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Olympic View Road Race
Brady, WA
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Road Race on 04/27/2013

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Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 50-99 (54 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1395.09Paul Krebsbach   Kent, WA02:39:05 19808   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team/Seat
2403.56Rick Benson   Seattle, WA02:39:24 3371   Fischer Plumbing
3412.03David Mezera   Issaquah, WA02:39:24 70532   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
4420.50Tom Potter   Browns Point, WA02:39:24 206784   Olympia Orthopaedics Associates
5428.97Rick Roof   Puyallup, WA02:39:24 242755   Old Town Bicycle
6437.44Eric Holman   Seattle, WA02:39:24 222790   Bikesale.com
7445.91Tim Purcell   Bellevue, WA02:39:24 45820   Fischer Plumbing Racing/Jet Cit
8454.38Jeff Gibbs   Renton, WA02:39:24 272664   Cucina Fresca
9462.85James Kodjababian   Seattle, WA02:39:24 48603   Fischer Plumbing Racing Team
10471.32Jeff Pfost   Seattle, WA02:39:24 67360   Apex Racing
11479.79Barry Ironmonger   Snoqualmie Pass, WA02:39:24 290237   0
12488.26David Steiner   Kirkland, WA02:39:24 288410   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
13496.73Pete Banko   Seattle, WA02:39:24 46648   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
14505.20Bill Serantoni   Normandy Park, WA02:39:24 302728   Cycle U / Apex Racing
15513.67Rc Rogers   Seattle, WA02:39:24 222969   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
16522.14Mark Runyan   Sammamish, WA02:39:24 30873   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
17530.61Jd Little   Marysville, WA02:39:24 319968   Emerald City Cycling Club
18539.08Ivan Meadors   Hillsboro, OR02:39:24 23865   Coffee
19547.55Robert Ripley   Seattle, WA02:39:24 393647   Herriott Sports Performance
20556.02Robbin Goldfoos   Maple Valley, WA02:39:34 196376   Cucina Fresca
21564.49Garth Ferber   Seattle, WA02:39:41 277301   Team Cucina Racing
22572.96Paul Mesojednik   Bellevue, WA02:41:02 270203   Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ Jet C
23581.43Kevin Mcintyre   Puyallup, WA02:53:45 200294   Old Town Bicycle
24589.90Stephen Grasser   Silverdale, WA03:09:31 304582   Team Cucina Racing
DNFJoe Bowen   Seattle, WADNF 46363   Slalom Consulting Racing
DNFGordy Bolstad   Snohomish, WADNF 206957   Bikesale.com
DNFRoger Giebelhaus   Olympia, WADNF 198940   Olympia Orthopeadic Associates

Men - Cat 1-2 - Senior (90 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1200.73Dustin Van Wyck   Seattle, WA03:34:16 229254   Herriott Sports Performance
2208.55Ian Baldwin   Bellingham, WA03:34:19 282722   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
3216.37Lang Reynolds   Seattle, WA03:35:04 168449   Garage Racing
4224.19David Richter   Seattle, WA03:35:33 29781   HSP
5232.01Travis Biechele   Seattle, WA03:35:38 294358   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
6239.83Brian Hitchcock   Seattle, WA03:35:52 284741   Herriott Sports Performance
7247.65Joe Baum   Seattle, WA03:35:56 54315   Garage Racing
8255.47Jeff Gaeckle   Olympia, WA03:36:06 12621   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
9263.29Mark Franks   North Bend, WA03:36:11 183911   Herriott Sports Performance
10271.11David Iannotti   Seattle, WA03:37:06 71685   BikeSale.com
11278.93Lonny Knabe   Portland, OR03:37:45 286309   Team Novo Nordisk
