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Cyclo X Valmont
Boulder, CO
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Cyclo-cross on 09/21/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - SM Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Hector Fernando Rive Paez   0:58:51.50   
2116.19Robin Eckmann   Boulder, CO0:59:02.50 254025   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
3123.45Christopher Case   Boulder, CO0:59:08.50 103284   Boulder Cycle Sport
4130.71Ken Benesh   Westminster, CO0:59:15.00 129356   Evol Elite Racing
5137.97Peter Webber   Boulder, CO0:59:19.60 66936   Boulder Cycle Sport
6145.23Brandon Dwight   Boulder, CO0:59:26.40 90939   Boulder Cycle Sport
7152.49Steven Stefko   Fort Collins, CO0:59:31.50 363631   First City Cycling Team
8159.75Spencer Powlison   Boulder, CO0:59:56.00 161897   Evol Elite Racing
9167.01Thomas Spannring   Longmont, CO0:00:27.50 189584   
10174.27Erik W Hamilton   Boulder, CO0:00:46.90 238111   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11181.53Michael J Burleigh   Denver, CO0:00:48.60 345802   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
12188.79Bryan M Alders   Boulder, CO0:00:48.90 198436   
13196.05James Christian McCarthy   Boulder, CO0:00:53.80 23233   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
14203.31William S Nabours   Boulder, CO0:01:01.70 348996   
15210.57Shad R Schreiner   Colorado Springs, CO0:01:02.00 241806   
16Chad Young   0:01:11.40   
17225.09Josh C Whitney   Boulder, CO0:01:48.90 246841   Evol Elite Racing
18232.35Brett Pirie   Denver, CO0:01:56.80 243114   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
19239.61Aaron Bouplon   Boulder, CO0:02:12.00 269718   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
20246.87Joseph P Clemenzi   Boulder, CO0:02:27.10 263528   Sports Garage Cycling
21254.13Maxwell R Jordan   Broomfield, CO0:03:39.40 301412   
22261.39Maxx Chance   Boulder, CO0:03:40.80 303319   
23268.65Brandon O Curtis   Lone Tree, CO0:04:50.40 232881   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
24275.91Brian Lehman   Denver, CO0:04:52.30 298376   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
25283.17Garrett Gerchar   Boulder, CO0:04:58.40 344890   Boulder Junior Cycling
26290.43Samuel Weinberg   Boulder, CO0:05:04.30 306485   
27297.69Gregory J Abrahamson   Longmont, CO0:05:42.10 131546   Boulder Cycle Sport
28304.95Tucker D Olander   Westminster, CO0:05:56.40 176282   
29312.21Michael Hanna   Denver, CO0:06:34.60 225565   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
30319.47Jake Keener   Fort Collins, CO0:06:44.50 363611   First City Cycling Team
31326.73Tomas Roba   Broomfield, CO0:07:20.50 206552   GS Ciao
32333.99Jason R Holbrook   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 211236   Mad Alchemy Rider Cooperative
33341.25Grant Holicky   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 173244   Evol Elite Racing
DNFGage Hecht   Parker, CODNF 277074   Team Specialized Racing Juniors
DNFBryan Mickiewicz   Littleton, CODNF 211312   Feedback Sports Racing
DNFRyan A Ellis   Lusaka ZambiaDNF 376964   
DNFBrad M Neagos   Denver , CODNF 372580   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNFAndrew M Clemence   Boulder, CODNF 294220   Cycleton
DNFJames McCabe   Bridgewater NjDNF 267691   Hearts Racing Club

Men - SM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1231.18Bret Wade   Boulder, CO0:33:35.60 36851   Boulder Cycle Sport
2237.31Mike West   Colorado Springs, CO0:33:36.00 362623   Pikes Peak Velo
3243.44Michael J Schaub   Golden, CO0:33:50.20 175658   Feedback Sports Racing
4249.57Thomas G Haynes   Colorado Springs, CO0:33:53.30 111623   
5255.70William Capron   Denver, CO0:34:03.40 364337   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
6261.83Lennard Zinn   Boulder, CO0:34:04.20 120345   Boulder Cycle Sport
7267.96Jeff Payne   Arvada, CO0:34:12.60 27498   Routine Leg Works
8274.09Chris Beaudin   Manitou Springs, CO0:34:13.90 3045   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9280.22Alan J Hills   Boulder, CO0:34:51.90 46169   
10286.35John Bliss   Boulder, CO0:34:56.00 83145   Team Small Batch
11292.48Bruce Dickinson   Frisco, CO0:34:56.90 9446   Front Rangers Cycling Club
12298.61Lee Waldman   Wheatridge, CO0:35:29.60 36941   Feedback Sports Racing
13304.74Paul Humiston   Golden, CO0:35:46.90 17111   
14310.87Rick Abbott   Boulder, CO0:36:06.10 213837   Excel Sports Boulder
15317.00Dag Selander   Hudson, WI0:36:11.80 93949   Mt. Borah Epic Team
16323.13Ned Smith   Fort Collins, CO0:36:18.60 362815   Fort Collins Cycling Team
17329.26Eric Perryman   Denver, CO0:36:27.50 121932   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
18335.39Kimberly Nuffer   Denver, CO0:36:58.60 210166   Boulder Orthopedics
19341.52Brent Solman   Longmont, CO0:36:58.70 376456   High Peaks Masters
20347.65Ray Roetman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:37:58.68 186797   International Christian Cycling Club
21353.78Cory Kramer   Colorado Springs, CO0:37:25.50 362404   Cyclocrossworld
22359.91Doug Squires   Lafayette0:37:25.60 389666   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
23366.04Al Naudin   Superior, CO0:37:27.40 364207   High Peaks Masters
24372.17Hunter R Smith   Boulder, CO0:37:48.80 285843   Boulder Cycle Sport
25378.30Tim Downing   Boulder, CO0:38:18.90 124988   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
26384.43Francis Sullivan   Boulder Co0:38:30.00 363364   
27390.56George Scott   Boulder, CO0:39:11.10 364565   Swift Cycling
28396.69James Bowen   Boulder, CO0:40:19.80 115173   Boulder Cycle Sport
29402.82James Kinsinger   Erie, CO0:40:46.70 94886   Boulder Orthopedics
30408.95Emanuel Alongi   Boulder, CO0:40:48.00 46372   Boulder Cycle Sport
31415.08Bill Beach   Fort Collins, CO0:43:42.70 363454   Spradley Barr Wind Chill Cycling
DNFDavid Beitel   Conifer, CODNF 298098   
DNFLarry Grossman   Eagle, CODNF 210455   

