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Tour de Kirche
Bethel, CT
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Criterium on 03/18/2012

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Men - Masters - 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1178.61Gary Steinberg   Mahwah, NJ 33970   Brauer - Mick Management
2183.84Juan Pimentel Sr.   Maywood, NJ 82795   Brauer - Mick Management
3189.07Rick Spear   Westport, CT 60296   TARGETRAINING
4194.30Gregory Pelican   Bethel, CT 56831   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5199.53Joe Straub   Middletown, NY 203530   Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
6204.76Turgut Balikci   Greenwich, CT 170477   Team Danbury Audi
7209.99Brian Wolf   Ridgefield, CT 47710   Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cyc
8215.22Richard Magee   Bethel, CT 22126   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
9220.45Michael Norton   Monson, MA 51860   Cyclonauts Racers
10225.68Keith Hala   Campbell Hall, NY 147491   Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
11230.91John Alvarez   Yonkers, NY 311216   CRCA/ Echelon Cycles/montecci
12236.14Kenneth Reilly   Brookfield, CT 303247   pawling cycle & sport
13241.37Christofer Dehahn   Belchertown, MA 334414   Northampton Cycling Club
14246.60Christian Kaefer   Oradell, NJ 54742   Brauer - Mick Management
15251.83Ian Sinclair   Avon, CT 197125   Horst Engineering Cycling Team
16Steven Smith      Paceline Sports
17262.29Miguel Torres   Waterbury, CT 109836   Cheshire Cycle Racing
18267.52Douglas Crane   Norwalk, CT 108078   Cafeteros Cycling Club
19272.75Daniel Fox   Wilton, CT 12162   Corner Cycle
20277.98Charles Litty   Southbury, CT 148424   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
21283.21Paul Wojciak   Poughkeepsie, NY 230224   pawling cycle & sport
22288.44Steven Suto   Oxford, CT 241325   Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
23293.67Gabriel Thomas   Fair Lawn, NJ 322452   Brooklyn Velo Force
24298.90Joseph Regan   Branford, CT 97302   Central CT Cycling Club
25304.13Peter Greer   Great Barrington, MA 84805   0
26309.36David Marti   Northford, CT 22624   unattached
27Unknown Rider      
28319.82Mike Allaire   North Salem, NY 115222   Team Danbury Audi
29325.05Roger Billharz   Sleepy Hollow, NY 199172   Pawling cycle & sport
30Dennis Johnston      GHCC - Central Wheel
31335.51James Swift   Sandy Hook, CT 295798   Navone Studios
32340.74Patrick Cunningham   New Hartford, CT 237439   Horst Engineering Cycling Team
33345.97Craig Thaler   Chappaqua, NY 222401   Tarmac Cycling / Iron Bridge Consul
34351.20Donald Fuchs   Wyckoff, NJ 12506   Brauer - Mick Management
35356.43Robyn Passander   Oxford, CT 210378   ZCC Zanes Cycles
36361.66Bruce Mcgalliard   North Haven, CT 136481   Cheshire Cycle Racing
37366.89Paul Parton   Fairfield, CT 306403   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
38372.12Nelson Macy   Greenwich, CT 22076   Team Danbury Audi
39377.35David Bailey   Norwalk, CT 2266   Team Danbury Audi
40382.58Andrew Gillis   Greenwich, CT 280014   Team Danbury Audi
41387.81Antonio Diaz   Shelton, CT 308711   Cheshire Cycle Racing
42393.04Don Catlin   Fairfield, CT 60916   Team Danbury Audi
43398.27Robert Walker   Middlebury, CT 190810   Bethel Cycle
44403.50Richard Linsky   Bethany, CT 205106   0
45408.73Lyn Mccabe   Stamford, CT 295891   TARGETRAINING
46413.96Cheryl Wolf   Ridgefield, CT 207005   Team Rockstar Games/Signature Cycle
47419.19Matthew Doran   Nyack, NY 268390   Brauer - Mick Management
48424.42Matt Armstrong   Cos Cob, CT 106758   0
49429.65Morgan Stebbins   Garrison, NY 33904   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
50434.88Matthew Stuart   Unionville, CT 50345   Central Wheel- GHCC