12286.75Rich Mcclung   Kirkland, WA03:37:45 23281   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
13294.57Sean Phillips   Bellevue, WA03:37:45 274488   Garage Racing
14302.39Tony Pletcher   Seattle, WA03:37:48 305767   Bikesale.com
15310.21Mike Robson   Bothell, WA03:37:48 118582   Bikesale.com
16318.03Aaron Shaw   Seattle, WA03:37:51 128315   HSP / Herriott Sports Performan
17325.85David Gordon   Olympia, WA03:37:52 279863   0
18333.67Kevin Andrews   Mukilteo, WA03:37:54 387753   Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycl
19341.49Thorsten Askervold   Lake Stevens, WA03:37:54 299287   HSP/Herriott Sport Performance
20349.31Martin Turek   North Bend, WA03:37:54 336434   Audi
21357.13John-Christian Flack   Olympia, WA03:37:54 11775   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
22364.95Jessica Cutler   Seattle, WA03:37:54 158992   Vanderkitten
23372.77Andrew Erickson   Seattle, WA03:37:54 273331   the Ghisallo Foundation Racing
24380.59Kevin Hansen   Lake Forest Park, WA03:37:54 221895   Ravenna Capital Management
25388.41Rhae-Christie Shaw   Seattle, WA03:37:54 184543   Vanderkitten
26396.23Bill Booth   Seattle, WA03:37:54 333350   Cycle U/Apex Racing
27404.05Matt Munson   Seattle, WA03:37:54 205145   Bikesale.com
28411.87Scot Weeks   Seattle, WA03:37:54 290608   Bikesale.com
29419.69Robert Campbell   Olympia, WA03:37:54 73795   Audi
30427.51Tim Smith   Olympia, WA03:37:54 241621   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
31435.33Zachary Jones   Kent, WA03:37:54 225834   Garage Racing
32443.15Mike Schwindeller   Seattle, WA03:37:58 259190   Bikesale.com
33450.97Bryan Urakawa   Seattle, WA03:37:58 235138   Fischer Plumbing Racing
34458.79Alec Moorman   Seattle, WA03:38:06 255970   Bikesale.com
35466.61John O'Donnell   Seattle, WA03:38:16 210733   Keller Rohrback Cycling Team
36474.43Eric Schuman   Seattle, WA03:38:23 52882   Tete de la Course Cycling
DNFJeff Goodwin   Seattle, WADNF 13691   Tete de la Course Cycling
DNFGary Brown   Auburn, WADNF 5069   Tete de la Course Cycling
DNFWarren Atkey   Bothell, WADNF 50756   Bikesale.com
DNFMike Rogers   Seattle, WADNF 48546   Bike sale.com
DNFJason Cemanski   Waterloo WiDNF 318408   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
DNFMike Hone   Seattle, WADNF 155193   Audi
DNFStephen Mull   Seattle, WADNF 86831   Audi
DNFPatrick Stanko   Seattle, WADNF 221231   Audi
DNFBrent Carlson   Seattle, WADNF 223236   Audi
DNFAlfredo Ramirez   Tacoma, WADNF 169507   Audi
DNFWill Teal   Seattle, WADNF 318226   HSP
DNFVaughn Nelson   Lacey, WADNF 275351   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
DNFRandy Bott   Everett, WADNF 221932   Herriott Sports Performance
DNFBrad Kilcline   Kirkland, WADNF 254141   Herriott Sports Performance
DNFSteven Wilssens   Bothell, WADNF 287991   HSP/ Herriott Sports Performanc

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Master - 35-99 (72 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1336.50David Hecht (1 - Cat3)   Issaquah, WA03:00:08 15626   Garage Racing
2352.72Gregory Kauper (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA03:00:08 221706   Audi
3368.94Matthew Hill (1 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA03:00:12 131504   Garage Racing
4385.16Edward Rosenberg (2 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA03:01:19 286466   Garage Racing
5401.38Henry Gertje (3 - Cat3)   Olympia, WA03:02:07 107920   Olympia Orthopedics Associates
