Race Results for
Cincy3 Cyclo-Stampede, p/b Darkhorse Racing
Covington, KY
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Cyclo-cross on 11/01/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - UCI - Elite

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
195.44Ryan TREBON   Bend, OR1:06:40 136658   Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.com
297.26Timothy JOHNSON   Topsfield, MA1:07:13 18056   Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld
399.08James DRISCOLL   Park City, UT1:07:52 163112   Raleigh Clement
4100.90Ben Berden   Boulder, CO1:07:54 397665   Raleigh-Clement
5102.73Yannick ECKMANN   Boulder, CO1:08:36 254024   California Giant/Specialized
6104.55Justin LINDINE   North Ogden, UT1:08:59 205717   Redline / NBX
7106.37Allen KRUGHOFF   Boulder, CO1:09:23 161599   Raleigh Clement
8108.19Kerry WERNER   Banner Elk, NC1:09:24 264350   MOB CX team
9110.01Andrew DILLMAN   Fairdale, KY1:10:25 261876   MARIAN UNIVERSITY CYCLING
10111.83Robert MARION   Mount Airy, NC1:10:44 220597   American Classic Pro CX Team
11113.66Rotem ISHAY   Durango, CO1:10:54 284995   Boo Bikes - TrainingPeaks
12115.48Tristan COWIE   Brevard , NC1:11:59 220084   0
13117.30Lewis GAFFNEY   Angel Fire, NM1:12:05 247368   American Classic Pro Cyclocross Team
14119.12Tristan SCHOUTEN   Plymouth, WI1:12:30 145071   Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
15120.94Travis LIVERMON   Lewisville, NC1:12:49 161583   Team Smart Stop pb Mountain Khakis
16122.76Joseph MALONEY   Milwaukee1:13:07 313232   KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin
17124.59Tom BURKE   Grand Rapids, MI1:13:22 179205   Wolverine Racing/Trek
18126.41Joachim PARBO   Salt Lake City, UT1:13:44 397706   Cielo/Challenge/Bicyclista
19128.23Stephen BASSETT   Knoxville, TN1:13:44 257316   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill
20130.05Joshua JOHNSON   Fort Wayne, IN1:14:04 257134   Giant Factory Off-Road Team
21131.87Cody KAISER   El Dorado Hills, CA1:14:28 202564   California Giant/Specialized
22133.69Matthew WEEKS   Rocky River, OH1:14:38 232237   WasLabs Cycling
23135.52Andrew REARDON   Franklin, TN@3 Laps 177637   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill
24137.34Adam YORK   Okemos Mi@3 Laps 210584   Wolverine Racing/ACFStores.com
25139.16Mark SAVERY   Omaha, NE@3 Laps 31378   Trek Cyclocross Collective
26140.98Andrew MESSER   Bloomington, IN@3 Laps 212310   Cyclocrossworld.com
27142.80Douglas ANSEL   South Bend, IN@3 Laps 213223   Beverly Bike - Vee Pack
28144.62Troy WELLS   Durango, CO@3 Laps 112599   Team CLIF BAR
29146.45Ryan GAMM   Oxford, OH@4 Laps 149656   Ohio Valley Velo Sports
30148.27Tanner HURST   Gallatin, TN@4 Laps 277734   Be Real Sports - Grease Monkey - CrankWorks
30148.27Anthony DUST   Edwardsville, IL@4 Laps 189613   Dogfish Racing Team
31150.09Zachary CARLSON   Plano, TX@4 Laps 277433   MARIAN UNIVERSITY CYCLING
31150.09John PROPPE   North Royalton, OH@5 Laps 301502   Lake Effect Racing
32151.91Raymond SMITH   Louisville, KY@5 Laps 292526   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
33153.73Zach BENDER   Glen Rock, NJ@5 Laps 250355   MARIAN UNIVERSITY CYCLING
34155.55Jason MOTT   Cincinnati, OH@6 Laps 232186   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
DNSZach MCDONALD   Bainbridge Island, WA 228238   Rapha-Focus
DNSRyan KNAPP   Columbus, IN 161263   Pony Shop Cyclocross
DNSJames BILLITER   Cincinnati, OH 285273   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
DNSNathan BROWN   Boulder, CO 207512   0
DNSGian DALLE ANGELINI   Roslyn Wa 210989   CyclocrossRacing.com
DNSMark BABCOCK   Athens, GA 250228   Atlanta Cycling p/b New England Financial
DNSChris JACKSON   Burbank, CA 301878   Castex Racing p/b Felt
DNFJeremy POWERS   Easthampton, MA 117328   Rapha Focus
DNFEarl GAGE   Albuquerque, NM 338216   Scalo Veloce p/b JBV Coaching

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1238.76Caleb Swartz   Madison, WI0:28:10 286165   Junior Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts
2244.53Enzo Allwein   Cincinnati, OH0:29:16 301180   Lionhearts Junior Racing