Men - SM 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1375.46Corey J Baughman   Denver, CO0:42:13.50 411674   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
2Steven Phillips   0:42:32.20   
3KC Boutiette   0:42:37.80   
4David BLum   0:42:37.80   
5395.90Zack Mozer   Centennial, CO0:42:43.70 396745   International Christian Cycling Club
6401.01scott dahlberg   Durango, CO0:43:01.10 414143   
7406.12Joseph M Higby   Boulder, CO0:43:05.30 217692   
8411.23Kenny McMenimen   Denver, CO0:43:51.80 414941   
9416.34Christopher Muth   Boulder, CO0:43:59.50 416627   
10421.45brandon dyksterhouse   Evergreen0:44:21.70 412105   
11426.56Jonathan C Johnson   Silver Spring Md0:44:38.70 403709   
12431.67Jordan C Paulus   Denver, CO0:44:59.90 248385   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
13436.78Jon J McClurg   Boulder, CO0:45:12.80 122704   
14Zach Cole   0:45:20.20   
15447.00Oliver J Kilbury   Boulder, CO0:45:20.80 405431   
16Michael Nelson   0:45:21.40   
17457.22Jay Rush   Durango, CO0:45:43.30 244898   Fort Lewis College
18462.33Mel Philbrook   Westminster, CO0:45:50.80 130988   
19Dan Shaver   0:45:56.20   
20472.55michael c bateman   Littleton, CO0:46:19.30 413480   
21Benjamin Zink   0:46:19.40   
22482.77Bill Cline   Boulder, CO0:47:36.10 413401   
23487.88Christopher T Gilbert   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 127895   
24492.99John B Eisert   Loveland@ 1 Lap 413188   
25Jackson Barcheck   @ 1 Lap   
26Robert Shives   @ 1 Lap   
27508.32Dillon Frisco   Seattle, WA@ 1 Lap 395318   
28James Poggemeyer   @ 1 Lap   
29518.54Ash Macon   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 412368   Boulder Cycle Sport
30Michael Kullman   @ 1 Lap   
31528.76Dave E Alongi   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 411564   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
32Matt Mollison   @ 1 Lap   
33David Hadey   @ 1 Lap   
34Jeremy Powell   @ 1 Lap   
35549.20Christopher King   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 412999   Boulder Cycle Sport
36554.31Brandon Ballagh   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 415320   Boulder Cycle Sport
37Ilian Jenkins   @ 1 Lap   
38564.53gary j mullins   Arvada, CO@ 1 Lap 414092   
39569.64Larry Gough   Arvada, CO@ 1 Lap 117490   
40574.75Cameron Niswander   Denver, CO@ 2 Laps 415310   
41579.86Cory Callen   Englewood, CO@ 2 Laps 413822   
42584.97Andrew Minshaw   Boulder, CO@ 2 Laps 354110   
43Robert Thompson   @ 2 Laps   

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1272.36Eric Wright   Laramie, WY0:34:07.40 179327   Laramie Bicycling Network, INC
2280.40Jim Mason   Centennial, CO0:34:40.10 362772   IC3Colorado
3288.44Barry J Hanson   Dillon0:34:49.40 363929   
4296.48patrick sullivan   Bailey, CO0:34:57.80 374457   International Christian Cycling Club
5304.52Joseph P Liberatore   Loveland, CO0:34:59.00 166596   
6312.56Christopher Jenkins   Colorado Springs, CO0:35:05.00 247590   
7320.60Robert Dahlstrom   Boulder, CO0:35:05.00 59909   Boulder Cycle Sport
8328.64Dave Payne   Boulder, CO0:35:11.90 363476   Boulder Cycle Sport
9336.68Eric Buxman   Fort Collins, CO0:35:12.10 128788   
10344.72Brian F Link   Boulderoulder, CO0:35:17.80 375793   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11352.76Darren Hanger   Littleton, CO0:35:43.60 364013   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
12360.80Ralph W Hart   Boulder, CO0:35:45.50 328136   Boulder Cycle Sport
13368.84jim c reagan   Boulder, CO0:35:49.70 374938   
14376.88Dale T Riley   Longmont, CO0:36:02.40 29891   High Peaks Masters
15384.92scott a bristol   Arvada0:36:04.90 391809   
16392.96Robert K Montgomery   Evergreen, CO0:36:28.20 104036   ColoBikeLaw.com
17401.00James Finn   Longmont, CO0:36:29.90 362890   Blue Sky Velo
18409.04John Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:36:30.30 362693   LTR Sports
19417.08Frank Mercurio   Boulder, CO0:36:36.20 70973   CROSS PROPZ RACING
20425.12Jonathan H Day   Fort Collins, CO0:36:49.40 55555   Team Rio Grande
21433.16Rob Goodbody   Boulder0:36:54.70 211947   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
22441.20David Fitzpatrick   Denver, CO0:36:55.60 362497   TLR Cycling
23449.24Larry S Hirshland   Boulder, CO0:36:57.70 348714   
24457.28Jerry L Cutright   Highlands Ranch Co0:37:09.40 8459   International Christian Cycling Club
25465.32Bob Prieto   Boulder, CO0:37:11.20 246085   Blue Sky Velo
26473.36Roger Hughes   Thornton, CO0:37:16.80 276698   Derby Bicycle Center Race Team
27481.40Ron Wright   Boulder0:37:22.60 75749   
28489.44Christopher Kreider   Boulder, CO0:37:33.70 362442   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
29497.48John P Kerschner   Boulder, CO0:37:58.60 271469   Boulder Cycle Sport
30Christian Long   0:37:59.90   
31513.56Ed Clouse   Park City, UT0:39:04.90 247727   cole sport
32521.60Rodney J Wilson   Colorado Springs, CO0:39:15.00 192261   
33529.64Brian F Butler   Ward, CO0:39:57.80 227241   Boulder Cycle Sport
34537.68Michael Pins   Boulder, CO0:40:03.00 362437   
35545.72Frank Tyboroski   Colorado Springs, CO0:40:27.00 381989   
36553.76Bill Abboud   Broomfield, CO0:41:20.20 402643   Boulder Cycle Sport
37561.80Michael Warner   Longmont, CO0:41:57.60 377675   
38569.84David Mitchell   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 362975   
DNFRobert Rowland   Aurora, CODNF 91476   BRAC
DNFMichael Linde   Castle Rock, CODNF 357247   