6417.60Matthew Oseto (4 - Cat3)   Kirkland, WA03:02:07 59413   Audi
7433.82Greg Arden (2 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA03:02:07 1873   Cycle U / Apex Racing
8450.04Aaron Lavin (3 - Cat2)   Mercer Island, WA03:02:41 221289   Garage Racing
9466.26Mark Mirante (4 - Cat2)   Bellevue, WA03:07:24 293125   Garage Racing
10482.48Jim Flynn (5 - Cat2)   Port Orchard, WA03:07:24 51090   Keller Rohrback Cycling Team
11498.70Landon Sealey (5 - Cat3)   Federal Way, WA03:07:24 308514   Garage Racing
12514.92David Hills (6 - Cat3)   Bellevue, WA03:07:28 176885   Garage Racing
13531.14Paul Beard   03:07:32 404637   Speed Theory
DNFMichael Pruitt (Cat2)   Seattle, WADNF 28784   Keller Rohrback
DNFErik Scheller (Cat2)   Gig Harbor, WADNF 186948   Keller Rohrback
DNFPeter Baughman (Cat2)   Carnation, WADNF 243415   slalom consulting
DNFMarcus Nedelmann (Cat3)   Seattle, WADNF 252009   Apex Racing Team
DNFNicholas Perera (Cat3)   Coupeville, WADNF 126804   DSH Racing
DNFDavid Mcbride (Cat3)   North Bend, WADNF 50291   0

Men - Cat 3 - Senior (72 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1383.68Aaron Griffith   Kent, WA02:54:49 305626   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
2387.13Pj Bauser   Seattle, WA02:54:49 332266   Hagens Berman / Society Consult
3390.58Chris Baker   Seattle, WA02:54:49 335620   CycleU/Apex Racing
4394.03Jesse Giordano   Seattle, WA02:54:49 225388   US Military Cycling
5397.48Nick Duckstein   Seattle02:54:49 276304   BikeSale.com
6400.93Allen Butler   Seattle, WA02:54:49 326902   Ravenna Capital Management
7404.38Tavish Taylor   Port Angeles02:54:49 198253   HSP/ Herriott Sports Performanc
8407.83Tyler Tangen   Bonney Lake, WA02:54:53 353044   Rad Racing NW
9411.28Miles Frank   Whitefish, MT02:54:53 329144   Hammer Nutrition
10414.73Dave Chipchase   Dupont, WA02:54:53 220071   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
11418.18Steve M Cullen   Seattle, WA02:54:53 211248   Slalom / First Strike Velo
12421.63Paul Mccormick   Gig Harbor, WA02:54:53 382759   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
13425.08Anthony Whiley   Olympia, WA02:54:53 102809   Fisher Plumbing
14428.53Richard Arnopol   Wilmette02:54:53 264204   Ravenna Capital Management
15431.98Josh Gerak   Seattle, WA02:54:53 256081   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
16435.43Peter Hinckley   Seattle, WA02:54:53 328706   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
17438.88Tim Farrell   Seattle, WA02:54:53 292499   Audi
18442.33Chris Bright   Lake Oswego, OR02:54:53 55163   Illy Coffee-River City Bicycles
19445.78Ludo Max   Seattle, WA02:54:53 355916   Herriott Sports Performance/HSP
20449.23Eric Cockrell   Seattle, WA02:54:58 311819   Herriott Sports Performance
21452.68Bradlee Haley   Burien, WA02:54:58 288845   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
22456.13Tony Bravetti   Brier, WA02:55:02 144794   Audi
23459.58Ted Schwartz   Seattle02:55:04 330330   HSP/ Herriott Sports Performanc
24463.03Ayden Young   Olympia, WA02:55:06 361728   Rad Racing NW
25466.48John Bruce   Vashon, WA02:55:06 55845   Tacoma Bike
26469.93David O'Brien   Olympia, WA02:55:09 251353   Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW
27473.38Mark Portin   Renton, WA02:55:10 271175   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
28476.83Jeff Reed   Lake Stevens, WA02:55:10 297596   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
