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Lionheart CX
Mason, OH
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Cyclo-cross on 09/08/2012

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Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1395.33Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH 325072   Lionhearts
2406.15Gabriel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 324656   Queen City Wheels
3416.97Lucas Stierwalt   Maineville, OH 359561   Queen City Wheels
4427.79Joseph Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 358628   Lionhearts
5438.61Lewis Gatch   Terrace Park, OH 327078   Queen City Wheels
6449.43Jacob Krynock   Mason, OH 323964   Lionhearts
7460.25Owen Busch   Loveland, OH 387255   Lionhearts
8471.07Charlie Becher   Cincinnati, OH 388630   
9481.89James Haubner   Hamilton, OH 386985   Queen City Wheels
10492.71Jonathan Hills   Loveland, OH 386812   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
11503.53Dawson McCulley   Mason, OH 359538   Queen City Wheels
12514.35Joseph Grolmes   Cincinnati, OH 358612   Lionhearts
13525.17Noah Brossia   Cincinnati, OH 325460   
14535.99Bartek Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH 358802   Lionhearts
15546.81Colin Overton   Middletown, OH 384804   
16557.63Keaton Adams   Stow, OH 359202   WAS Labs Cycling
17Christopher Prewitt      
18579.27Alex Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 386483   
19590.09ethan willey   Cincinnati, OH 388088   
DNFChristopher McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH 358350   Queen City Wheels

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1375.90Dylan Rockwood   Loveland, OH 358574   Lionhearts
2400.26Enzo Allwein   Cincinnati, OH 301180   Queen City Wheels
3424.62Ryan Madis   Hudson, OH 284218   WAS Labs Cycling
4448.98Eli Woodard   Apex, NC 329312   Lionhearts
5473.34Zane Ash   Cincinnati, OH 301021   Queen City Wheels
6497.70Max Savage   Loveland, OH 323824   Lionhearts
7522.06Matthew Grolmes   Cincinnati, OH 301019   Queen City Wheels
8546.42Nathan Divo   Loveland, OH 383859   
DNFNathan Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 386481   Queen City Wheels
DNFAlex Christian      
DNFMaxwell Savage   Loveland, OH 323824   Lionhearts

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1352.29Nicholas Vorwerk   Southbloomfield, OH 303537   Team Type 1
2379.57Zachary Ross   Cincinnati, OH 301225   Lionhearts
3406.85James Keefe   Cincinnati 386841   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
4434.13Alex Christian   Cincinnati, OH 324300   Lionhearts
5461.41Robert Prewitt   Loveland, OH 267669   Lionhearts
6488.69Parker Hopson   Mason, OH 358877   
7515.97Andrew Rademacher   Loveland, OH 267448   Lionhearts
8543.25Andrew Rudy   Cincinnati, OH 387787   Lionhearts
DNSNathan Ross   Cincinnati, OH 301226   Lionhearts

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Masters - 40-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1281.06Scot Herrmann   Loveland, OH 196635   Team Dayton Bicycling
2289.44Bruce Pisarek   Powell, OH 73174   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
3297.82Patrick Lach   Cincinnati, OH 145722   Zephyr Wheel Sports
4306.20Matt Stierwalt   Maineville, OH 34173   Rogue Racing Project
5314.58Jeff Cyrus   Loveland, OH 86510   Rogue Racing Project
6322.96Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH 331066   Queen City Wheels
7331.34Scott Young   Millersport, OH 109205   Cap City Cyclocross
8339.72Lou Beckmeyer   Cincinnati, OH 239440   UBS/7 Hills Racing
9348.10james o'loughlin   Cincinnati, OH 285530   Team Hungry
10Chris Durand      
11364.86Jim Havey   Lexington, KY 271271   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
12373.24Duane Walker   Louisville, KY 220314   Team Honey Badger
13381.62Jerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 233064   Queen City Wheels
14390.00Michael Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 325988   Queen City Wheels
15398.38Marshall Leininger   Canton, OH 205294   Stark Velo
15398.38alan willey   Cincinnati, OH 296822   Queen City Wheels
16406.76Dave Nissen   Cincinnati, OH 165977   Queen City Wheels

