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Big Ring Cyclocross
Parker, CO
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Cyclo-cross on 11/12/2011

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Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1254.46Derek Strong   Lakewood, CO44:59:00 34451   Gates Carbon Drive
2269.56Matthew Pronovost   Steamboat Springs, CO45:49:00 301230   Steamboat Velo p/b Moots
3284.66Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO45:58:00 241461   Gates Carbon Drive
4299.76Travis Stone   Lakewood, CO45:59:00 308417   Routine Leg Works
5314.86William Pfaffendorf   Arvada, CO46:01:00 160628   Routine Leg Works
6329.96Josh Teplitzky   Denver, CO46:24:00 35207   Team Evergreen Racing
7345.06Scott Larsen   Highlands Ranch, CO46:27:00 363043   Routine Leg Works
8360.16Jordan Reigel   Parker, CO46:35:00 363031   Alpha Bicycle Company
9375.26Chad Meinert   Lakewood, CO47:15:00 181863   Routine Leg Works
10390.36Phillip Brown   Denver, CO47:41:00 362811   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
11405.46Michael Beck   Lakewood, CO48:58:00 3084   Routine Leg Works
12420.56Joseph Hanrahan   Salt Lake City, UT49:02:00 181547   Unattached
13435.66Jamie Elsasser   Denver, CO49:16:00 79131   Routine Leg Works
14450.76Levi Teal   Denver, CO49:25:00 363562   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
15465.86Adam Moskowitz   Denver, CO50:05:00 363932   Routine Leg Works
16Van Blackwood   51:40:00   Unattached
17496.06Mike Bean   Lakewood 362930   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
18511.16Tom Hall   Littleton, CO 298950   Unattached

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1166.05William Iaia   Centennial , CO56:29:00 329668   Groove Subaru Cycling
2186.65Garrett Suydam   Denver, CO57:28:00 306027   Primal Racing - 1st Bank
3207.25John Klish   Grand Junction, CO57:45:00 193003   Feedback Sports Racing
4227.85Erik Hamilton   Boulder, CO58:07:00 363259   Unattached
5248.45Graham Aldredge   Boulder, CO58:15:00 260538   Unattached
6269.05Chris Brandt   Carbondale, CO58:33:00 115063   Honey Stinger/Trek
7289.65Derek Strong   Lakewood, CO59:06:00 34451   Gates Carbon Drive
8310.25Brett Pirie   Denver, CO59:28:00 243114   ColoBikeLaw.com
9330.85Joseph Clemenzi   Boulder, CO59:19:00 263528   Unattached
10351.45Yuki Ikeda   Denver, CO1:00:15 208187   Unattached
11372.05Kenneth Lundgren   Pompton Plains, NJ1:00:40 187996   Unattached
12392.65Scott Warren   Boulder, CO1:03:58 221982   Rocky Mounts~Izze
13413.25Barry Croker   Manassas, VA1:06:45 100615   Unattached

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1309.45Joshua Vogt   Lakewood, CO43:03:00 286192   Cyclists for the Planet
2336.00Christian Levy   Centennial, CO43:13:00 323474   Unattached
3362.55Aaron Vaughn   Boulder, CO43:25:00 269163   Rally Sport Cycling Team
4389.10Gage Hecht   Parker, CO44:47:00 277074   ChristianCyclingCO.com
5415.65Nathan Collier   Golden, CO44:58:00 308486   Unattached
6442.20Adam Schmidt   Colorado Springs, CO48:51:00 281261   Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt

