Transitioning from a One-day License to an Annual License


  • Click on My USA Cycling page then click on the License tab. This is located right below the welcome banner that says, “Welcome, <<Rider Name>>” You will then click on the button that says “Purchase a New License.”  
  • Your first option will be the Domestic Rider option. On the right hand side of the page, you will select the main discipline you plan to race in. (If you plan to race more than one discipline, there will be a page that will ask you for this information later)
  • Next, click on the button that says “Domestic $70.” You will know that it has been selected when the button turns white with red lettering. You will then scroll down the screen and click “Next.”  Please consider supporting our great foundation and development programs by adding an amount in donation boxes before you hit “Next.”
  • Please read through the next page, and agree to the terms listed by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page. You will then select “Next.”
  • This page is our online waiver. Please read through this document and click on the highlighted boxes as you go down the page. You will then be asked for your online signature by typing “I agree” in the box. (You can print out the waiver for your records by clicking on the links listed at the bottom of the page.) You will then click “Next.”
  • Now, if you are planning to race in other disciplines, you will be able to select that discipline by clicking on the box next to the discipline of your choice. Also included on this page, is the option to select your club affiliation for each discipline. If you plan to race for a club/team, select the club from the drop down box for each discipline you plan to race. Please be aware that some clubs and teams have different names, and you must select the club name before you can select the team name (which will come on the following page). To find a list of active clubs by state click here to conduct a search. If your club is not available from the drop down box, it means either they are not recognized by USA Cycling or they have not renewed their club membership for 2014. After selecting your club, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Next."
  • This next page will ask for your mountain biking categories. Having all disciplines under one license is new this year, and even if you don’t plan to race mountain bike, please verify that the categories are correct. Riders new to the mountain biking will start as a Cat 3, and riders may advance as quickly as they wish up to cat 2. This is why you have the option to choose your mountain biking categories. (This is not the case with road, and you must complete 10 mass start races before you can upgrade to cat 4) Right below your mountain biking categories is the option to select your team from the drop down menu (This drop down box will only show up if there is a team listed under the club name). There will then be a line right below the team, or license information, where you will see your One-Day License Discount. Our system will deduct the amount from your annual license purchase, and the last line on the page will show your total amount with the one-day license deducted from the total. If you agree with the amount, please click “Add to Cart.”
  • You are now on the last page. Please read through the page, making sure that it shows your Domestic License with your primary discipline, the One-Day License Discount listed on the next line, and finally the total charge. You will then need to scroll down the screen, making sure that your billing address is listed correctly, and then type in your credit card information. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.   We currently do not accept American Express. Please make sure to enter your expiration date right below, and finally, click on “I Authorize this Transaction.” (Please note that USA Cycling has a no refund policy.) Please give the next page a chance to load. (Refreshing the page once payment has been clicked can result in a duplicate transaction) The final page will confirm that your transaction has been processed, and give you a link for your receipt. (If the page goes back to the same license purchasing page, please read the red lettering at the top of the screen. It will tell you what went wrong with the transaction. Typically, it is a wrong credit card number, expiration date, or that your credit card was declined. Please try again, and if this doesn’t work please call your credit card company)
  • Your physical license will be printed and shipped out the next day, and you should receive your license in the mail within 7-10 business days.  If you are participating in a race prior to receiving your license, you may print an authorization to ride.  This can be done by visiting your My USA Cycling page and clicking on the link found under the Account Information header.

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