September 26 2012 LA Call


When: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
            CALL IN NUMBER (605) 477-3000
               ACCESS PIN 406418#
Attendees:   Don Russell  (MTBRA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Keith Creeden (FRCA), John Patterson (GABRA) Darrell Webb (NCA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA), Jim Patton (MABRA), Chris Merriam (MABRA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Bruce Dunn (ABC), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Randy Legeai (LAMBRA), Michael Humphries (LAMBRA), Eric Smith (SCNCA), Bonnie Walker (TXBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), and Erik Anderson (WSBA).
Staff:  Gordon Weldon, Susie Diller, Valecia Frasier, Larry Martin, Randy Inglis, George Heagerty, Jeffrey Hansen, Beth Vialpando, Jan Luke, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list
To listen to recorded call:  Dial - (605) 477-3099
Enter Access Code - 406418#, and enter # again for most recent call
  1. Wheel Van Driver Instructions and Log – Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA)
  2. NYSBRA created this format and would like feedback (form and instructions are in 2nd attachment)
  3. Usually have official in the car, but instructions are on the sheet just in case
  4. Judy: like it, stealing the idea
  1. Issues with Cat 5s spending several seasons as a Cat 5 – Michael Humphries (LAMBRA)
  2. How is everyone combating this?  Any good practices?
  • TXBRA: Forces the upgrade
    • CCA: Force the upgrade for cat 5s racing regularly and actively
  • Humphries: What about mid-season or mid-series?
  • CCA: Case by case basis, we don’t want to disrupt their series championship title
  • Michigan may be eliminating Cat 5 championship for that reason
  • Usually policed by riders for those winning many races
  • On the horizon, but not immediate
  • That’s better for USAC to do that than the local association- takes the emotion out of it, simply a national rule
  • Not in LAMBRA
  • MABRA: Isn’t a championship for cat 5s encouraging them to stay in that category?
  • What about cat 4s? Often same story…
  • What about system-flagged auto-upgrades using results?
  • Any situations with riders wanting to upgrade but not having the opportunities to race? Any issues with that?
  1. Customer Service and processing work flow timely – Fred Blattspieler
  2. Reminder about professionalism and timeliness.
  • Issue primarily with permits- we don’t issue insurance until permit is approved, and now insurance is taking longer due to local requirements
  • Endorsements take on average 30 days, but a lot of endorsements turn out to be just special language, and that takes a few days
  • Considering penalty fee for insurance extras
  • Can USAC put out a communiqué about this so we have it on a local level, maybe discuss at summit? Yes
  • Permit fees for 2013?
  • No major changes for 2013, besides series; begin communicating changes in 2013 for 2014
  1. Feedback on On-Line Post event – Fred Blattspieler
  2. Any feedback from Officials, Race Directors
  3. Still some confusion from officials, not much uptake
  4. Shawn Farrell will put out information with screenshots, or webinar, to explain
  1. State Championship Medal order
  2. Was due on 9-25-12.   Using same provider and medals
  3. Fred will pad order, please give accurate totals
  1. Upgrade Stickers
  2. No longer required.  Riders may use Authorization to ride as proof of upgrade.
  1. 2012 LA Summit dates:  Friday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 4th
Send ideas for topics to me!
  • Will be held at USA Cycling headquarters.
  • Housing at hotel close by
  • USAC covers cost of housing for 1 person from each LA, and food for extras, but no 2nd hotel
  • A few of those flying into Denver are interested in sharing a rental car- let Fred know if you’re interested in sharing car
  • Still looking for topics
WHEEL LOG   Chief Ref Tel #: _______________
  Wheel In   Wheel Out
Count Rider # Front / Rear Type **   Rider # Front / Rear Mile
** Wheel Types:   S 9 or 10 -- Shimano or SRAM (interchangeable) 9 or 10 spd                              C 9 or 10 -- Campagnolo 9 or 10 spd                                                                C 11 -- Campagnolo 11 spd (not interchangeable)                                                                              J 9 or 10 -- Junior gearing 9 or 10 spd  

15 Aug 2012

Driver Instructions:

  1. Your primary job is the safety of the riders!
  2. Zero your trip odometer at the start line, turn on your lights and flashers
  3. Make sure the Chief official has your cell phone and you have his/hers
  4. Know where you are at all times!
  5. In case of severe injury dial 911 and give them your location
  6. Drive a safe distance of about 50m-100m behind the main field.
  7. When the main field breaks up, drive behind and support the last group still “in contention” in the race
  8. Before passing dropped riders, make sure there is a big enough gap ahead (~20 secs) so riders behind can’t draft you.  Do not pass riders until you feel it is safe to do so
  9. Use your horn a) to alert course marshals that you are approaching an intersection and b) to alert cyclists if another vehicle will be passing the field.

Wheel Van Tips:

  1. Make sure every wheel in the car has been tagged with the owner’s bib # (this is the rider’s responsibility but do not take wheels with no tags)
  2. Fill out the wheel van log on the reverse side before you begin your race, using the codes at the bottom of the sheet with Rider #, Front/Rear, Wheel Type...  For example:  111, Rear, C 10
  3. Put all front wheels on the left of your car; all rear wheels on the right of your car
  4. Separate Shimano/SRAM rear wheels from the Campy rear wheels.  Shimano and SRAM are interchangeable; Campy not so much
  5. Campy 11-speeds will only work on a Campy 11-speed bike
  6. Mark Junior wheels as such.  They should be given out to Juniors, but can be used as a last resort.  Be aware that a Junior using a regular wheel may be in jeopardy of breaking the rules  (It is the rider’s responsibility to have the correct gearing on his/her bike)
  7. Rider’s left hand up (left brake/front shifter on bike) means front flat; right hand up (right brake/rear shifter) means rear flat.
  8. Do all wheel changes on the right shoulder!
  9. During the race, when a rider takes a wheel:
    1. Just do your best to get a wheel to the rider quickly. 
    2. Make sure you have a record – bib # - of who flatted and whose wheel (bib # on wheel from car) that person took
    3. On the flat wheel, mark the bib # of the wheel that was used for service
    4. Keep complete documentation of the exchange as it will help reunite the wheels with their respective owners
  10. Know where the drop-off area is after the race for the wheels in your car
  11. If there are not signs posted in the drop-off area, take one of the signs from your vehicle and put it with the wheels in a conspicuous place
  12. There will be some riders already looking for their wheels when you come in; others will be lagging behind.  Please be patient and helpful with all riders looking for wheels.  If wheels cannot be located for some reason, please report this to the race organizer.
Thank you very much for your help!
Please send suggestions to Jeff Poulin/Jim Marshall

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