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Java Johnny's - LionHearts International Cyclo
Middletown, OH
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Cyclo-cross on 11/05/2011

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Men - UCI Juniors

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1184.96Andrew Dillman   Fairdale, KY0:38:29 261876   Bob's Red Mill
2189.24Zane Godby   Louisville, CO0:38:40 271426   Clif Bar Development Team
3193.52Curtis White   Delanson, NY0:38:59 234696   CLIF BAR Junior Development
4197.80Jordan Cullen   Hudson, WI0:39:12 229280   Clif Bar Development Cross Team
5202.08Richard Cypress Gorry   Brevard, NC0:39:15 219681   Whole Athlete-Specialized
6206.36Chase Dickens   Mount Airy, NC0:39:20 253981   AMERICAN CLASSIC / BLUE
7210.64Lionel Rocheleau   Waukesha, WI0:39:44 274025   Team Geargrinder
8214.92Stephen Bassett   Knoxville, TN0:39:45 257316   Bob's Red Mill CX p/b Stevens bikes and Carroll Co
9219.20Sam Okeefe   Baltimore, MD0:39:45 254864   C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
10223.48FORREST CONRAD   Lambertville, NJ0:40:25 290482   Team Pure Energy Cycling/ ProAir HFA
11227.76John Francisco   Louisville, KY0:40:47 269259   Red Zone Juniors Cycling
12232.04Luke Haley   Louisville, KY0:42:30 259716   Red Zone Cycling
13236.32Nathaniel Morse   Cohasset, MA0:43:25 235572   CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM
14240.60Nolan McQueen   Louisville, KY0:43:30 298828   Red Zone Cycling Team
15244.88Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:44:02 235804   QCW Lionhearts
16249.16Zack Gould   Boulder, CO0:44:41 228241   CLIF Bar Junior Development Cyclocross Team
17253.44Spencer Downing   Boulder, CO-1LAP 270354   Clif Bar Development cross team

Men - UCI Elite Men

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1108.55Ryan Trebon   Bend, OR1:00:00 136658   LTS/Felt
2112.74Timothy Johnson   Topsfield, MA1:00:30 18056   Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld
3116.93Jeremy Powers   Easthampton, MA1:00:54 117328   Jelly Belly P/B Kenda
4Ben Berden   1:01:16   Ops Ale - Stoemper
5125.31James Driscoll   Park City, UT1:02:08 163112   Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld
6129.50Travis Livermon   Lewisville, NC1:02:18 161583   Smart Stop-Mock Orange p/b Ridley
7133.69Sean Babcock   Beaverton, OR1:02:53 261628   Kona
8137.88Mitchell Hoke   Boulder, CO1:03:00 203760   Clif Bar Development Cyclo Cross Team
9142.07Cody Kaiser   El Dorado Hills, CA1:03:13 202564   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
10146.26Ryan Knapp   Columbus, IN1:03:14 161263   Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist
11150.45Barry Wicks   Corvallis, OR1:04:04 134223   Kona
12154.64Jake Wells   Avon, CO1:04:12 191242   Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team
13158.83Robert Marion   Mount Airy, NC1:04:49 220597   American Classic/Blue Pro Team
14163.02Joshua Johnson   Fort Wayne, IN1:05:04 257134   BikeReg.com
15167.21Mitchell Kersting   Louisville, KY1:05:04 237344   Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
16171.40Andrew Reardon   Franklin, TN1:05:05 177637   Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
17175.59Tom Burke   Grand Rapids, MI1:05:59 179205   Specialized Michigan
18179.78Bryan Fawley   Denton, TX-2LAP 198394   ORBEA USA
19183.97Gian Dalle Angelini   Roslyn Wa-2LAP 210989   Rio Blanco
20188.16John Proppe   North Royalton, OH-2LAP 301502   Lake Effect Racing
21192.35Jonathan Sundt   Austin, TX-2LAP 34666   ElGato
22196.54Shawn Adams   Akron, OH-2LAP 179664   Cycle-Smart
23200.73Robert Kendall   Georgetown, IN-3LAP 117036   Bob's Red Mill
24204.92Mark Parmelee   Ortonville, MI-3LAP 264374   
25209.11Weston Luzadder   Carmel, IN-3LAP 240464   NUVO-Cultural Trail / Marian University
26213.30Zachary Edwards   Boulder, CO-3LAP 213958   Boulder Cycle Sport
27217.49Clayton Omer   Louisville, KY-4LAP 188242   Bobs Red Mill
28221.68Daniel Gerow   Grosse Pointe Farms, MI-4LAP 285633   WOLVERINES/ACFSTORES.COM
29225.87Ernesto Marenchin   Stow, OH 41544   Pivot Cycles
30230.06Greg Wittwer   Richmond, VA 111687   ALAN N. America Cycling Team
31234.25Mike Sherer   Boulder, CO 232977   The Pony Shop

Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1285.62Craig Etheridge   Seattle, WA0:28:37 226484   Raleigh Bicycles
2301.49Luke Woodard   Blacksburg, VA0:30:46 328148   Trek Store Cincinnati/Kenda
3317.36Blaine Heppner   Louisville, KY0:31:42 256278   Rio Blanco Racing
4333.23Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY0:33:31 298154   Team CNC
5349.10Robert Wydra   Detroit, MINOCHIP 179571   WOLVERINE/ACF STORES.COM

Men - Master Cat 3 - 35-44

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1256.51jeff schoeny   Cincinnati, OH0:36:41 277142   Fugi Cycling Team Dayton
2264.33David Neis   Yellow Springs, OHNOCHIP 276289   Heckawee
3272.15Matthew Davidson (1 - Cat3)   Ballwin, MO0:37:23 206493   Mich Ultra Big Shark Racing
4279.97Blaine Heppner   Louisville, KY0:37:29 256278   Rio Blanco Racing
5287.79james oloughlin (2 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OHNOCHIP 285530   TEAM HUNGRY!
6295.61Doug Carraway (1 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH0:37:36 287612   Team Six One Four
7303.43Joshua Feazell (3 - Cat3)   Fayetteville, WV0:37:59 300017   Evolve Cycles
8311.25Andrew Millard   Cincinnati, OH0:38:01 42755   ZWS/CycleSport
9319.07Jason Lewis   Jonesborough, TN0:38:05 276540   Everedy Endurance
10326.89Shawn Moore (4 - Cat3)   Lenoir, NC0:38:07 24958   Fiets Maan Racing
11334.71Jay Karpinski   Cleveland, OH0:38:16 342768   Scum City Racing
12342.53Tracy Segar   Cincinnati, OH0:38:27 197625   Queen City Wheels
13350.35Mark Caffyn   Ortonville, MI0:39:11 252670   MPI Main Street Kuhnhenn Racing
14358.17Todd Nix   Owensboro, KY0:39:31 242343   Breck's Bicycle Shop
15365.99Butch Farrell   New Richmond, OH0:39:46 284835   Rogue Racing Project ::513::
16373.81Jack Brown   Lenoir, NC0:39:46 236017   Fiets Maan Racing
17381.63Derrick Young (5 - Cat3)   Gahanna, OHNOCHIP 285243   COBC National Engineering
18389.45Robert Sherman   Loveland, OH0:40:28 120645   Fuji Cycling
19397.27Emilio Poggio   Shaker Heights, OH0:40:48 326258   Team Lake Effect
20405.09David Hack   Madisonville, KY0:41:14 305254   Team Bikes and Moore/Cyclocross World
21412.91Jerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH0:41:18 233064   Queen City Wheels
22420.73Christian Ambjorn (6 - Cat3)   Park Hills, KY0:42:02 298154   Team CNC
23428.55Charles Hicks (7 - Cat3)   Lenoir, NC0:42:25 270345   Fiets Maan Racing
24436.37William Jackson   Chicago, IL0:43:17 253945   
25444.19Joshua Hoblet   North Lima, OH-1LAP 105599   
26452.01Will Mandrola (1 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY-1LAP 285197   Fuji Cycling