Men - Cat 3 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1271.10Josh Holland   Colorado Springs, CO43:58:00 156679   Unattached
2277.91Shawn Meredith   Denver, CO43:59:00 251715   Unattached
3284.72Ben Frost   Wheat Ridge, CO44:10:00 201127   Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
4291.53Peder Horner   Denver, CO44:25:00 329142   ColoBikeLaw.com
5298.34Paul Lugar   Boulder, CO44:28:00 21788   Unattached
6305.15Thomas Fiorillo   Denver, CO44:33:00 321592   Team Evergreen Racing
7311.96Brian Costello   Highlands Ranch, CO44:34:00 227082   Cross Propz Racing
8318.77Scott Mitchell   Denver, CO44:37:00 363936   RMRC p/b Turin
9325.58Brian Moran   Lafayette, CO44:50:00 24992   Boulder Cycle Sport
10332.39Garren Watkins   Portland Or45:22:00 362025   Unattached
11339.20Christopher Jones   Denver, CO45:41:00 48180   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
12346.01Jason Sumner   Boulder, CO45:42:00 180028   VeloNews
13352.82Adam Devoe   Denver, CO45:54:00 363991   ColoBikeLaw.com
14359.63Doug Richards   Longmont, CO46:07:00 364183   Blue Sky Velo
15366.44Peter Lopez   Denver, CO46:13:00 21586   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
16373.25Scott Winborne   Highlands Ranch, CO46:18:00 268491   Alpha Bicycle Company
17380.06Brian France   Arvada, CO46:19:00 360175   Team Evergreen Racing
18386.87Brent Anderson   Lakewood46:37:00 364021   Swing Thai Cycling Team
19393.68Christopher Fox   Superior, CO46:39:00 363495   Boulder Cycle Sport
20400.49Todd Hockenberry   Denver, CO46:48:00 304389   Team Evergreen Racing
21407.30Thomas Needy   Boulder, CO46:49:00 92589   ChristianCyclingCO.com
22414.11Brad Woodard   Morrison, CO47:24:00 299003   Team Body Sync
23420.92Trent Cooper   Denver, CO47:41:00 87526   RRV
24427.73Chris Grobe   Denver, CO 248807   Golden Bike CX
25434.54Thomas Seybold   Evergreen, CO 32245   Boulder Cycle Sport
26David Hohensee   DSQ   Team Evergreen Racing

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1314.67Ryan Eggen   Indianapolis, IN36:26:00 363653   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
2323.85Eli Hemming   Kiowa, CO36:27:00 363812   Unattached
3Braden Sneed   36:54:00   Unattached
4342.21Michael De sena   Denver, CO37:06:00 361784   Unattached
5351.39Brian Sells   Castle Rock, CO37:13:00 332068   Unattached
6360.57Jeff Leischner   Littleton, CO37:23:00 90854   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
7369.75Jason Heinhorst   Denver, CO37:24:00 256089   TLR Cycling
8378.93Gerry Reynolds   Centennial, CO37:43:00 299822   Routine Leg Works
9388.11Bart Abriol   Superior, CO37:49:00 197211   Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie Piz
10397.29Michael Welker   Denver, CO37:53:00 227319   Primal Racing - 1st Bank
11406.47Kelly Nindorf   Morrison, CO38:14:00 362714   Denver 38 Racing
12415.65Jeff Ayres   Denver, CO38:20:00 310130   RMRC p/b Turin
13424.83Michael Sobel   Newtown, PA38:50:00 250074   Unattached
14Alex Roberts   38:59:00   Primal Racing - 1st Bank
15443.19Elliot Skultin   Morrison, CO39:24:00 221530   Team Body Sync
16452.37Evan Kias   Golden, CO39:41:00 295104   Foxtrot Racing
17Mark Beresniewicz   39:46:00   Unattached
18470.73Anthony Pesce   Indian Hills Co39:53:00 363089   Team Evergreen Racing
19479.91Brian Berwick   Littleton, CO39:54:00 364059   Unattached
20James George   40:34:00   Unattached
21Jay Evers   41:02:00   Unattached
22Gregory Miller   41:23:00   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
23516.63Brandon Vail   Lakewood, CO42:03:00 363441   Unattached
24525.81Matthew Alford   Steamboat Springs, CO42:25:00 1362   Swift Cycling
25534.99Peter Fennell   Golden, CO43:10:00 362706   Unattached
26544.17Daniel Bye   Denver, CO43:34:00 363210   Unattached
27553.35Erik Normark   Aurora, CO44:00:00 363015   Unattached
28562.53Todd Wilson   Denver, CO44:04:00 116802   Primal Racing - 1st Bank
29Dan Layman   46:24:00   Unattached
30580.89Seth Mcclaine   Louisville, CO 362901   Unattached
31Jason Behensoe      Unattached

