Race Results for
Plymouth Festival of Cyclo Cross
Plymouth, MA
(Event Information)
Cyclo-cross on 11/11/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - MASTER 50+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1234.67Robert Bisson (1 - Cat3)   Fall River, MA38:36.3 3786   SPIN ARTS CYCLING TEAM
2244.52David Belknap (2 - Cat3)   Dedham, MA38:57.6 84926   CYCLE LODGE
3254.37Jay Trojan (3 - Cat3)   Lincoln, RI39:09.2 265393   SWANSEA VELO - FLANDRIA CAFE
4264.22Wes Deane (4 - Cat3)   Tiverton, RI40:00.4 291994   COX/W.E. STEDMAN
5274.07Christopher Burke (5 - Cat3)   Pawtucket, RI40:22.5 5508   CYCLOCROSSRACING.COM/PROVIDENCE
6283.92Kevin Callahan (6 - Cat3)   Norwell, MA40:37.9 5860   CYCLE LODGE
7293.77Thomas Hurley (7 - Cat3)   Mattapoisett, MA40:44.0 137127   COLAVITA
8303.62Steve Mcgrath (8 - Cat3)   Portsmouth, NH40:50.2 23503   NOREAST
9313.47Martin Hodge (9 - Cat3)   Lexington, MA41:49.8 64038   STAGE 1 / FUSIONTHINK
10323.32Gerald Katz (10 - Cat3)   Cambridge, MA42:19.9 133439   QUAD CYCLES
11333.17Marc Tatar   Providence, RI42:20.0 245317   BIKEWORKS/HALLAMORE
12343.02Terry Cowman   Manchester, MA42:21.3 132655   CYCLOCROSSWORLD/PINNACLE BIKE W
13352.87Victor Cillis (11 - Cat3)   Hyannis, MA43:37.5 225167   CAPE COD RACING CLUB/ C4
14362.72Mike O'connor   Boston, MA43:52.0 86101   RIDE STUDIO CAFE
15372.57Jesus Vazquez (1 - Cat4)   Holbrook, MA44:17.4 245153   BIKEBARNRACING.COM
16382.42Ron Hines (2 - Cat4)   Lexington, MA44:23.1 324450   QUADCYCLES
18402.12Ron Grandchamp (12 - Cat3)   Woonsocket, RISAME TIME 276617   FAMILY BIKE RACING
19411.97James Scally (3 - Cat4)   Cotuit, MASAME TIME 31426   CAPE COD RACING
21431.67Lawrence Purtill (4 - Cat4)   Narragansett, RISAME TIME 203000   COX/W.E.STEDMAN CYCLING
23Rick Hardy   1 LAP DN   HUP UNITED
24Gregory Wright   1 LAP DN   CORNER CYCLE CAPE COD
25471.07Jeffrey Proctor (13 - Cat3)   Litchfield, NH1 LAP DN 229432   THE VELO RESOURCE
26480.92Robert Mortensen (5 - Cat4)   Hyde Park, MA1 LAP DN 54398   LANDRY'S BICYCLES

Men - MASTER 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1231.98Todd Burns (1 - Cat2)   Nantucket, MA37:24.7 202406   NANTUCKET VELO
2244.69Paul Curley   Taunton, MA38:24.5 8380   SPIN ARTS CYCLING TEAM
3Chet Geschickter   38:35.6   545 VELO
4270.11John Golden (1 - Cat3)   Walpole, MA38:51.5 137719   LANDRY'S BICYCLES
5282.82Gary David (2 - Cat2)   Stow, MA38:55.8 220459   CXRracing.com
6295.53Carl Wittig (2 - Cat3)   Portsmouth, NH39:04.8 263239   BIKEBARNRACING
7308.24Gray Eldridge (3 - Cat3)   Falmouth, MA39:23.8 103758   CORNER CYCLE
8Mark Burns   40:02.3   NANTUCKET VELO
9Matt Williams   40:09.9   IF GRASSROOTS/CIRCLE69
10346.37Alexis Arapoff (4 - Cat3)   Stow, MA41:07.0 43811   BIKEMAN.COM
11359.08Roger Goulart (5 - Cat3)   New Bedford, MA41:13.7 147640   STOTTEES WESTPORT CYCLE
12371.79Frank Petty (6 - Cat3)   Newport, RI41:59.0 27962   UNION VELO
13384.50Brian Mcinnis (7 - Cat3)   Maynard, MA43:14.1 54002   JRA CYCLES
14397.21William Dolan (8 - Cat3)   Prospect, KY44:10.6 49526   TEAM LOIUSVILLE
15409.92Mark Brownell   Douglas46:16.7 389523   MRA MULTISPORT

Men - MASTER 30+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1210.88Mark McCormack (1 - Cat1)   Foxboro, MA37:23.1 23101   CLIF BAR/PACTIMO
2234.05Kevin Hines   East Wareham, MA37:27.5 16266   CORNER CYCLE
3David Peters   37:46.9   BRAZEN DROPOUTS
4Michael Hines   37:51.6   RICHMOND VELO SPORT
5303.56Christopher Raymond (1 - Cat3)   Jamaica Plain, MA38:40.6 68200   BOSTON BICYCLE SCHOOL
6326.73Geoffrey Williams (2 - Cat3)   Riverside, RI40:22.5 339   CYCLOCROSSRACING.COM
7Christopher White   40:32.0   BOB-GOODALE'SBIKE SHOP/SPEED?
