#RideToCollege Resumes


When applying to college, schools love to hear about what interests students pursue outside of the classroom. When applying to a varsity program, schools will want to see results and data, but it may not be the same for schools with a non-varsity program. Putting together a cycling resume can either bolster your application at a varsity program, or differentiate an application from other students at schools with club teams.

Varsity Programs
For a varsity cycling resume be sure to include a dated palmares, both athletic and academic, complete with license number. References are always a good thing to include as well, including past and present coaches, team owners, teachers or other individuals who had a large impact on one’s cycling career as a highschooler. It may not hurt to include other results from other sports disciplines like cross country running to present a well rounded athlete, or to give coaches an idea about one’s athletic background. Be sure to include contact information, in case coaches want to talk to you for follow up questions or interviews.

Club Programs
Club programs and schools are very similar. You should highlight some of your successes, but it doesn’t need a coach’s contact info, license number, or other athletic based references. Those who review applications at schools with club teams aren’t looking for the best cyclists to build out a team, they’re looking for the most well-rounded student, and cycling should enhance an application, but not be the meat of it.

Include leadership roles and positions that are cycling related, like captain of the team, and include a rough estimate for how long one has been riding- dedication is something schools love seeing. A letter of recommendation from a coach or other superior will be a healthy thing to have on an application, but it will not necessarily be paramount to joining the team.
No matter which type of school you are applying to each cycling resume for the different schools has to highlight and compliment different aspects of one’s application.

Now for this week’s college team feature, the University of Colorado-Boulder Cycling Team!

For decades the University of Colorado Boulder has consistently been one of the largest and most successful student run cycling programs in the country. Since the team was founded in 1987, CU has produced over 60 individual National Champions and taken home 13 Team National titles. Additionally, they have won the Overall Team Omnium at 14 National Championships. Their strong program means that many University of Colorado Boulder racers have gone on to the professional ranks after graduation and achieved success at the highest level of the sport. Find out more about the team on their website, Twitter or Facebook.

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