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Criterium on 06/09/2013

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Men - Masters 50+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1231.63Derek WILFORD (1 - Cat3)   Euclid, OH33:38 134363   Team Spin/Litzler Automation
2258.79David THORNTON (2 - Cat3)   Erie, PA33:38 239723   Team Competitive Gear
3285.95Frank MESI (3 - Cat3)   East Aurora, NY33:54 220917   Team Competitive Gear
4313.11Jeff KOMPA (4 - Cat3)   Cleveland Ohio33:54 282965   Team Spin / Litzlerautomation
5340.27Volodymyr SPANTCHAK (5 - Cat3)   Fairport, NY33:54 224464   Pittsford Painting Cycling
6367.43Frank GRILLO (6 - Cat3)   Orchard Park, NY33:55 184119   Southtowns Wine & Liquor
7394.59Brian ROHR (7 - Cat3)   Lake View, NY33:55 163892   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
8421.75Thomas EMRICH (8 - Cat3)   Henrietta, NY33:56 85533   Trailblazers Racing
9448.91Joe GIOVENCO (1 - Cat4)   Buffalo, NY33:56 59062   Buffalo Cycling / Buffalo Bicycling Club
10476.07Greg BRETT (9 - Cat3)   Webster, NY33:56 255428   Pittsford Painting Cycling
11503.23Barry STERNBERG (2 - Cat4)   East Amherst, NY33:59 365548   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNSBruce CAMACHO   Davenport, FL 399837   Dornellas Racing Team
DNSMark BARTSCH (Cat4)   Horseheads, NY 291065   Rogue Race Team
DNPKevin LOZANO (Cat5)   Buffalo24:39 296989   Independent Health Cycling
DNPCharlie RICCIO   25:02   Tom's Pro Bike/Cbrc
DNPBenjamin BADAGLIACCA   Orchard Park, NY32:34 239794   Buffalo Cycling Team / Buffalo Bicycling Club
DNPLarry DUNCAN   17:24   Erace Cancer
DNPRon FERREIRA (Cat5)   Winter Haven Fl28:19 333484   
DNFRichard CAMPING (Cat4)   Victor, NY20:50 344084   North 40 Photography / Gvcc
DNFRoger HUNGERFORD (Cat4)   Middleport, NY28:19 192853   Buffalo Bicycling Club

Men - Category 4/5 (16.56 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1235.57Brenden CONWAY   Orchard Park, NY37:51 300277   Emblem Racing/RealtyUSA
2245.04Bryan Delio   Erie , PA37:53 424079   John Adams Cycling
3254.51Chuck YOUNG   Wilson Ny37:53 376483   Emblem Racing/Realtyusa
4263.98Ian MCCABE   Boston, NY37:53 130426   Tom's Pro Bike
5273.45Benjamin STRUNK   Erie, PA37:53 374752   Team Competitive Gear
6282.92Edward MERGLER   Erie, PA37:54 376878   Team Competitive Gear
7292.39Douglas MAURO   Pittsford, NY37:55 276070   Park Ave Bike Team
8301.86Jon CHMIELOWIEC   South Wales, NY37:56 392055   Campus Wheelworks
9311.33Martin COFFEY   Pittsford, NY37:56 392074   Team Towpath
10320.80Bryan BONN   Amherst, NY37:56 163567   Independent Health Cycling
11330.27Barry STERNBERG   East Amherst, NY37:56 365548   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
12339.74Joe OLGIN   Buffalo , NY37:56 219158   Buffalo Velo/Buffalo Cycling Club
13349.21Evan BENDERSON   University Park , FL37:56 379120   Independent Health Cycling
14358.68Mike MCCARTHY (1 - Cat5)   Eden Ny37:56 391224   Southtowns Wine And Liquor
15368.15Alexander WEBERG   East Aurora, NY37:56 380339   Buffalo Velo
16377.62Daniel SANTANGELO   Pendleton, NY37:59 374826   Independent Health Cycling Team
17387.09Merle Whitehead   Clarence, NY37:59 244361   Emblem Racing/Realtyusa