8373.07Frank Petty (3 - Cat3)   Newport, RI41:42.4 27962   UNION VELO
9396.24Randall Mauldin (4 - Cat3)   Watertown, MA42:38.6 245746   NEBC P/B CYCLE LOFT
10Brian Cole   42:50.1   CYCLEGENIC EUPHORIA
11442.58Aaron Damus (1 - Cat4)   Jamaica Plain, MA1 LAP DN 385850   GEEKHOUSE
12465.75Sean Noonan   Malden, MA2 LAP DN 116567   

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1293.41Max Judelson   Roxbury , MA38:26.7 188837   GIANT CYCLING WORLD BOSTON
2297.46Noah Epstein   Andover, MA38:57.6 305777   NEBC P/B CYCLE LOFT
3301.51Doug Thorp   Yarmouth, ME39:09.5 359591   ACIDOTIC RACING
4305.56Eric Baumann   Jamaica Plain, MA40:30.2 346524   STAMPEDE!
5Brad Smith   40:36.5   GEEKHOUSE
6313.66Richard Loring   East Greenwich, RI40:38.9 59720   NBX/NARRAGANSETT BEER CYCLING T
7317.71Matthew Griswold   Boston, MA40:39.0 288393   B2C2/BOLOCO
8321.76Matt Nunnelly   Melrose, MA41:02.5 308737   RIDE STUDIO CAFE
10329.86Rick Mackie   Lexington, MA41:12.9 358623   SLIJK VELO CLUB
11333.91Nathaniel Smith   South Portland, ME41:20.8 222891   OA / CYCLE MANIA / PBMC
12337.96Jf Fullum   North Reading, MA41:25.4 358862   SLIJK VELO CLUB P/B WOODY'S CYC
13342.01Adam Lovell   Marshfield, MA41:27.8 376975   CYCLE LODGE
14346.06Joshua Burgel   Concord, MA41:38.8 223392   NEMBA RACING
15350.11Sean Godley   Medford, MA41:55.1 116051   QUADCYCLES
16354.16Andy Weigel   Rochester, MA41:59.5 270422   
17358.21Joshua Araujo   Wakefield, RI42:04.2 361288   GEEKHOUSE BIKES
18362.26Brendan Mulvey   Watertown, MA42:05.6 360825   C4/CAPE COD RACING
19366.31Christopher Goguen   Franklin, MA42:07.2 274271   C.F. RACING P/B TREK PORTSMOUTH
20370.36Rick Tobin   Franklin, MA42:20.1 202056   UNION VELO
21374.41Kevin Brant   Foxboro, MA42:20.3 295341   GRACE BICYCLES VELO CLUB
22378.46Zachary Curtis   Bridgewater, MA42:20.3 371933   BAYHILL CAPITAL P/B CORNER CYCL
23382.51Peter Morelli   Denver, CO42:25.3 357480   C4/CAPE COD RACING
24386.56Lewis Collins   Wellesley, MA42:26.5 317060   HPG/BAGEL/BG
25390.61Maxwell Godbey   Canton, MA43:04.3 342212   BAY HILL CAPITAL/CORNER CYCLES
26394.66Ben Mccoy   Wakefield, MA43:09.6 254756   QUAD CYCLES
27398.71John Sumner   Attleboro, MA43:21.1 384741   BIKEMAN.COM
28Andrew Arsenault   43:22.0   
29406.81Tom Catalano   Vlg Of Lakewd, IL43:40.9 6462   ESSEX COUNTY VELO
30410.86Noah Manacas   Watertown, MA43:54.0 360521   E3 TRAINING SOLUTIONS
31414.91John Hawkes   Beverly, MA43:59.3 328964   ESSEX COUNTY VELO
32418.96Richard Brandon   Boston, MA44:04.8 368087   
33423.01Stephen Furrer   Cotuit, MA44:08.7 385759   C4 RACING
34427.06Marc Curtis   Bridgewater, MA44:14.8 148661   BIKEBARNRACING.COM
35431.11Frank Nelson   Bridgewater, MA44:28.7 362054   BIKEBARNRACING.COM