Men - SM 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1128.42Jeff Winkler   Boulder, CO0:38:15.80 48568   
2133.70Darron Cheek   Breckenridge, CO0:38:48.30 192447   CROSS PROPZ RACING
3138.98Todd Cassan   Boulder, CO0:38:48.80 6406   
4144.26Matt Miller   Golden, CO0:39:01.90 308049   Green Mountain Sports Velo
5149.54Michael C Hogan   Louisville Co0:39:21.10 191601   Team Kappius
6154.82Art Schwadron   Boulder, CO0:39:27.80 31905   Rally Sport Cycling Team
7160.10Karl Kiester   Denver, CO0:39:54.40 49398   Great Divide Brewing Company
8165.38Harold Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:40:15.40 271424   Rally Sport Cycling Team
9170.66Rod Yoder   Littleton, CO0:40:15.40 39229   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
10175.94Jeff Ofsanko   Boulder, CO0:40:17.00 363673   Rally Sport Cycling Team
11181.22Jeffrey Wardell   Boulder, CO0:40:22.60 155512   Excel Sports Boulder
12186.50Doug Richards   Longmont, CO0:40:25.80 364183   Blue Sky Velo
13191.78Scott E Winborne   Highlands Ranch, CO0:40:37.90 268491   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
14197.06Charles R Brown   Eagle, CO0:40:42.70 5043   
15202.34Michael Spangenberg   Golden, CO0:40:55.10 69228   Rally Sport Cycling Team
16207.62Shawn Lortie   Boulder, CO0:41:05.90 362355   Rally Sport Cycling Team
17212.90Paul K Lugar   Boulder, CO0:41:12.90 21788   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
18218.18Jared Shuttleworth   Lakewood, CO0:41:14.60 103455   
19223.46MIke Sutter   Boulder, CO0:41:16.90 77394   Boulder Orthopedics
20228.74Emery Legg   Denver, CO0:41:21.80 20790   Great Divide Brewing Company
21234.02Frank L Hibbitts   Colorado Springs, CO0:41:25.30 16078   
22239.30Christopher Walsweer   Denver, CO0:41:25.80 93762   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
23244.58Mike Bonenberger   Ft Collins, CO0:41:26.10 4187   
24249.86Steve D Carpenter   Fort Collins, CO0:41:37.70 6222   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
25255.14Scott A Forrest   Golden, CO0:41:49.50 12041   
26260.42Rodrigo Gil Moreno de Mora   Loveland, CO0:41:52.40 240113   
27265.70Tim Wilder   Fort Collins, CO0:41:55.00 377210   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
28270.98Dan Miller   Longmont, CO0:42:06.90 363935   International Christian Cycling Club
29276.26Timothy Shea   Boulder, CO0:42:09.80 32364   
30281.54Hal W McKelvy   Lakewood0:42:11.20 150377   
31286.82Bruce Whitesel   Golden, CO0:42:11.70 38047   Green Mountain Sports Velo
32292.10Carl Boni   Erie, CO0:42:26.40 244813   Rapid Racing
33297.38Derrick E Nickel   Denver, CO0:42:28.10 26078   Boulder Orthopedics
34302.66Jeffrey Homan   Loveland, CO0:42:30.90 188296   First City Cycling Team
35307.94Emil Gercke   Casper, WY0:42:34.40 13087   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
36313.22Steve Ferry   Longmont, CO0:42:46.20 281581   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
37318.50John Brunner   Boulder, CO0:43:27.80 5242   
38323.78Samuel J Freeman   Longmont, CO0:43:40.80 116111   
39329.06John Cotton   Longmont, CO0:43:44.00 7900   Blue Sky Velo
40334.34Richard T Brady   Louisville, CO0:43:47.60 4590   
41339.62Brian Dunn   Denver, CO0:43:51.30 10201   Great Divide Brewing Company
42344.90Mark Taylor   Boulder, CO0:44:22.60 35104   Boulder Cycle Sport
43350.18Thomas Needy   Boulder, CO0:44:28.00 92589   IC3Colorado
44355.46Frank Smith   Nederland, CO0:44:32.40 364546   Boulder Cycle Sport
45360.74Timothy E Barnes   Boulder, CO0:44:45.80 96071   
46366.02Justin D Green   Boulder, CO0:44:56.30 205413   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
47371.30Brian Durnwirth   Boulder, CO0:45:13.20 281517   Boulder Cycle Sport
48376.58Seth Murphy   Littleton, CO0:45:30.90 413179   
49381.86David Ries   Boulder, CO0:45:58.50 184842   Boulder Cycle Sport
50387.14Jeffrey Taylor   Boulder0:47:34.90 388083   

Men - SM 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1224.98Stuart Mcknight   Boulder, CO0:39:25.00 363692   Boulder Junior Cycling
2232.85Michael S Dunbar   Lakewood, CO0:40:12.90 289831   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
3240.72Jason J Kiefer   Boulder, CO0:40:29.00 389935   Sports Garage Cycling
4248.59Robert S Wright   Niwot, CO0:40:51.10 303535   Boulder Junior Cycling
5256.46Cameron Bellian   Boulder, CO0:41:02.20 362649   Boulder Junior Cycling
6264.33John R Schoofs   Boulder, CO0:41:17.50 262597   
7272.20Cassidy Bailey   Lyons, CO0:41:19.10 289005   Tokyo Joe's Jr
8280.07Tony A Romagna   Denver, CO0:41:25.00 383196   Racer X Cycling
9287.94Tom Robson   Boulder, CO0:41:46.10 318918   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10295.81Douglas Borg   Denver, CO0:42:07.30 363513   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
11303.68Andrew T Lincoln   Boulder0:42:17.60 389143   
12311.55Ryan C Ognibene   Boulder, CO0:42:19.40 246874   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
13319.42Adam T Fivehouse   Denver, CO0:42:46.80 224182   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
14327.29Bill B Davis   Boulder, CO0:42:52.00 219265   Rally Sport Cycling Team
15335.16B Scott Queen   Fort Collins, CO0:42:57.90 112647   First City Cycling Team
16343.03David P Vogel   Superior, CO0:42:59.30 179950   
17Christopher Meier   0:42:59.40   
18358.77Garrett Y Getter   Boulder, CO0:43:01.00 265765   Team Small Batch
19366.64Benjamin Torvik   Boulder, CO0:43:18.60 388893   
20374.51Jacob P CarterGibb   Boulder, CO0:43:29.40 350018   Tokyo Joe's Jr
21382.38Keagan B Rowley   Boulder, CO0:43:29.50 196600   Boulder Cycle Sport
22390.25Jeremy Purchase   Highlands Ranch, CO0:43:41.90 362986   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
23398.12Christopher Wahle   Parker, CO0:43:43.10 388069   International Christian Cycling Club
24405.99Eric L Rubottom   Eagle, CO0:43:46.40 246645   
25413.86Kyle R Gisbert   Denver0:44:16.70 388662   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
26421.73Michael Welker   Denver, CO0:44:33.00 227319   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
27429.60Jesse N Euton   Boulder, CO0:44:41.50 389688   Boulder Cycle Sport
28437.47Nathaniel Zola   Boulder Co0:44:46.60 363226   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
29445.34Paul Eaton   Fort Collins, CO0:44:46.70 360907   First City Cycling Team
30453.21Jason H Donaldson   Boulder, CO0:45:21.40 240047   
31461.08Daniel Bye   Denver, CO0:45:35.40 363210   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
32468.95Adam Hecht   Boulder, CO0:45:37.60 218177   
33476.82Eric N Williams   Longmont, CO0:45:41.30 378146   GS Panache
34484.69David A Taylor   Avon Co0:46:22.80 409362   
35492.56Nick Kosovich   Thornton, CO0:46:41.60 363779   Racer X Cycling
36500.43Ryan Lowe   Boulder, CO0:46:56.30 363006   14527
37508.30Illya Kowalchuk   Lafayette Co0:46:51.90 391813   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
38516.17Robert Gutzwiller   Fort Collins, CO0:48:41.10 233859   
39524.04Eric M Budd   Boulder Co@ 1 Lap 255691   
40531.91Peter Zola   Boulder@ 1 Lap 363626   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
DNFTrevor R Heinrichs   Longmont, CODNF 388327   Alexander Dawson School
DNFGregory R McVie   Denver, CODNF 339494   Twin Peaks Racing

