USA Cycling Announces Spring 2017 Academic All-Star Class


USA Cycling is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 class of Collegiate Academic All-Stars! The Spring 2017 class of students contains 56 athletes, all of whom competed at a USA Cycling National Championships while maintaining a high academic standard. Many of the riders in this class of All-Stars not only competed at a National Championship but also achieved a podium finish in the process.

Bailee Enlow - Marian University
Shayona Glynn - Marian University
Danielle Hall - Lindenwood University
Collin Hudson - Colorado Mesa University
Healey Miller - Lindenwood University
Samantha Miller - Marian University
Tyler Whitfield - Marian University
Jamie Windholz - Marian University

Erica Allar - Piedmont College
Bill Ash - Midwestern State University
Peter Behm - Fort Lewis College
Evan Blankenship - Lindenwood University
Joshua Buchel - Midwestern State University
Zachary Carlson - Marian University
Evan Christenson - Lees-McRae College
Fausto Crapiz - King University
Sarah Cullen - University of Notre Dame
Alexander Deroche - University of California, Los Angeles
Josefine Dreier- Colorado Mesa University
Alan Edwards - King University
Arne Egner- Colorado Mesa University
Brannan Fix- Colorado Mesa University
Amy Floyd - Midwestern State University
Natalia Franco- Colorado Mesa University
Zoe Frazier - Marian University
Stacey Hyslop - Lees-McRae College
Victoria Kanizer - Milligan College
Madison Kelly - Marian University
Erik Lecy - US Air Force Academy
Kelsay Lundberg - Fort Lewis College
Ian McPherson - Fort Lewis College
Sam Morkal-Williams - Warren Wilson College
Helen Mitchell - Milligan College
Tristen Musselman - Fort Lewis College
Mackenzie Myatt - Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
Zachary Nehr - Marian University
Jack Perry - Lees-McRae College
Emelie Persson- Colorado Mesa University
Laurel Rathbun - Marian University
Mauro Rato- Colorado Mesa University
Eivind Roed- Colorado Mesa University
Artur Sagat - Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
Katherine Santos - Marian University
Andrew Scarano - Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
Nathan Schoonover - Lindenwood University
Mitchell Sides - Midwestern State University
Emma Swartz - Marian University
Nolan Tankersley - King University
Annika Teschke - Lindenwood University
Matt Turner - Fort Lewis College
Ashley Weaver - Lindenwood University
Timothy Welsh - University of Washington
Samuel Wentworth - Milligan College
Konrad Witt - Lindenwood University
Ashlyn Woods - Lees-McRae College
Monica Wright - Rhode Island School of Design


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