understanding when working with athletes of all abilities.

To learn more about the summit, or to register, click HERE.

Think you have a topic or educational information which would be beneficial to USA Cycling Coaches and would like to present at this year's summit, or future summits? Click HERE to submit papers on your topic for consideration.

Level 2 Clinics
USA Cycling's Mission is to achieve sustained success in international cycling competition and grow competitive cycling in America. It was with this mission in mind why we created our Level 2 clinics. Level 2 clinics educate coaches to best prepare athletes for becoming competitive bike racers. The agenda for the clinics will provide a foundation in sport physiology and training plan design, as knowledge of sport physiology is the basis for designing workouts within a training plan.

The purpose of the Level 2 Clinic is to better educate our coaches in order to better train our athletes. Coaches who attend the clinics can expect to take home a wealth of knowledge including a higher level of bike handling skills, a better understanding of the physiological stresses and adaptations the body endures through training, and how to utilize these stresses and adaptation in writing a more succinct training plan for their athletes. Each of these can be used to help athletes achieve a higher level of success on the bike. In order to achieve the Level 2 coaching license, you must attend a Level 2 clinic. In order to attend a Level 2 clinic, you must be a current certified Level 3 coach in good standing with USA Cycling to register. Click HERE to visit the Level 2 Clinic Information page.

Remaining 2012 Level 2 Clinics:

  • June 17-19 Augusta, GA

    The Level 2 Clinic in Augusta, GA will take place just prior to the start of the Road National Championships, June 20-24
  • July 27-29 San Jose, CA
  • August 23-26 Colorado Springs, CO

    The Level 2 Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO will coincide with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Coaches participating in this clinic will have the opportunity to catch Friday's stage in Colorado Springs.
  • Sept. 21-23 Austin, TX


SRM Certified Coach Sales Program
As part of USA Cycling's partnership with SRM, the global leader in power meters, all USA Cycling-certified coaches will have the opportunity to offer power meters to their athletes. To view the program, CLICK HERE.

How it Works – Any USA Cycling coach with an active, valid license will be able to order SRM Power Meters:

1 – Visit SRM at to familiarize yourself with their products. Click HERE to view the order form.

2- Call SRM at 719-266-4127. Tell them you are a USA Cycling coach and provide your license number. Let them know you would like to order under the USA Cycling Certified Coach Sales Program

3 – Place your order!

4 – After your initial order and your account is set up, you will be able to order via email or their Coaches online shop (scheduled to launch summer 2012).

Need to learn more? Contact SRM at or 719-266-4127.

2012 Regional Development Camps
USA Cycling Regional Development Camps are for athletes racing age 14 to 22 years of age and who are at least 14 years old at the start of the camp. The attendees should have some racing experience.

The primary goal of the development camp is to improve the skill set of the athletes to make them better racers. Receiving instruction from some of USA Cycling's finest coaches, these coaches also identify talent and, in some cases, select riders for international competition and/or a national development camp. Click HERE for more info.

2012 Regional Development Camps

Camp Location  Manager Dates Type of Camp
St. Edwards U (Austin, TX) Dave Wenger  June 3-8 Road
Northern AZ U (Flagstaff, AZ)* Barney King  June 8-13  Road Select Special 
Furman University (Greenville, SC) Richard Dunn June 10-15  Road 
Colorado State University (Ft. Collins, CO)  Jon Heidemann  June 10-15  Road
Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO)  Ryan Kohler  June 14-19 MTB 
Garrett College (McHenry, MD)  Kristen Dieffenbach  June 24-29 MTB 
DeSales University (Center Valley, PA) Ray Ignosh  June 25-30  Road 
St. Mary's College (Moraga, CA)  Larry Nolan  July 1-6  Road 
Finger Lakes CC (Canandaigua, NY)  Todd Scheske  July 3-8  Road
Northern AZ University (Flagstaff, AZ)  Barney King  July 6-11  Road 
Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR)  Jim Anderson   July 8-13  Road 
UW-Lacrosse (Lacrosse, WI)  Lowell Kellogg  July 29-Aug 3 Road 
St. Mary's (Sewanee, TN)  Mark Fasczewski  July 29-Aug 3  Road

For more info on the Camps please contact the camp manager via email directly or email

Medicine of Cycling Conference
USA Cycling is proud to once again collaborate with Medicine of Cycling and UC-San Francisco on the third annual Medicine of Cycling Conference to be held August 24-26 in Colorado Springs, CO. The conference is for physicians and medical professionals working with cyclists, cycling teams and race events. 

There are a limited number of spots for USA Cycling Level 1 Licensed Coaches, and the activity is approved for ten (10) USA Cycling Coaching Education Units (CEU). 

Coaches interested in attending the conference should send an email to

The conference will begin on Friday, August 24 with a hands-on Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course (MECC), the Stage 5 finish of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado Springs and an evening welcome reception. On Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26 the conference will feature presentations, break-out sessions and panel discussions on topics such as: orthopedics, concussion, nutrition, dermatology, cardiology, sports psychology, rehabilitation, bike fit and more.

Please view the Medicine of Cycling website to register, read speaker bios and check for curriculum updates at

USADA's Coach's Advantage™
Coach's Advantage™, USADA's first online educational tutorial for National Team coaches, is now available online at Developed to maintain compliance with the USOC National Anti-Doping Policies, requiring every coach of a national team to complete the USOC-approved USADA online tutorial, Coach's Advantage™ is comprised of video lessons and a final exam, and has been updated to reflect the most accurate anti-doping information.  All National Team coaches (or equivalent) who received access to the 2011 Coach's Advantage tutorial will receive an e-mail to access the 2012 version, which includes a link to login to the tutorial,, as well as their username and password information.  Coach's Advantage is not a requirement in 2012, but is highly encouraged and will be available until October 31, 2012.
Coaches who successfully complete the tutorial in its entirety will:

  1. Learn pertinent, up-to-date anti-doping information
  2. Be prepared to help athletes maximize their rights and responsibilities 
  3. Be more likely to understand and be in compliance with the Code
  4. Receive a certificate of completion

Questions, please contact USADA's Olympic Education Manager, Jennifer Dodd @ or (719) 785-2035.

The USOC Launches its SafeSport InitiativeThrough its SafeSport initiative, the United States Olympic Committee is providing resources to the sport community to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport. The initiative addresses six primary types of misconduct: (1) bullying, (2) harassment, (3) hazing, (4) emotional misconduct, (5) physical misconduct, and (6) sexual misconduct, with an emphasis on child sexual abuse. Misconduct in sport often negatively affects performance or causes athletes to drop out of sport entirely.

The SafeSport initiative is delivered through a dedicated website,, and provides solution-oriented resources for clubs, coaches, parents and athletes. Written resources include a handbook for creating a SafeSport strategy, definitions of each type of misconduct, sample policies and procedures, template forms and documents, tips, and additional resources. 

The SafeSport resources are designed to reduce high-risk opportunities – including unsupervised interactions outside of training and competition, locker rooms and changing areas, alcohol at social events, in vehicles during local travel, and in vehicles and hotels during overnight travel. With these risks in mind, the sample policies provide resources to provide two-deep leadership and minimize unsupervised one-on-one interactions with athletes.  SafeSport also provides guidance for creating a plan to respond and report misconduct, with an emphasis on reporting child sexual abuse.

SafeSport also delivers an online training for coaches, staff and volunteers. Addressing all six types of misconduct, this video-based training will help coaches understand how they can help combat misconduct – helping their athletes train with fewer distractions. The online training will be an ongoing resource that will be continuously updated for users. Through these resources we, as a community, can make sport safer for everyone.


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