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Bill McLain Sandia Crest Race
Albuquerque, NM
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Road Race on 06/02/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Men 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Peter Doane   Albuquerque, NM0.076875 309618   Stoton Velo Club
2541.56Eli Torgeson   Albuquerque, NM01:52:36 315464   Monsters in the Basement
3543.12Kari Babinski   Albuquerque, NM0.079953703703704 376042   Sports Systems Mountaintop cycling
4544.69Derrick DePalma   Albuquerque, NM01:55:37 376058   Sports Sysytems Mountaintop Cycling
5546.25Todd Ringler   Santa Fe, NM02:01:27 68388   unattached
6Lee Brinkerhoff   02:03:06   unattached
7549.38Matt Patton   Albuquerque, NM02:05:10 135226   Sports Sysytems Mountaintop Cycling
8550.94Emil Kadlec   Albuquerque, NM02:05:57 400526   Doug is MAN
9552.50Nathan Masek   Albuquerque Ca02:06:31 22797   MasekClan
10554.06Saul Gomez   Santa Fe02:06:48 343640   Frankie Flats
11555.62Benjamin Corona   Albuquerque, NM0.088831018518519 301330   unattached
12557.19Philip Neis   Albuquerque, NM02:09:26 378616   The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
13558.75Oscar Ostos   El Paso, TX02:09:27 393943   Crazy Cat Cyclery
14560.31Parmendes Orpinel   Los Lunas, NM02:10:54 264696   Get Out! NM
15Brad Howard   02:12:59   Runnin with the Dogs
16David DeYoung   0.092395833333333   unattached
17565.00Noah Jacobson   Albuquerque, NM02:13:41 402583   unattached
18566.56Warren Hire   Corrales, NM02:14:14 173387   Nob Hill
19568.12John Squillaci   Albuquerque, NM02:14:21 83031   Get Out! NM
20569.69Anthony Torres   Eastampton, NJ02:14:34 244098   GP VELOTEK
21Jim Chiasson   0.095810185185185   High Peaks Masters
22572.81Leroy Lovato   Albuquerque, NM02:18:18 380058   gp velo tek///
23574.38Andrew Padilla   Albuquerque, NM02:19:06 350246   The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
24575.94Oscar Nova   Santa Fe, NM02:20:53 393002   unattached
25Malin Friess   02:21:31   unattached
26579.06Kurt Stritzl   Santa Fe, NM02:22:06 320088   unattached
27Tom Ambrogio   0.098958333333333   unattached
28582.19Eric Collins   Ruidoso, NM0.10114583333333 396295   unattached
29583.75Angel Chavez   Albuquerque, NM0.10172453703704 319336   The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
30585.31Scott Mason   Durango Co02:31:25 278121   PBK
31586.88Joseph Giannotto   Albuquerque, NM02:38:57 399521   GP Velotek
32Antonio Simental   02:42:53   VeloTek
33590.00Stephen Hartsfield   Albuquerque, NM02:49:46 325126   unattached
DNSJames Garner   Santa FeDNS 376659   unattached
DNFDaniel Flynn   AlbuquerqueDNF 375037   High Desert Bikes
DNFJose Ogushi   DNF   Power Shots
DNFBrandon Rodriguez   Santa Fe , NMDNF 345990   unattached
DNFAlex Ramos   Albuquerque, NMDNF 392246   HDB

