Race Results for
Mesa State College - Mad Cow Classic
Fruita and Whitewater, CO
(Event Information)
Road Race on 03/29/2008

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Nicolas Enjalbert   Fort Collins, CO1:21:8.00 274054  431 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
2541.52Adam Wisseman   Corvallis, OR1:21:10.00 269098  441 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
3543.03John Welsh   College Station, TX1:21:12.00 275436  488 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
4Jon Vivolo   1:21:13.00  430 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
5546.06Christopher Ward   Milwaukie, OR1:26:20.00 274038  442 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
6547.58David Leonard   Arvada, CO1:26:22.00 252449  454 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
7549.09Eric Gardiner   Salt Lake City, UT1:28:40.00 268968  415 University of Wyoming Cycling
8550.61Michael Downs   Holmdel, NJ1:28:41.00 253195  474 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
9552.12Johnathan Peterson   Fort Collins, CO1:30:50.00 269346  479 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
10553.64John Schimpf   Longmont, CO1:30:58.00 275791  493 Metro State Cycling Club
11555.15Ben Norris   Greeley, CO1:31:9.00 276351  444 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
13556.67Michael Warren   Greeley, CO1:32:37.00 248198  438 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
13558.18Nathan Petter   Fort Collins, CO1:32:37.00 267319  482 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
14559.70Darin Baer   La Canada, CA1:32:46.00 252323  498 Fort Lewis College Cycling
15Jesse Gait   1:32:49.00  477 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
17562.73Piotr Wilczek   Golden, CO1:33:18.00 269081  406 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
18564.24Jacob Rokeach   Los Angeles, CA1:34:16.00 275425  491 University of Denver
19565.76Carlos Rueda   Denver, CO1:34:16.00 276326  459 University of Denver
20567.27Adam Kruse   San Pedro, CA1:35:4.00 275284  480 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
21568.79Jonathan Nichol   Sandy, UT1:35:17.00 277493  410 University of Utah Cycling Club
22Eric Crane   1:37:28.00  409 University of Utah Cycling Club
23573.33David Bemis   Pueblo, CO1:37:35.00 228130  408 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
23Mat Peters   1:37:29.00  405 Mesa State Cycling
25574.85Mark Doherty   Laramie, WY1:38:31.00 276189  426 University of Wyoming Cycling
26576.36Steven Hartman   Grand Junction, CO1:39:54.00 259399  476 Mesa State Cycling
27577.88Kenny Withrow   Broomfield, CO1:39:54.00 276185  458 Mesa State Cycling
28579.39Paul Weskalnies   Lafayette, CO1:40:4.00 259206  456 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
29580.91Soren Rasmussen   Logan, UT1:40:26.00 276428  407 University of Utah Cycling Club
30582.42Aaron Vega   Albuquerque, NM1:40:26.00 259554  475 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
31583.94Cody Pate   Laramie, WY1:40:30.00 256819  417 University of Wyoming Cycling
32585.45Jakob Peterson   Denver, CO1:41:26.00 275785  494 Metro State Cycling Club
33586.97Cassidy Tepper   Denver, CO1:44:56.00 274615  489 University of Denver
34588.48Joel Hsia   Salt Lake City, UT1:46:13.00 256338  411 University of Utah Cycling Club
35Nate Towne   1:48:16.00  404 Mesa State Cycling
DNFClark McCarthy   Oak Lawn, IL 264174  424 University of Utah Cycling Club
DNFPreston Goodrich   Dayton, OH 274642  481 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
DNFHeath Patterson   Laramie, WY 277182  416 University of Wyoming Cycling
DNFMax Robillard   Colorado Springs, CO 276110  439 Colorado College Cycling Team