3250.30Eric Bateman   Hendersonville, TN0:29:43 392388   Team Bikers Choice
4256.06Mark Jones   Crestwood, KY0:30:00 358655   Team Louisville
5261.83Christopher Mathers   Cincinnati, OH0:30:04 349116   Bishop's Bicycles
6267.60Paul Dentel   Cincinnati, OH0:30:26 303015   University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
7273.37Nathan Ross   Cincinnati, OH0:30:37 301226   Lionhearts Junior Racing
8279.14Chad Shackelford   Cincinnati, OH0:31:06 413772   Team Hungry
9284.90Dylan Rockwood   Loveland, OH0:31:33 358574   Lionhearts Junior Racing
10290.67Edward Wright   Cleveland, OH0:32:04 403804   Scum City
11296.44Robert Martin   Saint Louis, MO0:32:23 22627   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team
12302.21Zachary Young   Cincinnati0:32:23 394299   Bishops Bicycle
13307.98Tyler Conant   Indianapolis0:32:37 389918   Bicycle Exchange Indy
14313.75Adam Glass   Louisville Ky0:32:44 387770   Don Walker
15319.51Chris Salsman   Louisville, KY0:32:47 340274   Team Louisville
16325.28Frank DeJulius   Blue Ash, OH0:32:56 314864   Fleet Feet Sports - Cincinnati
17331.05Jeff Sack   Bexley, OH0:33:05 413770   Monogram
18336.82Mathieu Sertorio   Cincinnati, OH0:33:08 390686   7 Hills Racing
19342.59Jon Wolery   Cincinnati, OH0:33:22 362208   Trek Store Cincinnati
20348.35Norman Gwaltney   Indianapolis, IN0:33:27 60099   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
21354.12Brian Heckman   Louisville, KY0:34:03 358897   
22359.89Cameron Fisk   Louisville, KY0:34:03 302078   Red Zone Cycling
23365.66Boris Yanovsky   Cincinnati, OH0:34:11 389225   Queen City Wheels
24371.43Matthew Fix   Ft Collins, CO0:34:23 196876   Cicclismo
25377.20David Goorskey   Centerville Oh0:34:29 394841   
26382.96Benjamin Leichty   Cincinnati, OH0:35:01 400633   
27388.73Dustin Ross   Maineville, OH0:35:01 404539   Trek Store Cincinnati
28394.50JEFF SMART   Indianapolis, IN0:35:02 350026   Fit Livin'
29400.27Noah Hutson   Columbus, OH0:35:09 360139   Backroom Coffee Roasters
30406.04Jeff Davis   Columbus, OH0:35:19 387142   Cafe Brioso-B1 Bicycles
31411.80Seth Nuckols   Batavia, OH0:35:41 352386   Bishops Bicycles
32417.57Garry Blair   Springboro, OH0:36:00 360550   Champion City Cycling
33423.34Maxwell Savage   Loveland, OH0:36:06 323824   Lionhearts Junior Racing
34429.11Terry McDonald   Indianapolis, IN0:36:09 376337   Zionsville Tri Team
35434.88Aaron Oswald   Dayton, OH0:36:45 318520   Trek Store Cincinnati
36440.65maxwell lundbeck   Cincinnati, OH0:37:05 310242   Team Racing Cyclocross on Lundbecks p/b Lundbeck Cycles
37446.41Eric Buchakjian   Loveland, OH0:37:35 355918   Hungry*
38452.18Andrew Rudy   Cincinnati, OH0:37:59 387787   Lionhearts Junior Racing
39457.95Alberto Gomez   Cincinnati, OH0:38:40 417652   
40463.72Rick Wait   Springfield, OH0:39:01 210191   
41469.49Adam Tiffany   Cincinnati-1LAP 165895   7 Hills Racing
42475.25Brantley Berry   Richmond, IN-1LAP 360870   Colavita Racing
43Gary Powers   -1LAP   Bishops
44Matthew Herr   -1LAP   Trek from Cincinnati
45492.56Nate Surls   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 382182   Team Joey
46498.33Maciej Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH-1LAP 391240   Lionhearts Junior racing
47504.10Alex Ress (1 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 412515   Trek Store Cincinnati
48509.86Michael Byrnes   Shorewood, IL-1LAP 294133   Hammerstein Brewery Racing
49Andrew Miller   -1LAP   Hammerstein
50Matthew Clifford   -1LAP   
DNSKevin Severs   Cincinnati, OH 345442   Element Cycles
DNSScott Rudy (Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH 406675   Queen City Wheels
DNSCharles Allran (Cat5)   Lexington, KY 417071   
DNSJack Crump   Louisville, KY 410422   Red Zone Cycling
DNSHal Bogard   Louisville, KY 356212   Team in Training
DNFAustin Warmbier   Cincinnati, OH 417422   Half Day Cafe Cycling

Men - Cat 2/3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1126.56Spencer Petrov (1 - Cat2)   Mason, OH0:40:36 301051   Sophisticated Living/Bobs Red Mill
2130.13Mark Legg Compton   Colorado Springs, CO0:41:17 20788   Trek Cyclocross Collective.