18396.56Gregg GRIFFO   Rochester, NY38:01 249028   Team Rog
19406.03Eric INGALSBE   Amherst, NY38:02 387892   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
20415.50Nathan SUTORIUS (2 - Cat5)   Mendon Ny38:02 383165   Independent Health Cycling
21424.97Ted GRANEY   Buffalo, NY38:03 313370   Tom's Pro Bike
22434.44Patrick MCGOVERN   Buffalo, NY38:04 251419   Southtown Wine & Liquor
23443.91Scott CIMATO   Boston Ny38:06 386438   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
24453.38Gregory CHERR (3 - Cat5)   Buffalo, NY38:08 360368   Campus Wheelworks
25462.85Paul MATTISON   Lima, NY38:15 250895   North 40 Photography/Gvcc
26472.32Philip TRZYZEWSKI (4 - Cat5)   Buffalo, NY38:17 347660   Emblem
27481.79Thomas SIUDZINSKI   Alden, NY36:25 384096   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
28491.26Joel SOLLY   Colden, NY36:26 292397   Tom's Pro Bike
29500.73Jason BOLT (5 - Cat5)   Springville37:16 399614   Gvcc
DNPKeith PELLERIN   West Seneca, NY9:22 136574   Southtowns Wine & Liquor
DNPTimothy PAUL   9:26   
DNPLukasz LASKOWSKI (Cat5)   Depew, NY8:14 276885   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNPJeffrey KRASKA (Cat5)   Hamburg, NY15:25 405616   Campus Wheelworks
DNPOwen WOOD   Rochester, NY21:08 53673   Team Rog
DNPSteven MONGIELO   Buffalo21:14 401577   Campus Wheelworks
DNPZoran SMAIC   Red Oak, TX20:21 120194   Team Peloton-Specialized
DNPRick DALTON   Rochester, NY20:05 340222   Genesee Valley Cycling Club
DNPAnthony SYLOR   Conesus, NY20:14 293971   Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing/Livingston Cycling Clubg
DNFRobert SOBON   Amherst, NY36:30 271017   Unattached
DNFRobert HENGEL   North Tonawanda, NY26:19 396644   Southtowns Wine And Liquor
DNFCody LAVACK   Beverly, MA18:06 385045   Essex County Velo
DNFJonathan AMOIA (Cat5)   East Amherst12:40 383251   Tom's Pro Bike
DNFJim GORMAN   Lockport, NY6:18 380401   Independent Health Cycling
DNFTom LONZI   9:04   
DNFChris LONZI (Cat5)   Lancaster, NY6:41 291901   Tom's Pro Bike

Men - Category 3/4 (20.01 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1202.17Scott LYTLE   New York, NY45:29 73002   Rust Belt Racing
2Cameron MASON   45:30   Invita-Fcv
3211.09Kenneth THOMAS   Orchard Park, NY45:38 100887   Rust Belt Racing
4215.55Michael CORMIER   Buffalo, NY45:39 280299   Southtown Wine & Liquor
5220.01Cory KUHNS   Victor Ny45:39 376524   Team Rog
6224.47Christian RICCI   45:39 387624   Invita-Fcv
7228.93Brenden CONWAY (1 - Cat4)   Orchard Park, NY45:39 300277   Emblem Racing/RealtyUSA
8233.39Jeff KOMPA   Cleveland Ohio45:39 282965   Team Spin / Litzlerautomation
9237.85Scott Farrell   Orchard Park, NY45:39 102230   Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bikes
10242.31Ryan JOYCE   Hopewell Junction45:40 342206   Rust Belt Racing / Queen City Cyclists
11246.77Damian RADOCK   Fairview, PA45:40 29001   Trek 106/ Competitive Gear
12251.23Derek WILFORD   Euclid, OH45:40 134363   Team Spin/Litzler Automation
13255.69Paul MATTISON (2 - Cat4)   Lima, NY45:40 250895   North 40 Photography/Gvcc
14260.15Dennis BORDEN   Tonawanda, NY45:40 344198   Handlebars Cycle Company/Queen City Cyclists
15Bayley SIMPSON   45:41   Invita-Fcv