36435.16Devin Frederick   Scarborough 44:32.4 385880   
37439.21Scott Tighe   East Bridgewater44:35.9 390477   
38Sam Veggeberg   44:41.3   
39447.31Kevin Church   O'fallon, IL44:56.2 289901   
40451.36Adam Kline   Malden, MA45:00.3 216947   JRA CYCLES
41455.41Thomas Gemelli   Cambridge, MA45:05.7 374776   
42459.46Jeff Muldoon   Boston45:07.8 378518   LANDRY'S BICYCLES
43463.51Christopher Borgatti   Byfield, MA45:10.0 377490   RIVERSIDE RACING
44467.56Jeffrey Soderman   Boston, MA45:16.6 316242   
45471.61Andrew Posner   Somerville, MA45:31.4 390150   GEEKHOUSE
46475.66Bruce Rychlik   Acton Ma45:41.6 303810   
47479.71Tim Curley   Malden, MA46:13.1 269256   COMPREHENSIVE RACING / SALEM CY
48483.76John Weaver   Northborough, MA46:32.3 128921   MYSTIC VELO CLUB
49487.81Eric Papetti   Somerville, MA46:44.7 137902   NEBC p/b Cycle Loft
50491.86John Fice   Norfolk, MA46:55.4 264712   GRACE BICYCLES VELO CLUB
51495.91Mark Brownell   Douglas47:00.5 389523   MRA MULTISPORT
52Todd Anderson   47:12.0   
53504.01Paul Tabor   South Boston, MA47:44.1 385808   ESSEX COUNTY VELO
54508.06James Godbey   Canton, MA48:10.0 13471   BBS
55512.11Paul Nixon   Plymouth, MA49:10.4 53901   
56516.16John Tommasi   Windham, NH1 LAP DN 68655   BOB CYCLING-SPEED MERCHANT AERO
57520.21Justin Costa   Providence, RI1 LAP DN 390317   
60Ryan King   1 LAP DN   
62Brian Hayes   1 LAP DN   
63Christian Moreau   1 LAP DN   TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY
64548.56Anthony Hilchey   Stoughton, MA1 LAP DN 367156   CYCLE LODGE
65Tim O'connor   1 LAP DN   
66Armand Halsey   1 LAP DN   
67Matthew Santoso   1 LAP DN   MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB
68564.76Mikko Aho   Worcester, MA1 LAP DN 359642   TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY
69Kevin Howie   1 LAP DN   
70572.86Aaron Beck   Columbus, OH1 LAP DN 253941   
71Jim Mcphillips   1 LAP DN   BAYSTATETRI TEAM
72580.96Steven Curran   Quincy, MA1 LAP DN 152451   MASSBAY ROADCLUB
73Michael Parks   1 LAP DN   

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1141.39Nicholas Keough   Sandwich, MA57:04.6 203439   WWW.KEOUGHCYCLOCROSS.COM
2148.41Jesse Keough   Sandwich, MA57:48.5 229606   WWW.KEOUGHCYCLOCROSS.COM
3Michael Broderock   57:50.1   KENDA SEVEN TUBES
4162.45Mark McCormack (1 - Cat1)   Foxboro, MA57:51.0 23101   CLIF BAR/PACTIMO
5169.47Michael Wissell (1 - Cat2)   Hyde Park, MA57:52.0 284535   B2C2 P/B BOLOCO
6176.49Benjamin Padilla (2 - Cat2)   Haverhill, MA58:03.6 341394   
7183.51Kevin Sweeney   Medford, MA58:31.1 245271   B2C2 P/B BOLOCO
8190.53Adam Sullivan   North Kingstown, RI59:04.6 199084   EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL
