Technical Director Update for January 2013


January 2013 Technical Director Update

Dear Official:

Happy New Year everyone! So far it is a cold one, to boot. I unfortunately must lead the year off with a short one due to the fact that we are all hands on deck here getting ready for the 2013 Masters and Elite Cyclo-cross World Championships in Louisville. I am looking forward to seeing many of you out there.

Officials Clothing Program
At present, we do not have a new supplier for officials clothing. We are working on getting that set up, but the one we have used for a few years is being discontinued.

National-Level Assignments
The national-level assignments have all gone out and the RTC's and almost all of the Local Associations have added their pieces. We are collecting acceptances right now and once we have them all, we will post the overall results on the web so everyone can see who is doing what.

Motoref MVR checks
We have begun using LexisNexis as our provider for MVR checks for motorefs as well as marshals and other volunteer drivers at races. If you are a motoref, you should have received an email from us last week with the details. If you did not, please contact me. I really like the new system. It is cheaper, much faster, and much, much faster to get results loaded into our database with.

2013 Officials Summit
The place to be March 8-10, 2013 will be Colorado Springs and the USAC headquarters for the second bi-annual officials' summit. Registration is now open for level B and higher officials via this link. After a week, we will open up registration to everyone and continue until it is full. We have room for about 120 officials. I wish we could take all of you but the new conference center, while spacious, just doesn't hold 1700.

2013 Rulebook
The 2013 rulebook goes to the printer this week. If you have not renewed your license, and you plan to, please do so now so that we can get you included in the initial mailing. Also, this is a very new rulebook, and hopefully much improved. This would be a good year to take a cold night and curl up by the fire and read it cover to cover. We will also be hosting a new rules webinar, probably in February, as there is plenty of content for such a presentation.

Officials of the Year
We will be publishing an article soon with the complete list of 2012 Officials of the Year from each of the Local Associations. In the meantime, I wanted to congratulate the following officials as selected by their peers and administrators:

Regional Officials of the Year
Northeast – Mimi Newcastle (Ft. Washington, MD)
Southeast – Bill Samford (Grayson, GA)
Midwest – Loch Miwa (Crestwood, IL)
Mountain – Holly Blanco (American Forks, UT)
West – John Allen (Longbeach, CA)

And last, but certainly not least (drum roll please), the National Official of the Year is Diane Fortini (Hanson, MA). The National Motoref of the year is James Abbott (Skykomish, WA). These last two were decided upon by the national technical commission and the motor commission, based on number of high level events worked and the exceedingly high quality of that work. Congratulations everyone.

That is about it for now. Have a great season.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director




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