Men - Cat 4 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1341.92Clayton Lockhart   Littleton, CO36:45:00 115976   Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
2346.78Erik Hjortaas   Naples, FL37:21:00 232824   B.C.V./Scion
3351.64Daniel Wyszynski   Highlands Ranch, CO37:21:00 364078   OES/Bike Source
4Rob Gilbert   37:22:00   Blue Sky Velo
5361.36Sean Malone   Denver, CO37:54:00 368396   Boulder Cycle Sport
6366.22Brian Graves   Denver, CO38:01:00 364112   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
7371.08John Greig   Firestone, CO39:15:00 316036   Unattached
8375.94Robert Dodd   Denver, CO38:16:00 85573   Team Evergreen Racing
9380.80Jason Hartman   Centennial, CO38:16:00 363574   RMRC p/b Turin
10385.66Stephen Colburn   Parker, CO39:04:00 364226   Unattached
11390.52Todd Sexton   Highlands Ranch, CO39:05:00 362840   Team Body Sync
12395.38Erik Soderquist   Littleton, CO39:06:00 67682   ColoBikeLaw.com
13400.24Brian Miller   Highlands Ranch, CO39:32:00 227833   TLR Cycling
14405.10Geoffrey Thompson   Denver, CO39:33:00 177673   Unattached
15409.96Steven Capstick   Longmont, CO39:34:00 6061   Cross Propz Racing
16414.82Shane Callahan   Highlands Ranch, CO39:47:00 364564   OES/Bike Source
17419.68Christian Williss   Denver, CO39:48:00 363045   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
18James Scott   40:01:00   Unattached
19Jeff Buhl   40:11:00   Unattached
20434.26Steven Caughlin   Castle Rock, CO40:22:00 363997   Green Mountain Sports Velo
21439.12Douglas Gordon   Parker, CO40:23:00 364029   ColoBikeLaw.com
22443.98Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO40:54:00 252986   Alpha Bicycle Company
23448.84Scott Bristol   Golden, CO41:00:00 4880   Routine Leg Works
24453.70Ken Brecheisen   Broomfield, CO41:02:00 149270   RMRC p/b Turin
25458.56John Heisel   Boulder41:12:00 363712   Unattached
26463.42James Finn   Longmont, CO41:17:00 362890   Blue Sky Velo
27468.28Daniel Madruga   Centennial, CO41:31:00 276368   BRC Real Estate
28473.14Bruce Hecht   Parker, CO41:33:00 53574   ChristianCyclingCO.com
29478.00Michael Whitney   Highlands Ranch, CO41:43:00 363854   Unattached
30Brad Kielson   41:44:00   Unattached
31487.72Mark Lewis   Centennial, CO41:53:00 362644   Unattached
32492.58Adam Levy   Denver, CO42:02:00 218898   TLR Cycling
33497.44Tim Slowey   Golden, CO42:03:00 362929   ColoBikeLaw.com
34502.30Bryce Cole   Littleton, CO42:14:00 151997   Englewood Camera
35507.16Jeff Cox   Arvada, CO42:15:00 363048   ColoBikeLaw.com
36512.02David Chart   Highlands Ranch, CO42:24:00 362770   ChristianCyclingCO.com
37Merie Bowser   42:25:00   Unattached
38521.74Paul Lee   Longmont, CO42:34:00 20736   Unattached
39Matt Hundemer   42:41:00   Unattached
40531.46David Armbruster   Loveland, CO42:46:00 364608   Unattached
41536.32Jeff Sotebeer   Parker, CO43:50:00 340054   Unattached
42541.18Joel Flom   Littleton, CO43:44:00 364943   Unattached
43546.04Steven Shiramizu   Denver44:44:00 363888   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
44550.90Pat Dillon   Denver, CO45:04:00 56299   Unattached
45Ben Van pelt   45:37:00   Unattached
46560.62Ethan Fuld   Denver, CO45:55:00 69913   Unattached
47565.48Dinh Le   Littleton, CO46:36:00 191253   Team Body Sync
48570.34Erik Stadsvold   Spencer, IA46:51:00 61545   Unattached
49575.20Matt Sodnicar   Parker, CO47:32:00 201909   Pactimo Racing
50580.06Cary Weatherford   Denver, CO47:43:00 363137   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
51Paul Boots   48:29:00   Unattached
52589.78Steve Compton   Littleton, CO52:37:00 363028   Happy Coffee Cyclocross

