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Racing For Hope
Golden, CO
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Criterium on 08/10/2013

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Men - SM Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
191.59Braden I Bingham   Longmont, CO1:13:02 163524   GS Ciao
295.56Drew Christopher   Wheat Ridge, CO1:13:02 288007   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
399.53Jorge Espinoza   Boulder, CO1:13:06 10984   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
4103.50Jackson Long   Boulder, CO1:13:09 246024   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
5107.47Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO1:13:23 233175   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
6Ben Berden   1:13:23   
7115.41Brett Peters   Boulder, CO1:13:23 291239   Sonic Boom Racing Team
8119.38David H Kessler   Boulder, CO1:13:23 249191   Team Rio Grande
9123.35John Salskov   Tempe, AZ1:13:23 113251   TRU Composites/Team RPM/Airpark Bikes
10127.32Keith Harper   Boulder, CO1:13:23 46856   Boulder Orthopedics
11131.29Kit Recca   Golden, CO1:13:23 252699   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
12135.26Lance Sulzen   Lone Tree, CO1:13:23 190346   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
13139.23Brian Domby   Tampa, FL1:13:23 226524   Ride N Roll Cyclery
14143.20John Suchsland   Boulder, CO1:13:23 54697   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
15147.17Joseph Taddeucci   Boulder, CO1:13:23 112914   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
16151.14Evan M Fader   Boulder, CO1:13:23 194569   Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
17155.11Marc E DeAntoni   Lafayette, CO1:13:23 109368   Stages Cycling
18159.08Ty Tuttle   Fort Collins, CO1:13:23 348228   Sonic Boom Racing Team
19163.05George R Simpson   Fort Collins, CO1:13:23 399388   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
20167.02Brian Firle   Boulder, CO1:13:23 282337   Denver Fit Loft
21170.99Kyle Thomas   Denver, CO1:13:23 255466   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
22174.96Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO1:13:23 241461   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
23178.93Kevin boje   Aurora, CO1:13:23 320886   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
24182.90Brett A Rindt   Denver, CO1:13:23 202401   Rocky Mountain Road Club
25186.87Andrew Clemence   Boulder, CO1:13:23 294220   Cycleton
26190.84James Peterman   Boulder, CO1:13:23 195657   Sonic Boom Racing Team
27194.81Michael J Burleigh   Denver, CO1:13:23 345802   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
28198.78Brent A Dickinson   Denver, CO1:13:23 212365   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
29202.75Shane Orr   Denver, CO1:13:23 363102   Great Divide Brewing Company
30206.72Taylor Warren   Loveland, CO1:13:23 287780   Sonic Boom Racing
31210.69Nicholas Traggis   Boulder, CO1:13:23 108501   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
32214.66Adam Zimmerman   Highlands Ranch, CO1:13:23 248373   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
33218.63Lucas S Elms   Colorado Springs, CO1:13:23 311078   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
34222.60Joshua Smith   Erie, CO1:13:23 215580   Sonic Boom Racing Team
35226.57Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO1:13:23 305250   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
36230.54Sam P Chovan   Steamboat Springs, CO1:13:23 229072   Cycleton
37234.51Todd Cassan   Boulder, CO1:13:23 6406   Century Road Club Assoc
38238.48Alexander Lewis   Denver, CO1:13:23 196504   GS Ciao
39242.45Riley Majeune-Fagan   Golden Co1:13:23 250791   Metromint Cycling
40246.42John Talley   Longmont, CO1:13:23 34935   Boulder Orthopedics
41250.39Eric B Jones   Boulder, CO1:13:23 154867   Rally Sport Cycling Team
42254.36Andrew Hemesath   Colorado Springs , CO1:13:23 254826   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