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00David Welsh   Tucson, AZ2:47:53.00 142434  252 University of Utah Cycling Club
2542.27Trevor Johnson   Sherwood, AR2:47:53.00 234129  226 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
3544.55Russell Brown   Gaithersburg, MD2:17:53.00 222506  257 Fort Lewis College Cycling
4546.82Tyler Riedesel   Salt Lake City, UT2:52:43.00 264518  264 University of Utah Cycling Club
5549.09Herron Kennedy   Boulder, CO2:52:43.00 231014  223 CU Cycling - Boulder
6551.36Dan Milano   Logan, UT2:52:43.00 181531  247 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
7553.64Andy Hagemann   Boulder, CO2:52:43.00 214084  236 CU Cycling - Boulder
8555.91Joe Schneider   Durango, CO2:52:59.00 217452  229 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
9558.18Shayne Berns   Golden, CO2:53:20.00 240397  238 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
10560.45Frank Herbst   Denver, CO2:53:21.00 243834  208 University of Denver
11562.73Nathan Schwartz   Cherry Hills Villiage, CO2:56:16.00 219419  228 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
12565.00John Barker   Colorado Springs, CO2:56:49.00 240048  225 Colorado College Cycling Team
13Matthew Eberly   2:57:2.00  237 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
14569.55Andrew Gillott   Boulder, CO3:4:1.00 233827  224 CU Cycling - Boulder
15571.82Andrew Wanger   Littleton, CO3:4:1.00 257109  246 Fort Lewis College Cycling
16574.09David Mirabella   Boulder, CO3:4:1.00 249650  214 CU Cycling - Boulder
17576.36Ben Stalker   Durango, CO3:4:1.00 252617  254 Fort Lewis College Cycling
18578.64Jason Rigg   Denver, CO3:6:12.00 262696  207 Metro State Cycling Club
19580.91Benjamin Fishman   Overland Park, KS3:7:48.00 263692  235 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
20583.18Brendan Dahl   Fort Collins, CO3:7:50.00 234929  234 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
21585.45Brendan Vosburgh   Colorado Springs, CO3:7:25.00 242859  227 Colorado College Cycling Team
22587.73Connor Meznarich   Paso Robles, CA3:7:55.00 256312  209 CU Cycling - Boulder
23590.00Kurt Wolfgang   San Francisco, CA3:25:13.00 266467  251 University of Utah Cycling Club
DNFJohn Grano   Denver, CO 257519  205 Metro State Cycling Club
DNFJason Curnow   Albuquerque, NM 55958  203 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFJustin Derdowski   Denver, CO 248624  206 University of Denver
DNFAddison Bain   Dexter, MN 217783  200 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFDan Mullen   Jamaica Plain, MA 205032  211 CU Cycling - Boulder
DNFJamie Emerson   Boulder, CO 205234  262 CU Cycling - Boulder
DNFTrevor Bell   Palisade, CO 227301  249 Mesa State Cycling
DNFAaron Vaughn   Boulder, CO 269163  248 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
DNFDavid Pinto-Carpenter   Colorado Springs, CO 240378  222 Colorado College Cycling Team

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Alister Ratcliff   Durango, CO3:18:2.00 193797  69 Fort Lewis College Cycling
2541.79Patrick McGlynn   Fort Collins, CO3:18:3.00 202984  19 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
3543.57Jonathan Tower   Anchorage, AK3:20:50.00 233174  31 CU Cycling - Boulder
4545.36Brad Cole   Fort Collins, CO3:22:7.00 215131  62 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
5547.14Phillip Mann   Fort Collins, CO3:26:17.00 196817  65 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
6548.93Yarden Gazit   Durango, CO3:26:17.00 252257  Fort Lewis College Cycling
7550.71Christopher Hall   Fort Collins, CO3:26:19.00 195207  21 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
8552.50Gregory Battista   Toms River, NJ3:26:20.00 228090  Fort Lewis College Cycling
9554.29Daniel Workman   Fort Collins, CO3:26:24.00 224378  60 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
10556.07Zachary Grabowski   Lafayette, CO3:26:31.00 129309  53 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
11557.86Caley Fretz   Boulder, CO3:27:59.00 178443  20 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
12559.64Nathan Keck   Indianapolis , IN3:27:56.00 217444  81 Mesa State Cycling
13561.43Luke Amer   Boulder, CO3:27:57.00 262476  50 CU Cycling - Boulder
14563.21Brad Winn   Portland, OR3:27:59.00 258852  82 U of Colorado - Colorado Springs
15565.00Daniel Lionberg   Fort Collins, CO3:28:4.00 195162  22 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
16566.79Ian Burnett   Durango, CO3:28:7.00 191725  Fort Lewis College Cycling
17568.57Conor Mullervy   Boulder, CO3:28:29.00 237726  34 Mesa State Cycling
18570.36Shaun Higgins   Golden, CO3:28:20.00 219602  37 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
19572.14Jean Meyer   Billings, MT3:28:31.00 260640  18 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
20573.93Jonathan Kranzley   Durango, CO3:28:31.00 248101  76 Fort Lewis College Cycling
21575.71Ben Quinn   Denver, CO3:28:41.00 247278  25 University of Denver
22577.50Andrew Simms   Golden, CO3:29:12.00 199911  51 CU Cycling - Boulder
23579.29Grant Goerzen   Denver, CO3:32:0.00 240206  16 University of Denver
24581.07Kevin Mullervy   Boulder, CO3:32:0.00 237586  35 Mesa State Cycling
25582.86Colin Don   Los Angeles, CA3:43:52.00 256718  15 University of Denver
26584.64Nick Truitt   Breckenridge, CO3:37:59.00 198767  56 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
27586.43John ShalekBriski   Spokane, WA3:47:59.00 259043  33 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
29588.21Ira Tibbitts   Layton, UT3:57:11.00 241331  54 Utah State University Cycling Club
30590.00Mark Fraser   Usaf Academy, CO4:24:9.01 223179  40 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
DNFEric Moore   Park City, UT 256548  24 University of Denver
DNFYorgos Arambadjis   Minneapolis, MN 221717  12 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFDaniel Sullivan   Bloomfield, NJ 222834  Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFAlexander Lewis   Denver, CO 196504  46 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
DNFAlex Howard   Durango, CO 230625  Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFGarrison Schulte   Longmont, CO 221209  84 CU Cycling - Boulder
DNFCody Stephenson   Fort Collins  146653  Fort Lewis College Cycling