3133.70Eric Anderson   Indianapolis, IN0:41:55 42611   Zipp Factory Team
4137.27Jeff Weinert   Lake Orion, MI0:42:21 37591   WolverineRacing/ACFSTORES.net
5140.84Andrew Gorski   Allison Park, PA0:42:21 203109   Pro Bikes
6144.41Jason Cyr   Davis, WV0:42:31 214195   TeamNovonordisk
7147.98Tim Proctor (2 - Cat2)   Columbus, IN0:42:41 364938   The Bicycle Station
8151.55John Gatch   Terrace Park, OH0:43:21 153866   Bandwidth.com
9155.12Albert Senft   Albuquerque, NM0:43:46 32168   HDB Masters
10158.69Adam Rodkey (3 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN0:43:55 167200   Speedway Wheelmen
11162.26Michael Hemelgarn (1 - Cat3)   Avon, IN0:44:24 262921   DRT Racing
12165.83Charlie (Jimmy) Bruner   Cary, NC0:44:32 151753   Inland Construction / Back To Dirt
13169.40Chris Mayhew (4 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA0:44:58 88693   JBV Coaching
14172.97Ben Schmutte (5 - Cat2)   Noblesville, IN0:45:33 335050   Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
15176.54Benjamin Christian (6 - Cat2)   Novi, MI0:45:39 70790   Cycletherapy
16180.11Edward Fritzinger (7 - Cat2)   Georgetown, IN0:45:48 292245   McDonalds Cycling Team
17183.68Jedidiah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN0:46:52 292244   McDonalds Cycling Team
18187.25Daniel Ott (2 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:46:55 200121   Darkhorse Racing
19190.82Todd Andersen (3 - Cat3)   Fort Wayne, IN0:47:05 1584   Men of Steel Racing
20194.40Doug Carraway (8 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH0:47:28 287612   Team Six One Four
21197.97Geoffrey Chandler (9 - Cat2)   Indianapolis0:47:28 365647   Speedway Wheelmen
22201.54Nathan Mirus (4 - Cat3)   Batavia, OH0:47:41 280756   BioWheels Cincy
23205.11Cory Muth (10 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH0:47:48 309938   BSM Cycling
24208.68Philip Webb (5 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:47:48 98515   Don Walker Cycles
25212.25Bill Crank (6 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY0:48:20 8075   Crankworks Bicycles/CES
26215.82Jay Karpinski (11 - Cat2)   Cleveland, OH0:48:28 342768   Scum City Racing
27219.39Mark Suprenant (7 - Cat3)   Milford, NH0:48:28 76016   Team Novonordisk
28222.96Trever Kingsbury (8 - Cat3)   Petoskey0:48:42 371577   North Country Cycle Sport/Derailed
29226.53Zachary Ross (9 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:48:49 301225   Lionhearts Junior Racing
30230.10Michael Schulze (10 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:48:53 155831   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
31233.67Patrick Lach (11 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:49:04 145722   ZWS/Bertolli
32237.24Edwin Rambuski   San Luis Obispo, CA0:49:09 29071   Team Rambuski Law
33240.81Joseph Hatley (12 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN0:49:40 88011   Team WBR - Indiana/ Bicycle Exchange
34244.38Justin Pokrivka (13 - Cat2)   Tarentum, PA0:49:48 179567   Pro Mountain Outfitters
35247.95Todd Nix (14 - Cat2)   Owensboro, KY0:49:56 242343   Breck's Bicycle Shop
36251.52Steven Gers (12 - Cat3)   Bellevue, KY0:50:02 239935   BioWheels Racing
37255.09Derek Wilford (13 - Cat3)   Euclid, OH0:50:03 134363   Spin/Litzler Automation
38258.66Ryan Rish   Powder Springs, GA0:50:04 175361   Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
39262.23James Turner (14 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH0:50:06 189407   Team IPro
40265.80Michael Seiler (15 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY0:51:13 186628   Rogue Racing Project
41269.37Greg Casteel (15 - Cat3)   Lenoir City, TN-1LAP 95775   Harper Auto
42272.94Joe Fox (16 - Cat3)   Bargersville, IN-1LAP 375518   Gray Goat Sports
43276.51Alan Willey (17 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 296822   Queen City Wheels
44280.08Robert Ogren (18 - Cat3)   Bloomington, MN-1LAP 232145   Power Fix CX
45283.65Brad DeMott (19 - Cat3)   Shelbyville, IN-1LAP 9179   Gray Goat Sports
46287.22Wayne Pignolet (20 - Cat3)   Sandpoint, ID-1LAP 204615   Vertial Earth
47290.79Robert Prewitt (1 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH-1LAP 267669   Lionhearts Junior Racing