43258.33Joseph S Pinkerton   Durango, CO1:13:23 92204   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
44262.30Michael Catterall   Golden, CO1:13:48 260202   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
45266.27Ian J Holt   Colorado Springs, CO@ 1 LAP 178103   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
46270.24Erik W Hamilton   Boulder, CO@ 1 LAP 238111   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNFRobert G Burnett   Golden, CODNF 251832   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
DNFJoseph Petrowski   Littleton, CODNF 200788   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1421.41Larry Luke   Park City, UT0:45:09 248353   
2431.33Timohy Tuggle   Littleton, CO0:45:09 311437   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3441.25Henry Eberhardt   Superior, CO0:45:09 342588   Team Body Sync
4451.17Brian Lindsley   Denver, CO0:45:09 145781   Cycleton
5461.09Larry S Hirshland   Boulder, CO0:45:09 348714   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
6471.01patrick naylor   Boulder, CO0:45:09 377659   Racer X Cycling
7480.93Richard Chamberlin   Westminster, CO0:45:09 363825   Blue Sky Velo
8490.85Darryl Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:45:09 310945   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
9500.77Bennett Hug   Highlands Ranch, CO0:45:09 260446   ColoBikeLaw.com
10510.69Tim Dixon   Denver, CO0:45:09 251808   
11520.61Steven Harris   Elizabeth, CO0:45:09 248328   ColoBikeLaw.com
12530.53Eric Rutter   Englewood, CO0:45:09 363897   ColoBikeLaw.com
13540.45Tom Keller   Boulder, CO0:45:09 18772   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
14550.37Kirk Hufford   Denver0:45:09 362436   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
15560.29Ray Berry   Littleton, CO0:45:09 363426   ColoBikeLaw.com
16570.21Sy Nayman   Aurora, CO0:45:09 362592   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
17580.13Christopher S Dunn   Parker, CO0:45:09 268445   ColoBikeLaw.com
18590.05David Rozier   Littleton, CO@ 1 LAP 215475   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
DNFRichard Sweeney   Highlands Ranch, CODNF 362732   Racer X Cycling
DNFRuss Miears   Pine, CODNF 364535   Altitude Cycling
DNFHoward Sklar   Boulder, CODNF 339594   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
DNFTodd McCallum   Littleton, CODNF 363361   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

Men - SM 45+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1152.94Michael S Inglis   Lakewood, CO0:47:28 17376   Whole Foods Market Giordana Scott Sports
2167.82Adam Asnes   New York0:47:28 45035   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
3182.70Jim Copeland   Denver, CO0:47:28 46820   Saturn Cycling Team TTIII
4197.58Byron C Nix   Centennial, CO0:47:28 69161   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
5212.46Marc E DeAntoni   Lafayette, CO0:47:28 109368   Stages Cycling
6227.34Robert Pinkerton   Denver, CO0:47:28 81796   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
7242.22Scott Hartley   Highlands Ranch, CO0:47:28 51248   8 Sixteen Racing
8257.10Todd Robertson   Boulder, CO0:47:28 209859   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
9271.98Joseph Paulson   Boulder, CO0:47:28 46650   Boulder Orthopedics
10286.86Larry Marti   Evergreen, CO0:47:28 178763   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
11301.74Michael D Mize   Broomfield, CO0:47:28 49765   Racer X Cycling
12316.62Brack Hattler   Denver, CO0:47:28 95095   Great Divide Brewing Company
13331.50sherman towsley   Boulder, CO0:47:28 268916   Rally Sport Cycling Team
14346.38Matt Vawter   Boulder, CO0:47:28 159157   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
15361.26Mark Taylor   Boulder, CO0:47:28 35104   
16376.14Peter Lucke   Louisville, CO0:47:28 21761   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