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1254.03Brian M Aiken   Boulder, CO0:32:19.80 387832   Boulder Cycle Sport
2258.70Matt S Gough   Fort Collins, CO0:32:55.50 97391   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
3263.37Owen R Lin   Denver, CO0:33:10.00 369748   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
4268.04David Kendall   Lafayette, CO0:33:14.30 363343   
5272.71Chris Skudlarczyk   Centennial, CO0:33:26.80 32885   
6277.38Kenneth W Lanham   Denver, CO0:33:42.30 41136   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
7282.05Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO0:34:02.10 252986   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8286.72James Servaites   Boulder, CO0:34:02.80 354390   Boulder Cycle Sport
9291.39Kirk H Peterson   Brooklyn, NY0:34:06.40 277854   USC Cycling Team
10296.06Colin M Vito   Broomfield, CO0:34:06.90 338462   Feedback Sports Racing
11300.73William Manning   Boulder0:34:07.10 22398   
12305.40mike farr   Avon, CO0:34:12.60 415224   
13310.07Broc R Thompson   Arvada, CO0:34:14.30 35408   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
14314.74Bob Rowland   Fort Collins, CO0:34:20.20 212728   
15319.41David Chart   Highlands Ranch, CO0:34:26.80 362770   International Christian Cycling Club
16324.08Joseph E Coffey   Littleton, CO0:34:32.60 199085   The Natural Way Racing Team
17328.75Peter Schaub   Longmont, CO0:34:44.60 363169   CROSS PROPZ RACING
18333.42Chad Bakken   Lone Tree, CO0:34:53.20 273145   
19338.09Grady Huff   Longmont, CO0:34:58.20 364311   CROSS PROPZ RACING
20342.76Walter Knapp   Boulder, CO0:35:02.30 364201   GS Panache
21347.43Christopher L Kleingartner   Denver, CO0:35:14.90 301664   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
22352.10Brian Hart   Littleton, CO0:35:16.00 358703   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
23356.77Shawn P Betz   Aurora, CO0:35:22.80 315940   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
24361.44Greg Scott   Denver, CO0:35:22.80 78966   ColoBikeLaw.com
25366.11Damon Marxer   Boulder, CO0:35:31.20 22790   
26370.78Michael A Glicksman   Boulder, CO0:35:33.50 294994   
27375.45Christopher Taylor   Denver, CO0:35:36.30 263943   
28380.12David Ross   Denver0:35:37.80 364534   
29384.79Jason M Douglass   Louisville, CO0:35:40.00 388671   Boulder Cycle Sport
30389.46Jason Gugelman   Fort Collins, CO0:35:42.40 363215   
31394.13Daniel Bye   Denver, CO0:35:42.80 363210   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
32398.80Kevin Rooney   Arvada, CO0:35:44.20 363284   
33403.47David Cherney   Denver, CO0:35:44.50 363112   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
34408.14Christian Williss   Denver, CO0:35:44.90 363045   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
35412.81Rick Vanderleek   Boulder, CO0:35:47.40 415108   
36417.48Paul Sasseville   Louisville, CO0:35:51.40 362990   
37422.15Matthew Grandsaert   Boulder, CO0:36:07.60 363371   CROSS PROPZ RACING
38426.82Bardon Higgins   Erie0:36:07.80 392700   Rapid Racing
39431.49Jeffrey R Smith   Lafayette, CO0:36:20.40 264136   Boulder Cycle Sport
40436.16Per Larsen   Boulder, CO0:36:23.90 264124   Boulder Cycle Sport
41440.83Matthew Otero   Highlands Ranch, CO0:36:28.30 367563   International Christian Cycling Club
42445.50Jim L Hamilton   Littleton, CO0:36:29.50 380497   
43450.17Doug Gordon   Parker, CO0:36:47.10 271155   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
44454.84Chris Hamilton   Lakewood, CO0:36:52.90 307709   
45459.51Donald libasci   Tucson 0:36:59.10 310475   Racer X Cycling
46464.18Daniel J Madruga   Centennial, CO0:37:23.10 276368   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
47468.85seth j levine   Longmont, CO0:37:30.70 321502   Boulder Cycle Sport
48473.52keith Weinkein   St Louis0:37:34.70 377867   
49478.19Paul Lee   Longmont, CO0:37:53.00 20736   Boulder Cycle Sport
50482.86Kenneth Ross   Aurora, CO0:37:55.00 67379   ColoBikeLaw.com
51487.53Christopher Anderson   Arvada, CO0:38:03.10 363889   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
52492.20Larry Jensen   Pinedale Wy0:38:10.50 364485   Spradley Barr Wind Chill Cycling
53496.87Eric Lawrence   Colorado Springs, CO0:38:35.30 20552   
54501.54David Gardiner   Boulder0:38:39.10 402680   
55andrew smith   0:39:39.20   
56510.88Christopher D Gardner   Colorado Springs, CO0:39:51.00 311832   Twin Six
57515.55Ben Saunders   Westminster, CO0:39:58.10 364320   Blue Sky Velo
58520.22Tim M Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO0:40:16.40 361871   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
59524.89Paul A Betty   Denver, CO0:40:56.30 388737   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
60529.56Mark Beresniewicz   Edwards0:41:18.00 389414   
61534.23Aaron D Pilling   Boulder, CO@ 2 Laps 134807   
DNFZeb Zimmerman   Erie, CODNF 363456   Boulder Cycle Sport
DNFJack H Jefferies   Avon, CODNF 229853   
DNFKaan Erdener   Boulder, CODNF 356   Boulder Cycle Sport
DNFDan C Solem   Lafayette, CODNF 415298   