16269.07Austin SKOMRA   Buffalo, NY45:41 295654   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
17273.53James COWLE   West Seneca, NY45:41 85160   Tom's Pro Bike
18277.99Douglas MAURO (3 - Cat4)   Pittsford, NY45:41 276070   Park Ave Bike Team
19282.45Timothy BOUCHARD   Buffalo, NY45:42 257910   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
20286.91Chuck YOUNG   Wilson Ny45:43 376483   Emblem Racing/Realtyusa
21291.37Philip NESBITT   Churchville, NY45:43 268155   Team Towpath/Gvcc
22295.83Michael BRIDGES   Lockport, NY45:46 4823   Rust Belt Racing
23300.29Dirk BIEMANS   Albion, NY45:46 64690   Intergrow
24304.75Merle Whitehead (4 - Cat4)   Clarence, NY45:46 244361   Emblem Racing/Realtyusa
25309.21Patrick CAPUSON (5 - Cat4)   Tonawanda Ny45:46 269136   Emblem Racing/Realtyusa
26313.67Martin COFFEY   Pittsford, NY45:47 392074   Team Towpath
27318.13Ben BARNHARDT   Buffalo, NY45:47 273302   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
28322.59Thomas WEICHMANN   Buffalo, NY45:47 267062   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
29327.05Edward MERGLER   Erie, PA45:47 376878   Team Competitive Gear
30331.51Eric CURTIS   Buffalo, NY45:48 184529   Queen City Cyclists
31335.97Joel SOLLY (6 - Cat4)   Colden, NY45:49 292397   Tom's Pro Bike
32340.43Bryan BONN (7 - Cat4)   Amherst, NY45:49 163567   Independent Health Cycling
33344.89Ian MCCABE (8 - Cat4)   Boston, NY45:56 130426   Tom's Pro Bike
34Brian SIMPSON   44:13   Invita-Fcv
35353.81Adam TROST   East Aurora, NY44:13 272987   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
36Antje THAMM   44:20   Invita-Fcv
37362.73Robert SOBON (9 - Cat4)   Amherst, NY43:35 271017   Unattached
DNPBenjamin STRUNK (Cat4)   Erie, PA33:40 374752   Team Competitive Gear
DNPChris BUSHOVER   Kenmore, NY32:06 56793   Rust Belt Racing / Qcc
DNPJennifer BUSHOVER   Kenmore, NY32:15 69363   Queen City Cyclists
DNPOwen WOOD (Cat4)   Rochester, NY32:34 53673   Team Rog
DNPAnthony SYLOR (Cat4)   Conesus, NY32:53 293971   Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing/Livingston Cycling Clubg
DNFCraig BURBULES   Corfu, NY31:46 351606   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNFGregg GRIFFO (Cat4)   Rochester, NY26:48 249028   Team Rog
DNFCasey KELLY   Elma, NY14:11 324662   Mvp Health Care Cycling

Men - Category 1-2-3 (27.6 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1161.00Brendan HOUSLER   Rochester, NY1:00:17 278407   Mt Borah / Minerva Design P/B Basso
2168.65David RICHARDSON   Rochester, NY1:00:24 367420   Team Towpath
3176.30Todd SCHESKE   Rochester, NY1:00:49 50510   Mvp Health Care Cycling
4Cameron MASON   1:00:50   Invita-Fcv
5191.60Corey KNOWLES   Hamburg, NY1:00:50 275435   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
6199.25Mario MAZZA   North East, PA1:00:50 178992   Team Competitive Gear
7206.90Richard SCADUTO   Buffalo, NY1:00:51 319378   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
8214.55Ryan JOYCE   Hopewell Junction1:00:51 342206   Rust Belt Racing / Queen City Cyclists
9222.20Chris TIRONE   East Aurora, NY1:00:51 35645   Competitive Gear/French Meadow Bakery/Bbc
10229.85Kenneth THOMAS   Orchard Park, NY1:00:51 100887   Rust Belt Racing
11237.50Eric PRZEPIERSKI   Erie, PA1:00:52 182818   