17391.02Robert J Brown   Denver, CO0:47:28 45125   Great Divide Brewing Company
18405.90John Talley   Longmont, CO0:47:28 34935   Boulder Orthopedics
19420.78Scott Radow   Boulder, CO0:47:28 363809   
20435.66Chip B Krauss   Castle Rock, CO0:47:28 251154   Great Divide Brewing Company
21450.54Daniel J Depaemelaere   Lafayette, CO0:47:28 76220   8 Sixteen Racing
22465.42Robert Carr   Colorado Springs, CO0:47:28 6237   Pikes Peak Velo
23480.30Carter Faber   Evergreen, CO0:47:28 244759   Green Mountain Sports Velo
24495.18Gary Mulder   Boulder0:47:28 363052   Boulder Orthopedics
25510.06David Mulica   Denver, CO0:47:38 48181   Local Velo
26524.94Todd Cassan   Boulder, CO0:47:43 6406   Century Road Club Assoc
27539.82Joel E Howes   Golden, CO0:49:49 47571   Great Divide Brewing Company
DNFKurt Westemeyer   Boulder, CODNF 345764   Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFWilliam Soden   Denver, CODNF 46977   Great Divide Brewing Company
DNFPaul Humiston   Golden, CODNF 17111   B.C.V./Scion Cycling
DNFJulie Emmerman   Boulder, CODNF 121552   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNFJim Kraychy   Golden, CODNF 364022   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNFJorge Fernandez   Aurora, CODNF 11493   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

Men - SM 4-5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1379.30brandon dyksterhouse   Evergreen0:45:06 412105   
2383.51Robert Cope   Erie, CO0:45:06 364107   Sonic Boom Racing Team
3387.72Samuel Doniach   Denver, CO0:45:06 377083   Rocky Mountain Road Club
4391.93Bodie A Johnson   Denver, CO0:45:06 376141   Racer X Cycling
5396.14Brendon J OBrien   Broomfield0:45:06 396919   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
6400.35paul m spencer   Denver, CO0:45:06 400655   
7404.56Larry Luke   Park City, UT0:45:06 248353   
8408.77Kevin Brett Stakelin   Denver, CO0:45:06 282065   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
9412.98Branden L Sowers   Lakewood, CO0:45:06 322986   Racing For Riley
10417.19Nial Irwin   Evergreen, CO0:45:06 298003   Altitude Cycling
11421.40Brian a Zipler   Greenwood Village, CO0:45:06 331928   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
12425.61Michael S Dunbar   Lakewood, CO0:45:06 289831   Lathram Financial/MHCS
13429.82Charlie D Suthard   Boulder, CO0:45:06 170978   GS Panache
14434.03Dan Maduff   Lakewood, CO0:45:06 364052   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
15438.24Isaac Sheets   Loveland, CO0:45:06 378385   
16442.45John Zanner   Denver, CO0:45:06 393979   Rocky Mountain Road Club
17446.66Jason A Kearns   Littleton, CO0:45:06 396384   University of Denver
18450.87Chienchung Lee   Boulder, CO0:45:06 382804   
19Craig Lathram   0:45:06   
20459.29Rick Vermeil   Boulder Co0:45:06 366071   Sonic Boom Racing Team
21463.50Christopher G Smith   Holden Ma0:45:06 384462   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
22467.71Jon Magistro   Erie, CO0:45:06 406790   
23471.92Gabe Rivero   Parker, CO0:45:06 379538   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
24476.13Mitchell L Fyock   Arvada Co0:45:06 398073   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
25480.34Hans Vandenberg   Eagle, CO0:45:06 296888   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
26484.55Neil Davis   Raleigh, NC0:45:06 363130   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
27488.76Clayton V Leon   Castle Pines0:45:06 394693   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
28492.97Andrew E Wheeler   Aurora0:45:06 408131   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
29497.18Galen C Stilgebauer   Lakewood Co0:45:06 118147   Rocky Mountain Road Club
30501.39Corey J Baughman   Denver, CO0:45:06 411674   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
31505.60Landry Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO0:45:06 347622   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
32509.81Geoff D Hawksworth   New Plymouth0:45:06 411449   