51440.11Ann marie Miller   New York, NY 127444   CRCA/Eumaeus Asset Management-Fuori
52445.34Wesley Beeman   Branford, CT 3162   Unattached
53450.57Nancy Ford   Greenwich, CT 189722   Team Danbury Audi
54John Brown      Laurel Bicycle Club
55461.03James Bouderau   Clinton, CT 45107   Kissena
56466.26Vassos Kyprianou   Sandy Hook, CT 72023   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
57471.49Rebecca Hussey   Bethel, CT 240962   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
58476.72Andre Hurni   Yonkers, NY 60020   CRCA
59481.95Joseph Bitetto   Stamford, CT 65408   Team Danbury Audi
60487.18Wayne Prescott   Bantam, CT 144115   Horst Engineering Cycling Team
61492.41Dorothy Ramsey   Old Greenwich, CT 46788   Team Danbury Audi
62497.64Ken Plundeke   Tenafly, NJ 28312   Brauer - Mick Management
63502.87Richard Broderick   Guilford, CT 4923   Connecticut Yankee BC
64508.10Nelson Macy   Greenwich, CT 22076   Team Danbury Audi
65513.33Kevin Fitzmaurice   Middlebury, CT 11761   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
66518.56Richard Foley   Wallingford, CT 11947   TARGETRAINING | TRI&CYCLE
67William Thompson      Clinton Cycling Club
68529.02Gregory Ziebell   Norwalk, CT 126975   unattached
69534.25Clare Zecher   Greenwich, CT 310470   TARGETRAINING
70539.48Jorge Ferrer   Bronx, NY 224831   unattached

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1164.61Luciano Bezerra (1 - Cat1)   Bridgeport, CT 275915   Navone Studios
2Edson Boaron      Navone Studios
3174.39Anthony Alessio   Beacon Falls, CT 221606   International Christian Cycling Clu
4179.28Hammean Walker (1 - Cat2)   Bronx, NY 187485   Major Taylor Iron Racing Racing Tea
5184.17Darius Shekari (1 - Cat3)   Long Island City, NY 178637   CRCA / FGX Racing
6189.06Timothy Ratta   Guilford, CT 163893   Cheshire Cycle Racing
7193.95Matthew Baldwin (2 - Cat1)   Westport, CT 83283   TARGETRAINING
8198.84Max Lippolis (2 - Cat2)   Pound Ridge, NY 126915   Team Danbury Audi
9203.73Gregory Dorsch (2 - Cat3)   South Salem, NY 310417   Black Tie Sports/Spine
10208.62Blaine Hurty (3 - Cat3)   Darien, CT 309274   Black Tie Sports/Spine
11213.51Alessandro Matteucci (3 - Cat2)   Brooklyn, NY 120157   BH/Comedy Central
12218.40Chad Butts (3 - Cat1)   New York, NY 83254   CRCA/ Endurance Werx
13223.29Eric Merrill (4 - Cat2)   New Haven, CT 248621   Zanes Cycling Club
14228.18Stephen Badger (4 - Cat1)   Roxbury, CT 62085   BETHEL CYCLE SPORT
15233.07Robert Lombardi (4 - Cat3)   Brooklyn, NY 99949   FinKraft Cycling Team
16Christopher King      Black Tie Sports/Spine
17242.85Anthony Santomassimo (5 - Cat3)   Poughquag, NY 155321   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
18247.74Andreas Runggatscher (5 - Cat2)   Monroe, NY 189842   CRCA/FinKraft Cycling Team
19252.63Jeremy Brazeal (6 - Cat2)   Manchester, CT 54411   Capital Velo Club
20257.52Bryan Haas (6 - Cat3)   Southbury, CT 108686   Exposition Wheelman
21262.41Brian Milligan (7 - Cat3)   New York, NY 222950   CRCA / FGX Racing
22267.30Christofer Dehahn (7 - Cat2)   Belchertown, MA 334414   Northampton Cycling Club
23272.19John Interlandi (8 - Cat3)   Newington, CT 57611   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
24277.08Pascual Caputi (9 - Cat3)   White Plains, NY 209085   Unattached
25281.97Christian Venegas (10 - Cat3)   Bronx, NY 289921   Echelon Cycles/ Montecci
26286.86Bryan Zieroff (11 - Cat3)   Stamford, CT 181426   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
27291.75John Calhoun (12 - Cat3)   Danbury, CT 153190   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
28Cristian Velasquez      Purium Health Products
29301.53Robert Bonelli (13 - Cat3)   Milford, PA 296390   Black Tie Sports/Spine