29Joseph Carlsen   02:55:18   Adventures Edge
30483.73Matt Stevens   Tacoma, WA02:55:18 150745   Old Town Bicycle
31Ian Wilkenson   02:55:18   Bikesale.com
32490.63James Wood   Seattle, WA02:55:18 213076   Alki/Rubicon Racing
33494.08Nathaniel Pitts   Seattle, WA02:55:18 304664   Recycled Cycles Racing
34497.53Greg Luniewski   Seattle, WA02:55:18 207153   Bikesale.com
35500.98Mike Brown   Duvall, WA02:55:18 169016   Recycled Cycles Racing
36504.43Stephen Gavette   Seattle02:55:21 382864   Apex
37507.88Stephen Owens   Seattle, WA02:55:28 251280   Apex/Cycle U Racing
38511.33Bryon Cline   Seattle, WA02:55:28 297665   Bikesale.com
39514.78Chad Richmond   Bothell, WA02:55:47 266765   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
40518.23Avi Mahan   Seatac, WA02:55:47 210067   Rad Racing NW
41521.68Samuel Park   Seattle, WA02:56:33 285679   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
42525.13Jeffery Vinson   Bellevue, WA02:56:33 70843   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
43528.58Joshua Simpson   Seattle, WA02:57:00 256802   Recycled Cycles
44532.03David Katz   Seattle, WA02:57:05 223516   Bikesale.com
DNFBen Larson   Seattle, WADNF 158025   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
DNFTodd Sahl   Seattle, WADNF 105471   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFSergio Palma   Olympia, WADNF 206337   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
DNFE Eric Johnson   Seattle, WADNF 204929   Slalom Consulting Racing
DNFKeiichi Otani   Kirkland, WADNF 289231   Hagens Berman Society Consultin
DNFPaul Bishop   Snohomish, WADNF 335908   Recycled Cycles Racing
DNFJoshua Stinger   Seattle, WADNF 172090   Bike Raising
DNFScott Torkelson   Olympia, WADNF 35771   Old Town Bicycle
DNFJason Spears   Lake Forest Park, WADNF 301866   Apex Racing Team
DNFRon Sielinski   Redmond, WADNF 260190   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFJosh Tanner   Seattle, WADNF 218858   Hagens Berman

Men - Cat 4 - Senior (54 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1444.86Peter Miller   Seattle, WA02:18:37 292874   Apex Racing Team
2447.95Nicholas Luhr   Seattle, WA02:18:37 394447   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
3451.04Rick Birdsey   Seattle, WA02:18:37 366692   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
4454.13Jordan Jackson   Issaquah02:18:37 238462   0
5457.22Timothy Hughes   Olympia, WA02:18:37 288962   Olympia Orthopaedic Assoc. Cycl
6460.31Geoff Andrist   Snohomish, WA02:18:37 324474   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
7463.40Randolph Resch   Edgewood, WA02:18:37 308898   Apex/Cycle U
8466.49Adam Cramer   Olympia, WA02:18:37 300450   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
9469.58Chris Jackson   Greensboro, NC02:18:37 387784   Cucina Fresca
10472.67David Garate   Buckley, WA02:18:37 367407   Fischer Plumbing / Jet City Vel
11475.76Stewart Bowerman   Seattle02:18:37 367332   Recycled Cycles Racing
12478.85Alan Mccready   Issaquah, WA02:18:37 392095   Audi/Kryki Sports
13481.94Andrew Roths   Kenmore, WA02:18:37 305716   Bikesale.com
14485.03Mathew Waterfall   Auburn, WA02:18:37 395059   Tacoma Bike Racing Team
15488.12Martin VanEycke   Tacoma02:18:37 375025   Tacoma Bike
16491.21Austin Longino   Redmond02:18:37 360898   Bikesale.com
17494.30Mark Rogers   Woodinville, WA02:18:37 269636   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