48294.36Jason Long (21 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 385991   Queen City Wheels
49297.93Richard McKenzie (22 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 273545   ZWS Bertolli
50301.50Fred Steinbrecher (23 - Cat3)   Frankfort, KY-1LAP 45973   McDonalds Cycling Team
51305.07Chris Freter (24 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH-1LAP 275071   Echelon Cycling Team
DNSKevin Noone (Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 66206   Nuvo
DNSCharles South (Cat3)   Fort Wayne, IN 33532   Men of Steel Racing
DNSRobert Kendall   Georgetown, IN 117036   Papa John's Racing Team
DNSMark Hooton (Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 16694   Team Hungry*
DNSMatthew Battin (Cat2)   Columbus, IN 2890   The Bicycle Station
DNSJason Stoner (Cat2)   Athens, OH 139111   Fiets Met Slagroom
DNSFrank Strang (Cat3)   Mcdonald, OH 316942   MVC
DNSThomas Price   Overland Park, KS 28705   TREK Cyclocross Collective
DNSRichard Toler (Cat3)   Dayton, OH 66088   Merrill Lynch Cycling
DNSMichael James (Cat2)   Gainesville, GA 179440   SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
DNSMichael Kennedy (Cat2)   Louisville, KY 256322   Bicycle Sport/ Rooibee Red Tea
DNSBrent Evans (Cat2)   Novelty, OH 11037   Roberta's SUN p/b Dawn Patrol Cycling
DNSJake Thompson (Cat2)   Arlington, VA 251833   Miller School of Albemarle
DNSSteven Vorderman (Cat3)   Fort Wayne, IN 50616   DRT Racing
DNSRyan Hubbs (Cat2)   Bargersville , IN 343562   Speedway Wheelmen
DNSJackson McNear (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 301315   Red Zone Cycling
DNSJay Strothman (Cat2)   St Louis , MO 130537   Rokkit racing
DNSFrederick Rose   Bloomington, IN 30553   Scholars Inn Bakehouse
DNSTravis Frey (Cat2)   Brentwood, MO 290244   Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
DNFMichael Dameron (Cat3)   Uncasville, CT 47889   Cox/W.E. Stedman Cycling
DNFMarshall Leininger (Cat3)   Canton, OH 205294   Stark Velo
DNFKerry Shields (Cat2)   Salisbury, NC 32468   Mock Orange Bikes
DNFTed Burns (Cat2)   Madison, WI 51292   Team Bell Lap

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1173.77Abe Goorskey   Floyd, VA0:44:40 390937   CycleWorks
2176.69Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:45:23 235804   Lees McRae
3179.61Tilman McDaniel   Lexington, KY0:46:27 398111   Crankworks / CES
4182.53Michael Kennedy   Louisville, KY0:46:37 256322   Bicycle Sport/ Rooibee Red Tea
5185.45Robert Pickels   Boulder, CO0:46:40 276915   
6188.37Justin Sorber   Lafayette, IN0:46:40 306060   DRT Racing
7191.29Duncan Russell   Corvallis, OR0:46:42 313872   Echelon
8194.21Trevor Miller   Columbus, OH0:46:55 313282   VeloScience
9197.13Joseph Pallotto   Mantua, OH0:47:11 54101   Team Lake Effect
10200.06Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN0:47:24 290524   McDonalds Cycling Team
11202.98Mike Shipman   Richmond, IN0:47:27 303145   Cycling & Fitness Warehouse
12205.90Michael Dulin   Louisville, KY0:47:42 84921   unattached
13208.82Cameron Ashbrook   Evansville, IN0:48:05 303363   Dan's Comp Factory Racing
14211.74Kristofer Karwisch   Hebron, KY0:48:24 285292   Bio Wheels Racing
15214.66Jason Korte   Georgetown, IN0:48:28 360549   
16217.58Justin Thompson   Louisville, KY0:48:33 114855   
17220.50John Ehrlinger   South Euclid, OH0:48:53 209482   Spin/Litzler Automation
18223.42Sam Morgan   Dayton Ohio0:48:56 414241   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
19226.34Neal Forbes   Columbus, IN0:49:07 251328   Bicycle Station
20229.26Christopher Huck   Navarre, OH0:49:25 165499   Wells Fargo Advisors
21232.18David Rohrer   Athens, OH0:49:45 289434   Team Athens
22235.10Jim Farmer   Chattanooga, TN0:49:52 267054   Hub Endurance
23238.02Spencer Hackett   Columbus, OH0:49:54 297118   Cap City Cycling
24240.94Matt Stierwalt   Maineville, OH0:50:09 34173   Rogue Racing Project
25243.86Aidan Seufert   Columbus, OH0:50:20 415286   Cafe Brioso
26246.78Patrick Hirschfeld   Indianapolis, IN0:50:26 373456   Indiebike PB Angie's List
27249.71Jeffrey Schlaudecker   Cincinnati, OH0:50:37 111087   Team Hungry!