Men - Master Cat 3 - 45-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1269.99Robert Colbert (1 - Cat2)   Trinity, NC0:36:35 302233   Mock Orange Bikes
2275.65Jon Hicks (2 - Cat2)   Winchester, VA0:36:36 273964   Sportif Coaching Group/BPB
3281.31Mark Fasczewski (3 - Cat2)   Greensboro, NC0:37:36 112145   Krystal / SCV/Warp9
4286.97Mark Farmer   Columbus, OH0:38:02 208828   Team Six One Four
5292.63Joseph Pallotto (1 - Cat3)   Mantua, OH0:38:04 54101   Team Lake Effect
6298.29Nate Loman (2 - Cat3)   Fairlawn, OH0:38:15 236165   Team Lake Effect/Hammer Nutrition
7303.95Duane Walker   Louisville, KY0:38:28 220314   BikeClicks.com/Team Louisville
8309.61Glenn Francisco   Louisville, KY0:38:33 116557   Papa Johns
9315.27john schmitz (3 - Cat3)   Bargersville, IN0:38:34 315756   Indiebike p/b Angie's List
10320.93Bryan Horton (4 - Cat3)   Dallas, TX0:38:34 149473   Team CNC
11326.59William Marut   Painesville, OH0:38:42 169120   Team Lake Effect
12332.25Larry Pethick   Louisville, KY0:38:49 304066   BikeClicks/Team Louisville
13337.91Glen Gardner   Westerville, OH0:38:50 12819   Team Six One Four
14343.57James Turner   Dayton, OH0:39:08 189407   Team Ipro
15349.23Blair Fraley   Columbus, OH0:39:19 193213   Echelon Cycling Team
16354.89Kenneth O'Day   Ypsilanti, MI0:39:23 51473   Specialized
17360.55Eric Lovins   Evansville, IN0:39:30 21683   Team Bikes and Moore
18366.21Scott Young   Millersport, OH0:39:30 109205   TriTec
19371.87Michael Wakeley (5 - Cat3)   Ottawa, IL0:39:43 211313   Team Kenda p/b Gear Grinder
20377.53Gregory Fasig   Loveland, OH0:40:17 111145   Zephyr / Cycle Sport
21383.19Donald Bill   Miamisburg, OH0:40:33 203552   Fuji Cycling
22388.85Chris Freter   Columbus, OH0:40:44 275071   ALAN North America Cycling
23394.51Michael Otting   Cincinnati, OH0:40:45 26933   7 Hills Racing
24400.17Kenny Sipes (6 - Cat3)   Flaherty, KY0:40:52 176930   Schellers Fitness & Cycling Team
25405.83Scott Belcher   Cincinnati, OH0:41:06 275510   Shamrock Cycles/7Hills Racing
26411.49Lars Andersen (7 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:41:17 217734   
27417.15Steven Vorderman (8 - Cat3)   Fort Wayne, IN0:41:39 50616   DRT Racing
28422.81Marshall Leininger (9 - Cat3)   Canton, OH0:42:10 205294   Stark Velo
29428.47John Downey   Loveland, OH0:42:33 9932   Gears 4 Beers
30434.13Doug Hamilton (10 - Cat3)   Fairborn, OH0:42:36 198036   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
31439.79David Jolin   Bellville, OH0:42:36 289233   Stark Velo
32445.45James Havey   Lexington, KY-1LAP 271271   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the Planet
33451.11Dell Williamson   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 115799   Queen City Wheels
34456.77William Flecher   Medina, OH-1LAP 277014   Stark Velo

Men - Master Cat 1/2/3 - 35-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1176.36Michael Wissink (1 - Cat1)   Walled Lake, MI0:45:59 119033   Specialized
2180.48Jeff Weinert   Lake Orion, MI0:46:13 37591   WOLVERINES/ACFSTORES.com
3184.60Jay Moncel (1 - Cat2)   Troy, MINOCHIP 166325   WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM
4188.72Frederick Rose (2 - Cat1)   Bloomington, IN0:46:21 30553   BikeReg.com
5192.84Michael McShane   Louisville, KY0:46:22 23836   Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
6196.96Jonathan Card   Sylvania, OH0:46:22 6078   TEAM CARD
7201.08Andrew Gorski   Allison Park, PA0:46:21 203109   Pro Bikes
8205.20Andrew Messer (3 - Cat1)   Bloomington, IN0:46:43 212310   DRT Racing pb Revolution Bike & Bean
9209.32Micah Fritzinger (2 - Cat2)   Georgetown, IN0:47:52 290524   Schellers Fitness & Cycling
10213.44Matthew Scott (4 - Cat1)   Boise, ID0:47:58 50296   fiets met slagroom
11217.56Erik Koehler (3 - Cat2)   Birmingham, MI0:47:58 296282   Motor City Racing
12221.68Jeffrey Welch (5 - Cat1)   Lenoir, NC0:48:01 37647   Carroll Composites/Fiets Maan
13225.80Michael Gaertner   Coeur D Alene, ID0:48:08 12623   Vertical Earth
14229.92Tom Brockman   Louisville, KYLouisville 257632   Bicycle Sport Inc.
15234.04John Gatch (6 - Cat1)   Terrace Park, OH0:48:18 153866   Drakes Fine Coffee
16238.16Keith Lucas (4 - Cat2)   Custer, KY0:48:25 209624   Schellers Racing Team
17242.28Jason Karew (5 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH0:48:40 133936   Revolution Fitness/Powerade Zero
18246.40Peter Thompson (6 - Cat2)   Ortonville, MI0:48:43 245538   Team Specialized
19250.52John Mandrola   Louisville, KY0:49:04 201258   Papa Johns Racing Team
20254.64Brian Andriot   Louisville, KY0:49:11 275805   Bicycle Sport Inc.
21258.76James Baldesare   Kent, OH0:49:16 63797   Cleveland Clinic Sports health/RGF
22262.88Chip Duckett (7 - Cat2)   High Point, NC0:49:18 233657   Mock Orange Racing
23267.00David Johnson (8 - Cat2)   Toledo, OH0:49:38 224884   Drake's Coffee
24271.12Brent Evans   Novelty, OH0:49:50 11037   Team Spin
25275.24Rudy Sroka   N Royalton, OH0:49:58 33715   Lake Effect Racing
26279.36Bruce Pisarek   Powell, OH0:50:07 73174   COBC National Engineering
27283.48Karl Stover   St. Louis, MO0:50:16 34328   Green Street Cycling Team
28287.60Paul Warloski   Milwaukee, WI0:50:25 97808   my wife inc
29291.72Eric Jones   Boulder, CO0:50:28 154867   Unattached
30295.84Lance Fagerberg   Louisville, KY0:50:35 11159   Papa John's Racing Team
31299.96Peter Hills (9 - Cat2)   Loveland, OH0:50:40 117544   Fuji Cycling
32304.08Todd Braswell   Lenoir, NC0:50:54 101225   Fiets Maan Racing
33308.20John May   Louisville, KY0:51:02 195083   Papa John's Racing Team
34312.32Mathew Baroli (10 - Cat2)   Troy, MI0:51:07 163946   Wolerines
35316.44Fred Wittwer (7 - Cat1)   Charlottesvle, VA0:51:41 38738   Alan North America Cycling Team
36320.56Jeffrey Chambers   Louisville, KY-2LAP 93184   Schellers Racing Team
37324.68Steve Bivens   Evansville, INNOCHIP 257617   Breck's Bicycle Shop
38328.80Corey Green   Mason, OH-2LAP 150266   ZWS Cycle Sport
39332.92Wayne Gorry   Payson, AZ-3LAP 13741   Hammer Nutrition
40337.04Anthony (Tony) Bilotta (11 - Cat2)   Aiken, SC-3LAP 126767   Van Dessel Factory Team

