Race Results for
Spin Doctor Criterium 2006
Madison, WI
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Criterium on 06/17/2006

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Scott Pearson   Lisle, IL 60955   Metlife
2Steve Scholzen   Shorewood, WI 201190   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
3Charles (Casey) McCauley (1 - Cat2)   Irvine, CA 209986   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
4Chris Halverson   Madison, WI 188913   Chippewa Valley Cycling Club
5Billy Jones   Milwaukee, WI 53173   Endeavour Cycling
6John Voigt   Oconomowoc, WI 53599   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
7Kyle Jacobson   Milwaukee, WI 209985   One Percent More! Racing
8John Acker   Sherwood, WI 67867   Team Wheel & Sprocket
9Richard Hatch   Madison, WI 80406   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
10Jordan Roessingh (1 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 170411   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
11Peter Femal      Monex
12David Kay   Appleton, WI 130383   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
13Jonathan Fraley   Menomonee Falls, WI 202651   Endeavour Cycling
14Jason Garner   Glenview, IL 42620   Northbrook Bicycle Club Inc.
15Josh Meyer   Two Rivers 197910   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
16Jason Landretti   Fitchburg, WI 86309   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
17Matthew Racine   Sun Prairie, WI 94402   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
18John Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025   Spin Doctor Cycling Club

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Masters - 30-35

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Scott Pearson   Lisle, IL 60955   Metlife
2Billy Jones   Milwaukee, WI 53173   Endeavour Cycling
3Mark McGeen   Waukesha, WI 23462   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
4John Voigt   Oconomowoc, WI 53599   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
5Greg Biettler   Madison, WI 3663   Brazen Dropouts
6Ben Lund   Delafield, WI 104579   Endeavour Cycling
7William Ochowicz   Pewaukee, WI 101140   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
8Gene Tolli   Albany, WI 83764   CZ Velo
9Chris Halverson   Madison, WI 188913   Chippewa Valley Cycling Club
10James Moore   Greenville, WI 208911   Team Wheel & Sprocket
11John Handlogten   Racine, WI 46674   One Percent More! Racing
12Lowell Kellogg   Menomonee Falls, WI 18804   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
13John Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
14Thomas Moloney   Tampa, FL 174879   Metlife
15David Schimp   Pasadena, TX 205085   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
16Darren Pipp   Verona, WI 28209   Endeavour Cycling
17William Baudhuin   Fitchburg, WI 159914   Brazen Dropouts
18Jim Winter   Delafield, WI 48859   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
19Mark Hughes   Waukesha, WI 56093   CZ Velo
20Mark Dolin   Janesville, WI 9724   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
21Paul Nilsen   Madison, WI 117358   Brazen Dropouts
22Todd Miller   Shorewood, WI 24495   Endeavour Cycling
23Mark Nagg      Dogfish Racing Team
24John Larson   Greendale, WI 57032   Endeavour Cycling
25John Scandurra (1 - Cat3)   Madison, WI 49175   Brazen Dropouts
26John Coyle   Streamwood, IL 45211   Wolverine Sports Club
27Jeff Tumbleson   Bristol, WI 59009   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
28Randall Roth   Shorewood, WI 61731   Endeavour Cycling
29Daniel Truesdale   Wauwatosa, WI 124980   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Spencer Oswald   Lincoln, NE 231748   Free Flight
2Michael James   Dousman, WI 219828   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
3Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO 200237   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
4Mitchell Bogardus   Kenosha, WI 210565   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
5Christian Stone   North Freedom, WI 229845   Baraboo Sharks
6Marcella Weiss   Twin Lakes, WI 199793   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
7Jane Lee   Madison, WI 237883   Brazen Dropouts
8Garrett Roth   Shorewood, WI 247466   Endeavour Cycling
9Nikolas Lemke (1 - Cat5)   Baraboo, WI 212747   Baraboo Sharks
10Benjamin Stone   North Freedom, WI 245188   Baraboo Sharks

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Adam Kosela   Downers Grove, IL 199924   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
2Erik Meier   Baraboo, WI 185547   Baraboo Sharks
3Mitch Gantz   Green Bay, WI 225382   Endeavour Cycling
4Alex Wieseler   Indianapolis, IN 207324   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
5Jordan Fatke (1 - Cat3)   Fond Du Lac, WI 228267   Baraboo Sharks
6Sam Stone   North Freedom, WI 213424   Baraboo Sharks
7William Dehli   Coloma, WI 213433   Baraboo Sharks
8John Donovan   Hartland, WI 231155   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
9Nick Carter   Baraboo, WI 222151   Baraboo Sharks
10Jonathan Heile   Milwaukee 248092   One Percent More! Racing
11Matthew Kennedy   Sullivan, WI 229190   Unattached
12Ashley James   Dousman, WI 219841   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
13Bjorn Mikkelson   Wausau, WI 218710   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
14Whitney Dehli   Coloma, WI 215646   Baraboo Sharks