Men - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1189.35Jesse Swift   Golden, CO41:28:00 100646   Gates Carbon Drive
2206.05Jon Cariveau (1 - Cat1)   Steamboat Springs, CO41:29:00 6112   Moots
3222.75Dennis Farrell   Littleton, CO41:40:00 144884   B.C.V./Scion
4239.45Eddy Gragus   Highlands Ranch, CO42:16:00 48508   Team Helen's
5256.15Ross Delaplane   Golden, CO42:17:00 9105   Feedback Sports Racing
6272.85Ophir Sefiha   Grand Junction Co42:21:00 40420   Unattached
7289.55Brian Krombein   Highlands Ranch, CO42:23:00 59443   Groove Subaru Cycling
8306.25Lance Sulzen   Lone Tree, CO42:29:00 190346   Groove Subaru Cycling
9322.95Joseph Brenner (1 - Cat2)   Colorado Springs, CO43:18:00 195047   B.C.V./Scion
10Matt Miller   43:37:00   Unattached
11356.35Dylan Luyten   Denver, CO44:32:00 80631   Alpha Bicycle Company
12373.05Carl Boni (1 - Cat3)   Erie, CO45:08:00 244813   Rapid Racing
13389.75Carlos Vulgamott   Lakewood, CO45:35:00 129128   Unattached
14406.45Bruce Whitesel   Golden, CO46:15:00 38047   Green Mountain Sports Velo
15423.15Pete Watson   Centennial, CO47:56:00 284723   Justin's Cycling
16439.85Davin Neubacher   Colorado Springs, CO48:55:00 162038   Pikes Peak Velo
17456.55Chad Edwards (2 - Cat3)   Denver, CO 108823   Green Mountain Sports Velo

Men - Master - 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1234.23Jeffrey Hall (1 - Cat1)   Denver, CO43:42:00 130581   Justin's Cycling
2247.36Russell Kappius   Littleton, CO44:11:00 18520   Unattached
3260.49Greg Gorrell (1 - Cat2)   Conifer, CO44:23:00 221265   Feedback Sports Racing
4273.62Jeffrey Homan   Loveland, CO44:37:00 188296   Echelon Energy Cycling Team
5286.75Gary Thacker   Boulder, CO45:01:00 35266   Justins Cycling
6299.88Bill Teasdale   Longmont, CO45:02:00 105067   Cross Propz Racing
7313.01Tom Haynes   Colorado Springs, CO45:39:00 362635   Unattached
8326.14Harold Stephenson (2 - Cat1)   Broomfield, CO46:19:00 271424   Boulder Cycle Sport
9339.27Joe Sullivan   Highlands Ranch, CO46:23:00 129016   RRV
10352.40Neal Mendel   Cherry Hills, CO46:24:00 286615   ColoBikeLaw.com
11365.53Hal Mckelvy   Lakewood46:50:00 150377   ChristianCyclingCO.com
12378.66Duane Marlatt   Highlands Ranch, CO47:00:00 131689   Groove Subaru Cycling
13391.79Brian Hannon   Superior, CO47:01:00 90432   Unattached
14404.92Chris Martel   Highlands Ranch, CO47:43:00 113808   Alpha Bicycle Company
15418.05Steve Carpenter   Fort Collins, CO48:37:00 6222   Velo-One Cycling
16431.18Andrew Holton   Pine, CO49:07:00 76649   Unattached
17444.31Bob Prieto   Boulder, CO49:27:00 246085   Blue Sky Velo
18457.44John Shearer   Littleton, CO49:42:00 32373   Green Mountain Sports Velo
19470.57Paul Raemer (1 - Cat4)   Centennial, CO49:49:00 292266   Unattached
20483.70Jerry Cutright   Highlands Ranch Co50:04:00 8459   ChristianCyclingCO.com
21496.83Birt Stem   Highlands Ranch, CO50:08:00 42074   Bicycle Pedal'r Cycling Team
22509.96Bob Brown   Evergreen, CO51:19:00 363286   Great Divide Brewing
23523.09John Tannyhill   Castle Rock, CO51:37:00 364341   ColoBikeLaw.com
24536.22Gary Bennett   Parker, CO52:49:00 243433   ColoBikeLaw.com
25549.35Michael Jones   Parker, CO54:16:00 264980   ColoBikeLaw.com
26562.48Douglas Gordon   Parker, CO54:17:00 364029   ColoBikeLaw.com
27Kent Yount      Unattached
28588.74George Rooney (2 - Cat4)   San Jose, CA 49702   Unattached

