Technical Director Update for August 2012


August 2012 Technical Director Update

Dear Official:

This will be probably the shortest one of the year.  

Officials Clothing Program
The sale item for August is any of the bags offered on the site. Officials will get 15% off. Please use the code: USACBAG0812.


Please see this link for our store:

Cyclo-cross 2013
The cyclo-cross season is fast approaching and the UCI has finished assigning the Chief’s to our UCI events. To fill in the rest of the places, we will be using the assignment tools that many of you are familiar with already, namely the one via Chris Constantino provided me with the following description of what you should do if you would like to throw your name into the hat:

Requests to work national level cross races can be made at  Log on with your existing officials account (this is NOT your ID) or create one if necessary.  Click the Change LA button at the top of the screen and then click on the NCC/NRC/National Championship logos in the lower right corner of the local association map.  This will take you to the national events section of the web site.  Under the Races menu, select the Race Requests item and then click the Cross tab.  You will only see positions available to work based on your license category and the cross assignment guidelines.  Change the Race Year at the top of the screen to select the races scheduled in January 2013.

We will be finishing the National Technical Commission appointments today, which include the second international commissaires and the race secretaries at the C1 events. Then the Regional Technical commissions will make their assignments for some of the other positions.

The election process for our sport committees is half over. If you are a level B or higher official in any discipline, then you are eligible to vote for the commissaire positions that are up.

Currently that is one election, for the commissaire position on the Cyclo-cross committee. The two candidates are Dot Abbott and Jim Patton. If you have not, please take the time to cast your vote. If you have any trouble with that, feel free to contact me and we will figure out what the issue is.

Also, as an official, you are able to vote for the At-Large positions for the road and track committees. The Track Committee election has three candidates – Andy Taus, Steve Crews, and Norrene Godfrey. The Road Committee election has two candidates – Laurel Green and Frank Mackzum.

If you have other jobs in cycling, like coaching or race directing, you may find you are also eligible to vote some other positions.

Officials Summit 2013
We will be hosting our second Officials Summit sometime in March of 2013. The first edition was a smashing success. We will once again try to have some invited guests that can speak to us about other aspects of cycling, instead of just sitting around and having rousing discussions of racing rules J  One thing we got from the last time was that many people wanted to see more free time to discuss topics with their peers, so we will not pack the schedule as tightly as we did the first time. However, I would like to start soliciting ideas for topics for the summit.

So, if you are thinking of coming, please let me know what you would find most useful. This is your summit, so we can tailor it to your needs.

Also, we will be hosting it completely at USA Cycling this time, utilizing our new, state-of-the-art conference center.

That is all for now. I hope you are enjoying your season, which is winding down way too fast.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director




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