18497.39Travis Kubicek   Seattle, WA02:18:37 273538   Cycle U / Apex Racing
19500.48Cameron Janes   Mercer Island, WA02:18:37 359555   HSP
20503.57Daniel Liberator   Seattle, WA02:18:37 125693   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
21506.66Peter Kriofske   Seattle, WA02:18:37 374871   Audi
22509.75Sean Mcgraw   Seattle02:18:37 385661   Hagens Berman
23512.84Andrew Leon   Snoqualmie, WA02:18:37 285639   Attachmate - Snoqualmie Valley
24515.93Daniel Filonowich   Seattle, WA02:18:37 288357   Branford Bike
25519.02Curtis Baird   Olympia, WA02:18:37 331666   OOA
26522.11Streett Silvestri   Seattle, WA02:18:37 201992   3D Racing Team / Tom's Atlantic
27525.20John Grandits   Seattle , WA02:18:37 188164   Cycle U/Apex
28528.29David Crawford   Orting, WA02:18:37 395835   Tacoma Bike
29531.38Benjamin Groenhout   Seattle, WA02:18:37 356691   0
30534.47Jordan Bressler   Dupont, WA02:18:37 358593   Old Town Bicycle
31537.56Juan Guerra   Seattle, WA02:18:37 417   blue rooster
32540.65Kirk Beatty   Olympia, WA02:18:37 365190   Old Town Bicycle
33543.74Aaron Adelstein   Seattle, WA02:18:37 305846   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
34546.83Todd Allen   Seattle, WA02:18:37 236437   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
35549.92Sun Dang   Bellevue02:18:37 393649   0
36553.01Nathan Camp   Seattle, WA02:18:50 393332   CycleU / Apex
37556.10Dean Jasper   Bellevue, WA02:18:50 286550   Audi
38559.19Ronald Jones   Olympia, WA02:18:50 246852   Olympia Orthopaedics Associates
39562.28Glenn Brihagen   Seattle, WA02:18:54 304646   Cycle U / Apex Racing
40565.37Erich Alonzo   Seattle, WA02:18:54 225220   CycleU/Apex Racing
41568.46Jason Corbridge   Redmond, WA02:18:56 293327   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
42571.55Jeff Rasor   Seattle, WA02:18:56 210470   TBA Racing
43574.64Paul Tassin   Seattle, WA02:18:59 360595   0
44577.73John Hadden   Olympia, WA02:20:21 151086   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
45580.82Matthew Weintraub   Seattle, WA02:22:35 224711   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
46583.91Dan Donahue   Olympia, WA02:22:47 374642   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
47587.00Nathan Pepin   Seattle, WA02:23:19 249643   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates/
DNFKurt Litsinger   SeattleDNF 235532   Cycle U Apex
DNFWayne Brown   Renton, WADNF 316268   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFAlex Votry   Edmonds, WADNF 330594   Blue Rooster
DNFKyle Mattson   Seattle, WADNF 289263   Audi
DNFVolodymyr Kuzmenko   KirklandDNF 378217   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
DNFRian Rustvold   Pullman, WADNF 367130   0

Men - Cat 4/5 - Master - 40-99 (54 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1488.88Eric Haley (1 - Cat4)   Snohomish, WA02:23:47 266760   0
2491.72Kenton Berg (2 - Cat4)   Sammamish, WA02:23:47 263438   SnoValleyVelo
3494.56John Rasanen   Seattle, WA02:23:47 312638   Fisher Plumbing Cycling/Jet Cit
4497.40Davo Queen (3 - Cat4)   Shoreline, WA02:23:47 236441   20/20 Fuel
5500.24Jason Celestine (4 - Cat4)   Olympia, WA02:23:47 297624   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
6503.08Jason Land (5 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:23:47 107699   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
7505.92Benjy Edwards (6 - Cat4)   Olympia, WA02:23:47 379432   Olympia Orthopedic Associates
