Team USA scores 11 more challenge class medals on day two of BMX Worlds


Michael Gonzales en route to his gold medal
Michael Gonzales en route to his gold medal
Rotterdam, Netherlands (July 24, 2014) – The 2014 UCI BMX World Championships continued on Thursday with the challenge class races for riders ages five through 16. 
Team USA earned 11 medals on day two of competition, four of which were world titles.
Connor Defrain (La Palma, Calif.) claimed the first gold medal of the day for the United States when he bested the other seven riders in the main event of the 10-year-old boys' competition. The gold medal was an improvement upon the bronze he collected a year ago in the 9-year-old event. To ride off with the top honor,  Defrain beat out silver and bronze medalists Lachlan Stevens-McNab (NZL) and Jaymio Brink (NED)
Another world title came for the USA on Thursday when Esja Shriver (Crestline, Calif.) outrode the rest of the 11-year-old girls to cross the line for the gold medal. She bested second- and third-place finishers
Maia Colman Savage (NZL) and Mariane Beltrando (FRA)
In the 13-year-old girls' category, Jordan Scott (Henderson, Nev./Redman) upgraded from the silver she won a year ago when she was 12. This year, she dominated the race and beat silver and bronze medalists Jessie Smith (NZL) and Molly McGill (AUS) to the finish line in the final.

Jordan Scott was victorious among 13-year-old girls.
Jordan Scott was victorious among 13-year-old girls.
Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.) successfully defended the world title he picked up as a 14-year-old in 2013. This year, among 15-year-old boys, he again rode his way onto the top step of the medal stand when he beat out Noah Breschan (SUI) and Brett Jacobs (BEL). Gonzales will also ride in defense of his cruiser title on Friday.
In addition to the four gold medals earned on Thursday, Team USA brought home three silvers and four bronzes. Four more Americans also advanced all the way to their main events but did not bring home medals.
In the 12-year-old boy's competition, Julian Dittrick (Scottsdale, Ariz.) grabbed the silver behind winner Ryan Martin (GBR) and ahead of bronze medalist Jeron Breschan (SUI).
Among 13-year-old boys, Hunter Brown (West Bountiful, Utah) represented the red, white and blue with a silver medal ride after finishing behind Cailen Calkin (NZL.). The bronze went to Thibaut Daprela (FRA) while another American, Roman Jaworsky (Las Vegas, Nev.), competed in the main event for a fifth-place finish.
Mikaela McEvoy (Inwood, W. Va.) earned a silver medal for the United States in the 9-year-old girls' event. She was joined on the podium by compatriot Grace Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz.) who rode to the bronze medal. The final was won by Leila Walker (NZL).
Rayn Pettigrew grabbed bronze int he 16-year-old boy's race.
Rayn Pettigrew grabbed bronze in the 16-year-old boys' race.
In the 8-year-old boy's main event, American Ty Beadle (Corona, Calif.) crossed the line in third to grab the bronze medal. He finished behind gold and silver medalists Will Oliver (AUS) and Wyatt Stevens-McNab (NZL). Beadle was joined in the final by fellow Americans Dane Morales (Aliso Viejo, Calif.) and Aiden Otten (Lakeside, Calif.) who placed seventh and eighth respectively.
  Aran Schwinn (Magnolia, Texas/Hostile Elite) also rode his way onto the third step of the podium with a bronze medal in the 14-year-old boys' event. He finished after winner Gautier Jung (FRA) and second-place rider Carlos Javier Zuluage Melo (COL).
The final medal of the day for Team USA was compliments of Ryan Pettigrew (Watsonville, Calif.) who was the third best rider in the 16-year-old boys' competition. Alex Tougas (CAN) and Andrew Hughes (AUS) were second and third in that final.
Another performance to note was that of Kelsey Van Ogle (Auburn, Wash.) who advanced to the 16-year-old girls' main event and placed fifth.
Competition continues in Rotterdam on Friday with the cruiser class competitions. Stay tuned to to learn how the American riders fare! You can also follow #BMXWorlds on twitter for updates.
Complete Results
Photo Gallery
2014 UCI BMX World Championships
Rotterdam, Netherlands
July 23-27, 2014
Boys 8 Challenge Class
1. Will Oliver (AUS)
2. Wyatt Stevens-McNab (NZL)
3. Ty Beadle (Corona, Calif.)
7. Dane Morales (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)
8. Aiden Otten  (Lakeside, Calif.)
Girls 9 Challenge Class
1. Leila Walker (NZL)
2. Mikaela McEvoy (Inwood, W. Va.)
3. Grace Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz.)
Boys 10 Challenge Class
1. Connor Defrain (La Palma, Calif.)
2. Lachlan Stevens-McNab (NZL)
3. Jaymio Brink (NED)
Girls 11 Challenge Class
1. Esja Shriver (Crestline, Calif.)
2. Maia Colman Savage (NZL)
3. Mariane Beltrando (FRA)
Boys 12 Challenge Class
1. Ryan Martin (GBR)
2. Julian Dittrick (Scottsdale, Ariz.)
3. Jeron Breschan (SUI)
Girls 13 Challenge Class
1. Jordan Scott (Henderson, Nev./Redman)
2. Jessie Smith (NZL)
3. Molly McGill (AUS)
Boys 13 Challenge Class
1. Cailen Calkin (NZL)
2. Hunter Brown (West Bountiful, Utah)
3. Thibaut Daprela (FRA)
5. Roman Jaworsky (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Boys 14 Challenge Class
1. Gautier Jung (FRA)
2. Carlos Javier Zuluage Melo (COL)
3. Aram Schwinn (Magnolia, Texas/Hostile Elite)
Boys 15 Challenge Class
1. Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.)
2. Noah Breschan (SUI)
3. Brett Jacobs (BEL)
Girls 16 Challenge Class
1. Azelle Etienne (FRA)
2. Ruby Huisman (NED)
3. Maureen Houin (FRA)
5. Kelsey Van Ogle (Auburn, Wash.)
Boys 16 Challenge Class
1. Alex Tougas (CAN)
2. Andrew Hughes (AUS)
3. Ryan Pettigrew (Watsonville, Calif.)

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