Race Results for
Buffaloes in Snowmass
Snowmass Village, CO
(Event Information)
Cross Country on 09/22/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - CAT C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Connor Hodge   Durango, CO0:00:00 263836  426 Fort Lewis College
2542.94Sheamus Croke   Telluride0:00:00 415070  458 University of Colorado Boulder
3545.88Joe Barry   Colorado Springs, CO0:00:00 321972  459 Fort Lewis College
4548.82Joseph Esswein   U S A F Academy, CO0:00:00 395648  420 US Air Force Academy
5551.76Brendan Warren   Boulder, CO0:00:00 413704  409 University of Colorado Boulder
6554.71Carl Sechrist   Saint Louis, MO0:00:00 384050  439 University of Colorado Boulder
7557.65Colby Blackledge   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 389016  440 Western State Colorado University
8560.59Fernie Jacquez   San Antonio, TX0:00:00 289054  425 Fort Lewis College
9563.53Mason Kretekos   Glenview, IL0:00:00 413735  415 Western State Colorado University
10566.47alex rowland   Lansdale, PA0:00:00 414228  457 Fort Lewis College
11569.41Brent McKinsey   Brea, CA0:00:00 412902  451 Fort Lewis College
12572.35Christopher Schroeder   New York, NY0:00:00 383536  454 Colorado Mesa University
13575.29Andrew Ross   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 413631  428 Colorado State University
14578.24Riley Gustafson   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 413832  412 Colorado State University
15581.18Ryan Garcia   Laramie, WY0:00:00 413737  437 University of Wyoming
16584.12Arron Harms   Evergreen0:00:00 412547  453 University of Wyoming
17587.06Jonathan Payne   Alamosa, CO0:00:00 413727  404 Adams State University
18590.00Isacc Becker   Austin0:00:00 415264  456 Colorado College
DNFTyler Klemp   Pueblo Co0:00:00 413778  446 Adams State University
DNFAdam Collamati   U S A F Academy, CO0:00:00 388282  421 US Air Force Academy
DNFSutherland Detweiler   Boulder, CO0:00:00 388845  455 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFRyan Doeren   Albuquerque, NM0:00:00 354984  433 Fort Lewis College
DNFChace Blair   Owasso0:00:00 405580  423 Fort Lewis College

Men - CAT B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Devin McGlamery   Durango0:00:00 381408  359 Fort Lewis College
2542.00Peter Noon   Fairbanks0:00:00 413693  325 Western State Colorado University
3544.00Alex Milewski   San Clemente, CA0:00:00 387396  305 Fort Lewis College
4546.00Keegan Sotebeer   Parker, CO0:00:00 332056  361 University of Colorado Boulder
5548.00Adam Digby   San Juan Capistrano, CA0:00:00 295155  334 Fort Lewis College
6550.00Morris Hogan   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 413585  352 Colorado State University
7552.00Tyler Donohue   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 401551  309 Colorado State University
8554.00Creed Flynn   College Station0:00:00 389522  355 Colorado School of Mines
9556.00Maxwell Fogarty   Berkeley, CA0:00:00 339432  306 Fort Lewis College
10558.00Max Kluver   Berthoud, CO0:00:00 384243  307 Colorado State University
11560.00Alex Alleman    Gunnison, CO0:00:00 301288  319 Western State Colorado University
12562.00Rhys Louis   Hinsdale, IL0:00:00 298724  371 Colorado College
13564.00Parker Lehman   Arvada, CO0:00:00 413359  340 Fort Lewis College
14566.00Britt Douglas   Arvada, CO0:00:00 357378  364 Fort Lewis College
15568.00Matthew Brazell   Laramie, WY0:00:00 413769  318 University of Wyoming
16570.00Matthew Leonard   Evergreen, CO0:00:00 359923  368 University of Colorado Boulder
17572.00Emmet Subka   Colorado Springs, CO0:00:00 228953  374 Colorado State University
18574.00Donny Warbritton   Boulder, CO0:00:00 361065  353 University of Colorado Boulder
19576.00Andrew Preston   Golden, CO0:00:00 414010  375 Colorado State University
20578.00Sean Franklin   Durango, CO0:00:00 413559  373 Colorado State University
21580.00Justin Barr   Evergreen Co0:00:00 387800  324 Western State Colorado University
22582.00Asher Holloman   Gunnison , CO0:00:00 414290  377 Western State Colorado University
23584.00zachary bryant   Grand Junction, CO0:00:00 413115  329 Colorado Mesa University
24586.00Anthony Carfang Jr   Boulder, CO0:00:00 243657  347 University of Colorado Boulder
25588.00Kyle Lusk   Aspen0:00:00 413640  378 Colorado State University
26590.00Alex Inzer   Colorado Springs, CO0:00:00 357267  460 Colorado State University
DNFMark Dennis   Steamboat Springs, CO0:00:00 294276  320 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFMark Johnson   Alamosa, CO0:00:00 413738  310 Adams State University
DNFTimothy ONeal   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 414268  369 Western State Colorado University
DNFWeston Burcar   Durango0:00:00 413055  342 Fort Lewis College
DNFDylan Fox   Girdwood Ak0:00:00 386420  316 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFChad Hotimsky   Grand Junction Co0:00:00 388922  313 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFDavis Arney   Boulder0:00:00 414328  351 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFMichael Brazell   Old Forge Ny0:00:00 400487  317 University of Wyoming
DNFGarrett Brown   Boulder, CO0:00:00 386124  363 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFFritz Carpenter   Aspen, CO0:00:00 413039  376 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFAndrew Washburn   Boerne, TX0:00:00 359785  315 University of Colorado Boulder