Men - SM 35+ 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1208.15Thomas E Taylor   Fort Collins, CO0:47:31.00 179049   First City Cycling Team
2211.60Tim Lemmon   Melbourne0:47:58.50 363127   
3215.05Andrew Johnson   Erie, CO0:48:14.40 188785   
4218.50Alan Angelopulos   Broomfield, CO0:48:15.00 363393   
5221.95Michael Burton   Denver, CO0:48:25.30 236652   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
6225.40Brad Thomas   Boulder, CO0:48:30.40 79265   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
7228.85Jon W Alegranti   Superior, CO0:48:36.40 338   
8232.30Jason Giles   Westminster, CO0:48:53.20 240985   Colorado Single Track
9235.75Jim Scheel   Littleton, CO0:48:59.00 363847   Kryki Sports
10239.20Damien C Fraser   Eagle, CO0:49:00.80 213484   
11242.65Robert Veitch   Eagle, CO0:49:00.80 107066   
12246.10Brad Fentress   Denver, CO0:49:06.40 362547   USC Cycling Team
13249.55Scott Mitchell   Denver, CO0:49:10.40 363936   Rocky Mountain Road Club
14253.00Bryan W Grace   Boulder, CO0:49:11.20 298723   
15256.45Matt Robinson   Loveland, CO0:49:11.80 235901   High Peaks Masters
16259.90Doug Ferguson   Denver, CO0:49:13.40 86033   Cycleton
17263.35Michael Beacon   Edwards, CO0:49:15.40 363209   
18266.80Joel T Mischke   Basalt, CO0:49:28.40 77727   brookfield Homes Racing
19270.25Matt Lohrentz   Arvada, CO0:49:29.80 145929   
20273.70Zachary T Rudolph   Lafayette, CO0:49:32.20 259450   14527
21277.15Thomas Fiorillo   Denver, CO0:49:32.50 321592   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
22280.60Milo Whitcomb   Fort Collins0:49:38.80 37930   Fort Collins Cycling Team
23Jerry Kopack   0:49:48.70   
24287.50Brian France   Arvada, CO0:50:00.60 360175   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
25290.95Todd D Saveland   Arvada, CO0:50:07.30 244542   Team Kappius
26294.40David Altschuld   Denver, CO0:50:08.60 362699   
27297.85John (JJ) J Brandstatter   Broomfield, CO0:50:08.80 131976   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
28301.30John Deibert   Longmont, CO0:50:58.10 363058   High Peaks Masters
29304.75Charley L Dean   Longmont, CO0:51:03.50 336978   
30308.20John E Drake   Denver, CO0:51:13.10 198746   
31311.65Vernon H Harris   Louisville, CO0:51:38.10 15167   Team Kappius
32315.10Korey L Kreitman   Fort Collins, CO0:51:40.30 292055   First City Cycling Team
33318.55Dan Farrell   Lyons, CO0:52:28.40 11286   Boulder Cycle Sport
34322.00Brian Moore   Denver, CO0:52:33.60 68584   Racer X Cycling
35325.45Chad R Headlee   Denver, CO0:52:43.80 169388   Boulder Cycle Sport
36328.90James Bedrosian   Boulder, CO0:53:17.40 238074   Boulder Cycle Sport
37332.35Thomas Eng   Broomfield, CO0:53:49.00 190576   GS Panache
38335.80Sean Steeves   Golden, CO0:54:31.40 92497   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
39339.25Marcus Georgopolis   Edwards, CO@ 1 Lap 363268   
40342.70Karl Pelletier   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 240127   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
41346.15Patrick Batten   Park City, UT@ 1 Lap 343758   
DNFDave Farrell   Pueblo, CODNF 276330   Wilderness Sports
DNFDarren Eubanks   DenverDNF 362999   Team Kappius
DNFKen Jones   Boulder, CODNF 159625   VeloBrew Cycling Club

Men - SM 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1115.65J Clark   Colorado Springs, CO0:45:48.30 132523   
2121.18Brandon Dwight   Boulder, CO0:45:51.40 90939   Boulder Cycle Sport
3126.71Jeff Winkler   Boulder, CO0:46:23.80 48568   
4132.24Michael Robson   Boulder, CO0:46:42.30 64112   Moots
5137.77Frank H Overton   Boulder, CO0:46:43.60 117894   
6143.30Eric Collins   Boulder, CO0:46:48.10 7425   
7148.83Kevin OBrien   Erie, CO0:47:29.80 325526   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8154.36Charles Coyle   Boulder, CO0:47:31.50 102604   Subaru/Groove Automotive
9159.89Russell Griffin   Denver, CO0:47:31.60 14176   Cycleton
10165.42Patrick Gallegos   Superior, CO0:47:32.80 78794   8 Sixteen Racing
11170.95Jonathan Coln   Denver, CO0:47:33.20 7455   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
12176.48Doug Schuler   Boulder, CO0:47:34.00 262367   Boulder Cycle Sport
13182.01Jason Hartman   Centennial, CO0:47:36.60 363574   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
14187.54Peter Smith   Broomfield, CO0:48:06.70 189625   Mad Alchemy Rider Cooperative
15193.07Mike Sharkey   Arvada0:48:23.80 32306   Boulder Cycle Sport
16198.60Courtney Gregory   Avon, CO0:48:28.20 363944   
17204.13Michael Carroll   Durango, CO0:48:42.50 175586   Durango Wheel Club
18209.66Charlie Merrill   Boulder, CO0:48:52.40 328646   
19215.19Gregory Keller   Boulder, CO0:48:52.40 154167   Boulder Cycle Sport
20220.72Clay M Harris   Evergreen, CO0:49:46.70 152172   Team Kappius
21226.25Paul K Lugar   Boulder, CO0:50:05.30 21788   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
22231.78Ariel S Brown   Boulder, CO0:50:20.70 5031   
23237.31David A Averill   Fort Collins, CO0:50:29.20 61369   Fort Collins Cycling Team
24242.84Brad Thomas   Boulder, CO0:51:07.90 79265   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
25248.37Christopher Fox   Superior, CO0:51:10.90 363495   Boulder Cycle Sport
26253.90Paul A Tanguay   Ft Collins, CO0:52:17.10 135119   First City Cycling Team
27William Tripp H Wall III   0:52:37.50   MOOTS
28264.96Eric B Jones   Boulder, CO0:53:02.00 154867   Rally Sport Cycling Team
29270.49Andrew B Feeney   Louisville, CO0:53:14.50 164755   
30276.02Kirk S Fogdall   Louisville, CO0:54:11.80 134626   
31281.55Anthony D Thornton   Superior, CO@ 1 Lap 308317   
DQShawn A Meredith   Denver, CODSQ 251715   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
DNFTodd Sims   DNF   
DNFSteven J Capstick   Longmont, CODNF 6061   CROSS PROPZ RACING
DNFJeremy H Young   Boulder, CODNF 39290   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
DNFBrian D Pierce   Longmont, CODNF 175575   