33514.02Jamy Bacchus   Denver0:45:06 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
34518.23Sy Nayman   Aurora, CO0:45:06 362592   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
35522.44James D Marchbank   Denver, CO0:45:06 403356   
36526.65Dakota Troudt   Fort Morgan0:45:06 396047   
37530.86Justin Naab   Boulder, CO0:45:18 364220   Sonic Boom Racing Team
38535.07Keith A Strand   Boulder, CO0:45:32 380802   
39539.28Mark Ramos   Denver, CO0:45:48 412835   
40543.49Stuart Braddock   Denver, CO0:46:13 363285   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
41547.70Aaron Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:46:54 278243   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
42551.91Chase A Klug   Aurora, CO0:47:00 400384   ColoBikeLaw.com
43Joel Gorder   @ 1 LAP   
44560.33Monty W Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO@ 1 LAP 408262   Cafe Velo
45564.54Michael Lam   Boulder, CO@ 1 LAP 408162   
46568.75Patrick O ODonnell   Fort Collins@ 1 LAP 403085   
47572.96Erik DaRosa   Snowmass Village, CO@ 1 LAP 381740   
48577.17Chris R Jones   Denver, CO@ 2 LAPS 412278   
49581.38Steven Adams   Parker@ 2 LAPS 394645   ColoBikeLaw.com
50585.59Greg Dubbe   Longmont, CO@ 2 LAPS 162126   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
51. James   @ 2 LAPS   
DNFJoshua Schroeder   Lakewood, CODNF 351364   International Christian Cycling Club
DNFfrank scavuzzo   ParkerDNF 369528   Altitude Cycling
DNFChristopher scavuzzo   Parker ColoradoDNF 375315   Altitude Cycling
DNFWilliam Scavuzzo   Parker ColoradoDNF 375436   Altitude Cycling
DNFChristopher Wahle   Parker, CODNF 388069   International Christian Cycling Club
DNFDavis M Robinson   LittletonDNF 398126   Altitude Cycling
DNFBrian K Copeland   Peyton, CODNF 403990   Cafe Velo
DNFAdam V Pochon   Arvada, CODNF 411208   

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1360.07Galen C Stilgebauer   Lakewood Co0:44:02 118147   Rocky Mountain Road Club
2370.07David Mead   Thornton, CO0:44:02 383488   Edge Multi Sport Cycling
3380.07Robert Cope   Erie, CO0:44:02 364107   Sonic Boom Racing Team
4390.07Kevin Bains   Louisville, CO0:44:02 363382   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
5400.07Alex DorganRoss   Boulder0:44:02 369165   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
6410.07Jim L Hamilton   Littleton, CO0:44:02 380497   
7420.07Brent Olson   Castle Rock, CO0:44:02 211369   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8430.07Robert T Jacobs   Littleton, CO0:44:02 392362   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
9440.07Chris Skudlarczyk   Centennial, CO0:44:02 32885   
10450.07Eric Brandt   Littleton, CO0:44:02 239991   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
11460.07Brian M Coleman   Centennial, CO0:44:02 379421   TLR Cycling
12470.07Tony Prete   Westminster, CO0:44:02 363036   
13480.07dan berger   Commerce City, CO0:44:02 392791   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
14490.07Dean Williams   Parker, CO0:44:02 248245   ColoBikeLaw.com
15500.07Dan Gray   Highlands Ranch, CO0:44:02 362845   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
16510.07Devin F McCune   Denver, CO0:44:02 116707   Cycleton
17520.07Shawn D Rucks   Boulder 0:44:02 375273   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
18530.07Aaron Macarelli   Golden, CO0:44:02 363702   Twin Peaks Racing
19540.07Bryan Cook   Highlands Ranch, CO0:44:02 362505   TLR Cycling
20550.07Robert O Smith   Broomfield, CO0:44:02 376705   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
21560.07Brian Miller   Highlands Ranch, CO0:44:12 227833   TLR Cycling
22570.07Jamy Bacchus   Denver0:44:13 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
23580.07Cory Shaddox   Centennial, CO0:44:13 204588   ColoBikeLaw.com
24590.07bill b begg   Aurora, CO@ 1 LAP 268185   ColoBikeLaw.com
DNFfrank scavuzzo   ParkerDNF 369528   Altitude Cycling
DNFpatrick naylor   Boulder, CODNF 377659   Racer X Cycling