28252.63Robert Chaney   Cincinnati, OH0:50:41 259507   Queen City Wheels
29255.55Neil Fortner   Champaign, IL0:50:42 356128   Wild Card Cycling
30258.47Derek Graham   Cincinnati, OH0:51:06 359885   Darkhorse Racing
31261.39Mark Miller   Fort Wayne, IN0:51:12 343740   Summit City Bicycles
32264.31James Frazier   Fishers, IN0:51:20 103874   Team Matthews Racing
33267.23Andy Bracke   Independence, KY0:51:24 4541   Queen City Wheels
34Chip Schug   0:51:29   LapDogs Cycling
35273.07David Ferguson   Central City, KY0:51:36 304203   Be Real Sports
36275.99Nathan Annon   Grafton, WV0:51:46 240437   PRO Mountain Outfitters/Raleigh USA
37278.91Christopher Carissimi   Batavia, OH0:51:51 347066   Bishop's Bicycles
38281.83Darrin Grosch   Cincinnati, OH0:52:20 356658   Bishops Bicycles
39284.75Jay Lorentz   Shelbyville, IN0:52:30 357342   
40287.67Christopher Arndt   Columbus, OHNOCHIP 365072   Ohio Dominican University Cycling Team
41290.59Nick Tinsler   Cincinnati, OH0:52:47 206244   Darkhorse Racing
42293.51Andy Paskins   Carmel, IN0:52:49 137920   SRAM Factory Team
43296.43Michael James   Gainesville, GA0:52:58 179440   SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
44299.36Michael Keppler   Indianapolis, IN0:52:59 195291   Speedway Wheelmen
45302.28Sean Burkey   Lyndhurst, OH-1LAP 5533   WAS LABS
46305.20Matt Harbaugh   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 302357   Team Hungry
47308.12Dave Placke   Kettering, OH-1LAP 328878   Rogue Racing Project
48311.04Jonathan Edwards   Brownsburg, IN-1LAP 391233   Bicycle Exchange Indy
49313.96James Foster   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 305928   shamrock cycles
50316.88Jason Reser   Fort Wright, KY-1LAP 83942   Team CNC
51319.80Matt Becher   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 364903   Rogue Racing Project
52322.72Robert Thomas   Chicago, IL-1LAP 220562   Tenspeed Hero
53325.64Christopher Milthaler   Dayton, OH-1LAP 385609   Ghisallo Cycling Team
54328.56Erik Albers   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
55331.48Daniel Delph   Louisville, KY-1LAP 328014   Don Walker Cycles Racing
56334.40Aaron Marsh   Dayton, OH-1LAP 367080   BSM Cycling
57337.32Andy Perrino   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 191478   Biowheels-Reece Campbell Racing
58340.24Greg Brannon   Soddydaisy, TN-1LAP 307090   I AM Racing
59343.16Daren Rogers   Soddydaisy, TN-1LAP 302941   Village Volkswagen Elite Cycling Team
60346.08Michael Mullins   Brookville, OH-1LAP 344862   Champion City Cycling
61349.01Rick Voithofer   Columbus, OH-1LAP 284567   Team SixOneFour
62351.93Timothy Humbert   Cincinnati-1LAP 135020   Bio-Wheels Racing
63354.85brian segal   Louisville, KY-1LAP 270558   Rogue Racing Project
64357.77Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY-1LAP 298154   Reser Bicycle
65360.69James Keefe   Cincinnati-1LAP 386841   Trek Store Cincinnati
66363.61Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 331066   Queen City Wheels
67366.53Charles McDonald   Bellevue, KY-1LAP 360447   Paralyzed Veterans Racing/CNC-Reser Bicycle
68369.45Jeff Dunn   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 309754   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
69372.37Fred Iversen   Carmel -1LAP 366391   Shamrock Cycles
70375.29John Wheeler   Carmel, IN-1LAP 206716   Shamrock Cycles
71378.21Evan Clark   Hebron, KY-1LAP 328888   Rogue Racing Project
72381.13Scott Murschel   Cincinnati, OH-2LAP 202250   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
DNSCharles Bossart   Cincinnati, OH 301464   Darkhorse Racing
DNSTodd Lewis   Louisville, KY 355256   
DNSTim ODonnell   Indianapolis, IN 205702   Shamrock Cycles
DNSMichael Prater   Cincinnati Oh 40640   Hagens Berman/Society Consulting
DNSSimon Jones   Milwaukee, WI 291893   WCJ Racing Team
DNSSteve Bivens   Evansville, IN 257617   Breck's Bicycle Shop
DNSJohn Wischmeier   Columbus, IN 286402   DRT Racing
DNSAndy Swartz   Madison, WI 34769   Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
DNFDavid Steiner   Chagrin Falls, OH 209770   Spin/Litzler Automation
DNFAlex Steinker   Cincinnati, OH 310918   Monogram
DNFKeith Marek   Fremont, MI 305493   Team Priority Health

Men - Cat 4/5 - Master - 35-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1331.23Jeff Smart   Indianapolis, IN0:21:07 350026   Fit Livin'
