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Wheel-sucking sand pits, uphill barriers, and unpredictable weather and course conditions. Check out Team USA riders competing on the international circuit, and the programs that help Team USA dominate those events.

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Support Programs

Hard work does pay off. USA Cycling is proud to support high-performing athletes with financial, technological, and logistical programs that allow them to focus their efforts even further.

Athletes qualify for different levels of support -- Gold, Silver, Bronze, and National Development Team -- based on results. 

Program Qualification Guidelines and Benefits

Development Pathway

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Key Events

Race Program/CampDateEventLocation
Summer Training CampsJulyDevelopment Camps, Helena, MTUSA
September Race ProgramSeptemberWorld Cup, Iowa City, IAUSA
September Race ProgramSeptemberWorld Cup, Waterloo, IAUSA
October Race ProgramOctoberKoksijde World CupBEL
November Race ProgramNovemberBogense World CapDEN
November Race ProgramNovemberJanet Memorial (national race), HilversumNED
November Race ProgramNovemberBavaria-Veldrit (national race), LieshoutNED
November Race ProgramNovemberZeven World CupGER
November Race ProgramNovemberDVV Flandriencross, HammeBEL
December Race ProgramDecember DVV EssenBEL
December Race ProgramDecember Vlaamse Druivencross, OverijseBEL
December Race ProgramDecember Namur World CupBEL
December Race ProgramDecember Waaslandcross, St. NiklaasBEL
December Race ProgramDecember Zolder World CupBEL
World Championship Race ProgramJanuaryHoogerheide World CupNED
World Championship Race ProgramJanuaryValkenburg World ChampionshipsNED

For information on how to qualify or get nominated for event team participation, sponsorship programs, and other requirements, please visit the International Events page.

Development Programs

Summer Cyclocross Training Camps

The goal of the camps (one week for women; one week for men) is to bring together the top Junior and U23 cyclocross talent in one location for a five-day training, planning and skills building camp. The camps will seek to create an environment that cultivates team building, on and off the bike, which is designed to build a cohesive group of riders for their arrival in Europe for the cyclocross season. An emphasis will be placed on planning a strategic training blueprint for the cyclocross season as well as improving the unique bike handling skills critical for success in this discipline. The camp also will serve as an identification tool for our coaches to assess the likelihood of success at top level international cyclocross competition.

  •  Summer Cyclocross Development Camps to include race schedule planning, training strategy and planning, cyclocross skills work, on and off bike strength and flexibility training
  •  Five-day camp held three (3) months in advance of cyclocross season on the Carroll College campus in Helena, Montana
  •  Top U23 and Junior athletes invited to participate
  •  Foster team building atmosphere to strengthen European racing experience for the European season
  •  Identify athletes who are preparing well in the “off season” and use information in rider selection for European race opportunities

Elite Athlete Support

This season USA Cycling plans to support a select number of our best elite cyclocross athletes at our base in Sittard. This support will be specifically tailored to each rider’s needs in terms of time frame and support level. The goal will be to ensure that our best riders can maximize their efforts at World Cup and UCI events in Northern Europe when their professional teams cannot offer this specific European race support. The USAC base in Sittard, Netherlands offers a unique and high-level opportunity for our riders to improve our prospects for podium-level results at the highest tier of the discipline of cyclocross.

September Domestic Race Program

The early domestic season race effort will include the two US World Cups in Iowa City, Iowa and Waterloo, Wisconsin. The objective is to select those top U23 riders who qualify based on their UCI ranking. These two high quality events offer an opportunity for up-and-coming U23 riders to get their first taste of world cup competition, competing against the best in the world.

  • Early season world cup cyclocross racing effort
  • Includes first World Cups, hosted in US
  • Top Elite, U23 riders selected based on UCI ranking
  • National Team Coach advisory support
  • Registration and logistical support

October European Race Program

The early season race effort will include two weeks of international cyclocross racing from the European base in Sittard, Holland. This block of racing will normally include the season’s first European World Cup event. USA Cycling has outfitted a fully stocked service course in Sittard that is capable of providing all the equipment necessary to support a world class race effort. The lodging and training in Sittard also are highly supportive of all elite athlete requirements.