Men - CAT A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1269.83Sepp Kuss   Durango0:00:00 276598  162 University of Colorado Boulder
2280.40Chris Baddick   Boulder0:00:00 284559  154 University of Colorado Boulder
3290.97Samuel Morrison   Boulder, CO0:00:00 265086  153 University of Colorado Boulder
4301.54Garrett Lundberg   Salida, CO0:00:00 306809  160 Fort Lewis College
5312.11Ryan Standish   Durango, CO0:00:00 314860  143 Fort Lewis College
6322.68Jakub Valigura   Boulder, CO0:00:00 359289  102 University of Colorado Boulder
7333.25Graham Ruhmann   Woodland Park, CO0:00:00 360963  120 Western State Colorado University
8343.82Bryan Horsley   Boulder, CO0:00:00 346104  117 University of Colorado Boulder
9354.39Lucas Rowton   La Canada Flintridge, CA0:00:00 356788  134 Fort Lewis College
10364.96Keith Omundson   Boulder, CO0:00:00 359222  103 University of Colorado Boulder
11375.53Mason Shea (1 - Cat1)   Austin Tx0:00:00 286395  136 Fort Lewis College
12386.11casey rhea   Durango, CO0:00:00 385537  104 Fort Lewis College
13396.68Cory Wittwer   Goldengolden, CO0:00:00 359845  133 Colorado School of Mines
14407.25Joshua McDowell   Durango Co0:00:00 325652  141 Fort Lewis College
15417.82Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO0:00:00 305250  108 Colorado School of Mines
16428.39Greg Krieger   Fort Collins , CO0:00:00 255039  147 Colorado State University
17438.96Josh Gallen   Crested Butte0:00:00 382797  109 University of Colorado Boulder
18449.53Cody Cupp   Twisp, WA0:00:00 328698  106 Fort Lewis College
19460.10Jeffery Sikes   Edmond, OK0:00:00 228074  159 Colorado Mesa University
20470.67Tucker Brown   Usafa, CO0:00:00 359742  112 US Air Force Academy
21481.24jake wands   Fort Collins0:00:00 387588  155 Colorado School of Mines
22491.81Alec Schaffer   Steamboat Springs, CO0:00:00 296377  157 University of Wyoming
23502.38Levi Kurlander   Durango, CO0:00:00 292498  146 Fort Lewis College
24512.95Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque0:00:00 359659  126 Colorado State University
25523.52Hamish Henderson   Kemnay Scotland 0:00:00 387275  158 Fort Lewis College
26534.09Andris Delins   Minneapolis, MN0:00:00 333848  128 Fort Lewis College
27544.66caleb woodworth   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 326360  156 Western State Colorado University
28555.23Adam Looney   Anchorage, AK0:00:00 283977  101 Colorado State University
29565.80Jeff Sabatka   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 413668  132 Western State Colorado University
30576.37Clancy Ryburn   Durango, CO0:00:00 359813  107 Fort Lewis College
31586.94Forrest Russell   Big Bear Lake0:00:00 383856  116 Adams State University
DNFMark Currie   Fort Collins 0:00:00 390110  127 Colorado State University
DNFStephan Davoust   Durango, CO0:00:00 264191  139 Fort Lewis College