Men - Master - 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1325.02Gary Thacker   Boulder, CO38:26:00 35266   Justins Cycling
2341.58Bill Herwig   Centennial, CO38:49:00 16011   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3358.14Chris Beaudin   Manitou Springs, CO39:21:00 3045   CP Racing Team
4374.70Rick Abbott (1 - Cat4)   Boulder, CO42:01:00 213837   ExcelSports.com
5391.26Allan Marvin   Denver, CO42:06:00 22787   Alpha Bicycle Company
6407.82Butch Stinton   Castle Rock, CO42:17:00 34198   Pactimo Racing
7424.38Chris Porter   Wheat Ridge, CO42:33:00 364179   Team Evergreen Racing
8Gary Myers   42:34:00   Unattached
9457.50Robert Campbell   Manitou Spgs, CO42:44:00 92582   Team Evergreen Racing
10474.06Larry Varys   Littleton, CO43:54:00 131425   ChristianCyclingCO.com
11490.62Cory Kramer   Colorado Springs, CO44:09:00 362404   Team Evergreen Racing
12507.18George Scott   Boulder, CO44:36:00 364565   Swift Cycling
13523.74Ray Roetman   Highlands Ranch, CO44:48:00 186797   ChristianCyclingCO.com
14Peter Rockwood   46:49:00   Unattached
15556.86Ted Karl   Evergreen, CO50:04:00 364213   Team Evergreen Racing
16573.42Loren Hettinger (1 - Cat3)   Littleton, CO 49896   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
17589.98Chris Canfield   Westminster, CO 199672   Blue Sky Velo

Men - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1430.91Nolan Stephenson   Broomfield, CO22:28 364269   Unattached
2478.99Kendrick Boots   Centennial, CO23:45 363665   ChristianCyclingCO.com
3527.07Tanner Coors   Centennial, CO26:48:00 363464   Alpha Bicycle Company
4575.15Austin Kattenhorn   Lafayettee, CO34:08:00 363280   Unattached

Men - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1288.32Gage Hecht   Parker, CO27:52:00 277074   ChristianCyclingCO.com
2310.11Cade Bickmore   Longmont, CO28:42:00 286308   BJC/Curve
3331.90Denzel Stephenson   Broomfield, CO29:22:00 331144   BJC/Curve
4353.69Jack Tanner   Boulder, COi31:40 309291   BJC/Curve
5375.48Drew Sotebeer   Parker31:49:00 363681   Alpha Bicycle Company
6397.27Torin Bickmore   Longmont, CO32:26:00 330652   BJC/Curve
7419.06Nick Sexton   Highlands Ranch, CO38:17:00 363406   Team Body Sync
8440.85Lance Winborne   Highlands Ranch, CO39:29:00 363642   Alpha Bicycle Company
9462.64Cobi Martel   Highlands Ranch, CO41:16:00 362935   Alpha Bicycle Company
10484.43Liam O'brien   Highlands Ranch, CO41:20:00 363398   ChristianCyclingCO.com
11506.22Josh Schroeder   Lakewood, CO 351364   ChristianCyclingCO.com

Men - Junior - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1305.08Maxx Chance   Boulder, CO27:19:00 303319   BJC/Curve
2362.48Cormac Dunn   Denver, CO28:52:00 271148   Unattached
3419.88Brannan Fix   Fort Collins, CO29:27:00 365258   Unattached
4477.28Liam Dunn   Denver, CO31:01:00 271147   Unattached

Men - Junior - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Eli Hemming   Kiowa, CO28:36:00 363812   Unattached

Men - Junior - 8-9

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1536.72Bryce Rodgers   Littleton Co13:57 363111   Unattached
2542.14Adrian Klanjsek   Denver, CO14:31 363390   Alpha Bicycle Company
3547.56Wren Powers   Englewood14:32 363346   Unattached
4552.98Nicholas Boni   Erie, CO17:30 362612   Rapid Racing
5558.40Cole Maxwell   Golden, CO18:13 362520   Unattached
6Tyler Caughlin   18:20   Unattached
7Nathaniel Cline   21:38   Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1173.89Kristal Boni   Erie, CO46:41:00 238717   Rapid Racing
2191.67Sonya Looney   Kelowna46:44:00 205174   Unattached
3209.45Lisa Hudson   Golden, CO47:06:00 223636   Feedback Sports Racing
4Jessica D'amato   Boulder, CO48:31:00 364423   Rocky Mounts~Izze
5245.01Lindsay Jones   Carbondale, CO49:01:00 269604   Unattached
6262.79Jill Duster   Boulder, CO49:13:00 363140   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
7280.57Ksenia Lepikhina   Boulder, CO49:39:00 296745   BJC/Curve
8298.35Talitha Vogt   Lakewood, CO49:40:00 290689   Tough Girl
9316.13Kimberly Nuffer   Denver, CO51:18:00 210166   Tough Girl
10333.91Lorna Pomeroy   Boulder, CO52:25:00 266552   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
11351.69Anne Whetzel   Boulder52:43:00 236932   Rocky Mounts~Izze
12369.47Elizabeth Gold   Boulder, CO53:07:00 90889   Unattached
13387.25Adrianne Kroepsch   Boulder, CO55:38:00 258961   Unattached