Men - Junior Boys 15-18 - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1290.33Zach Deitch   Greenwood In0:38:09 311604   Speedway Wheelmen
2309.06James Francisco   Louisville, KY0:38:20 269260   Red Zone Juniors Cycling
3327.79Jedidiah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN0:39:09 292244   Red Zone Cycling
4346.52Zachary Ross   Cincinnati, OH0:39:55 301225   QCW Lionhearts
5365.25Robert Prewitt   Loveland, OH0:40:45 267669   QCW Lionhearts
6383.98Corbin Schmitz   Bargersville, IN0:42:15 319856   Speedway Wheelmen
7402.71Will Mandrola   Louisville, KY0:43:58 285197   Fuji Cycling
8421.44Andrew Rademacher   Loveland, OH-2LAP 267448   QCW Lionhearts
9440.17Michael Gruenwald   Cincinnati, OH-2LAP 270146   QCW Lionhearts
10458.90Spencer Petrov   Mason, OHDSQ 301051   QCW Lionhearts

Men - Cat 4 Master - 35-44

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1358.18Richard McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH0:31:37 273545   Zephyr Wheel Sports
2372.38Jamie Williamson   Cincinnati, OH0:32:14 298032   Team Hungry!
3386.58James Foster   Indianapolis, IN0:32:22 305928   Team Nebo Ridge
4400.78bill craig   Cincinnati, OH0:33:08 345768   Queen City Wheels
5414.98Russell Verlinger   Cleveland, OHNOCHIP 36616   scum city racing
6429.18James Clark   Valdese, NCNOCHIP 301043   Velosports Racing
7443.38John Petrov   Mason, OH0:34:24 304080   Queen City Wheels
8457.58Edward Wimmer   Erlanger, KY0:34:35 312686   Team CNC
9471.78Michael Adams (1 - Cat4)   Stow, OHNOCHIP 115151   WAS Labs Cycling
10485.98Paul Gamewell   Morganton, NCNOCHIP 305163   
11500.18Michael Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:34:41 325988   Queen City Wheels
12514.38Jeffrey Schlaudecker (2 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:35:21 111087   Queen City Wheels
13528.58James Votaw   Norton, OH0:37:05 276818   Was Labs
14542.78Charles McDonald   Bellevue, KY0:37:26 360447   CNC Covington Newport Cycling
15556.98Jon Timmons (3 - Cat4)   Liberty Township, OH-4LAP 301343   Rogue Racing Project