  • Fully supported two-week European cyclocross racing effort
  • Top Elite, U23 and Junior aged riders will attend
  • Includes first European World Cup (October)
  • World-class coaching, training and competition program
  • Logistical support at all events

November European Race Program

This November program, based out of Sittard, will include four to five European races to be held in a two-week span. The goal is to expose our best athletes to the specific demands of top level international cyclocross racing. The depth of competition and difficulty of the race courses combine to make this the best and most effective method of preparing our riders for the future. USA Cycling will select riders who have proven their ability in the early season race program and who are on track to qualify for the World Championship team. This race program will, most likely, include the November world cups as well as a number of other international events.

  • Fully supported two-week European cyclocross racing effort
  • Large block of racing with four to five top level events
  • Includes November World Cups
  • Top Elite, U23 and Junior aged riders to attend
  • World-class coaching, training and competition program
  • Logistical support at all events

December European Race Program

After a brief respite in the USA, top performers from the Early and Mid-Season Race ProgramS and a number of younger development-aged riders will return to Sittard to participate in the traditional “kersteperiod” of cyclocross races. These events are very challenging and the compressed schedule offers these riders a chance to absorb cumulative racing experience over a shorter period of time. The riders will compete in several high-level UCI events (including December World Cups) over a two-week period. The purpose is to allow the riders to adapt to the heavy load of racing in advance of their final trip to Europe for the World Championships in early 2018.

  • Fully and partially supported two-week European cyclocross racing effort
  • Large block of racing with six top level events
  • Includes December World Cups
  • Top Elite, U23 and Junior-aged riders to attend as well as larger pool of development riders
  • World-class coaching, training and competition program
  • Logistical support at all events

World Championship Race Program

This is the final race program of the cyclocross season.  USA Cycling will support the riders who have been selected to the World Championship cyclocross team.  This race program is designed to give our top athletes an opportunity to work on their final preparation for a World Championship podium performance. The program begins with the final World Cup of the season, traditionally Hoogerheide, Netherlands, and culminates with the 2018 World Championships in Valkenburg, Netherlands. The goal is to minimize the stress on the riders between the events to ensure they arrive at the Worlds well-rested and prepared to compete at their best.

  • Final World Championship preparation
  • Use World Cup race as final tune-up for World Championships
  • Support only World Championship Team riders
  • Based out of Sittard, Netherlands for World Cups
  • Prepare for World Championships, just down the road in Valkenburg. 

Regional Talent ID Camps

Camp Purpose

The mission of USA Cycling's Regional Talent ID Camps is to Provide USA Cycling with Jr. Talent Evaluations while Offering Athletes a Pathway to Develop Their Cycling Ability. Our Talent ID Camps are the first step for young male and female athletes to enter into the USA Cycling development pipeline, providing them guidance and development towards their cycling future. USA Cycling Regional Talent ID Camps are for athletes racing age 14 to 19 years and attendees should have some racing experience.

The primary goal of the Talent ID Camps is to recognize athletes who, at an early age, show signs of potential future success in cycling. Receiving instruction from some of USA Cycling’s finest coaches, the camps also provide the necessary framework to improve the athletes skillset, thus progressing their cycling development. Regional Talent ID Camps provide vital input towards selecting riders for international competition and/or a national camp. 80 percent of athletes invited to our National Talent ID Camp have attended a Regional Talent ID Camp.

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Cyclo-Cross Development Camps  
Aug 9-12Dunn School (Los Olivos, CA)Kirk Nordgren 
Aug 21-23Fort Flagler State Park (Norland, WA)Toby Swanson 

Camp Features

While all camps aim to provide athletes with equivalent learning opportunities, each camp has a uniqueness all to its own. To find out more about the features of each camp, click here.

At all road camps, a proprietary USA Cycling Power Application is used to measure athlete’s average power and power/weight ratio from two field test, regardless if athlete has a power meter or not. The power numbers are one factor used to help select athletes invited to the USA Cycling National Camp. View Power Numbers from our previous camp field tests HERE.