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1367.26Anne Hudson   Boulder, CO42:25:00 364194   Boulder Cycle Sport
2376.95Bridget Dyer   Denver, CO42:35:00 362889   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
3386.64Ashley Zoerner   Highlandsranch, CO44:26:00 286023   Alpha Bicycle Company
4396.33Jennifer Barbour   Denver, CO44:28:00 348708   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
5406.02Kirsten Williams   Lonetree, CO44:29:00 285625   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
6415.71Arianne Caporiccio   Evergreen, CO45:08:00 271185   RRV
7425.40Michelle Maxwell   Lafayette, CO45:19:00 305270   Primal/Treads Womens Racing
8435.09Kim Gilbert   Littleton, CO46:03:00 363167   Team Body Sync
9444.78Sybil Praski   Denver, CO46:06:00 253110   Unattached
10454.47Kim Nordquist   Evergreen, CO47:31:00 363820   Team Evergreen Racing
11464.16Frances Summerhill   Centennial, CO47:46:00 203904   Front Rangers Cycling Club
12473.85Amanda Bye   Denver, CO48:31:00 364245   Tribella Race Team
13483.54Susan Karl   Evergreen, CO48:35:00 362641   Team Evergreen Racing
14493.23Mary Burch   Denver, CO49:40:00 363353   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
15502.92Jen Castro   Frankfort Il50:11:00 362519   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
16512.61Lanier Allen   Littleton, CO50:18:00 362528   Team Evergreen Racing
17522.30Maggie Thompson   Denver, CO50:47:00 363664   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
18531.99Celeste Riggs   Lakewood, CO 363829   Happy Coffee Cyclocross
19Pamela St. clair      Unattached

Women - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1299.86Betsy Mercer   Parker, CO50:46:00 363431   Unattached
2317.64Eleanor Needy   Boulder, CO51:07:00 364028   ChristianCyclingCO.com
3335.42Susan Prieto (1 - Cat2)   Boulder, CO51:47:00 219062   Blue Sky Velo
4353.20Diana Tanner   Boulder, CO53:48:00 363833   Boulder Cycle Sport
5370.98Kayla Thomason   Longmont, CO55:01:00 269147   Blue Sky Velo
6388.76Renee Schroeder (1 - Cat3)   Nederland, CO 193694   Rocky Mounts~Izze
7Melissa Kattenhorn      Unattached

Women - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1436.20Olivia Adamiak   Centennial 27:46:00 362658   Alpha Bicycle Company
2460.43Catherine Bakken   Denver, CO28:55:00 363347   Alpha Bicycle Company
3484.66Carson Wille   Lafayette, CO29:42:00 363555   Unattached
4508.89Kate Winborne   Highlands Ranch, CO29:48:00 363553   Alpha Bicycle Company
5533.12Anna marta Cordova   Aurora, CO35:26:00 362492   JetCycling

Women - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ashley Zoerner   Highlandsranch, CO32:27:00 286023   Alpha Bicycle Company

Women - Junior - 8-9

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Lauren Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO15:06 362527   Alpha Bicycle Company
2542.96Emily Arnow   Boulder, CO16:45 362642   Unattached
3545.92Paige Rodgers   Littleton, CO18:01 362563   Unattached
4548.88Margo Klanjsek   Denver, CO21:35 363109   Alpha Bicycle Company
5Mykala Kuiken   18:01   Unattached
6554.80Taitum Coors   Centennial, CO21:37 363080   Alpha Bicycle Company
7557.76Claire Beeler   Lone Tree, CO23:06 362464   Alpha Bicycle Company

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