Men - SM 35+ 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1263.94James Dunkleberger   Highlands Ranch, CO0:54:17 362495   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
2270.76John B Fallon   Denver, CO0:54:17 278385   Great Divide Brewing Company
3277.58Aaron D Pilling   Boulder, CO0:54:17 134807   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
4284.40Bill Lehman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:54:17 364096   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
5291.22Tony A Romagna   Denver, CO0:54:17 383196   Racer X Cycling
6298.04Paul D Grunt   Highlands Ranch, CO0:54:17 340138   GS Panache
7304.86John S Gaensbauer   Denver, CO0:54:17 176764   
8311.68Birt Stem   Highlands Ranch, CO0:54:17 42074   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
9318.50Brad Thomas   Boulder, CO0:54:17 79265   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
10325.32Broc R Thompson   Arvada, CO0:54:17 35408   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
11332.14Michael Koren   Lone Tree, CO0:54:17 362778   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
12338.96John P Goss   Littleton, CO0:54:17 375373   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
13345.78Stephen F Thomas   Denver, CO0:54:17 82513   Rocky Mountain Road Club
14352.60Danial Ebner   Castle Rock, CO0:54:17 345196   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
15359.42Clay Anselmo   Denver, CO0:54:17 363304   Racer X Cycling
16366.24Dave Ratcliff   Littleton, CO0:54:17 362475   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
17373.06Jim Kraychy   Golden, CO0:54:17 364022   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
18379.88Peter Landgraff   Lone Tree, CO0:54:17 363693   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
19386.70Kevin Bains   Louisville, CO0:54:17 363382   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
20393.52Chip B Krauss   Castle Rock, CO0:54:17 251154   Great Divide Brewing Company
21400.34Juan C Gutierrez   Denver, CO0:54:17 148746   Local Velo
22407.16Troy Reynolds   Golden, CO0:54:17 58463   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
23413.98Randy Ellis   Arvada, CO0:54:17 272326   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
24420.80Nard Moseley   Dallas, TX0:54:17 351130   KingRacingGroup
25427.62Brent E Koel   Broomfield, CO0:54:17 356729   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
26434.44Jason H Glenn   Littleton, CO0:54:17 226037   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
27441.26Paul Combest   Parker, CO0:54:17 364541   IC3Colorado
28448.08Justin Hall   Longmont, CO0:54:17 362548   Team Rio Grande
29454.90John R Guala   Westminster, CO0:54:17 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
30461.72James Scott   Parker, CO0:54:17 368822   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
31468.54Bradley W Rolf   Denver, CO0:54:17 115146   ColoBikeLaw.com
32475.36Robert S Helton   Golden, CO0:54:17 147838   thecyclist-lawyer.com
33482.18Jonathan H White   Westminster, CO0:54:17 93608   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
34489.00Alexander Gillett   Cherry Hills Village, CO0:54:17 206663   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
35495.82Scott Kurban   Lone Tree, CO0:54:17 362518   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
36502.64Mike Schaumloeffel   Boulder, CO0:54:17 286890   Team Rio Grande
37509.46Jason T Heinhorst   Denver, CO0:54:17 256089   TLR Cycling
38516.28Thomas Eng   Broomfield, CO0:54:17 190576   GS Panache
39523.10Jeff Leischner   Littleton, CO0:54:17 90854   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
40529.92Richard Light   Niwot, CO0:54:17 188435   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
41536.74Doug Gordon   Parker, CO0:54:38 271155   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
42543.56Kenny Deemer   Lakewood, CO0:54:46 185697   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
