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Gig Harbor Circuit Race
Gig Harbor, WA
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Road Race on 08/24/2013

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Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1293.18Sean Phillips   Bellevue, WA01:14:18 274488   Garage Racing
2306.67Mark Mirante   Bellevue, WA01:15:22 293125   Garage Racing
3320.16Nikos Mills   Bellevue, WA01:15:22 183614   Garage Racing
4333.65Tom Wick   Seattle, WA01:15:25 204808   Garage Racing
5347.14Andrew Martin   Kirkland, WA01:15:29 89104   Bikesale.com
6360.63Tom Potter   Browns Point, WA01:15:29 206784   Olympia Orthopaedic
7374.12Tom Hackleman   Tacoma, WA01:15:29 58115   Old Town Bicycle
8387.61David Hills   Bellevue, WA01:15:32 176885   Garage Racing
9401.10Brian Hall   Seattle, WA01:15:32 76754   Audi
10414.59Doug Davis   Mercer Island, WA01:15:34 74205   Audi
11428.08Don Stimson   Newcastle, WA01:15:34 67392   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
12441.57Landon Sealey   Federal Way, WA01:15:36 308514   Garage Racing
13455.06Keith Faretra   Renton, WA01:15:36 11236   Unattached
14468.55Lars Jorstad   Seattle, WA01:15:36 286865   Step Down Racing
15482.04Andy Shirey   Seattle, WA01:15:36 186942   Audi
16495.53Justin Tornow   Naches, WA01:15:41 393741   Unattached
17509.02Michael Black   Seattle, WA01:15:41 244477   Pain Cave Productions
18522.51Mark Portin   Renton, WA01:15:51 271175   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
19536.00Mike Robson   Bothell, WA01:15:54 118582   Bikesale.com
20549.49Robert Ripley   Seattle, WA01:15:58 393647   HSP
21562.98Dan Donahue   Olympia, WA01:16:04 374642   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
22576.47Robert Velez   Issaquah, WA01:16:47 179565   Keller Rohrback Cycling Team
23589.96Mike Skinner   Clinton, WA-1 Lap 169468   Avanti Racing/Blue Rooster
DNFKevin Johnson   Silverdale, WADNF 387564   Center Cycle
DNFDavid Lanier   Seattle, WADNF 192409   Unattached

Men - Cat 1/2 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1132.96Steve Fisher (1 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA01:28:24 204225   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
2147.14Will Teal (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:28:29 318226   Herriott Sports Performance
3161.32Ian Crane (2 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA01:29:33 184284   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
4175.50David Richter (3 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA01:29:33 29781   Herriott Sports Performance
5189.68Todd Herriott (4 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA01:29:43 50707   Herriott Sports Performance
6203.86Logan Owen (5 - Cat1)   Bremerton, WA01:30:23 222488   Giant Specialized
7218.04Brian Hitchcock (6 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA01:30:24 284741   Herriott Sports Performance
8232.22Steven Wilssens (7 - Cat1)   Bothell, WA01:33:35 287991   HSP/ Herriott Sports Performanc
9246.40Jeff Gaeckle (2 - Cat2)   Olympia, WA01:33:41 12621   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
10260.58Warren Atkey (8 - Cat1)   Bothell, WA01:33:45 50756   Bikesale.com
11274.76Nathan Webber (9 - Cat1)   Port Orchard, WA01:33:45 87178   Tete de la Course Cycling
12288.94David Chipchase (3 - Cat2)   Dupont, WA01:33:45 220071   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
13303.12David Iannotti (4 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:33:48 71685   Bikesale.com
14317.30Joe Holmes (10 - Cat1)   Bainbridge Island, WA01:33:50 16599   Tete de la Course Cycling
15331.48Tony Blazejack (5 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:33:50 304571   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
16345.66Brad Kilcline (6 - Cat2)   Kirkland, WA01:33:56 254141   Herriott Sports Performance
17359.84Keiichi Otani (7 - Cat2)   Kirkland, WA01:34:44 289231   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
18374.02Bryan Urakawa (8 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:37:05 235138   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
19388.20Kyle Lyman (9 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:38:31 250341   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
20402.38Pj Bauser (10 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA-1 Lap 332266   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
21416.56Tyler Tangen (11 - Cat2)   Bonney Lake, WA-1 Lap 353044   Revel Rad Racing NW
DNFVaughn Nelson (Cat2)   Lacey, WADNF 275351   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

Men - Cat 3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1357.12Ben Storrar   Tacoma, WA01:27:04 198969   Old Town Bicycle
2366.82Josh Tanner   Seattle, WA01:27:06 218858   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
3376.52Adam Cramer   Olympia, WA01:27:24 300450   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
4386.22Andrew Austin   University Place, WA01:27:28 316276   Old Town Bicycle
5395.92Andrew Lang   St. Louis, MO01:27:36 340124   Old Town Bicycle
6405.62Bart Hawkinson   Seattle, WA01:27:39 272789   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
7415.32Josh Gerak   Seattle, WA01:30:39 256081   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
8425.02Peter Desrosier   Issaquah, WA01:30:39 288084   Bikesale.com
9434.72Chad Richmond   Bothell, WA01:30:43 266765   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
10444.42Paul Coffee   Federal Way, WA01:35:24 331942   Tacoma Bike
11454.12Andrew Roths   Kenmore, WA01:35:24 305716   Bikesale.com
12463.82Nick Duckstein   Seattle01:35:24 276304   Bikesale.com
13473.52Brian Smith   Bonney Lake, WA01:35:24 33050   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFBradlee Haley   Burien, WADNF 288845   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFJoseph Wasikowski   Shoreline, WADNF 193987   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
DNFPaul Bishop   Snohomish, WADNF 335908   Recycled Cycles Racing
DNFRick Birdsey   Seattle, WADNF 366692   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
DNFAlex Votry   Edmonds, WADNF 330594   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFRon Jones   Olympia, WADNF 246852   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
DNFMathew Waterfall   Auburn, WADNF 395059   Tacoma Bike