Men - Cat 4 Master - 45-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1366.30Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH0:31:46 331066   Queen City Wheels
2381.12John Weber (1 - Cat4)   Richmond, IN 254981   Colavita Racing
3395.94Ted Christian (1 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:34:09 317566   Queen City Wheels
4410.76David Messina   Cleveland Oh0:35:07 332870   Fuji Cycling
5425.58Dennis Lockhart (2 - Cat4)   Granite Falls, NCNOCHIP 334542   
6440.40Alan Willey   Cincinnati, OH0:35:30 296822   Queen City Wheels
7455.22John Wheeler   Carmel, IN0:35:55 206716   Moore Gray Goat Sports
8470.04Peter Lytle   Maineville, OH0:37:01 302432   Gears 4 Beers
9484.86Larry Myles   Utica, KY-2LAP 149849   Ohio Valley Velo-EDT
10499.68David Nissen   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 165977   Queen City Wheels
11514.50Randy Morris (3 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 284697   Queen City Wheels
12529.32Benjamin Ross (4 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 301223   7Hills Racing
13544.14Rodney Thompson   Liberty Township, OH-1LAP 359812   Queen City Wheels
14558.96Mark McKenney   Mason, OH-1LAP 270287   7 Hills Racing
15573.78Ralph Pratt III   Batesville, IN-2LAP 214025   INDIEBIKE.COM
16588.60Frank Strang   Mcdonald, OH 316942   MVC

Men - Cat 2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1191.48Craig Etheridge (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA0:46:34 226484   Raleigh Bicycles
2195.23Raymond Smith   Louisville, KY0:47:42 292526   Bob's Red Mill
3198.98Jason Monk   Lexington, KY0:47:41 267995   Main Street Velo
4202.73Thatcher Hurt   Boone, NC0:47:42 258195   Carroll Composites Factory Racing
5206.48Travis Mullen (2 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY0:48:29 170108   Shamrock Cycles
6210.23Matthew Means   Punxsutawney Pa0:48:45 289974   C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
7213.98David Hauber   Clarksville, IN0:49:05 209979   Bicycle sport / salsa
8217.73cory swihart   Indianapolis, IN0:49:07 277488   team indiebike P/B Angies List
9221.48Chris Mayhew   Pittsburgh, PA0:49:08 88693   JBV Coaching
10225.23Joshua Prater (3 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN0:49:27 28616   Speedway Wheelmen
11228.98Greg Flecher   Columbus, OH0:49:31 274985   Team Lake Effect
12232.73Robert Sroka   North Royalton, OH0:49:31 270997   Lake Effect
13236.48Ian McShane (1 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:49:41 257336   Red Zone Cycling
14240.23Anthony Marut (2 - Cat3)   Painesville, OH0:49:43 235395   Team Lake Effects
15243.98Zeb King (4 - Cat2)   Boone, NC0:49:51 307756   Appalachian State University
16247.73Alder Martz (5 - Cat2)   Charlotte Nc0:50:15 202082   Marian University
17251.48Micheal Jernigan (6 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY0:50:20 178469   Justin's Nut Butters
18255.23Nolan Tankersley (3 - Cat3)   Erwin, TN0:50:20 298437   MSG/ TRI CITIES ROAD CLUB
19258.98Eric Lundgren   Pittsburgh, PA0:50:42 264778   JBV Coaching
20262.73Chris Ramsey (4 - Cat3)   Tucson, AZ0:50:46 165364   
21266.48Neal Forbes   Columbus, IN0:50:53 251328   Marian University
22270.23Andrew Truemper   Indianpolis, IN0:50:54 242744   XXX Racing - AthletiCo
23273.98Christopher Uberti (7 - Cat2)   Greenville, SC0:50:57 238311   Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
24277.73Mike Heenan   Wauwatosa, WI0:51:01 218362   my wife inc
25281.48David Yohe   Indianapolis, IN0:51:05 290032   Marian University
26285.23scott gartman   Salt Lake City, UT0:51:18 282666   Team Lake Effect
27288.98Christopher Chartier (8 - Cat2)   Hamilton, OH0:51:40 207349   Racing for Riley p/b Alderfer Bergen
28292.73Richard Rainville (5 - Cat3)   Livonia, MI0:51:43 305239   WOLVERINES/ACFSTORES.COM
29296.48Bradley Schmalzer (9 - Cat2)   Charleston, WV0:52:00 249577   Team Bikeman.com/Stan's NoTubes/XXC Magazine
30300.23Christopher Metzler   Columbus, OH0:52:01 250312   Team Six One Four
31303.98Zachary Lytle (10 - Cat2)   Dallas, TX0:52:12 60167   Oak Cliff Bicycle Company
32307.73Tim Holt   Chicago, IL0:52:13 311607   BSM Cycling
33311.48William Sherman   Indianapolis, IN0:52:53 134321   Shamrock Cycles
34315.23Gregg Shanefelt (11 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA-2LAP 205264   Bob's Red Mill
35318.98Mitchell Gabel   Lakewood, OH-2LAP 262227   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF presented by
36322.73Alex Dayton (12 - Cat2)   Kingsport, TN-2LAP 271461   Smartstop / Mock Orange p/b Ridley
37326.48Katsuhiro Tanda (13 - Cat2)   Athens, OH-2LAP 219952   COBC/National Engineering
38330.23Christian Schott (6 - Cat3)   Imperial, PA-2LAP 255619   Trek of Pittsburgh-National Velo
39333.98Ryan Preske   Denver-2LAP 303669   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
40337.73Aaron Casey   Kingsport, TNNOCHIP 300913   MSG CX
41341.48Ben Hay   Pittsburgh, PA-2LAP 274129   Iron City Bikes
42345.23Aaron Knapp (7 - Cat3)   Bloomington, IN-2LAP 258995   Alderfer Bergen
43348.98David Rose (8 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY-2LAP 296568   Team Bikes and Moore
44352.73David Rohrer   Athens, OH-2LAP 289434   Team Athens
45356.48Ryan Bartholomy   Owensboro, KY-3LAP 247283   
46360.23Cory St Clair   Cincinnati, OH-3LAP 238230   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health RGF Cycling
47363.98Scott Baumer (9 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN-3LAP 353428   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
48367.73Peter Deucher (10 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN-3LAP 225739   Marian University
49371.48Matt Harbaugh   Cincinnati, OH-3LAP 302357   Team Hungry
50375.23Jason Stoner (14 - Cat2)   Athens, OH-3LAP 139111   Fiets Met Slagroom
51378.98George Gantner (11 - Cat3)   South Euclid, OH-4LAP 355416   Scum City Racing
52382.73William Bain (12 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY-4LAP 286658   BikeClicks/Team Louisville
53386.48Dustin Jones   Indianapolis, IN-4LAP 276412   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
54390.23Matt Grainger   Arden, NC-5LAP 191087   Cyclocrossworld
55393.98Nicholas Leonard   Owensboro, KY-5LAP 240152   Ohio Valley Velo
56397.73Isaiah Newkirk   St.louis, MO-1LAP 282064   Marian University
57401.48Patrick Brock   West Bend, WI 268180   My Wife Inc
58405.23Anthony Viton   Westerville, OH 288957   Echelon