2336.99John Porter   Westfield0:21:34 389740   Fit Livin
3342.76Dan Henry (1 - Cat4)   Chattanooga, TN0:21:40 283827   Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
4348.52Vern LaMere (2 - Cat4)   Zionsville, IN0:21:40 413682   T3 Cycling
5354.29Bob Cochrane   Indianapolis, IN0:21:42 356866   INDIEBIKE.COM p/b Angie's List
6360.05Norman Gwaltney   Indianapolis, IN0:21:58 60099   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
7Brian Childress   0:22:13   Rogue Racing Project 513
8371.58Heath Brown (1 - Cat5)   Kent0:22:48 358758   Eddy's Bike Shop
9377.34Paul Gilson (3 - Cat4)   Fishers, IN0:22:55 376717   Matthews Bikes
10383.11Marcos Serrat (2 - Cat5)   Huntington, WV0:22:57 416493   Huntington cycle & sport
11388.87Brent Olds   Chiago, IL0:23:27 174181   Team Hungry
12David Tozer   0:23:29   Matthews Bicycles
13400.40Garry Blair (4 - Cat4)   Springboro, OH0:23:38 360550   Champion City Cycling
14406.16Robert Ramser (5 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:23:45 388805   
15411.93Joseph McAfee (6 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:00 23129   Queen City Wheels
16417.69Robert Breedlove   Painesville, OH0:24:08 4716   Blue sky Bicycles
17423.46Brent Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:24:16 384444   Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
18429.22Sean Hughes (3 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:30 344274   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team
19Gary Powers   0:24:37   Bishops
20440.75Lyle Dailey (4 - Cat5)   Maineville0:24:46 394070   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling TEam
21446.51Tim Downs (5 - Cat5)   Terre Haute, IN0:24:53 388502   Oshkosh Cycling Club
22452.28David Cestelli (7 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:55 367313   Trek Store Cincinnati
23458.04Chris Sterchi (8 - Cat4)   Menlo, GA0:25:05 370640   Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
24463.81Larry Moore (9 - Cat4)   Ada0:25:07 52570   cyclocrossracing.com
25469.57Jim Thacker (6 - Cat5)   Cleves, OH0:25:10 396283   Trek Store Cincinnati
26475.33Mark Hirsch (10 - Cat4)   Chillicothe, OH0:25:31 360378   
27481.10Peter Lytle (11 - Cat4)   Maineville, OH0:25:46 302432   Swallow Bicycle Works
28486.86Charles Allran (7 - Cat5)   Lexington, KY0:25:49 417071   
29492.63Scott Whitehair (12 - Cat4)   Louisville0:25:52 367884   Don Walker Cycles Racing
30498.39Robert Annis (13 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN0:26:20 331390   A Cycling Team
31504.15James Hornsby   Greensburg, IN0:27:30 413512   Valeo
32509.92Scott Rudy (8 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH0:28:26 406675   Queen City Wheels
33515.68David Nissen (14 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OHNOCHIP 165977   QCW
34521.45Tim Smith (15 - Cat4)   Iowa City, IA0:28:41 309750   
35527.21Hal Bogard (16 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:29:13 356212   Team in Training
36532.98Peter Gatlin (9 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH0:30:10 394778   
37Kendall Spyke   0:31:21   unattached
38Steven Fecanin   0:31:23   T3 Cycling
DNSBrett Hungerford (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 306721   Element Cycles
DNSAdam Noderer (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 311652   Team Hungry
DNSMichael Weisgerber (Cat4)   Loveland, OH 325988   Rogue Racing
DNSChristopher Averett (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 155464   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team
DNSMichael Crowley (Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH 410829   
DNSChris Halioris (Cat4)   Crestwood, KY 211555   Rogue Racing Project
DNFMichael Galinger (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 290794   Team Dayton Bicycling
DNFEric Simpson (Cat5)   Hebron, KY 63306   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team

Women - UCI - Elite

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
193.85Katerina NASH   Truckee, CA0:41:37 188603   Luna Pro Team
296.58Meredith MILLER   Boulder, CO0:43:24 143575   California Giant/Specialized
399.31Kaitlin ANTONNEAU   Colorado Springs, CO0:43:28 200237   Cannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.com
4102.05Maureen BRUNO ROY   Arlington, MA0:44:24 103270   Bob's Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles
5104.78Emily KACHOREK   Sacramento, CA0:44:38 167636   #GHETOMOTO
6107.51Beth Ann ORTON   Portland, OR0:45:07 362328   Team S&M
7110.24Erica ZAVETA   Brevard, NC0:45:26 230062   Redline
8112.98Sunny GILBERT   Ballwin, MO0:45:40 239522   Michelob Ultra/Big Shark
9115.71Carolina GOMEZ-VILLAFANE   Esquel Argentina0:45:58 391083   TEAM RAMBUSKI LAW
10118.44Rebecca GROSS   Golden, CO0:46:18 176014   Raleigh-Clement
11121.17Rebecca BLATT   Lakewood, CO0:46:44 241201   Van Dessel
12123.91Corey COOGAN CISEK   Minneapolis, MN0:47:03 261947   The Fix Studio
13126.64Emma SWARTZ   Madison, WI0:47:10 286164   Junior Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts
14129.37Laurel RATHBUN   Monument, CO0:47:41 201838   ExergyTWENTY16
15132.10Allison ARENSMAN   Rutherford College, NC0:47:51 307916   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill
16134.84Julie HUNTER   Richmond, VA0:48:07 325788   PHAUP ST. JOURNAL
17137.57Meghan KOROL   Asheville, NC0:48:21 285702   ASHEVILLE CYCLOCROSS
18140.30Jennifer NOWLIN   Plymouth, MN0:49:01 281920   The Fix Studio
19143.03Katherine SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC0:49:58 220876   Mock Orange Pro CX Team
20145.76Emily SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC0:50:00 220875   Mock Orange Pro CX Team
21148.50Chloe DYGERT   Brownsburg0:50:10 406176   Midwest Devo
22151.23Elizabeth SO   Chicago, IL0:50:31 280608   Team TATI
23153.96Cooper AMBJORN   Park Hills, KY@1 Lap 299864   Team Hungry*
24156.69Geraldine SCHULZE   Cincinnati, OH@1 Lap 293521   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
25159.43Victoria STEEN   Columbus, OH@1 Lap 298672   Team614
26162.16Katrina BAUMSTEIGER   San Luis Obispo, CA@1 Lap 2947   Team Rambuski Law
27164.89Kelly PATERSON   Troy, MI@2 Laps 241369   WOLVERINE RACING/ACFSTORES.COM
DNSAnnajean DALLAIRE   Georgetown, IN 217836   Pappa Johns Racing
DNFNicole DUKE   Boulder, CO 83337   Marin Bikes/SPY
DNFKatherine COMPTON   Colorado Springs, CO 55820   Trek Cyclocross Collective
DNFCaroline MANI   Laguna Beach, CA 397655   Raleigh-Clement

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1151.25Hannah Arensman   Rutherford College, NC0:19:33 326470   Evolution Jr Devo
2160.18Katherine Santos (1 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:20:04 302383   Red Zone Cycling
3169.10Mackenzie Green   Mason, OH0:20:53 300251   Borah
4178.03Sarah Hill (2 - Cat3)   Brevard, NC0:21:03 387014   
5186.95Jenna Blandford (3 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:21:05 401780   VO2 Multisport
6195.88Lorena Brown (4 - Cat3)   Navarre, OH0:21:08 139053   Wells Fargo Advisors
7204.80Kimberly Thomas   Belmont, MI0:21:12 300926   New Holland Brewing
8213.73Shera Clark   Shelbyville, KY0:21:23 391778   McDonalds Cycling Team
9222.65Valarie Gossage   Shelbyville, IN0:21:41 298474   Gray Goat Sports
10231.58Kim Bishop (5 - Cat3)   Kingsport, TN0:21:45 237805   MSG Cyclocross
11240.50Rachel Dobrozsi (6 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH0:21:47 267450   Lionhearts Junior Racing
12249.43Sydney Lach (7 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:22:05 359638   Kenda
13258.35Sharlyn Golding (1 - Cat4)   Georgetown, KY0:22:15 310023   McDonalds Cycling Team
14267.28Maria Weese (8 - Cat3)   Oxford, OH0:22:43 276087   
15276.20Maggie Krall (9 - Cat3)   Edwardsville, IL0:22:52 392166   Dogfish Racing Team
16285.13Elli Sigmond (10 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH0:23:00 361061   
17294.05Julie Herrmann   Loveland, OH0:23:34 287605   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
18302.98Taylor Leach (11 - Cat3)   Oxford, OH0:23:42 414930   
19311.90Catherine Heaphy   Lima0:24:18 414030   Butler University
20320.83Karin Reed (12 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:22 305310   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
21329.75Susie Stanfield (13 - Cat3)   Chattanooga, TN0:24:24 381223   Hub Endurance Women's Cycling Team
22338.68Elizabeth Schlaudecker (2 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:25 388281   Team Hungry
23347.60Erika Bohn (3 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:24:26 392726   Element Cycles
24356.53Rebecca Zink (14 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN0:24:54 278382   Shamrock Cycles