Men - Beginners

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1492.82Jon Wolery   Cincinnati, OH 362208   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
2498.89Ted Roll   Batavia, OH 357406   Rogue Racing Project
3504.96James Keefe   Cincinnati 386841   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
4Joe McAfee      
5517.10Shawn Wickham   Highland Heights, KY 321176   UBS/7 Hills Racing
6robert ramser      
7Larry Holt      
8535.31John Picklesimer   Bromley, KY 298176   Team CNC
9541.38Andrew Rudy   Cincinnati, OH 387787   Lionhearts
10547.45Melissa Hopson   Mason, OH 358663   
11Josh Brumfield      
12559.59Rod Thompson   Liberty Township, OH 359812   Queen City Wheels
13565.66Christopher Averett   Cincinnati, OH 155464   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
14571.73Shawna Rockwood   Loveland, OH 387669   Queen City Wheels
15Adam Dobrozsi      
16583.87Liz Schlaudecker   Cincinnati, OH 111087   Queen City Wheels
17Ryan Newburn      
DNFBill Gregory   Mason Oh 320688   

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1357.85Chris Carissimi   Batavia, OH 347066   Bishop Bicycles
2366.78Robert Chaney   Cincinnati, OH 259507   Queen City Wheels
3375.71alan willey   Cincinnati, OH 296822   Queen City Wheels
4384.64Derek Graham   Cincinnati, OH 359885   
5393.57Tim LaGrange   Milford, OH 376848   
6402.50Michael Adams   Stow, OH 115151   
7411.43Nate Maxson   Cincinnati, OH 230116   Darkhorse Racing
8420.36Jeff Schlaudecker   Cincinnati, OH 111087   Queen City Wheels
9429.29Joseph Hatley   Indianapolis, IN 88011   
10438.22Erick Madis   Hudson, OH 237913   WAS Labs Cycling
11447.15David Rich   Cedarville, OH 231392   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
12456.08Garry Blair   Springboro, OH 360550   
13465.01Noah Hutson   Columbus, OH 360139   Echelon Cycling Team
14473.94Anthony Mominee   Dayton, OH 296166   Team Dayton Bicycling
15482.87Michael Montalbano   Loveland, OH 197620   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
16491.80Shawn Wickham   Highland Heights, KY 321176   UBS/7 Hills Racing
17500.73Dale Eads   Loveland, OH 142059   Zephyr Wheel Sports
18Steve Perry      
19Matt Garrettson      
20527.52Eric Puryear   Cincinnati, OH 272547   Team Hungry
21536.45Peter Lytle   Maineville, OH 302432   
22545.38John Picklesimer   Bromley, KY 298176   Team CNC
23Bob Rumson      
24563.24Kelly Sullivan   Milford, OH 316342   Bishop Bicycles
25Rod Thompson      
26581.10Mark McKenney   Mason, OH 270287   UBS/7 Hills Racing
27Brian Long      
DNSRobert Annis   Indianapolis, IN 331390   Team Nebo Ridge
DNSrichard mccreary   Cincinnati, OH 139952   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
DNSRobert Prewitt   Loveland, OH 283637   Queen City Wheels
DNSkevin miles   Cincinnati, OH 311062   Bishop Bicycles
DNFJohn Rademacher   Loveland, OH 269307   Queen City Wheels
DNFAmbrose Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 175987   Queen City Wheels
DNFSeth Nuckols   Batavia, OH 352386   Bishop Bicycles