30306.42Bryan Fried (14 - Cat3)   New York, NY 121224   CRCA/Sixcycle - RK&O
31311.31Dennis Williams (15 - Cat3)   Danbury, CT 38333   BikeReg/Cannondale
32316.20Bill Muzzio (8 - Cat2)   Sandyhook, CT 283493   Bethel Cycle
33321.09Soren Jensen (9 - Cat2)   New York, NY 356782   CRCA / Rapha Racing NYC
34325.98Wade Summers (10 - Cat2)   Southington, CT 60566   Horst Engineering Cycling Team
35330.87Kuria Njenga (16 - Cat3)   Nyack, NY 206471   Westwood Velo/CRCA
36335.76Juan Pimentel Sr. (11 - Cat2)   Maywood, NJ 82795   Brauer - Mick Management
37340.65Chad Butts (5 - Cat1)   New York, NY 83254   CRCA/ Endurance Werx
38345.54Robert Mecea (17 - Cat3)   Brooklyn, NY 54448   Brooklyn Velo Force
39350.43Guy Poirier (18 - Cat3)   Wilton, CT 319160   bethel cycle
40355.32James Mahlmann (19 - Cat3)   Brooklyn, NY 290950   CRCa/ Finkraft
41360.21Alvaro Betancur (20 - Cat3)   White Plains, NY 74124   Cafeteros Cycling Club
42365.10Connor Sallee (6 - Cat1)   Southbury, CT 210129   Team Sherm
43369.99Matthew Doran (12 - Cat2)   Nyack, NY 268390   Brauer - Mick Management
44374.88Craig Ross (21 - Cat3)   Redding, CT 72365   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
45379.77Aaron Katin (22 - Cat3)   New York, NY 98888   CRCA/BH Comedy Central
46384.66Michael McGinley (7 - Cat1)   Glastonbury, CT 59721   Zanes Cycling Club
47389.55Kyle Foley (13 - Cat2)   Wallingford, CT 174494   Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners
48394.44Thomas Officer (14 - Cat2)   Litchfield, CT 45751   Cycle Fitness
49399.33Juan Pimentel Jr. (23 - Cat3)   Maywood, NJ 243357   Brauer - Mick Management
50404.22Richard Visinski (15 - Cat2)   Fairfield, CT 221223   0
51409.11Julio Lujambio   Wallingford, CT 273019   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
52414.00Fernando Ferreira (16 - Cat2)   Poughkeepsie, NY 53209   Unattached
53418.89Ariel Mendez (8 - Cat1)   Brooklyn, NY 301743   Champion System p/b Stan's No Tubes
54423.78Andrew Williams (24 - Cat3)   Binghamton, NY 286915   RUUD Racing / TVC
55428.67Neil Suto (25 - Cat3)   Oxford, CT 298844   Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
56433.56John O'fallon (26 - Cat3)   Redding , CT 253617   CRCA/ Rapha Racing
57438.45Kyle Wolfe (17 - Cat2)   Cambridge, NY 38789   Unattached
58Carlos Restrepo      Targetraining
59448.23James Jung (18 - Cat2)   New York , NY 18362   CRCA / FGX Racing
60453.12Christopher Peck   Brookfield, CT 118707   BikeReg.com/Cannondale
61458.01Rick Beasley (27 - Cat3)   Naugatuck, CT 3030   Cycle Fitness
62462.90Pascal Sauvayre   New York, NY 64894   Century Road Club Association
63467.79Phil Penman (19 - Cat2)   New York, NY 234885   CRCA/BH Comedy Central
64472.68Ronald Fantano (20 - Cat2)   West Haven, CT 61424   Zanes Cycling Club
65477.57Ian Stanley (28 - Cat3)   Rosedale, NY 102279   CRCA/ Major Taylor
66482.46Frank Negri (29 - Cat3)   Morris Plains, NJ 48189   Colavita Racing
67487.35David Hartmann (30 - Cat3)   Woodbury, CT 142369   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
68492.24Etsu Taniguchi (31 - Cat3)   New York, NY 237492   CRCA / FGX Racing
69497.13Ian Sinclair (21 - Cat2)   Avon, CT 197125   Horst Engineering Cycling Team
70502.02Raymond Tirado (32 - Cat3)   Brooklyn, NY 105923   Brooklyn Velo Force

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1309.24Joshua Grossman   New York, NY 258203   CRCA / FGX Racing
2313.17Edenilson Dasilva   South Kent, CT 296124   Navone Studios
3317.10Leonard Galati   Eastchester, NY 278879   CRCA / FGX Racing
4321.03Ron Ferraz   New York, NY 280997   CRCA/Foundation
5324.96Ross Baldwin   New York Ny 292160   Unattached
6328.89Josh Sakofsky   New York, NY 286215   CRCA/siggi's/NYVelocity
7332.82Kyle Herlihy   Stamford, CT 278135   Connecticut Coast Cycling