Women - CAT B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Tasha Heilweil   Salt Lake City, UT0:00:00 414791  232 Colorado College
2545.56Leila Carrillo   Anaheim Ca0:00:00 328154  230 Fort Lewis College
3551.11Natalie Iwamoto   Alamosa, CO0:00:00 413733  204 Adams State University
4556.67Patricia WheelerLarsen   Salt Lake City0:00:00 414270  219 Western State Colorado University
5562.22Emily Guffin   Colorado Springs, CO0:00:00 342130  224 Colorado College
6567.78Shelby Bossert   Boulder, CO0:00:00 413696  209 University of Colorado Boulder
7573.33Sarah VanderMeulen   Castle Rock, CO0:00:00 414152  222 University of Colorado Boulder
8578.89Roni Morthorpe   U S A F Academy, CO0:00:00 414628  235 US Air Force Academy
9584.44ashleigh weibel   Fort Collins0:00:00 375719  215 Fort Lewis College
10590.00Elizabeth Smith   Clovis0:00:00 413604  207 Adams State University
DNFMorgan Neutz   Durango, CO0:00:00 412906  229 Fort Lewis College
DNFJordan McHenry   Dolores Co0:00:00 387247  202 University of Denver
DNFNikki Champion   Golden, CO0:00:00 403645  203 Colorado School of Mines
DNFLauren Lundquist   Friendswood Tx0:00:00 396936  201 Colorado School of Mines
DNFMarta Heinz   Colorado Springs, CO0:00:00 410457  233 University of Colorado Boulder

Women - CAT A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1351.06Sofia Gomez Villafane   Durango, CO0:00:00 332624  14 Fort Lewis College
2363.64Linnea Dixson   Steamboat Springs, CO0:00:00 295757  12 University of Wyoming
3376.21Jill Behlen   Boulder, CO0:00:00 210228  University of Wyoming
4388.79Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins0:00:00 371452  Colorado State University
5401.36Jordan Cooper   Gunnison Co0:00:00 414195  28 Colorado State University
6413.94Ellie Atkins   Boulder, CO0:00:00 247843  10 Western State Colorado University
7426.51Kate Wold   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 350082  Colorado State University
8439.09Elizabeth Schwab   Durango, CO0:00:00 382679  Fort Lewis College
9451.67Wesley Geer   Salt Lake City, UT0:00:00 277045  21 University of Utah
10464.24Jacqueline Kabel   Danville, CA0:00:00 298369  19 Colorado State University
11476.82Ashlee Wilson   Boulder, CO0:00:00 360313  24 University of Colorado Boulder
12489.39Caitlin Sullivan   U S A F Academy, CO0:00:00 413577  30 US Air Force Academy
13501.97Erin Wilson   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 388461  29 Colorado State University
14514.55Alexis Kelley   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 359900  26 Western State Colorado University
15527.12Lauren Presley   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 367768  18 Colorado State University
16539.70Katy Aceto   Fort Collins, CO0:00:00 388236  27 Colorado State University
17552.27zoe Smith   Gunnison, CO0:00:00 413669  20 Western State Colorado University
18564.85Mikaleh Smith   Durango 0:00:00 385776  31 Colorado Mesa University
19577.42Sage Kitson   Salida Co0:00:00 348606  25 Fort Lewis College
20590.00Pamela Bogust   Sunland0:00:00 334050  Fort Lewis College

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