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Masters - 45-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gordon Paulson   Cottage Grove, WI 176866   Chippewa Valley Cycling Club
2Jeffrey Thompson   Hartland, WI 91110   One Percent More! Cycling
3Jeff McKillip   Belmont, NH 219454   Unattached
4Gregory Pautsch   Chippewa Falls, WI 180532   Chippewa Valley Cycling Club
5Richard Olson   Milwaukee, WI 52494   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
6Craig Terlau   Shorewood, WI 179507   Endeavour Cycling
7Gregory Andrews   Verona, WI 197184   Brazen Dropouts
8Kenneth Pearson   Janesville, WI 50596   Janesville Velo Club
9Rit Booth   Milwaukee, WI 51735   Hampshire Cycle Club
10Don Carr   Wauwatosa, WI 185458   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
11Robert Henry   Oconomowoc, WI 143508   Team Wisconsin
12Gregg Coroleuski   Pewaukee, WI 49090   One Percent More! Cycling

Men - Cat 3 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Casey Masterson   Milwaukee, WI 212244   Velo Trocadero
2Dan Ajer   Cottage Grove, WI 180160   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
3Brandon Wood   Fitchburg, WI 230061   Endeavour Cycling
4Jack Hirt   Wauwatosa, WI 216643   Velo Trocadero
5Thomas Clark   Fort Collins, CO 179448   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
6Erik Meier   Baraboo, WI 185547   Baraboo Sharks
7Steven Knurr   Madison, WI 208097   Endeavour Cycling
8Erik Hamilton   Boulder, CO 238111   Morris Trucking Velo
9Tim Srenaski   Boulder, CO 208544   Bianchi/Grand Performance
10Corey Behrens   Milwaukee, WI 240426   Brazen Dropouts
11Andrew Smith   Milwaukee, WI 224805   Endeavour Cycling
12Timothy Henry   Lake In The Hills, IL 200362   Project 5 Racing
13Matthew Prest   Verona, WI 65954   Brazen Dropouts
14Alan Ziolkowski   Milwaukee, WI 203666   Project 5 Racing
15Casey Lamers   Madison, WI 185456   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
16Timothy Clark   Denver Co 225833   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
17Patrick Haley   Milwaukee, WI 199776   Velo Trocadero
18Joseph Kraynick   Milwaukee, WI 118413   One Percent More! Racing
19Matt Waite   Madison, WI 206676   Brazen Dropouts
20Kevin Kirsch   Madison, WI 53028   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
21Jason Carr   Wauwatosa, WI 186505   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
22Sam Stone   North Freedom, WI 213424   Baraboo Sharks

Men - Cat 4 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Brian Hertzberg   Forest Lake, MN 208067   Velo Squadra
2Brandon Krawczyk   Waukesha, WI 232232   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
3Nathan Moenck   Madison, WI 243381   Mercy
4Will Stoffel   Katy, TX 199999   Brazen Dropouts
5Yong Qi      ABD Cycle Club
6John Rubens      Unattached
7Pat Attuberg      Unattached
8James Steen      Turin Bicycling Society
9Jonathan Camp   Madison, WI 207022   UW Cycling
10Scott Waldron   Buford, GA 233225   North Branch Cycling Club
11Mitch Gantz   Green Bay, WI 225382   Endeavour Cycling
12Lyle Hanson   Madison, WI 219950   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
13Jason Boynton   Madison, WI 187093   Janesville Velo Club
14Patrick Kelly   Chicago, IL 214360   XXX Racing
15Darin Minter   Grayslake, IL 215046   North Branch Cycling Club
16Todd Heal   Waterloo, WI 54947   Brazen Dropouts
17Alex Wieseler   Indianapolis, IN 207324   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
18Patrick Flannery   Madison, WI 580   Endeavour Cycling
19Nick Carter   Baraboo, WI 222151   Baraboo Sharks
20Bjorn Mikkelson   Wausau, WI 218710   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.