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1306.31Ryan Hubbs   Bargersville , IN0:38:08 343562   Speedway Wheelmen
2314.45Will Meger   La Crosse, WI0:38:08 336360   Marian University
3322.59Duncan Russell   Corvallis, OR0:39:18 313872   Echelon
4330.73Jared Cakebread   Elizabethton, TN0:39:34 174363   Unattached
5338.87Greg Johnson   Fenton, MI0:39:44 211378   Flying Rhino Cycling Club
6347.01Derek Elliott   Carmel, IN0:39:49 311431   DRT Racing
7355.15Christopher Carissimi   Batavia, OH0:40:07 347066   Bishops Bicycles
8363.29Oliver Beeson   Fishers, IN0:40:14 204060   Matthews Racing
9371.43Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH0:40:16 331066   Queen City Wheels
10379.57Erick Madis   Hudson, OH0:40:19 237913   JONES Racing
11387.71Tim Collins   Mercer Island, WA0:40:40 270856   Queen CIty Wheels
12395.85Patrick Lach   Cincinnati, OHNOCHIP 145722   Zephyr wheels/cycle sport
13403.99Thomas Anderson   Cincinnati, OH0:40:55 290824   Team Hungry!
14412.13Michael Starr   Cincinnati, OH0:41:02 277346   Team Hungry!
15420.27Richard McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH0:41:05 273545   Zephyr Wheel Sports
16428.41Darryn Fessel   Cincinnati Oh0:41:05 302129   UBS / 7 Hills Racing
17436.55David Ferguson   Central City, KY0:41:19 304203   Ohio Valley Velo
18444.69Dick Chartier   Hamilton, OH0:41:27 238296   Ghisallo Cycling
19452.83Tyler Lach   Cincinnati, OH0:41:31 301009   Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport
20460.97Derek Graham   Cincinnati, OH0:41:37 359885   
21469.11Kipp Silber   Dayton, OH0:42:15 287701   Fuji Cycling
22477.25Ryan Vingris   Centerville0:42:47 179029   Olympus HOmes
23485.39Kristian Graham   Granville, OH0:43:42 231846   Team Six One Four
25493.53Shawn Wickham   Highland Heights, KY-2LAP 321176   Team CNC
27501.67Brantley Berry   Richmond, IN-3LAP 360870   Cycling Fitness Warehouse
29509.81Weston Flickinger   Akron, OH 298929   Prochain
31517.95Sam Klontz   Black Mountain, NC 296965   BSM Cycling