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Zoe Roy   1:39:23.00  651 University of Utah Cycling Club
2543.33Alisha Welsh   Tucson, AZ1:39:34.00 276369  650 University of Utah Cycling Club
3Sarah McCarthy   1:42:46.00  652 University of Utah Cycling Club
4550.00Dana Perkins   Lee's Summit, MO1:42:47.00 241532  696 University of Denver
5553.33Jennifer Teerlink   Golden, CO1:43:14.00 364362  665 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
6556.67Sarah Roberts   Golden, CO1:46:6.00 277102  656 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
7560.00Glynna Kerr   Colorado Springs, CO1:47:57.00 259530  670 Colorado College Cycling Team
8563.33Nora Olson   Boulder, CO1:49:35.00 254114  691 CU Cycling - Boulder
9566.67Emily Francis   Portland, OR1:50:12.00 260139  689 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
10570.00Tanya Phillips   Boulder, CO1:52:28.00 275711  692 CU Cycling - Boulder
11573.33Amy Secor   Denver, CO1:52:39.00 257988  694 University of Denver
12576.67Ashley Grubb   Durango, CO1:54:16.00 266135  699 Fort Lewis College Cycling
13580.00Lauren Sullivan   Boulder, CO1:54:17.00 276143  671 CU Cycling - Boulder
14Morgan Moore   2:1:59.00  649 Mesa State Cycling
15586.67Heather Kincaide   Grand Junction, CO2:1:59.00 275420  677 Mesa State Cycling
16Brittany Warden   2:30:26.00  653 Mesa State Cycling
DNFEmma Millar   Durango, CO 212612  661 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFSarah Bradshaw   Logan, UT 276740  658 Utah State University Cycling Club
DNFDevyn Parnes   Denver, CO 227949  695 University of Denver
DNFElizabeth Kochevar     686 Colorado College Cycling Team

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Kristin McGrath   Boise, ID3:4:35.00 247577  518 Fort Lewis College Cycling
2546.25Amanda Miller   Fort Collins, CO3:6:42.00 228513  513 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
3552.50Stephanie Swan   Pittsburgh, PA3:12:13.00 194055  501 Fort Lewis College Cycling
4558.75Rachel Knott   Fort Collins, CO3:12:13.00 270212  510 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
5565.00Kay Sherwood   Colorado Springs, CO3:12:13.00 258965  512 Colorado College Cycling Team
6571.25Melissa Marts   Golden, CO3:12:13.00 252962  516 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
7577.50Tirrel Grovenstein   Fort Collins, CO3:26:51.00 259197  508 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
8583.75Megan Cassidy   Ft. Collins, CO3:26:51.00 241805  503 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
9590.00Kim Trenbath   Boulder, CO3:27:52.00 208824  505 CU Cycling - Boulder
DNFAmy Krull   Colorado Springs, CO 253199  507 Colorado College Cycling Team
DNFJulia Manley   Fort Collins, CO 242718  504 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team

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