43550.38Eric Scroger   Broomfield, CO@ 1 LAP 364185   Blue Sky Velo
DNFBrian Hart   Littleton, CODNF 358703   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
DNFCarter Faber   Evergreen, CODNF 244759   Green Mountain Sports Velo

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1204.86John B Fallon   Denver, CO0:54:08 278385   Great Divide Brewing Company
2214.41Zach VanRheen   Denver, CO0:54:08 202274   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
3223.96Robert W Thayer   Broomfield0:54:08 396770   Sonic Boom Racing
4233.51John P Goss   Littleton, CO0:54:08 375373   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
5243.06Adam T Fivehouse   Denver, CO0:54:08 224182   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
6252.61James P Becker   Denver, CO0:54:08 242403   Rocky Mountain Road Club
7262.16Michael Wolfner   Denver, CO0:54:08 363597   Cycleton
8271.71Carson Christen   Boulder, CO0:54:08 233801   Cycleton
9281.26Karl Schroeder   Usaf Academy, CO0:54:08 193633   
10290.81Jeff R Ayres   Denver, CO0:54:08 310130   Rocky Mountain Road Club
11300.36Andrew J Loaiza   Plattsburgh, NY0:54:08 310677   Rocky Mountain Road Club
12309.91Cameron B Brown   Littleton, CO0:54:08 359756   CU Cycling-Boulder
13319.46Danial Ebner   Castle Rock, CO0:54:08 345196   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
14329.01Juan C Gutierrez   Denver, CO0:54:08 148746   Local Velo
15338.56Christopher L Hill   Lakewood, CO0:54:08 142125   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
16348.11Jonathan H White   Westminster, CO0:54:08 93608   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
17357.66Bart Abriol   Superior, CO0:54:08 197211   Sonic Boom Racing Team
18367.21Joseph Teynor   Denver, CO0:54:08 353060   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
19376.76Clark Eckel   Edgewater, CO0:54:08 362403   Rocky Mountain Road Club
20386.31John R Guala   Westminster, CO0:54:08 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
21395.86Donald L Herndon   Denver, CO0:54:08 236303   Rocky Mountain Road Club
22405.41Aaron M Hugen   Littleton, CO0:54:13 306980   Rocky Mountain Road Club
23414.96Brian Hart   Littleton, CO0:54:14 358703   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
24424.51Lucas Clarke   Denver, CO0:54:20 343000   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
25434.06Paul P Shumate   Lakewood, CO0:54:35 275449   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
26443.61John R Babcock   Arvada, CO0:54:48 329220   
27453.16Adam K Jensen   Denver, CO0:54:48 347774   Rocky Mountain Road Club
28462.71Troy Reynolds   Golden, CO0:54:58 58463   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
29472.26Travis R Caldwell   Boulder, CO0:55:00 336396   Sonic Boom Racing Team
30481.81Thomas Eng   Broomfield, CO0:55:00 190576   GS Panache
31491.36Stephen F Thomas   Denver, CO0:57:57 82513   Rocky Mountain Road Club
DNFKurt Westemeyer   Boulder, CODNF 345764   Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFBrett A Rindt   Denver, CODNF 202401   Rocky Mountain Road Club
DNFNard Moseley   Dallas, TXDNF 351130   KingRacingGroup

Women - SW Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
193.27Sarah Fader   Boulder, CO0:48:02 199998   Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
2115.44Meredith Miller   Boulder, CO0:48:02 143575   UCI WPT: Team TIBCO/ To the Top
3137.61Kimberley A Turner   Wheat Ridge, CO0:48:02 260140   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
4159.78Anne Donley   Boulder, CO0:48:02 227028   Rise Above Racing
5181.95Jennifer Wagner   Denver, CO0:48:02 288729   Shama Cycles
6204.12Beth R Fisk   Boulder, CO0:48:02 175388   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
7226.29Ingrid Alongi   Boulder, CO0:48:02 42742   Naked Women's Racing
8248.46Gwen Inglis   Lakewood, CO0:48:02 221135   Team Kenda
9270.63Jennifer Barbour   Denver, CO0:48:02 348708   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