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1199.18Steven Gordon (1 - Cat1)   Warrenton, VA 224401   Haymarket Bicycles
2208.25Kelly Nowels (1 - Cat3)   Seattle 360349   
3217.32Anthony Viton   Westerville, OH 288957   Echelon Cycling Team
4226.39John Gatch (2 - Cat1)   Terrace Park, OH 153866   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Cycling
5235.46ryan gamm (3 - Cat1)   Oxford, OH 149656   Cincinnati Velo Club, Inc
6244.53Christopher Cruise Bogedin (4 - Cat1)   Rochester Mi 254352   Wolverine Sports Club
7253.60Jason Monk   Lexington, KY 267995   Team WHAYNE
8262.67Samuel Klontz (1 - Cat2)   Black Mountain, NC 296965   Team Racing Cyclocross on Lundbecks p/b Lundbeck Cycles
9271.74Scott Catanzaro (5 - Cat1)   Washington, DC 290879   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
10280.81Trevor Miller (2 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH 313282   Olympus Homes Cycling Team
11289.88Spencer Petrov   Mason, OH 301051   Lionhearts
12298.95Jason Karew (3 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 133936   Bandwidth.com
13308.02Michael Schulze (2 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 155831   Bio Wheels Racing
14317.09Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804   Queen City Wheels
15326.16David Neis (3 - Cat3)   Yellow Springs, OH 276289   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
16335.23Peter Hills (4 - Cat2)   Loveland, OH 117544   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
17344.30jeff schoeny (5 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 277142   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
18353.37Josh Feazell (4 - Cat3)   Fayetteville, WV 300017   Charm City Cycling, LLC
19362.44David Hart (6 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 166902   Zephyr Wheel Sports
20371.51Steven Gers (5 - Cat3)   Bellevue, KY 239935   Bio Wheels Racing
21380.58Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 298154   Covington-Newport Cycling
22389.65Nick Tinsler (6 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 206244   Darkhorse Racing
23398.72Cooper Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 299864   Team CNC
DNSMichael Jernigan (Cat2)   Lexington, KY 178469   Team Kappius

Men - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1281.75Ryan Hubbs   Bargersville , IN 343562   Speedway Wheelmen
2286.81Dirk Kostoff (1 - Cat3)   Willard, OH 306993   
3Tom Swallow      
4296.93Doug Carraway (2 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 287612   Team Six One Four
5301.99Bo Sherman   Loveland, OH 120645   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
6307.05David Rose   Lexington, KY 296568   Team WHAYNE
7312.11Kyle Sumner (3 - Cat3)   Fort Thomas, KY 184955   
8317.17David Rohrer (4 - Cat3)   Athens, OH 289434   Team Athens
9322.23Doug Voss (5 - Cat3)   Goshen, KY 309946   Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
10327.29Paul Neff (6 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 331066   Queen City Wheels
11332.35Dustin Jones (7 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 276412   Team Indiebike
12337.41Mark Farmer (8 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 208828   Team Six One Four
13342.47William Burton (9 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 311382   Team WHAYNE
14Derek Bassett      
15352.59Tim Delgado (10 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 209838   Team Hungry
16357.65Duncan Russell (11 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 313872   Echelon Cycling Team
17362.71Dave Placke (12 - Cat3)   Kettering, OH 328878   Rogue Racing Project
18367.77James Turner (13 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH 189407   The Midwest Express
19372.83Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 298154   Covington-Newport Cycling
20377.89Steve Matherly (14 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 292177   Team WHAYNE
21382.95Michael Clevidence (15 - Cat3)   Athens, OH 341590   Team Athens
22388.01Dave Mundy (16 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH 284686   Team Dayton Bicycling
23393.07Billy Craig (17 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 345768   Team Hungry
24398.13Matt Becher (18 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 364903   Rogue Racing Project
25Chris Carissimi      
26408.25Jason Long (1 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 385991   
27413.31Kipp Silber (19 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH 287701   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
28418.37Marshall Leininger   Canton, OH 205294   Stark Velo
29423.43Sean Darrow (20 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY 331676   Team WHAYNE
30428.49Joel Ronschke (21 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 301026   Team Six One Four
31433.55Rick McKenzie (22 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 273545   Zephyr Wheel Sports
32438.61Brian Bishop (23 - Cat3)   Springboro, OH 222878   Team Ghisallo
33443.67Jason Garneret (24 - Cat3)   Maineville, OH 315328   Rogue Racing Project
34448.73Derek Graham (25 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 359885   
35453.79Thomas Anderson (26 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 290824   Team Hungry
36458.85Scott Murschel (27 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 202250   Bio Wheels Racing
37463.91Jason Cox (28 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH 357631   Rogue Racing Project
38468.97John Petrov (29 - Cat3)   Mason, OH 304080   Queen City Wheels
39474.03Doug Hamilton (30 - Cat3)   Fairborn, OH 198036   Bio Wheels Racing
40Matt Bell      
41484.15Evan Clark (31 - Cat3)   Hebron, KY 328888   Rogue Racing Project
DNSJohn Bodell (Cat4)   Westerville 258095   Spin
DNSMichael Adams (Cat3)   Stow, OH 115151   WAS Labs Cycling
DNSCharles Bossart (Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 301464   Darkhorse Racing
DNSDavid Ferguson (Cat3)   Central City, KY 304203   Be Real Sports
DNFGregory Fasig (Cat3)   Loveland, OH 111145   Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNFBrian Schultz (Cat3)   Columbus, OH 284685   Mama Mimi's presented by Kenda

