Technical Director Update for December 2012


December 2012 Technical Director Update

Dear Official:

Officials Clothing Program
The sale items for December are all of the bags on the site and the Stadium Blanket. However, these were set up to be a general sale, so you don’t need a code starting December 1st.


Please see this link for our store:

We will be changing clothing lines again at the beginning of the year. As we move forward, we have an opportunity to create a better line that is more tailored to the needs of the officials. We welcome your input on what clothing items you would like to see and changes you would like to see compared to our previous supplier.

We have created a survey for you to take so that we can more easily summarize the results. If you have ideas or comments about officials clothing, please take a few minutes to take the survey via the link below:

National Level Assignments
The National Technical Commission has made the first round of national-level assignments, at least for those positions currently assigned by the NTC. They have been passed to the race directors for comment and soon will be in the hands of the Regional Technical Commissions to fill in. Remember that assignments now come in three phases – NTC, RTC, and LA. It is a little more time consuming but we think it allows for some flexibility in the system and gives more consistent policies. If you don’t get an assignment from the NTC, you may still get one from the RTC or the LA. There are plenty of slots available out there.

Motoref MVR Checks
We are changing our service provider for the MVR checks for motorefs and all other race caravan volunteer drivers. Unfortunately we are not quite ready to launch the new system, and there are some complications with a couple of states, namely PA and WA, that we are still trying to work through. The good news is that the rates are much better with our new system. It will basically be an $8 flat rate, regardless of where you live, and we will have results within 24 hours.

As we start selling new licenses on December 1, 2012, you are free to renew your license at any time, even before we get the MVR process going. In fact, it is always best if you renew your license prior to doing the MVR. I know that may sound backwards, but what happens is this: You renew your motoref license. It shows up as a pended license in our database. You then do the MVR and we get the results. I get a message that say, “Joe Blow, member # 123456, has gotten a green light on his MVR.” I then go into the database and remove the pend.

Now, if you reverse the order of events, I get a note saying you have a green light. I go into the database and find that you have not renewed. Now there is nothing to do with the information that you are clear. I won’t get an announcement when you do renew, so chances are your license will be pended for months.

Anyway, we are very excited about our new system, the details of which I will get to once it is functional. In summary, do not go to NCSI to do your MVR. Wait until you hear from me about the new system. Thanks.

Upcoming Level A Road and Track Clinic
The Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association and Virginia Cycle Association are hosting a level A road and track clinic in January with a rough schedule as follows:

January 10 – Intro meeting at 8 PM
January 11/12 – All day sessions
January 13 – Clinic finished by 3 PM

The location of the seminar will be at:
Motorcycle Safety Center of Virginia
Ashland Training Center
1155 Fox Cross Road
Ashland, VA 23005

Special $69/night housing provided by Country Inns and Suites - The hotel rate for this event is $69 per room (they will be able to help with room sharing arrangements if you want to save money. The clinic cost is $125.

To be eligible to take the level A clinic, an official must meet the requirements described in the article below:

Please send Jim Patton a confirming e-mail if you're interested in attending this clinic (

That is about it for this one. Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy some time off and time with family and friends. The 2013 season is upon us.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director




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