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1180.79Chris Key   Boulder, CO0:46:25.80 363082   Boulder Junior Cycling
2186.03Evan M Fader   Boulder, CO0:46:33.80 194569   Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
3191.27Kurtis R Barth   Boulder, CO0:46:59.50 317448   Boulder Junior Cycling
4196.51Carson Christen   Boulder, CO0:47:00.00 233801   Cycleton
5201.75andrew j harbuck   Kittredge0:47:25.00 391123   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
6206.99Cade R Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:47:31.40 286308   Boulder Junior Cycling
7212.23Evan Clouse   Park City, UT0:47:32.40 323978   Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
8217.47Isaac Dancy   Longmont, CO0:47:37.60 191649   Alchemy Bicycle Co./ Mad Alchemy
9222.71Aaron L Barcheck   Boulder, CO0:47:39.30 180719   Team Small Batch
10227.95Eric Brunner   Boulder, CO0:47:46.70 298963   BJC/Panache
11233.19William E Allen   Westminster, CO0:48:00.80 186832   Feedback Sports Racing
12238.43Michael Huisenga   Boulder, CO0:48:24.60 363623   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
13243.67Nicholas Applegate   Boulder, CO0:48:25.00 362572   Cycleton
14248.91Steve M Hageman   Denver0:48:26.30 222713   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
15254.15Jack Tanner   Boulder, CO0:48:26.40 309291   Boulder Junior Cycling
16259.39Jake M Salcone   Fort Collins, CO0:48:40.30 388920   
17264.63Nevin Whittemore   Boulder, CO0:48:45.10 361565   Boulder Junior Cycling
18269.87Matt Gracey   Denver, CO0:48:46.80 363747   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
19275.11Rick Vermeil   Boulder Co0:48:47.00 366071   Sonic Boom Racing Team
20280.35Andy D Lueck   Des Moines Ia0:49:04.30 240305   
21285.59Denzel Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:49:13.30 331144   Boulder Junior Cycling
22290.83Travis Ostrom   Denver, CO0:49:16.50 379782   Boulder Cycle Sport
23296.07David Hornick   Englewood, CO0:49:17.10 363585   
24Patrick Valentine   0:49:17.10   
25306.55Justin Naab   Boulder, CO0:49:22.80 364220   Sonic Boom Racing Team
26Zachary Peterson   0:49:23.00   
27317.03David M Pfeiffer   Boulder, CO0:49:37.30 293439   Michigan Cycling Club
28Jason Hanson   0:50:14.60   
29327.51Scott Archer   Breckenridge, CO0:50:19.60 349822   
30332.75Daimeon Shanks   Boulder, CO0:50:21.80 126532   GS Panache
31337.99Brian A Martina   Boulder, CO0:50:27.30 161969   
32343.23Craig Daugherty   Boulder, CO0:50:28.40 363208   Sports Garage Cycling
33348.47Dan Wisdom   Denver, CO0:50:50.90 377572   Cycleton
34353.71Scott Larson   Ft Collins, CO0:51:19.10 363063   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
35358.95Jake Davidson   Westminster, CO0:52:02.80 272100   C3-Twenty20cycling.com
36364.19Christopher Hall   Denver, CO0:52:04.60 109476   Team Small Batch
37369.43Andy C Harmon   Boulder, CO0:52:13.40 226855   CROSS PROPZ RACING
38374.67Paul C Rahn   Boulder, CO0:52:22.60 236034   
39379.91Chris A Lozyniak   Denver, CO0:52:22.70 112786   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
DNFMalcolm Tassi   Greeley, CODNF 321678   
DNFAndrew Slater   Denver, CODNF 190716   Cycleton
DNFSpencer s Martin   Boulder, CODNF 290172   
DNFNate Picklo   Eagle, CODNF 411899   
DNFSebastian G Sturges   Fort Collins, CODNF 301347   Virginia Commonwealth University
DNFJonathan Pressman   Broomfield, CODNF 295952   Amoroso's Racing Team

Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1139.50William Iaia   Centennial , CO0:47:31.20 329668   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
2148.68Daniel J Porter   Fort Collins, CO0:47:31.60 214597   First City Cycling Team
3157.86Jesse A Swift   Golden, CO0:47:31.70 100646   Gates Carbon Drive
4167.04Ryan J McFarling   Lafayette, CO0:47:38.00 215008   Gates Carbon Drive
5176.22Gerald W Oliver   Edwards, CO0:47:38.60 308297   
6185.40Anthony D Iannacito   Denver, CO0:48:19.70 225551   
7194.58David Harber   Denver, CO0:48:44.20 78021   
8203.76Adam Rachubinski   Centennial, CO0:49:39.90 298689   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
9212.94Stephen D Shepherd   Boulder, CO0:49:49.00 155949   Boulder Cycle Sport
10222.12justin w sheldon   Denver, CO0:49:51.20 280424   
11231.30Carlos F Vulgamott   Lakewood, CO0:50:05.90 129128   
12240.48Derek Strong   Lakewood, CO0:50:17.60 34451   Gates Carbon Drive
13249.66Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO0:50:40.40 241461   Gates Carbon Drive
14258.84Scott Larsen   Highlands Ranch, CO0:50:57.20 363043   Routine Leg Works
15268.02Nick L Orticelle   Denver, CO0:51:14.00 386390   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
16277.20Gregory Orticelle   Denver, CO0:51:21.20 344280   
17286.38John Damiano   Denver, CO0:51:38.40 81625   
18Winn DeBurlo   0:51:58.50   
19304.74David J OBrien   Denver, CO0:52:26.70 388818   
20313.92Christopher T Ellefson   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 214175   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
21323.10Robert J Thomas   Boulder@ 1 Lap 208202   Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
22332.28Chris A Martel   Highlands Ranch, CO@ 1 Lap 113808   Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
23341.46Alvin J Nordell   Golden, CO@ 1 Lap 169765   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
24350.64Malcolm Tassi   Greeley, CO@ 1 Lap 321678   
25359.82Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO@ 1 Lap 252986   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
DNFRyan Murphy   Lakewood, CODNF 362664   Routine Leg Works
DNFJesse Pisel   GoldenDNF 362127   
DNFRobert W Thayer   BroomfieldDNF 396770   Sonic Boom Racing

Men - JM 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1264.37Liam Dunn   Denver, CO0:40:43.20 271147   Clif Bar Development Cross Team
2292.58Cormac Dunn   Denver, CO0:41:37.60 271148   Clif Bar Development Cross Team
3320.79Ben Hogan   Louisville, CO0:42:03.60 270866   Tokyo Joe's Jr
4349.00Jordan Heinrichs   Longmont@ 1 Lap 363616   Alexander Dawson School
5377.21Jacob Goldman   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 363494   Alexander Dawson School
6405.42Sage Thomas   Mead, CO@ 1 Lap 363699   Alexander Dawson School
7433.63Max Ollig   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 363647   Alexander Dawson School

Men - JM 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1308.82Nic Jenkins   Colorado Springs, CO0:43:11.00 355674   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
2325.89Jack c Doherty   Denver0:43:54.30 368692   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3342.96Brennen S Oliver   Lafayette, CO@ 1 Lap 414115   Alexander Dawson School
4360.03Will McBryde   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 396214   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
5377.10Brock Arends   Arvada, CO@ 1 Lap 363372   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
6394.17Aidan Utesch   Aurora, CO@ 1 Lap 363174   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
7411.24Connor Criswell   Lafayette, CO@ 1 Lap 388323   Alexander Dawson School
8428.31Liam Sullivan   Bailey, CO@ 1 Lap 374501   International Christian Cycling Club
9445.38Wiley Melton   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 397075   
10462.45Spencer J Edmunds   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 388812   Boulder Junior Cycling
11479.52Devon Campbell   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 388322   Alexander Dawson School
12496.59Elliot J Scribner   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 388326   Alexander Dawson School
13513.66Ijie bacher   Lafayette, CO@ 1 Lap 414102   Alexander Dawson School
14530.73Nathan R Newton   Parker Co@ 1 Lap 414927   IC3Colorado
15547.80Liam T OBrien   Highlands Ranch, CO@ 2 Laps 369463   IC3Colorado
DNFZachary Somerville   Johnstown, CODNF 362443   Alexander Dawson School