9197.55Chris Algar (1 - Cat3)   Falmouth, MA59:10.7 362111   CAPE COD RACING/C4
10204.57Geoffrey Bouchard (3 - Cat2)   Coventry, RI59:16.0 349570   NBX
11211.59Andrew Lysaght (4 - Cat2)   Somerville, MA59:17.2 327318   MIT CYCLING P/B FXDD
12218.61Bill Kenney (5 - Cat2)   Plymouth, MA59:20.7 283620   CORNER CYCLE
13Stephen Pierce   00:31.6   EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL
14232.65Sean Pantellere (6 - Cat2)   Brighton, MA01:28.5 365592   STAMPEDE! P/B BUDD BIKE WORKS
15239.67Brian Lawney (2 - Cat3)   Chestnut Hill, MA02:30.8 248557   BROADWAY BICYCLE SCHOOL
16246.69Nathan Robinson (7 - Cat2)   Auburn, ALSAME TIME 288972   TEAM WHAYNE
17Jeffrey Fisher   1 LAP DN   OA/CYCLEMANIA

Men - Cat 2/3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1219.49Ian Keough   Sandwich, MA36:30.0 285756   BAYHILLCAPITAL P/B CORNERCYCLE
2224.85john Eckert (1 - Cat2)   Somerville, MA36:47.9 378786   QUADCYCLES
3230.21Joshua Friedman   Pittsburgh, PA36:52.0 119871   THE DEVIL'S GEAR BIKE SHOP/NEW
4235.57Joseph Near (2 - Cat2)   Somerville, MA37:28.6 329626   MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECH
5240.93Cimarron Wortham (1 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA37:37.9 253757   B2C2 P/B BOLOCO
6246.29Shawn Mottram (2 - Cat3)   Norton, MA37:48.9 117260   UNION VELO / NFG CYCLES
7251.65Pj Renquin (3 - Cat3)   Attleboro, MA38:01.8 349082   C.F. RACING P/B TREK PORTSMOUTH
8257.01Cory Small (4 - Cat3)   Boxborough, MA38:07.7 350750   BAYHILL CAPITAL P/B CORNER CYCL
9262.37Preston Buehrer (5 - Cat3)   Boston, MA38:09.9 290822   B2C2 P/B BOLOCO
10267.73Cory Johannessen (6 - Cat3)   Roslindale, MA38:32.7 240899   THRESHOLD CYCLING
11Peter Miller   38:33.5   CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM
12278.45Jonathan Barry (7 - Cat3)   Allston, MA38:41.1 327438   BICYCLE BILL'S
13283.81Andrew Krulewitz (8 - Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MI38:47.1 191162   GREEN LINE VELO DRIVEN BY ZIPCA
14289.17Daniel Mccabe (9 - Cat3)   Whitman, MA38:48.7 261665   BIKEBARNRACING.COM
15294.53Noah Epstein (10 - Cat3)   Andover, MA38:51.2 305777   NEBC P/B CYCLE LOFT
16Ken Carpenter   39:14.9   THRESHOLD CYCLING
17305.25Philip Stango (11 - Cat3)   Allston, MA39:22.4 327614   STAMPEDE!
18Gregory Brown   39:33.2   CAPE COD
19315.97Jonathan Modig (12 - Cat3)   Sutton39:40.7 374740   ZANCONATO RACING
20321.33Jake Allegrini (13 - Cat3)   Nantucket, MA39:45.2 342852   NANTUCKET VELO
21Michael Baker   39:49.7   C4/CAPE COD RACING
22332.05Daniel Barrett (14 - Cat3)   Newton, MA39:59.0 302376   THRESHOLD CYCLING
23337.41Daniel Cariolo (15 - Cat3)   Cambridge, MA40:12.1 345164   STAMPEDE!