Men - Cat 4/5 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1454.66Wayne Brown (1 - Cat4)   Renton, WA01:14:56 316268   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
2459.49Nathan Pepin   Seattle, WA01:14:56 249643   CBC Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic
3464.32Zack Hewell (2 - Cat4)   Seattle Wa01:14:56 365582   Cycle U/Apex Racing Team
4469.15Scott Villalon (3 - Cat4)   Puyallup, WA01:14:56 340950   Fischer Plumbing
5473.98Sean Murphy   Tacoma, WA01:14:56 120568   Tacoma Bike
6478.81Colin Mckenna (4 - Cat4)   Snohomish, WA01:14:56 290796   Hagens Berman Cycling Team
7483.64Peter Tang (5 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:00 338864   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
8488.47Eamon Rutledge (1 - Cat5)   Seattle01:15:00 401488   Market Street Racing
9493.30Barney Gill (6 - Cat4)   Vashon, WA01:15:00 222992   Old Town Bicycle
10498.13William Alcorn (7 - Cat4)   Spokane, WA01:15:00 270414   Old Town Bicycle
11502.96Andrew Morrison (8 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:00 369322   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
12507.79Niall Smart (9 - Cat4)   New York, NY01:15:00 405415   Unattached
13512.62Todd Allen   Seattle, WA01:15:06 236437   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
14517.45Brian Clark   Burien01:15:06 408605   Unattached
15522.28Dean Jasper   Bellevue, WA01:15:10 286550   Audi
16527.11Travis Kubicek (10 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:10 273538   Apex/Cycle U
17531.94Eric Kennedy   Boise Idaho01:15:13 369560   Seattle University Cycling
18536.77Christopher Williams (11 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:14 372653   Bikesale.com
19541.60Aaron Robson   Houston, TX01:15:14 311235   RICE
20546.43Christopher Coyle (12 - Cat4)   Tukwila, WA01:15:14 406303   Unattached
21551.26Chris Kaiser (13 - Cat4)   Orting, WA01:15:17 112857   Wheelsport Cycling Team
22556.09David Polansky (14 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:17 369558   Seattle University Cycling
23560.92Martin J. Van Eycke (15 - Cat4)   Tacoma01:15:21 375025   Tacoma Bike
24565.75Layton Carroll-Novack (16 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:23 368622   Apex/Cycle U
25570.58Leigh Thurgood (17 - Cat4)   Seattle, WA01:15:24 393590   Hagens Berman/Society Consultin
26575.41Dieter Laskowski (2 - Cat5)   Seattle, WA01:15:26 360182   Unattached
27580.24Dee Patterson   Greenwater01:15:51 408312   Unattached
28585.07Miles Pederson (3 - Cat5)   Seattle, WA01:18:09 139252   Unattached
29589.90John Tiscornia (4 - Cat5)   Bellevue-1 Lap 408604   HSP
DNFDavid Inadomi (Cat4)   Woodway, WADNF 303930   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFDavid Garate (Cat4)   Buckley, WADNF 367407   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
DNFJonathan Kamke (Cat4)   Puyallup, WADNF 396211   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Cl
DNFThomas Catalina (Cat4)   Seattle, WADNF 239086   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFSven-Erik Nielsen (Cat4)   Seattle, WADNF 264387   SCCA/Starbucks
DNFSun Dang (Cat4)   BellevueDNF 393649   Unattached
DNFWilliam Trask (Cat5)   Kirkland, WADNF 389151   Hagens Berman Cycling Team

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1375.47Sara Youmans (1 - Cat1)   Ketchum, ID01:14:25 268528   Keller Rohrback Cycling Team
2400.52Sarah Carroll (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:14:25 305968   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
3425.57Elizabeth Nettles (2 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA01:14:25 179798   Recycled Cycles Racing
4450.62Gina Kavesh (3 - Cat2)   Bellevue, WA01:15:46 65334   Bikesale.com
5475.67Agnes Sauvage (1 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA01:17:00 260768   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
6500.72Jessie Hickel (2 - Cat3)   Auburn, WA01:18:34 58099   Fischer Plumbing Cycling
7525.77Alicia King (3 - Cat3)   Seattle Wa01:21:22 368371   HSP

Women - Cat 4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Elizabeth Adams   Seattle, WA01:05:17 374677   Bikesale.com
2546.25Amanda Anttila-Oza   Port Orchard Wa01:05:58 393441   Team Group Health
3552.50Jean Fisher   Olympia, WA01:06:04 332986   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
4558.75Amber Gunning   Seattle01:07:25 393449   SCCA/Starbucks
5Tanya Streiff   01:11:10   Seattle University
6571.25Sheryl Johnson   Silverdale, WA01:11:13 412131   Unattached
7577.50Kelly Davis   Everett, WA01:14:03 393360   Team Group Health
8583.75Colleen Skinner   Clinton, WA01:15:10 198820   Avanti Racing/Blue Rooster
9590.00Bryn Black   Seattle, WA01:16:37 300274   Unattached

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