25365.45Tiffanie Hills (15 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH0:25:15 302106   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
26374.38Stephanie List (4 - Cat4)   Miamiville, OH0:25:22 414257   Rogue Racing Project ::513::
27383.30PeiI Wu (16 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH0:25:32 393254   Team Six One Four
28392.23Kari Hutson (5 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH0:25:55 381574   Team Jeni's
29401.15Kate Dietrich (6 - Cat4)   Prospect, KY0:26:07 285651   Red Zone Cycling
30410.08Claudia Fritzinger (17 - Cat3)   Georgetown, IN0:26:24 292247   McDonalds Cycling Team
31419.00Lauren Meeth (7 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:26:29 381781   Element Cycles
32427.93Deb Ice   Louisville, KY0:26:34 339400   
33436.85olivia birkenhauer   Wilder Ky0:28:34 390709   Reser Bicycle
34Sadie Thompson   0:29:09   RedZone
35454.70Crystal Henry (8 - Cat4)   Chattanooga, TN0:32:47 293565   East Ridge Mountain Mafia
36463.63Chrysa Malosh (9 - Cat4)   Nashville, TN-1LAP 279311   Teamnovonordisk
DNSKelly Kowalczyk (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 292135   McDonalds Cycling Team
DNSKellie Strang (Cat3)   Mcdonald, OH 303754   Cleveland Clinic RGF p/b felt
DNSKennedy Adams (Cat3)   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
DNSAmanda Wolery (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 415366   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
DNSOana Belluci      Lionheart Junior Racing
DNSBridget Donovan   Cincinnati, OH 119776   Bio Wheels Racing
DNSSusan Schoeny   Cincinnati, OH 414103   
DNSChristina Halioris (Cat4)   Crestwood, KY 275569   Rogue Racing Project
DNFLauren Kraft (Cat3)   Columbus, OH 365568   Paradise Garage Racing

Mixed - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1277.82Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH0:18:59 325072   Lionhearts Junior Racing
2286.21Alex Morton   Saint Clair, MI0:19:16 373419   Flying Rhino Cycling Club
3294.61Brennan Foster   Louisville, KY0:19:57 388740   Red Zone Cycling
4303.00Lewis Gatch   Terrace Park, OH0:20:22 327078   Lionhearts Junior Racing
5311.39Lucas Stierwalt   Maineville, OH0:20:40 359561   Lionhearts Junior Racing
6319.78Jonathan Steinrock   Crestwood, KY0:21:04 388454   Red Zone Cycling
7328.18Gabriel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:22:19 324656   Lionhearts Junior Racing
8336.57Jacob Krynock   Mason, OH0:22:29 323964   Lionhearts Junior Racing
9344.96Owen Busch   Loveland, OH0:22:46 387255   Lionhearts Junior Racing
10353.35Joseph Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:23:04 358628   Lionhearts Junior Racing
11361.75Nathan Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:23:28 386481   Lionhearts Junior Racing
12Isaac Thompson   0:23:49   Red Zone
13378.53Garrett McNear   Louisville, KY0:23:56 358698   Red Zone Cycling
14386.92Zane Ash   Cincinnati, OH0:24:30 301021   Lionhearts Junior Racing
15395.32Grace Bishop   Kingsport, TN0:24:34 325370   Fiets Maan Racing/Luna Cycles
16403.71Max Cochran   Fort Wright, KY0:25:00 361010   Reser Bicycle
17412.10Kate Seiler   Louisville, KY0:25:07 361292   Red Zone Cycling
18420.49Alex Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:25:29 386483   Lionhearts Junior Racing
19428.89Gianni Allwein   Cincinnati, OH0:26:25 391124   Lionhearts Junior Racing
20437.28Bartek Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH0:26:46 358802   Lionhearts Junior Racing
21445.67Christopher McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH0:27:39 358350   Lionhearts Junior Racing
22454.06Jonathan Hills   Loveland, OH0:27:55 386812   Team Dayton / Merrill Lynch Cycling
23462.46Dawson McCulley   Mason, OH-1LAP 359538   Lionhearts Junior Racing
24470.85Mia Bell   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 388092   Lionhearts Junior Racing
25479.24rosalyn willey   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 388089   Lionhearts Junior Racing
26487.63Colin Overton   Middletown, OH-1LAP 384804   Lionhearts Junior Racing
DNSMaddie Barter   Cincinnati, OH 326718   Lionhearts Junior Racing
DNSCamden Adams   Stow 365682   WAS Labs Cycling
DNSKeaton Adams   Stow, OH 359202   WAS Labs Cycling
DNSAmber Payne   Crestwood, KY 391404   Red Zone Cycling

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