Learn more about our camps from USA Cycling Junior Program Manager Billy Innes in the video below:


Registration for the USA Cycling Regional Talent ID Camps is now available. To register for a camp, sign in to your USA Cycling account and click on the "Register for an Event" button. There you will find all the camps that currently offer online registration. Please keep in mind that the June 16-21 Flagstaff Camp is a l'Abitibi selection camp and open only to 17-18 cat 3-and-above junior male athletes. Registration for each camp closes one week prior to that camp's start.

How to Automatically Qualify for the USA Cycling Development Camps

Cyclo-cross camps are open to all athletes and do not have minimum qualifying standards

Camp Pricing/Cancellation/Change/Refund Policy 

Camps range from $550-$850, depending on the camp and time of registration.

Type of CampRegular (More than 30 days out)Late (Less than 30 days out)
Road and MTB ID$750$850



Financial aid for the Talent ID Camps may be available from the USA Cycling Foundation's High Performance Grants for those who qualify.


Refunds for cancellations will be issued according to the following schedule. The refund period is based on the first day of the camp for which you are registered.

  • 14 days or fewer, no refund
  • 15-30 days, 25% refund
  • 31-60 days, 50% refund
  • 61 or more days, 75% refund

After registration, if the rider decides to change camps, a $100 change fee will be instituted. If USA Cycling cancels a camp, riders can change camps with no penalty or receive a refund. To change camps please contact the Athlete Development Director.


“The talent ID camps are a great way to expedite development in the very important junior years. These seasons are where the fundamentals of cycling are of the upmost importance, which the camps teach extremely well”.  Alex Darville - Bontrager

“Without the USAC Talent ID Camp I attended in the Summer/Fall of 2009 I don't know how far I would have gone in cycling. The opportunities that have come from being involved with the USAC Talent Pipe Line have been life changing from an on the bike/off the bike stand point! I highly recommend attending these Talent ID Camps to whoever wants to get the attention of USAC and get involved in the USAC Development Pipeline.” Eamon Lucas – Cal Giant

“As a junior rider who dreamt of competing at the highest levels of the sport, participation in the USA Cycling Talent ID camp at Flagstaff, AZ provided instrumental gains toward achieving that goal. First, I developed a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the sport like caravan and pack skills, race strategy, and the basics of nutrition. Second, I deepened a relationship with USA Cycling through its staff and coaches that led to opportunities further down the road.” Stephen Leece - Jamis Hagens Berman

“The Talent ID camp I went to when I was 16 years of age was the first stepping stone to where I am  now in my life of cycling. The camp puts you face to face with the family of USA Cycling, which allows you to become more than a name on a piece of paper or email. They can now see beyond just your talent or numbers, and on to who you are as a person. It can simply be life changing, as I realized a few days ago that I'm headed over to Europe this spring for the sixth year in a row to race for the USA.” Ryan Eastman - Bontrager

“The Talent ID camps really gave me the chance to learn a lot about being a great cyclist on and off the bike. These camps are key to getting into the USAC pipeline which has developed me and many of my fellow teammates into some of the best cyclists out there.” Logan Owen – Cal Giant

“USA Cycling helped me get to where I am today and the great program is only getting better”.  Alexey Vermeulen - BMC Devo

“If you want to go anywhere in the sport of cycling, go to to a USA Cycling Talent ID Camp. It's where everything starts. I attended the Flagstaff Camp, run by Barney King when I was fourteen and I owe everything to it. Without the Development Program, I don't know if I would be racing my bike competitively. Now I have been to ten countries and get to ride my bike every day.” Geoffrey Curran – Bissell Devo

“I would highly recommend going to a Regional Talent ID camp.  Not only will it provide the opportunity to showcase your talent, but you will meet people that will become lifelong friends.  I went to one when I was 14 years old and I can say without a doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without USA Cycling and it all started at the ID camp.  It's a week of fun and learning how to ride your bike.  Don't let this once in a lifetime pass you by because you have one shot to reach your goal! Make it count.” Nate Brown - Bontrager

“The USA Cycling ID camp was the first time I saw a clear path on how to get to the top of the sport, with the right resources and the support of USA Cycling nothing can hold you back.” Chris Butler – Champion System


If you have any questions, please contact the Coaching Education and Athlete Development Director at USA Cycling.