24342.77Lucas Provost (16 - Cat3)   Brewster, MA40:38.4 310808   SEA SPORTS/CAPE COD MOUNTAIN BI
25348.13Jeff Brown (17 - Cat3)   Wellesley, MA40:45.9 298827   CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM
26353.49Patrick Twomey (18 - Cat3)   Chelmsford, MA40:46.4 235222   SEASIDE CYCLE
27358.85Matthew Pierce (19 - Cat3)   Lawrence, MA40:52.3 356824   BICYCLE BILL
28364.21Bill Kenney (3 - Cat2)   Plymouth, MA41:11.8 283620   CORNER CYCLE
29369.57Carsten Kroll (20 - Cat3)   Somerville, MA41:11.9 391150   MIT CYCLING/FXDD
30Joseph Re   41:14.0   ESSEX COUNTY VELO
31380.29Aaron Meberg (21 - Cat3)   Mystic, CT41:21.9 284466   CICLI DEVOTION
32385.65Stefan Wawersik (22 - Cat3)   Westborough, MA41:29.0 210617   MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB
33391.01Patrick Flaherty (23 - Cat3)   Stoughton, MA41:31.4 265421   LANDRY'S
34396.37Torrance Kopfer (24 - Cat3)   Braintree, MA41:40.0 311947   LANDRY'S
35401.73Scott Burdick   Cambridge42:42.8 391076   MIT CYCLING/FXDD
36Tim Johnson   43:13.2   SEE SPORTS
37412.45David Patnaude (25 - Cat3)   Hopkinton, MA43:29.9 27401   MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1132.65Mary Mcconneloug   Chilmark, MA38:39.2 129285   KENDA SEVEN NO TUBES
2144.58Kathleen Lysakowski   Quincy, MA39:24.9 302050   CYCLE LODGE
3156.51Lori Cooke   Pembroke, MA39:56.7 327598   CYCLE LODGE
4168.44Ellen Noble   Kennebunkport, ME41:25.7 282412   TREK CYCLOCROSS COLLECTIVE
5180.37Stephanie Wetzel   Fryeburg, ME41:28.4 350758   PARADISE RACING
6192.30Rebecca Wellons   Hudson, MA41:46.8 165493   
7204.23Jocelyn Mauldin   Watertown, MA42:34.6 272175   NEBC P/B CYCLE LOFT
8Jauron Vetter   42:58.9   BLUE STEEL CYCLERY
9Heidi King   43:20.8   
10240.02Sara Wisner   Providence , RI43:43.7 362550   
11251.95Ilana Knopf   Medford, MA44:11.8 83056   DCMTB
12263.88Melissa Lafleur   West Warwick, RI44:14.7 333286   BONK! SUPPORT
13275.81Rebecca Wolski   Brighton, MA44:18.7 256878   LADIESFIRST RACING P/B MILTON C
14287.74Erin Faccone   Medford, MA45:26.9 261012   NEW ENGLAND ATHLETIC
15299.67Laura Kozlowski   Boxford, MA45:31.8 262612   VELO BELLA
16311.60Sally McInnis   Maynard, MA46:50.4 178513   JRA CYCLES
17323.53Linda Shelburne   Sandwich, MA48:43.1 271005   CAPE COD RACING/C4

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1292.66Alisa Allegrini   Nantucket, MA35:18.0 389668   NANTUCKET VELO
2306.54Elizabeth Cummings   Boston, MA35:35.2 333622   NEBC P/B CYCLE LOFT
3320.42Milica Wren   Allston, MA37:08.1 346122   STAMPEDE!
4334.30Nancy Gillooly   Pawtucket, RI37:09.1 314210   CORNER CYCLE
5348.18Alessia Genovese   Plymouth, MA38:15.2 361659   CORNER CYCLE
6362.06Zoe Brodsky   Scituate, MA38:23.8 301124   CYCLE LODGE
7375.94Patricia Brownell   West Roxbury, MA38:58.5 309821   LANDRY'S BICYCLES
8389.82Elizabeth Kazimer   Dedham, MA39:46.9 390364   C4/CAPE COD RACING
9403.70Kristin Beville   Newton, MA40:13.4 358598   B2C2 P/B BOLOCO
10Tracy Curving   40:58.2   GRACE BICYCLES VELO CLUB
11431.46Jessica Hughston   Jamaica Plain, MA41:01.3 325800   NEW ENGLAND ATHLETIC
12445.34Tamara Bonn   Allston, MA41:11.0 302533   BIKES NOT BOMBS / CIRCLE A CYCL
13459.22Sheri Hampshire   Malden, MA41:16.2 385799   JRA Cycles
14473.10Rachel Horwitz   Falmouth, MA41:30.8 388861   
15486.98Caitlin Wissell   Hyde Park, MA42:13.3 391494   
16500.86Pamela Parks   Harpers Ferry, WV43:38.2 388801   
17514.74Laura Kernan   North Reading, MA45:07.1 359187   SLIJK VELO CLUB P/B WOODY'S CYC
18528.62Nancy Gomes   Franklin46:42.9 391232   LANDRY'S BICYCLES
19Brenda Chroniak   1 LAP DOWN   E3 TRAINING SOLUTIONS

Mixed - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1367.79Ryan Aittaniemi   West Barnstable, MA17:56.5 327226   BAYHILL CAPITAL/CORNER CYCLE
2399.44Zoe Brodsky   Scituate, MA19:02.0 301124   CYCLELODGE
3William Savage   19:02.7   MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB
4Christian Moreau   19:15.0   TEAM BIKE ALLEY
5494.39Mikko Aho   Worcester, MA19:43.2 359642   TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY
6526.04Anna Savage   Westborough, MA25:39.5 331620   GIRLSFIRST P/B MILTON CAT

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