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1534.17Maddie Barter   Cincinnati, OH 326718   Lionhearts
2541.15Chloe Christian   Cincinnati, OH 358563   Lionhearts
3Mia Bell      
4555.11Lauren Maier   Liberty Township, OH 386212   Secret Cycling
5562.09Olivia Rademacher   Loveland, OH 367604   Lionhearts
6569.07Abigail Savage   Loveland, OH 323830   Queen City Wheels
7576.05MariadelPilar Grolmes   Cincinnati, OH 358617   Lionhearts
8583.03Camden Adams   Stow 365682   WAS Labs Cycling
9590.01Rosalyn Willey   Cincinnati, OH 388089   

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1443.10Sydney Lach   Cincinnati, OH 359638   Lionhearts
2485.18Kennedy Adams   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
3527.26Emma Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 321258   Lionhearts
4569.34Madeleine Green   Mason, OH 320414   Queen City Wheels

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kennedy Adams   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
2Sydney Lach   Cincinnati, OH 359638   Lionhearts

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1264.55Gerry Schulze (1 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 293521   Bio Wheels Racing
2295.15Bridget Donovan (2 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 119776   Bio Wheels Racing
3325.75Cooper Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 299864   Team CNC
4356.35Melissa Rucker (1 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 188644   Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder
5386.95Sarah Swallow (2 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH 324456   
6417.55Lindsay Rodkey (3 - Cat3)   Bloomington, IN 242247   Speedway Wheelmen
7448.15Kristy Matherly (4 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 307778   Main Street Velo
DNSTeresa Patrick (Cat3)   Columbus, OH 328848   Team Six One Four
DNSMalissa Petrov (Cat2)   Mason, OH 303688   Bio Wheels Racing

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1341.89Erika Howard   Hamilton, OH 291315   Secret Cycling
2354.95Alison Delgado   Cincinnati, OH 284729   Team Hungry
3368.01Mackenzie Green   Mason, OH 300251   Queen City Wheels
4381.07Victoria Steen   Columbus, OH 298672   
5394.13Kathleen Neff (1 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 354912   Bishop Bicycles
6407.19Anne McDonald (2 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 295975   Team Hungry
7420.25Karin Reed (3 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 305310   Secret Cycling
8433.31Julie Herrmann (4 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH 287605   Secret Cycling
9446.37Blair Barter (1 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 289561   Team Hungry
10459.43Flavia Sancier (2 - Cat4)   Yellow Springs, OH 318994   
11472.49Tiffanie Hills (3 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH 302106   Secret Cycling
12485.55Kari Hutson (4 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 381574   Team Jeni's
13498.61Heather Maier (5 - Cat4)   Liberty Township, OH 308982   Secret Cycling
14511.67Emily Monk (6 - Cat4)   Lexington, KY 307605   Main Street Velo
15524.73Kathleen Gough   Bethel, OH 381337   
16537.79Margaret Lytle (7 - Cat4)   Maineville, OH 387966   
17550.85Karen Wells-Hamilton (8 - Cat4)   Fairborn, OH 274282   Bio Wheels Racing
18563.91Cate Burton (9 - Cat4)   Lexington, KY 344226   Main Street Velo
19576.97Jordan Andrew (10 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY 339890   Team Honey Badger
20590.03Heidi Riffle (11 - Cat4)   Dayton, OH 333204   Secret Cycling
DNFPatrice Lehocky (Cat4)   Columbus, OH 302856   Team Jeni's

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