8508.76Travis Dougan (7 - Cat4)   Kirkland, WA02:23:47 280758   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
9511.60Martin Long (8 - Cat4)   Snoqualmie, WA02:23:47 219954   Eastgate Cycling
10514.44Kyle Anderson (9 - Cat4)   Olympia, WA02:23:47 306848   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
11517.28John Clouse (10 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:23:47 302850   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
12520.12Sean Murphy   Tacoma, WA02:23:47 120568   Tacoma Bike Racing
13522.96Kevin Raymond   Seattle, WA02:23:47 272601   Bikesale.com
14525.80Tim Culbertson (11 - Cat4)   Issaquah, WA02:23:47 115811   Hagens Berman Society Consultin
15528.64John Rodgers (12 - Cat4)   Tacoma, WA02:23:47 264341   Old Town Bicycle
16531.48Chad Olson (13 - Cat4)   Redmond, WA02:23:47 287159   Cucina Fresca
17534.32Neal Goldberg (14 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:23:47 302005   Garage
18537.16Brian Wood (1 - Cat5)   Oak Harbor02:23:47 396060   0
19540.00Francisco Pons (15 - Cat4)   Maple Valley, WA02:23:47 276266   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
20542.84Peter Emsky (16 - Cat4)   Fall City, WA02:23:47 128596   Cucina Fresca
21545.68Jef Johnstone (2 - Cat5)   Kirkland, WA02:23:47 393187   Cucina Fresca
22548.52Ken Dong (17 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:23:47 294079   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team /
23551.36Chris Soelling (18 - Cat4)   Kirkland, WA02:23:47 305711   Cucina Fresca
24554.20Todd Mortensen (3 - Cat5)   Everett02:23:52 394010   Unattached
25557.04Jeff Zeunert (19 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:23:52 305216   Cycle U/Apex Racing
26559.88Chris Mahan (20 - Cat4)   Seatac, WA02:24:03 190831   Cucina Fresca
27562.72Paul Dinger (21 - Cat4)   Newcastle, WA02:24:12 271936   Cucina Fresca
28565.56Edgar Vanlieshout (22 - Cat4)   Kingston, WA02:24:15 361015   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
29568.40Patrick Dean (23 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA02:24:21 252801   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
30571.24Larry Baker (24 - Cat4)   University Place, WA02:25:01 258014   Old Town Bicycle
31574.08Gary Hocking (25 - Cat4)   Kirkland, WA02:25:25 271937   Bikesale.com
32576.92J. Scott Hile (26 - Cat4)   Centralia, WA02:25:25 316088   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
33579.76Scott Monett   Tacomaa, WA02:26:37 343104   TacomaBikeRacing
34582.60Robert Rice (4 - Cat5)   Seattle , WA02:36:15 368567   market street cycle/ bikesport
35585.44Manek Mistry (5 - Cat5)   Olympia03:20:00 394526   Olympia Orthopaedic Association
DNFPat Harrington (Cat4)   KirklandDNF 334794   Bikesale.com
DNFDavid Friedt (Cat4)   Mercer Island, WADNF 209057   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
DNFEric Jeppesen (Cat5)   Redmond, WADNF 274786   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
DNFChris Mendoza   Olympia, WADNF 132482   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

Men - Cat 5 - Senior (36 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1536.24Rick Wiedmann   Auburn, WA01:33:51 394666   Bikesales.com
2537.82Lewis Whiley   Olympia, WA01:33:51 351580   Rad Racing NW
3539.40Parker Newman   Olympia, WA01:33:51 358872   Rad Racing NW
4540.98Lewis Wright   Olympia01:33:51 381256   0
5542.56Eric Cranfield   Seattle, WA01:33:51 392810   cycle u/apex racing