Men - JM 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1278.27Ethan Wright   Boulder, CO0:16:52.60 362707   Boulder Junior Cycling
2285.88Torin W Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:16:53.60 330652   Boulder Junior Cycling
3293.49Max Robson   Boulder Co0:16:56.00 364335   Boulder Junior Cycling
4301.10Alex Campbell   Lakewood, CO0:16:57.00 395936   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
5308.71Nolan Jenkins   Colorado Springs, CO0:17:14.60 355670   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
6316.32Nolan Brunner   Boulder, CO0:17:35.40 318530   Boulder Junior Cycling
7323.93Sam Brown   Eagle0:18:02.40 364328   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8331.54Finn M Gullickson   Colorado Springs0:18:31.70 387670   
9339.15Oliver J Howson   Boulder0:18:41.60 403163   Boulder Junior Cycling
10346.76Nathan Pawlak   Boulder, CO0:18:55.80 379737   Boulder Junior Cycling
11354.37Oliver Hart   Boulder, CO0:19:07.50 318174   Boulder Junior Cycling
12361.98Nolan Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:19:08.50 364269   Boulder Junior Cycling
13369.59Miles M Ross   Boulder0:19:11.40 401502   
14377.20Osita Ogbuji   Superior, CO0:19:28.90 362640   Boulder Junior Cycling
15384.81Campbell Watson   Louisville, CO0:20:46.40 363133   Boulder Junior Cycling
16392.42James W Keller   Boulder, CO0:21:06.90 414106   Alexander Dawson School
17400.03Charleton B Sagrillo   Lafayette0:21:15.50 363247   Boulder Junior Cycling
18407.64William Greig   Longmont, CO0:21:15.60 362682   Boulder Junior Cycling
19415.25Will M Doherty   Denver0:21:17.90 414316   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
20422.86Donovan Muniz   Broomfield0:22:11.70 389488   Alexander Dawson School
21430.47Carson Wille   Lafayette, CO0:24:54.10 363555   
22438.08Aidan W Murphy   Littleton, CO0:30:14.80 413177   
DNFKendrick Boots   Centennial, CODNF 363665   International Christian Cycling Club

Men - JM 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1327.12Aiden Keller   Boulder, CO0:18:03.70 363875   Boulder Junior Cycling
2334.04Dakota Cline   Boulder, CO0:18:20.20 363356   Boulder Junior Cycling
3340.96Ryan Campbell   Lakewood, CO0:18:39.70 362894   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4347.88Jared P Scott   Boulder, CO0:19:29.40 401329   Boulder Junior Cycling
5354.80Luke D Elphingstone   Boulder, CO0:20:11.50 386429   Boulder Junior Cycling
6361.72Vin Hludzinski   Boulder, CO0:20:17.20 363182   Boulder Junior Cycling
7368.64Seamus C Keller   Boulder0:20:21.90 383368   Boulder Junior Cycling
8375.56Kahill Bailey   Lyons0:20:35.40 363601   Boulder Junior Cycling
9382.48Simon o Gallagher   Boulder, CO0:20:42.60 378936   Boulder Junior Cycling
10389.40Ryan Stowers   Denver0:21:18.60 381826   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
11396.32George A Poggemeyer   Littleton0:21:37.70 412403   
12403.24Miguel Gallegos   Boulder, CO0:21:52.90 386629   Boulder Junior Cycling
13410.16KAYDEN CLINE   Boulder0:22:08.00 363113   Boulder Junior Cycling
14417.08Cooper Lull   Boulder, CO0:22:12.40 363551   Boulder Junior Cycling
15424.00Lucas Hartman   Boulder0:22:32.50 363790   
16430.92Zach Teplitzky   Denver0:22:36.00 362936   Cycleton
17437.84Cooper Mertes   Boulder0:23:02.00 412682   Boulder Junior Cycling
18444.76Tanner Bauer   Louisville, CO0:23:02.80 416171   
19451.68Riley Cotton   Longmont, CO0:23:04.10 362708   Boulder Junior Cycling
20458.60Lake Cunningham   Lafayette0:23:16.40 363871   Boulder Junior Cycling
21465.52Leo K Gullickson   Colorado Springs, CO0:23:50.30 387671   
22472.44Skyler Heinrichs   Boulder Co0:24:22.40 363157   Alexander Dawson School
23479.36Ty Musgrave   Littleton, CO0:24:36.00 390930   
24486.28Liam B KerrAtkinson   Littleton, CO0:24:36.20 412509   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
25493.20Beck Farrell   Lyons, CO0:25:05.70 362964   Boulder Junior Cycling
26500.12Benjamin M Meiser   Lakewood, CO0:25:50.90 414489   
27507.04Simon J Haug   Boulder, CO0:25:57.10 413845   Boulder Junior Cycling
28513.96Thomas H Edmunds   Boulder Co0:26:06.50 390162   Boulder Junior Cycling
29520.88Graham Outlaw   Boulder, CO0:26:34.40 414021   Boulder Junior Cycling
30527.80Yannick J Long   Boulder, CO0:26:48.30 413950   Boulder Junior Cycling
31534.72quinn m finnoff   Lyons0:26:49.90 413681   Boulder Junior Cycling
32541.64Walter Parker   Hygiene0:27:29.40 415364   
33548.56vaughn bigelow   Broomfield, CO0:27:50.40 388764   
34555.48Nicholas C Boni   Erie, CO0:28:01.60 412228   Boulder Junior Cycling
35562.40Ryan W Barnes   Boulder, CO0:29:03.90 414028   Boulder Junior Cycling
36569.32udoka ogbuji   Superior, CO0:29:26.40 413553   Boulder Junior Cycling
37576.24Nicklas R Eggebrecht   Castle Rock0:29:54.50 412585   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
38583.16Jaden Reyes   Erie, CO0:30:51.90 414875   Boulder Junior Cycling
39590.08Jack R Brandstatter   Broomfield, CO@ 1 Lap 389484   

Women - SW Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1123.64Kristin Weber   Boulder, CO0:42:56.00 354314   Boulder Cycle Sport
2131.13Caitlyn A Vestal   Golden, CO0:43:06.70 168652   Feedback Sports Racing
3138.62Melissa Barker   Longmont, CO0:43:40.30 64184   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
4146.11Jessica D'Amato   Boulder, CO0:43:43.40 364423   Evol Elite Racing
5153.60Karen E Hogan   Louisville, CO0:43:43.70 248610   Team Kappius
6161.09Ksenia Lepikhina   Boulder, CO0:44:00.70 296745   
7168.58Kristal Boni   Erie, CO0:44:44.80 238717   Rapid Racing
8176.07Kristen L Peterson   Boulder, CO0:44:49.10 294039   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9183.56Tracy B Yates   Arvada, CO0:44:53.40 362231   Tough Girl Cycling
10191.05Laurel Rathbun   Monument, CO0:45:41.60 201838   ExergyTWENTY16
11198.54Mina Anderberg   Boulder, CO0:45:55.50 269982   T.E.A.M. Fuji
12206.03Beth R Fisk   Boulder, CO0:46:23.30 175388   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
13213.52Michele Bliss   Boulder, CO0:46:46.10 60539   Team Small Batch
14221.01Marta K Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:52:00.80 315188   ExergyTWENTY16
DNFMargell Abel   Boulder, CODNF 1032   Tough Girl Cycling