12245.15Tom GOETZ   Corning, NY1:00:52 305450   
13252.80Scott Farrell   Orchard Park, NY1:00:53 102230   Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bikes
14260.45Cory KUHNS   Victor Ny1:00:53 376524   Team Rog
15268.10Randy LEE   Buffalo, NY1:00:53 424626   Mbrc.Org - Gears
16275.75Craig BURBULES   Corfu, NY1:00:54 351606   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
17283.40Adam TROST   East Aurora, NY1:00:56 272987   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
18291.05Niles VAIVARS   1:00:56 408388   
19298.70Christian RICCI   1:00:57 387624   Invita-Fcv
20306.35Dirk BIEMANS   Albion, NY1:00:57 64690   Intergrow
21Bayley SIMPSON   1:00:59   Invita-Fcv
22321.65Michael HERTNER   Erie, PA1:00:59 591   Team Competitive Gear
23329.30Austin SKOMRA   Buffalo, NY1:00:59 295654   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
24336.95Michael LUTHER   North Collins, NY1:00:59 99397   Woodlawn
25344.60Lance JOHNSON   Amherst, NY1:01:00 283421   Mvp Health Care
26352.25Brett MCKAY   Nashua, NH1:01:00 205998   Unattached
27359.90Matt BROPHY   Macedon, NY1:01:03 319542   Mvp Health Care Cyling
28367.55John HOLDEN   Fairport Ny1:01:11 316474   Mvp Health Care Cycling
DNPThomas WEICHMANN   Buffalo, NY22:39 267062   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNPEric CURTIS   Buffalo, NY22:43 184529   Queen City Cyclists
DNPBen BARNHARDT   Buffalo, NY23:42 273302   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNFPaul MESI   Raleigh , NC45:28 281614   Fast Frankie Coaching/Clr
DNFJames THOMPSON   Grand Island, NY3:19 297130   Mvp Health Care Cycling
DNFCandice VERMEULEN   20:45   Invita-Fcv
DNFTimothy BOUCHARD   Buffalo, NY13:36 257910   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNFMichael CORMIER   Buffalo, NY14:24 280299   Southtown Wine & Liquor
DNFBrian SIMPSON   37:54   Invita-Fcv
DNFFrank MESI   East Aurora, NY37:58 220917   Team Competitive Gear
DNFSteve WELLS   Orchard Park, NY10:33 297605   Mvp Health Care Cycling
DNFChris CIOCCIO   Erie, PA9:06 177939   Team Competitive Gear
DNFMichael BRIDGES   Lockport, NY9:09 4823   Rust Belt Racing
DNFDavid THORNTON   Erie, PA8:43 239723   Team Competitive Gear
DNFBrian ROHR   Lake View, NY4:45 163892   Tbs Racing P/B Plan2peak
DNFFrank GRILLO   Orchard Park, NY7:03 184119   Southtowns Wine & Liquor
DNFBenjamin WILLIS   Amherst, NY4:45 219290   Southtowns Wine & Liquor Cycling
DNFPhilip NESBITT   Churchville, NY5:58 268155   Team Towpath/Gvcc
DNFChris BUSHOVER   Kenmore, NY7:03 56793   Rust Belt Racing / Qcc
DNFJames COWLE   West Seneca, NY8:13 85160   Tom's Pro Bike

Women - Category 1-2-3-4 (15.87 Miles)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Candice VERMEULEN   41:46  543 Invita-FCV
2Antje THAMM   41:46  535 Invita-FCV
3Kristen SEARS   41:46  522 Invita-FCV
4422.28Casey KELLY   Elma, NY41:46 324662  482 MVP Health Care Cycling
5434.52Annie PARODI   Warwick, NY41:47 343152  510 Emblem Racing/Realty USA
6446.76Jennifer BUSHOVER   Kenmore, NY41:47 69363  554 Queen City Cyclists
7459.00Christina GROSS   Wattsburg, PA41:47 365762  473 Team Competitive Gear
8471.24Patricia BETCHER   Buffalo, NY41:47 328160  449 

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