6544.14Adam Gray   Olympia, WA01:33:51 390752   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates/
7545.72Eamon Rutledge   Seattle01:33:51 401488   Market Street Cycling Club
8547.30Damon Wyatt   Flemington Nj01:33:51 351524   bikesport
9548.88Tim Belding   Yakima, WA01:33:51 396626   unattached
10550.46George Fordham   Bellevue, WA01:33:51 392106   Kryki Sports/ Audi
11552.04Erin Aas   Seattle, WA01:33:51 389556   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
12553.62Scott Villalon   Puyallup, WA01:33:51 340950   Fischer Plumbing / Jet City Vel
13555.20Erik Hundley   Kent, WA01:33:51 334946   Motofish Racing
14556.78Sven-Erik Nielsen   Seattle, WA01:33:51 264387   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
15558.36Mike Suarez   Kenmore, WA01:33:51 395943   Bikesale.com
16559.94Tom Bice   Seattle, WA01:33:51 399551   Snoqualmie Valley Velo
17561.52Conor Collins   Puyallup, WA01:33:51 388862   Old Town Bicycle (Narrows Velo)
18563.10Jeff Pozarski   Shoreline01:33:51 380539   bikesale.com/Union Bay Cycling
19564.68Brendan Lanctot   Seattle, WA01:33:51 391908   Step Down Racing/ Ravenna Capit
20566.26Case Isaac   Seattle, WA01:33:51 299450   0
21567.84Aaron Baker   Steilacoom, WA01:33:51 392767   Old Town Bicycle
22569.42Layton Carroll-Novack   Seattle, WA01:33:51 368622   Cycle U/Apex Racing
23571.00Eric Reid   Dupont, WA01:33:51 308612   0
24572.58Jonathan Kamke   Puyallup, WA01:33:51 396211   Blue Rooster
25574.16Igor Gousman   Bellevue, WA01:33:58 358286   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
26575.74Nate Heffter   Seattle, WA01:33:58 395080   Fischer Plumbing
27577.32Andie Taylor   Seattle, WA01:33:58 393158   CycleU/Apex
28578.90Jarrett Aregger   Kent, WA01:33:58 285209   slalom consulting
29580.48Ryan Trimble   Snohomish, WA01:33:58 382085   0
30582.06Bryan Thiemann   Bothell, WA01:34:11 389591   SCCA / Starbucks Cycling
31583.64Nathan Affolter   Seattle, WA01:35:00 394086   0
32585.22Neil Mccurdy   Seattle, WA01:35:00 392771   Cycle U/Apex
33586.80Alex Rice   Seattle, WA01:38:32 391905   Bikesport Racing
34588.38Jeff Ott   East Olympia, WA01:42:00 365466   CBC - OOA
35589.96Jason Wilson   Columbus, OH01:42:00 396122   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
DNFRobert Kroese   Seattle, WADNF 333704   Bikesale
DNFTravis Elliott   Kenmore, WADNF 360417   Garage Racing
DNFLuke Grant   Federalway, WADNF 292862   FIRST STRIKE VELO
DNFMarc Savage   Seattle, WADNF 350808   Lake Washington Velo/Broadmark

Women - Cat 1/2 - Senior (54 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1340.63Jennifer Burtner (1 - Cat1)   Olympia, WA02:24:43 273510   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
2361.07Laura Dodd (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA02:24:43 347268   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
3381.51Courtenay Mcfadden (2 - Cat2)   Bellingham, WA02:24:46 262453   Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen
4401.95Annette Williams (2 - Cat1)   Kenmore, WA02:28:25 71338   Slalom Consulting Racing
5422.39Heather Vanvalkenburg (3 - Cat2)   Vancouver, WA02:28:25 200293   Upper Echelon Fitness and Rehab
6442.83Vanessa Johnson (4 - Cat2)   Seattle , WA02:28:25 367844   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
7463.27Marissa Carr (5 - Cat2)   Stanwood, WA02:28:29 336040   Gregg's Trek Racing Team
8483.71Michele Conrad (3 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA02:28:29 157480   Keller Rohrback Cycling Team