Men - Men 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1404.30Earl Gage   Albuquerque, NM0.14459490740741 338216   Scalo Veloce
2413.58Mike Engelhardt   Los Alamos, NM0.14520833333333 56625   ROADRUNNER CYCLING CLUB
3422.87Greg Albright   Carlsbad, NM0.14652777777778 322306   Carlsbad Velo Cycling Team
4432.15Kaden Murdock   Lascruces, NM0.14763888888889 310277   Zia Velo
5441.44Eric Fernandez   Albuquerque, NM0.14888888888889 255292   sports systems mountain top cycling
6450.72Randall Bradford   Albuquerque, NM0.14965277777778 53480   Olev Rapido/Kickstand
7460.01Roy Cuoco   Albuquerque, NM0.15146990740741 290415   sports systems mountain top cycling
8469.29Tim McGrew   Albuquerque, NM0.15303240740741 238544   unattached
9478.58Scott Steffen   Albuquerque, NM0.15363425925926 340970   NMVS Sport Systems Cycling Team
10487.86Jake Contos   Albuquerque, NM0.15457175925926 375614   Texas Tech Cycling
11497.15Robert Kyper   Durango, CO0.155625 599   Robert Kyper
12506.43Ruben Mendez   Santa Fe, NM0.15791666666667 260560   Frankie Flats Cycling Team
13515.72David Mount   Taos0.15795138888889 25261   Team FIT
14525.00jonathan williams   Taos, NM0.15825231481481 299793   FI Taos
15534.29Jean Paul Fontana   Santa Fe, NM0.15934027777778 251814   Bike n Sport Racing
16543.57Kevin Ledwith   Albuquerque, NM0.16053240740741 294277   The Bicycle Company
17552.86David Rodriguez   Santa Fe, NM0.16107638888889 279479   Bike n Sport Racing
18562.14Marco Quintana   Albuquerque, NM0.16295138888889 382325   HDB Racing
19571.43Charles Shanks   El Paso, TX0.16677083333333 216836   Crazy Cat Cyclery
21590.00Michael Abdalla   Albuquerque, NM0.17188657407407 303997   Kickstand/Olev Rapido
22599.29Mike Hunter   Edgewood, NM0.17368055555556 355982   Nob Hill Velo
DNSJerry Garcia   Las Cruces, NMDNS 75538   Zia Velo
DNSMark Thompson   Albuquerque, NMDNS 333732   High Desert Bicycles
DNFJohnny Bargeron   Rio Rancho, NMDNF 2578   High Desert Bicycles
DNFJosh Buehner   Albuquerque, NMDNF 261619   solo
DNFSamuel Mendez   Albuquerque, NMDNF 314396   Kickstand/ Olev Rapido

Men - Men 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1152.50Kip Taylor   Albuquerqe, NM0.12712962962963 331778   Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
2164.01Mark Aasmundstad   Flagstaff, AZ0.12719907407407 210273   Landis/Trek
3175.52Ned Overend   Durango, CO0.12826388888889 26957   Specialized
4187.03Fortunato Ferrara   Losalamos, NM0.12854166666667 294241   Sports Systems Mountaintop Cycling
5198.54David Carey (1 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.13165509259259 336496   Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling
6210.05David Vaughn (1 - Cat2)   Carlsbad, NM0.13185185185185 257419   ZiaVelo Cycling
7221.56Drew Miller   Flagstaff, AZ0.13210648148148 52030   Landis/Trek
8233.07Damian Calvert   Albuquerque, NM0.13293981481481 81251   Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
9244.58Marcel Berger (2 - Cat2)   Sonneberg Germany0.13351851851852 361664   ZiaVelo Cycling
10256.09Santiago Chavez   El Paso, TX0.13351851851852 158616   Zia Velo
11267.60Cameron Brenneman   Santa Fe, NM0.13446759259259 4755   NM Bike 'n' Sport
12279.11Chris Abbott (3 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM0.13509259259259 1019   Scalo Veloce
13290.62Justin Laue   Austin, TX0.13565972222222 264982   University of Texas
14302.13Kyle Martinez (2 - Cat3)   Santa Fe, NM0.13586805555556 343224   Zia Velo
15313.64John Verheul   Albuquerque, NM0.1375 36612   Scalo Veloce
16Salvador Marrufo   0.13824074074074   Crazy Cat Cyclery
17336.66Eugene Dougherty (4 - Cat2)   Los Alamos, NM0.13908564814815 59098   High Desert Bicycles
18348.16Chris Schlabach (5 - Cat2)   Silver City, NM0.13986111111111 282599   ZiaVelo
19359.67travis glysson (6 - Cat2)   Anthem, AZ0.14111111111111 305194   flagstaff cycling
20371.18Shawn Kingrey (3 - Cat3)   Pueblo, CO0.14336805555556 167284   Team Body Sync
21382.69Thomas Jones (7 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM0.14346064814815 101818   Scalo Veloce
22394.20William Hilsman (4 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.14373842592593 207976   ZENBERRYMIX.COM
23405.71Tchad leeds (5 - Cat3)   Rio Rancho, NM0.14383101851852 334630   Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
24417.22Chris Eckstein (6 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.14386574074074 309358   Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling
25428.73Gavin Kennard (8 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM0.14386574074074 129137   High Desert Masters
26Juan Ruacho   0.14607638888889   Crazy Cat Cyclery
27451.75Patrick Holland (7 - Cat3)   El Paso Tx0.14715277777778 121715   Team El Paso
28463.26Jonathan Schreiner (8 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.14759259259259 360430   Scalo Veloce
29474.77Silvio Menezes (9 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.14824074074074 148850   Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
30486.28Dax Kastrin (10 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.14981481481481 195035   THE BICYCLE COMPANY
31497.79Michael Archibeck (11 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.1515162037037 257569   Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
32509.30David Ubinger (12 - Cat3)   Chaparral, NM0.15210648148148 253918   Crazy Cat Cyclery
33520.81Hans Whitefield (13 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM0.16376157407407 249564   Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling
DNSJason Quenzler (Cat2)   Durango, CODNS 82358   Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling
DNFNicholas Lemke (Cat2)   Albuquerque, NMDNF 202433   Scalo Veloce