Men - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1376.96William Bobrow   Louisville, KY0:24:32 318510   Papa John's Racing Team
2388.17Thomas Francisco   Louisville, KY0:24:35 327052   Red Zone Juniors Cycling
3399.38Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH0:26:32 325072   QCW Lionhearts
4410.59Dylan Rockwood   Loveland, OH0:26:41 358574   Lionhearts
5421.80Gabriel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:29:09 324656   QCW Lionhearts
6433.01Eli Woodard   Apex, NCNOCHIP 329312   QCW Lionhearts
7444.22Thomas Morris   Cincinnati, OHNOCHIP 359331   QCW Lionhearts
8455.43Jacob Krynock   Mason, OH0:31:38 323964   QCW Lionhearts
9466.64Lucas Stierwalt   Maineville, OH0:31:44 359561   QCW LionHearts
10477.85Lewis Gatch   Terrace Park, OH0:31:54 327078   QCW Lionhearts
11489.06Joseph Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:34:39 358628   QCW Lionhearts
12500.27Evan Segar   Cincinnati, OH0:35:10 301097   QCW Lionhearts
13511.48Garrett McNear   Louisville, KY0:35:40 358698   Red Zone Cycling
14522.69Dawson McCulley   Mason, OH0:36:53 359538   QCW Lionhearts
15533.90Joseph Grolmes   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 358612   QCW LionHearts
16545.11Christopher McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 358350   Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts
17556.32Ian Burt   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 358875   Lionhearts
18undefined Overton   -1LAP   Lionhearts
19578.74Zane Ash   Cincinnati, OH 301021   QCW Lionhearts
20589.95Bartek Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH 358802   LIONHEARTS

Men - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1353.70Edward Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN0:25:03 292245   Red Zone
2370.85Jackson McNear   Louisville, KY0:25:12 301315   Red Zone Cycling
3388.00Nathan Ross   Cincinnati, OH0:25:53 301226   QCW Lionhearts
4405.15Alexander Christian   Cincinnati, OH0:25:53 324300   QCW Lionhearts
5422.30Ryan Madis   Hudson, OH0:26:34 284218   Jones Racing
6439.45Jacob Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:26:41 326000   QCW Lionhearts
7456.60Cameron Fisk   Louisville, KY0:28:30 302078   RedZone Cycling
8473.75Mark Myles   Utica, KY0:29:07 360293   Ohio Valley Velo
9490.90John Morris   Cincinnati, OH0:30:55 301022   QCW LINOHEARTS
10508.05Maxwell Savage   Loveland, OH-1LAP 323824   QCW Lionhearts

Women - UCI Elite Women

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1100.95Katherine Compton   Colorado Springs, CO0:40:13 55820   Rabobank
2Caroline Mani   0:40:24   cc etupes le doubs pays de montb?liard
3110.93Susan Butler   Portland, OR0:40:30 211472   River City Ridley
4115.92Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO0:40:48 200237   Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.com
5120.91Meredith Miller   Boulder, CO0:40:49 143575   Cal Giant
6125.90Georgia Gould   Fort Collins, CO0:40:54 183192   LUNA
7130.89Coryn Rivera   Tustin, CA0:41:39 207432   Marian University
8135.88Katherine Sherwin   Heber City, UT0:41:52 173633   Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team
9140.87Devon Gorry   Logan, UT0:41:55 210903   Rambuski Law
10145.86Ashley James   Dousman, WI0:42:14 219841   KCCX p/b Fuji
11150.85Meghan Korol   Asheville, NC0:42:58 285702   Bob's Red Mill CX
12155.84AnnaJean Dallaire   Georgetown, IN0:43:37 217836   Racin' for Riley p/b Alderfer Bergen
13160.83Katie Arnold   Columbus, OH0:43:48 344864   Echelon Cycling Team
14165.82Linda Sone   Northfield, MN0:44:04 224939   cycle-smart.com/Flanders
15170.81Rebecca Blatt   Lakewood, CO0:44:08 241201   Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder
16175.80Jenni Gaertner   Coeur D Alene, ID0:44:30 22279   Raleigh America
17180.79Jennifer Maxwell   Washington, DC0:44:45 61179   VanDessel Factory Team pb Sterke Meiden
18185.78Corrie Osborne   Mequon, WI0:45:04 298510   IsCorp
19190.77Erin Silliman   Richmond, VA0:45:24 260287   ALAN N. America Cycling Team
20195.76Sarah Huang   Pleasant Prairie, WI0:45:43 225258   Nova IS Corp
21200.75Shannon Gibson   Durango, CO0:45:49 156279   Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team
22205.74Elizabeth Cobb   Bloomington, IN0:46:44 302950   Bikereg.com
23210.73Bridget Donovan   Cincinnati, OH0:47:03 119776   Trek Store Cincinnati/Seven Cycles Development Tea
24215.72Vanessa McCaffery   Newfield, NY0:47:24 222557   Corning/NoTubes Race Team/Swan Cycles