9504.15Elizabeth Nettles (6 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA02:28:34 179798   Recycled Cycles Racing
10Stephanie Bergh   02:28:43   Upper Echelon Fitness
11545.03Laura Chang (7 - Cat2)   Kent, WA02:41:04 258166   Bikesale.com
DNFKelly Plese (Cat2)   Enumclaw, WADNF 281405   Slalom Racing
DNFJane Evely (Cat2)   Carnation, WADNF 162455   slalom consulting
DNFKarren Claus   DNF   Broadmark

Women - Cat 3 - Senior (54 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1448.90Katherine Reinhart   Southlake Tx02:28:30 286351   Gregg's Trek Racing Team
2469.77Lisa Coyne   Seattle, WA02:28:31 328328   Team Group Health
3490.64Heidi Wood   Seattle, WA02:31:05 309733   Alki/Rubicon Racing
4511.51Jessie Hickel   Auburn, WA02:33:58 58099   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
5532.38Karen Wilkinson   Seattle, WA02:39:04 236442   Team Group Health
6553.25Sharon Gregg   Seattle, WA02:47:46 270361   Blue Rooster Racing/The Sports
DNFTina Wang   Seattle, WADNF 305576   SCCA/Starbucks
DNFAmanda Mcnabb   Lynnwood, WADNF 236233   Team Group Health
DNFLauren Cramer   Olympia, WADNF 323608   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
DNFAlli Greening   Tucson, AZDNF 222948   Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen

Women - Cat 4 - Senior (36 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1510.30Yumay Chang   Redmond01:41:18 396933   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
2514.34Marcela Broussard   Seattle, WA01:41:18 393559   Recycled Cycles
3518.38Maria Hetland   Yelm, WA01:41:41 360920   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
4522.42Victoria Lord   Mukilteo01:41:41 395238   Bikesale.com
5526.46Liese Anex   Seattle, WA01:41:41 365055   Sound Velo/Team Group Health
6530.50Agnes Sauvage   Seattle, WA01:41:41 260768   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
7534.54Katie Ferguson   Bothell, WA01:41:41 364892   Sound Velo Cycling/Team Group H
8538.58Lisa Steppe   Seattle, WA01:41:41 394786   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesales.com
9542.62Beth Everhart   Seattle, WA01:41:41 379946   Bikesale
10546.66Melissa Beams   Seattle, WA01:41:41 395150   Peterson Racing / Spokeswomen R
11550.70Amanda Evans   Tacoma01:41:44 375134   Blue Roosters
12554.74Emily Glynn   Seattle, WA01:41:47 393283   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
13558.78Jean Fisher   Olympia, WA01:46:38 332986   Olympia Orthopedics cbc racing
14562.82Kate Tylee   Seattle, WA01:46:53 393535   Team Group Health
15566.86Debbie Thomas   Olympia, WA01:46:56 393937   Olympia Orthopedics Association
16570.90Holly Bailey   Seattle, WA01:48:18 393041   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
17574.94Emily Nevin   Seattle, WA01:48:46 362211   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
18578.98Christi Kenyon   Seattle, WA01:49:57 272209   Bikesale.com
19583.02Kathryn Beattie   Issaquah, WA01:54:00 347498   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
DNFAarthy Longino   Redmond, WADNF 397574   Bikesale.com
DNFJennifer Yaros   SeattleDNF 357894   Bikesale.com
DNFLynn Gannon   Everett, WADNF 377444   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFBeth Pfost   Seattle, WADNF 67361   0
DNFStacey Giuffre   Sammamish WaDNF 249805   0
DNFSusie Nalivka   Tacoma, WADNF 400209   Old Town Bicycle

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