Men - Master 50+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1366.25Todd Gogulski   Boulder, CO01:51:45 207010   Universal Sports Network
2382.13Charlie Drysdale (1 - Cat3)   Santa Fe, NM01:52:35 210837   Bike-N-Sport Racing
3398.00Bill Dahl (2 - Cat3)   Corrales, NM01:54:16 272907   Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling
4413.88Mark Cuoccio (3 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM01:55:14 219663   Mark Cuoccio
5429.76Mike Slattery (1 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM01:56:59 32907   SportSystems MTC
6445.64Dan Armijo (4 - Cat3)   Peralta, NM01:57:39 68799   Squadra Della Pista
7461.52Jimmy Day (1 - Cat4)   Santa Fe, NM01:58:00 8894   Bike N Sport
8477.39Tony Farrar (5 - Cat3)   Santa Fe, NM01:59:43 11283   Bike n Sport Racing
9493.27Frank Welker (1 - Cat5)   Albuquerque, NM02:03:21 282693   unattached
10509.15Anthony Pachelli (2 - Cat4)   Albuquerque, NM02:09:16 286513   Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling
11525.03D Kyle Sager (3 - Cat4)   Santa Fe, NM02:10:30 305561   Bike n Sport Racing
12540.91cal ridgeway (4 - Cat4)   Albuquerque, NM02:20:01 260547   RGRT/CSI
13556.79Hector Leyba (5 - Cat4)   Penrose, CO02:23:58 364563   SoCo Velo
14572.66Frank Sanchez (6 - Cat3)   Albuquerque, NM03:04:13 271669   GP Velotek
DNFTOM MURPHY (Cat4)   Albuquerque, NMDNF 203323   GEAUX RACING
DNFMark Depree (Cat4)   Albuquerque, NMDNF 82997   NMVS/Sport Systems Cycling Club

Men - Jr 16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Samuel Medina   Albuquerque, NM02:14:20 399663   GP Velotek
2565.00Solomon Barsun   Albuquerque, NM02:53:23 367886   
3590.00Mason Calvert   Albuquerque03:09:45 351260   Sport Systems MTC Jr. Devo Team

Men - JM17/18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
20Taylor Squillaci   Albuquerque, NM0.17153935185185 303845   Get Out! NM

Women - Women 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1512.28Nadezhda Mitelman   Boulder Co02:07:55 393821   Crazy Cat Cyclery
2520.05Susan Rice   Albuquerque, NM02:10:18 331188   Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling
3527.82sheena carswell   Durango, CO02:18:06 399438   Durango Wheel Club
4Brooke Connell   02:18:30   unattached
5543.37Rachel Chavez   Rio Rancho, NM02:19:06 361963   The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
6kelly fitzpatrick   02:21:30   NM Spokettes Racing Team
7558.91Olga Sanchez   Los Ranchos, NM02:21:47 241980   Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling
8566.68Dot Philp   Corrales, NM02:29:57 342332   High Desert Bicycles
9574.46Becky Strommen   Albuquerque, NM02:31:37 376005   High Desert Bicycles
10582.23Laura Hoevel   Pueblo, CO02:33:26 368487   Team Body Sync
11590.00Nancy Fortin   Albuquerque, NM04:12:39 346574   unattached
DNFRachel Zollinger   Albuquerque, NMDNF 395198   FCS Cycling p/b Zngine + Mr. Restore

Women - Women 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1372.57Mindy Caruso (1 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM01:58:30 274426   Scalo Veloce
2386.37Maria Santiago (2 - Cat2)   Durango, CO02:04:35 376546   Naked women racing
3400.17Sarah Lough (3 - Cat2)   Albuquerque, NM02:07:00 276590   NM Spokettes Racing Team
4Jennifer Buntz   02:14:01   Duke City Wheelmen
5427.76Melissa Velarde (1 - Cat3)   Santafe, NM02:26:34 307836   NM Spokettes Racing Team
6441.56Samantha Rynas (2 - Cat3)   Washington, DC02:46:59 254096   NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
7455.36Tove Shere (3 - Cat3)   Santa Fe, NM03:08:05 73854   Sport Systems MTC

Women - JR Women 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Morgan Fortin   Albuquerque, NM04:12:39 332772   High Desert Bicycles

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