Women - U19 Women

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Rachel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:33:13 267450   QCW Lionhearts
2Mackenzie Green   Mason, OH0:37:38 300251   QCW Lionhearts

Women - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1292.58Erika Howard   Hamilton, OH0:33:09 291315   Secret Cycling
1269.56Jacqueline Kurth   Palm City, FL0:32:04 182253   Marion University
2315.60Kathleen Neff   Cincinnati, OH0:36:30 354912   Queen City Wheels
2338.62Sarah Fredrickson   Bloomington, IN0:32:51 217611   BikeReg.com
3361.64Flavia Sancier   Yellow Springs, OH0:38:50 318994   Heckawee
3384.66Cooper Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY0:34:00 299864   Team CNC
4407.68Chienhui (Janet) Sherman   Indianapolis, IN0:39:38 312884   Shamrock Cycles
4430.70Lisha Herold   Oakdale, MN0:34:51 307621   Marian University
5453.72Collyn Smitherman   Danville, KY0:39:38 324718   pedal the planet
6476.74Hannah Mossman   Cincinnati, OH0:41:02 260364   Kenda p/b geargrinder

Women - Master - 35-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1255.68Kelly Paterson (1 - Cat3)   Troy, MI0:31:45 241369   WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM
2273.18Julie Lewis-Sroka   N Royalton, OH0:32:58 143111   Lake Effect Racing
3290.68Kim Bishop (2 - Cat3)   Kingsport, TN0:33:39 237805   Barberitos/Everedy Endurance
4308.18Jenny Lytle (1 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH0:34:01 324412   G4B
5325.68Susan Shaw (3 - Cat3)   Fenton, MI0:34:09 246829   Fusion IT
6343.18Elli Sigmond   Dayton, OH0:35:41 361061   Oregon District Brewing
7360.68Suzanne Johnson (4 - Cat3)   St. Louis, MO0:35:41 286144   Michelob ultra big shark
8378.18Claudia Fritzinger (2 - Cat4)   Georgetown, IN0:35:59 292247   Schellers Fitness & Cycling
9395.68Julia Casals (5 - Cat3)   The Plains, VA0:36:24 299331   Van Dessel Sterke Meiden
10413.18Karin Reed   Cincinnati, OH0:36:56 305310   Team Dayton / Secret Cycling
11430.68Nancy Henderson   West Des Moines, IANOCHIP 208557   covc
12448.18Cory Redmond   Ballwin, MO0:37:44 286340   black sheep cartel
13465.68Tiffanie Hills   Loveland, OH0:41:26 302106   Secret Cycling
14483.18Misty Kepano   Shepherdsville, KY-1LAP 302334   Team Fleur De Lis
15500.68Karen Wells-Hamilton (3 - Cat4)   Fairborn, OH-1LAP 274282   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
16518.18Sherri Thompson (4 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY-1LAP 290519   Rogue Racing Project
17535.68Adrienne O'Day   Ypsilanti, MINOCHIP 254330   Specialized
18553.18Heather Maier   Liberty Township, OH 308982   Secret Cycling-Team Dayton
19570.68Kellie Strang   Mcdonald, OH 303754   Carbon Racing

Women - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1477.49Sydney Lach   Cincinnati, OH0:31:14 359638   Lionhearts
2499.99Madeleine Green   Mason, OHNOCHIP 320414   QCW Lionhearts
3522.49Chloe Christian   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 358563   QCW Lionhearts
4544.99Abigail Savage   Loveland, OH-1LAP 323830   QCW Lionhearts
5567.49Mariadelpilar Grolmes   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 358617   QCW Lionhearts
6589.99Maddie Barter   Cincinnati, OH 326718   QCW Lionhearts

Women - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1441.23Frances Haley   Louisville, KY0:27:07 285432   Red Zone Cycling
2488.55Kennedy Adams   Stow, OH0:29:47 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
3535.87MaryFrances SharpShair   Cincinnati, OH0:29:52 301029   queenCity wheels
4583.19Emma Hayes   Cincinnati, OH0:31:49 321258   QCW Lionhearts

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