10292.80Nicole Duke   Boulder, CO0:48:02 83337   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11314.97Anne Lannan   Boulder, CO0:48:02 20339   Boulder Orthopedics
12337.14Julie Emmerman   Boulder, CO0:48:02 121552   Rally Sport Cycling Team
13359.31Heather M McWilliamsMierzejews   Louisville, CO0:48:14 365141   Boulder Orthopedics
14381.48Rachel Scott   Boulder, CO0:48:22 305931   Naked Women's Racing
15403.65Jennifer Schumm   Denver Co@ 1 LAP 363255   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
DNFJulie Kuliecza   Richmond, VADNF 238481   Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
DNFMelanie S Wong   Avon, CODNF 236945   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
DNFKimberly Nuffer   Denver, CODNF 210166   Boulder Orthopedics

Women - SW 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Sue Lloyd   Wheatridge, CO0:29:38 321432   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team

Women - SW 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1426.54Carol L Kauder   Boulder, CO0:41:48 298004   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
2470.35Kathryn Judson   Arvada, CO0:41:48 47161   Green Mountain Sports Velo
3514.16Leslie Resnick   Denver, CO0:41:48 363196   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
4557.97Robin Waterman   Hanover Ma0:41:48 364464   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1428.05Katie Harrer   Denver, CO0:29:38 395349   Naked Women's Racing
2436.36kristie arend   Boulder0:29:38 393488   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
3444.67Michelle Maxwell   Lafayette, CO0:29:38 305270   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
4452.98Jennie L Roberts   Denver, CO0:29:38 399430   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
5461.29Melissa Langdon   Arvada, CO0:29:38 397266   Naked Women's Racing
6469.60Melissa F Westergard   Centennial, CO0:29:38 387478   ColoBikeLaw.com
7477.91Anna Suter   Kittredge, CO0:29:38 276703   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
8486.22Anna Levine   Longmont, CO0:29:38 364637   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
9494.53Jennifer Lausen   Golden, CO0:29:38 363729   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
10502.84Amber Dennis   Arvada, CO0:29:38 369152   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
11511.15Emily Zinn   Boulder, CO0:29:38 363771   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
12519.46Michele J Moffat   Boulder, CO0:29:38 219060   
13527.77Courtney E Clark   Boulder, CO0:29:38 410466   
14536.08Rebecca Furuta   Longmont, CO0:29:38 366392   Team Novo Nordisk
15544.39Amanda Bye   Denver, CO0:29:41 364245   Naked Women's Racing
16552.70Tami Burke   Littleton, CO0:29:41 351718   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
17561.01Peg Hallberg   Golden, CO0:29:46 363068   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
18569.32Sally Higgins   Arvada, CO0:32:17 364228   Boulder Cycle Sport
19577.63Linda Stieduhar   Golden0:32:17 390471   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com

Women - SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Andrea Koenig   Denver, CO0:48:57 348758   PSIMET/Zilla Racing

Women - SW 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1252.50Meg Hendricks   Boulder0:42:18 401018   
2279.75Serenity F Anderson   Denver, CO0:42:18 379599   Rocky Mountain Road Club
3307.00Madison Tuggle   Littleton, CO0:42:18 310004   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
4334.25Sharon Madison   Denver, CO0:42:18 364113   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
5361.50Luci Olewinski   Denver, CO0:42:18 354150   Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
6388.75Susan Hersey   Lakewood, CO0:42:18 364472   Naked Women's Racing
7416.00Katie Macarelli   Golden, CO0:42:25 364233   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com

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