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1293.10Lydia M Tanner   Boulder, CO0:36:08.00 256646   
2304.23Diane Soucheray   Boulder, CO0:37:06.20 390213   
3315.36Elizabeth Barcheck   Boulder, CO0:37:45.00 388304   Team Small Batch
4326.49Nora Richards   Boulder, CO0:38:01.30 284308   
5337.62Michele J Moffat   Boulder, CO0:39:01.20 219060   
6348.75Melissa France   Arvada0:39:05.50 381439   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
7359.88Shelby L Katz   Boulder, CO0:39:09.80 230486   
8371.01Terri K Smith   Nederland, CO0:39:22.40 384756   Boulder Cycle Sport
9382.14Errin L Vito   Broomfield, CO0:39:38.60 388810   Rapid Racing
10393.27Maurine Sweeney   Highlands Ranch, CO0:39:41.70 362731   Racer X Cycling
11404.40Renee Abboud   Broomfield, CO0:39:58.20 408498   Boulder Cycle Sport
12415.53Kim Gilbert   Littleton, CO0:39:59.70 363167   Team Body Sync
13426.66Birgit A Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:40:18.90 357254   LTR Sports
14437.79Cynthia M Dywan   Laramie, WY0:40:21.00 174388   
15448.92Mary Burch   Denver, CO0:40:46.90 363353   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
16460.05Heidi Gurov   Cheyenne Wy0:41:23.80 391540   Spradley Barr Wind Chill Cycling
17471.18Jennifer Muto   Silverthorne, CO0:41:34.70 235162   Racer X Cycling
18482.31Sasha Milhous   Boulder, CO0:41:45.90 173232   
19493.44Karen Smith   Arvada, CO0:41:47.40 280895   Racer X Cycling
20504.57erika a brandstatter   Broomfield0:42:01.30 411655   Boulder Cycle Sport
21515.70Deborah Homan   Loveland, CO0:42:39.00 201776   First City Cycling Team
22Patricia Nilsen   0:43:20.50   
23537.96Sandra A Morrissey   Boulder, CO0:43:43.10 286505   Team Cross (TCNM)
24549.09Angie Ligon   Boulder, CO0:43:53.30 372232   
25Jen Ishum   0:44:47.70   
26571.35Jessica L Hoyt   Boulder, CO0:47:16.40 379812   
27582.48Jacqueline M Sergi   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 386856   

Women - SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1227.84Michelle Stoll   Boulder, CO0:45:40.30 115586   CROSS PROPZ RACING
2242.90Lisa M Strong   Arvada, CO0:46:13.10 122014   Tough Girl Cycling
3257.96Lauren C Costantini   Boulder, CO0:46:26.60 146301   
4273.02Raili Filion   Louisville, CO0:47:01.50 415280   
5288.08Diana Tanner   Boulder, CO0:47:30.10 363833   Boulder Cycle Sport
6303.14Jessica M Bernstein   Boulder, CO0:47:58.30 129649   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
7318.20Deirdre Garvey   Boulder, CO0:47:59.50 68552   High Peaks Masters
8333.26Susan M Prieto   Boulder, CO0:50:01.10 219062   Blue Sky Velo
9348.32Laura c Mizener   Boulder, CO0:52:04.20 253745   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
10363.38Lynn M Bush   Arvada, CO@ 1 Lap 217462   Tough Girl Cycling

Women - SW 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.47Katie Clouse   Park City, UT0:35:13.20 332072   Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
2203.44Kristen L Peterson   Boulder, CO0:35:16.30 294039   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3213.41Courtney B Green   Golden, CO0:36:15.60 301820   
4223.38Megan Hottman   Golden, CO0:36:16.60 194394   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
5233.35Luci Olewinski   Denver, CO0:36:38.90 354150   Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
6243.32Tara Picklo   Eagle, CO0:36:46.80 411900   
7253.29Breeze Brown   Boulder, CO0:36:58.80 363254   Evol Elite Racing
8263.26Melissa L Marts   Golden, CO0:37:01.20 252962   Tough Girl Cycling
9273.23Lorna L Pomeroy   Boulder, CO0:37:07.90 266552   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
10283.20Heather L McKernan   Arvada, CO0:37:18.80 388664   Team Small Batch
11293.17Sabrina David   Boulder, CO0:37:34.80 291263   Metromint Cycling
12303.14Jennifer Sewall   Gypsum, CO0:37:55.80 363090   
13313.11Jennifer Barbour   Denver, CO0:38:27.40 348708   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
14323.08Jennifer Higgins   Fort Collins, CO0:38:31.90 360145   Rams Cycling Team
15333.05Marina Lepikhina   Boulder, CO0:38:32.30 366090   Tough Girl Cycling
16343.02Lori Antolec   Longmont, CO0:39:31.20 363135   OUTDOOR DIVAS CYCLING
17352.99Elizabeth Rowley   Boulder, CO0:40:01.20 72795   Boulder Cycle Sport
18362.96Cynthia Milnick   Bennett, CO0:40:32.90 286039   Fort Collins Cycling Team
19372.93Tara Vessella   Lyons0:40:33.80 363238   

Women - JW 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1271.50Laurel Rathbun   Monument, CO0:37:06.50 201838   ExergyTWENTY16
2331.39Marta K Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:40:49.80 315188   ExergyTWENTY16
3391.28McCauley H Smith   Boulder, CO0:42:26.10 285844   Boulder Junior Cycling
4451.17Jenny Lucke   Louisville, CO0:43:22.00 364444   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella

Women - JW 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1331.81Haley Batten   Park City, UT0:35:36.70 343756   
2355.96Mina Anderberg   Boulder, CO0:36:29.00 269982   T.E.A.M. Fuji
3380.11Ashley Zoerner   Highlandsranch, CO0:36:48.00 286023   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
4404.26Allison Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO0:37:30.90 363733   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
5Ali Briene   0:41:54.10   
6452.56Cassidy S Donohue   Boulder, CO0:42:12.40 401630   
7476.71Amanda Soper   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 363124   Alexander Dawson School

Women - JW 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1369.51Petra Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO0:20:20.90 363223   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
2428.45Sophia Finnoff   Lyons, CO0:22:33.10 363666   
3487.39Rosemary L Morrissey   Boulder, CO0:22:36.70 331274   Boulder Junior Cycling
4Skylar Wilkey   0:24:12.87   

Women - JW 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1318.32Tea Wright   Boulder, CO0:19:35.80 363170   Boulder Junior Cycling
2338.00Heidi Martin   Colorado Springs, CO0:20:55.70 389122   Cafe Velo
3357.68Lauren Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO0:20:57.40 362527   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
4377.36Stephanie Lawrence   Colorado Springs, CO0:21:23.90 357542   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
5397.04Taylor Johnson   Broomfield, CO0:21:25.10 381763   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
6416.72Olivia Adamiak   Centennial 0:22:46.70 362658   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
7436.40Megan J Schuster   Littleton, CO0:27:08.30 412450   
8456.08Anna A Utesch   Aurora0:29:13.20 412018   
9475.76Avery Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO0:34:17.00 363136   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
10495.44Kathleen L Allen   Littleton0:35:29.40 412032   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
11515.12Claire Beeler   Lone Tree, CO0:40:23.30 362464   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
12534.80Kaya Cline   Boulder0:45:33.50 388725   Boulder Junior Cycling

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