Men - Cat 4/5 - Masters - 30-35

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Anthony Phillips   Hartland, WI 231191   Team Wisconsin
2Craig Shwonek   Sagamore Hills, OH 55615   Endeavour Cycling
3Barry Humiston   Germantown, WI 55686   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
4Larry Gundlach   Madison, WI 192742   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
5Ryan Fandre   Waukesha, WI 188403   Chiropractic Partners
6Gary Baisa   Madison, WI 97196   Unattached
7Timothy Riley   La Crosse, WI 230962   Team Wheel & Sprocket
8David Greenblatt   Madison, WI 72993   Brazen Dropouts
9Tom Starr   Oregon, WI 123474   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
10Sean Shields   Milwaukee, WI 76735   Hampshire Cycle Club
11Jeff McKillip   Belmont, NH 219454   Unattached
12Craig Curtis   Appleton, WI 225335   Team Wheel & Sprocket
13Eric Knuth   Madison, WI 203995   Brazen Dropouts
14Andrew Schwartz   Milwaukee, WI 226605   Endeavour Cycling
15Aaron Duston   Colorado Springs, CO 229941   Chiropractic Partners
16N/A   Chicago, IL 243692   Chiropractic Partners
17Robert Schallhorn   Hartland, WI 240346   One Percent More! Racing
18Brian Carlson   New Berlin, WI 63425   Unattached
19Don Carr   Wauwatosa, WI 185458   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
20Darin Chic   Sussex, WI 229777   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
21James Sneddon   Schaumburg, IL 218848   ABD Cycle Club
22Mauro Fisher   Chicago, IL 200462   XXX Racing
23Ryan Greist      Unattached
24Michael Wodyn      Unattached
25Bill Jollie   Madison, WI 229219   Brazen Dropouts
26Robert Henry   Oconomowoc, WI 143508   Team Wisconsin
27Rudy Bryan      Team Wisconsin
28Christopher Kronser   Middleton, WI 200356   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
29David Aldersebaes (1 - Cat4)   Milwaukee, WI 174255   Project 5 Racing
30Barney Sheafor   Middleton, WI 210543   Brazen Dropouts
31Rit Booth   Milwaukee, WI 51735   Hampshire Cycle Club
32Mark Schultheis   Wauwatosa, WI 244585   Chiropractic Partners
33Michael Mandli   Germantown, WI 225464   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
34Andrew Reiland   Waukesha, WI 203977   Team Wisconsin
35Michael Duschak   Madison 225961   Endeavour Cycling
36Paul-John Wood   Verona, WI 237365   Endeavour Cycling

Men - Cat 5 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Nicholas Newton   South Milwaukee, WI 240347   Endeavour Cycling
2Kevin Berger   Minneapolis, MN 53836   Brazen Dropouts
3Karl Erbach   Sun Prairie, WI 235285   Project 5 Racing
4Darren Muenchow   Palmdale, CA 242445   Unattached
5Matthew Kruse   Buffalo Grove, IL 236487   Unattached
6William Dehli   Coloma, WI 213433   Baraboo Sharks
7John Hattey      Unattached
8Spencer Oswald   Lincoln, NE 231748   Free Flight
9Dan Berg   Antioch, IL 237693   North Branch Cycling Club
10Jacob Brow   Dousman, WI 233257   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
11Ryan Harbeck      Unattached
12Jonathan Heile   Milwaukee 248092   One Percent More! Racing
13Robert Williams   Chicago, IL 208871   Unattached
14Matthew Kennedy   Sullivan, WI 229190   Unattached
15Cody Gunst   Hartford, WI 246370   Unattached
16Andrew Potts   Madison, WI 249211   Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Carrieann Kopernik   Union Grove, WI 172958   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
2Rachel Eichers   Madison, WI 179920   America's Dairyland
3Casey Cessna   Minneapolis, MN 221873   Endeavour Cycling
4Rita Glumm   Waukesha, WI 222984   Spin Doctor Cycling Club
5Rebecca Anderson   Columbus, WI 126258   America's Dairyland
6Madeleine Puissant   Milwaukee, WI 218400   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
7Kelli Hayes   Rochester, MN 240283   Unattached
8Jessica Gammey   Madison, WI 238718   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
9Anna Rose Dierking   Madison, WI 189742   America's Dairyland

Women - Cat 4 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO 200237   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
2Michele Ericsson   Verona, WI 209890   Capitol Velo Club
3Heather Curnutt   Madison, WI 246308   Capitol Velo Club
4Carrie Simpson      Capitol Velo Club
5Deb Wood   Davenport, IA 212713   Kenda Tire
6Amelia Barber   Salt Lake City, UT 222910   Brazen Dropouts
7Rebecca Zach   Milwaukee, WI 207474   CZ Velo
8Yvonne Schumacher   Mukwonago, WI 241694   Endeavour Cycling
9Keri Anderson   Milwaukee, WI 215849   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
10Ashley James   Dousman, WI 219841   Nova Cycle Sport Inc.
11Tori Jennings   Madison, WI 17769   Capitol Velo Club
12Marcella Weiss   Twin Lakes, WI 199793   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
13Lara Chetkovich      Endeavour Cycling

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