Technical Director Update for July 2012


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July 2012 Technical Director Update

Dear Official:

This will be a short one. As most of you know, we had to close our offices for a week due to the fires that were raging through Colorado, so I have been scrambling to catch up. Fortunately, life is returning to normal now as we launch into the Olympic Games.

Officials Clothing Program
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Last month we hosted a webinar on new rules using a new webinar system. The webinar itself went well. Unfortunately, a glitch in my communication plan somehow led to only the officials in Montana ever knowing about it, all four of them. We thank the brave officials of Montana for being our beta testers. We did tape it, and we are currently trying to create a system to allow access to the taped version along with a link to a short quiz about its contents. The idea is that the viewing of the new rules webinar and the taking of the quiz would satisfy the initial requirements for continuing education units for the year. I will send out a separate email with the details once we get them nailed down. Once we get this process sorted, expect lots more educational webinars.

After discussing the issue of unattached rider surcharges for awhile, we have concluded that this practice no longer serves the membership. Effective last month, we removed all mentions of this surcharge from our schedule of fees, but I figure that you, the officials, should be made aware of this in case any questions arise. It would also be good to check fliers and websites for any mention of unattached rider surcharges, since they are no longer authorized.

Junior Waivers
A couple of recent incidents prompt me to clarify something for you all. When a junior fills out their waiver, there is a spot for their parent or legal guardian to sign. A legal guardianship is a truly legal relationship with supporting documentation. We have never and do not require proof of this relationship, but please be aware that it must exist. The fact that the parent did not sign the waiver does not mean that a coach or official can sign the waiver or any other adult that the rider happens to find. The only person who can sign the waiver is the true legal guardian. You are not all lawyers, and we do not expect you to have to make too many judgments in this area, BUT if you know that a junior is having someone who is not their guardian sign for them, you cannot accept that form. This is no different that knowing that they signed it themselves. We all know that lots of games happen in this arena, but if someone commits waiver fraud, it ultimately goes badly for them. They may find that they are now uninsured. However, if you witness it, such as watching the junior walk away from registration, go to a table, sign both places, and attempt to turn in the waiver, now the burden falls on you, the race director, and USA Cycling, as you knowingly let the rider commit fraud. We have seen similar issues with pro managers who show up with all of the waivers signed by them instead of the riders, claiming, “I have their power of attorney.” That does not work either. Riders must always sign their own waivers. Juniors must always have their parents sign their waivers. If there is no parent, or for whatever reason the biological parent is not the legal guardian, such as in the case of adoption, then the person who is the legal guardian is the only one who can sign.

Occurence Reports
What TD update would be complete without something about occurrence reports? We recently received one that was concerning for two reasons, both related. The first is that the official who signed the occurrence report obviously did not fill it out, rather the rider did. Now there are parts of the form that could be filled out by other people, such as the attending  EMT, and that is fine. But there is a part at the bottom where the incident is described. In this case, the official gave the report to the rider and let him fill it out himself. This is where the problem arose. The rider made disparaging statements regarding the behavior of motorefs and moto marshals on the course and blamed them for his having crashed. Much of what was written was opinion and several degrees away from any undisputed facts. The descriptions of accidents need to stick to the facts, as the occurrence report may well be used as evidence four years later in a lawsuit. The description should focus on the basic facts, such as was it a rider impacting a car, hitting another rider, hitting a tree, etc. There is a big difference between, “Rider A’s front wheel hit rider B’s back wheel. Rider A then fell sustaining injuries…” and “Rider B viciously hooked Rider A, purposely knocking him down.” That last one, signed by the Chief Referee has too many opinions for an occurrence report. Later in the game, during a disciplinary hearing it may come to light that it happened that way and Rider B may well be penalized, but the occurrence report is not the place to start that process.

Cyclo-cross 2013
The cyclo-cross season is fast approaching and the UCI has finished assigning the Chief’s to our UCI events. To fill in the rest of the places, we will be using the assignment tools that many of you are familiar with already, namely the one via Chris Constantino provided me with the following description of what you should do if you would like to throw your name into the hat:

Requests to work national level cross races can be made at  Log on with your existing officials account (this is NOT your ID) or create one if necessary.  Click the Change LA button at the top of the screen and then click on the NCC/NRC/National Championship logos in the lower right corner of the local association map.  This will take you to the national events section of the web site.  Under the Races menu, select the Race Requests item and then click the Cross tab.  You will only see positions available to work based on your license category and the cross assignment guidelines.  Change the Race Year at the top of the screen to select the races scheduled in January 2013.

We will start making assignments in about a week, so please act on this soon if you have interest in working the UCI cyclo-cross races. This will be a bit complicated, because as was the case for the road/track/MTB assignments, there are three levels. The NTC will do some of them, the RTC will do some of them, and the local associations will do the rest. Thanks.

That is all for July. Wow, where did the summer go?

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director

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