Thirteen cycling officials pass USA Cycling National Commissaire Clinic


National Commissaire class members get together for a group photo. Photo by Susie Diller.
Colorado Springs, Colo. (April 22, 2014) — Last month, 13 cycling officials successfully passed USA Cycling's National Commissaire clinic at the national governing body's headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Held March 3-9, the clinic featured instruction and testing, and was taught by international commissaires Noreen Landis-Tyson, Randy Shafer, and Wayne Pomario.
Five officials earned the title of National Commissiare, the designation which qualifies an official to work as Chief Referee at USA Cycling national championship events and at National Racing Calendar (NRC) races, as well as at some international races held in the United States.
Congratulations to the following officials who can now proudly call themselves National Commissaires:
John Allen (Long Beach, Calif.) – road and track
Heather Allen (Long Beach, Calif.) - track
Sallie Urffer (Whitehall, Pa.) - track
Howard Johnson (Inman, SC) - road
Marco Vasquez (Castle Rock, Colo.) - road
In addition to the National Commissaire titles which were earned last month, nine cycling officials earned the title of Road National Elite Commissiare. The National Elite Commissaire title is the highest designation USA Cycling can award to an official and it is the prerequisite for the International Commissaire exam.  Congratulations to the nine officials who earned this title:
Sara Rodney (St. Louis, Mo.)
Heather Allen (Long Beach, Calif.)
Steve Eppel (Davenport, Iowa)
Chuck Hodge (Landrum, SC)
Steve Stone (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Jeff Wu (San Francisco, Calif.)
Mark Guthart (Iowa City, Iowa)
Cyndi Smith (Houston, Texas)
Mimi Newcastle (Fort Washington, Md.)
Officials are the backbone of a bicycle race, and often the first representative of USA Cycling that a rider meets. The basic categories for road and track officials start with level C. From there, an official can upgrade to level B, level A, National Commissiare, and International Commissaire. There are also specialties such as motorcycle referee, track starter, and race secretary.

If you’re interested in becoming an official, you’ll need to attend a Level C clinic, purchase an official’s license, and take an open book exam. For more information on this process, please visit the USA Cycling’s OFFICIALS WEBPAGE.

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