8336.75Michael Trinkaus   Ridgefield, CT 342264   Pedal and Pump
9340.68Dwayne Nosworthy   Danbury, CT 334252   Bethel Cycle
10344.61Lorenzo Serra   Southsalem, NY 310279   Pawling Cylce & Sport
11348.54Rory Mason   Sandy Hook, CT 22826   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
12352.47Sung Pak   Sleepy Hollow, NY 209485   Team Danbury Audi
13356.40Jason Bell   Sleepyhollow, NY 306725   CRCA/Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
14360.33Roger Billharz   Sleepy Hollow, NY 199172   Pawling cycle & sport
15364.26Steven Kang   Glen Rock, NJ 18498   CRCA/Breakaway Courier
16368.19Hans Morefield   Katonah, NY 304856   Team Danbury Audi
17Michael Anderson      CRCA/siggi's/NYVelocity
18376.05Marc Brumer   New York, NY 311895   CRCA/ siggi's/nyvelocity
19379.98Jim Klewicki   New Haven, CT 307561   0
20383.91David Bailey   Norwalk, CT 2266   Team Danbury Audi
21387.84Glenn Hoffman   Darien, CT 308027   Black Tie Sports/Spine
22391.77Christopher Kiss   Bethany, CT 250880   Laurel Bicycle Club
23395.70Craig Thaler   Chappaqua, NY 222401   Tarmac Cycling / Iron Bridge Consul
24399.63Alister Clarke   Westport, CT 209754   Unattached
25403.56Markus Bohler   Any Town, NY 242465   Pawling Cycle & Sport
26407.49Jason Yoakum   New Milford, CT 329000   Bethel Cycle
27Brian Kelley      Pawling Cylce & Sport
28415.35Michael Novich   Ny, NY 290551   Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
29419.28Paul Bickford   Chester, CT 200820   CVC/Subaru of New England
30423.21Dwayne Nosworthy   Danbury, CT 334252   Bethel Cycle
31427.14Anthony Mazzella   New York, NY 150407   CRCA / Sids Bikes NYC
32431.07Joel Pelletier   Colchester, CT 63262   Exposition Wheelmen
33435.00Vincent Lore   Bethel, CT 311554   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
34Esteban Rodriguez      CRCA/SIDS BIKES NYC www.Sidsbikes.c
35442.86Brandon Freyer   Brewster, NY 281876   Pawling Cycle & Sport
36446.79Gregory Mccoy   Cold Spring, NY 263593   Tarmac Cycling
37450.72Paul Casey   Plainville, CT 335032   0
38454.65Jeffrey Scala   Bolton, CT 31420   Cycling Concepts Racing Team
39458.58David Devine   Bethel, CT 220638   Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
40462.51Scott Prosser   Rye, NY 302200   Cycle-Smart Grassroots
41Bill Anderson      CRCA / FGX Racing
42Robert Kelley      Pawling Cylce & Sport
43474.30Donald Higgins   Newburgh, NY 226095   Team bikeway.com
44478.23Rudy Bleakley   Norwalk, CT 301532   Navone Studios
45482.16John Debitetto   Yorktown Heights, NY 89638   Tarmac Cycling / Iron Bridge Consul
46486.09Matt Narel   Sandy Hook, CT 325950   Bethel Cycle
47490.02Henry Chan   Fishkill, NY 290865   Pawling Cycle & Sport
48493.95Derrick Dumoulin   Middlebury, CT 158202   Bethel Cycle
49497.88Paul Parton   Fairfield, CT 306403   Bethel Cycle
50501.81Gregory Behar   Wilton, CT 365724   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
51Unknown Rider      
52509.67Robert Rakowitz   New York, NY 231403   CRCA/ sids bikes NYC
53513.60David Torres   New York, NY 318418   CRCA / SIDS BIKES NYC
54517.53Reed Rubey   New York, NY 206971   CRCA / FGX Racing
55521.46Christopher Deluco   Yonkers, NY 292319   Team Danbury Audi
56525.39Peter Mccormick   New York, NY 271658   CRCA / FGX Racing
57529.32James Rather   Bronx, NY 287315   CRCA/ OrganicAthlete
58533.25Seamus Powell   Round Top, NY 242397   Giant Mid Alantic off road Team
59537.18Tristan Orford   Santa Monica, CA 332636   CRCA/siggi's/NYVelocity
60541.11Michael Kuehn   New York, NY 332606   CRCA/siggi's/NYVelocity
61Brian Pierce      Northampton Cycling Club
62548.97Anthony Manca   Bethel, CT 334444   bethel cycle sport
63552.90Niko Triantafillou   New York, NY 242612   CRCA / FGX Racing
64556.83Derrick Dumoulin   Middlebury, CT 158202   Bethel Cycle
65560.76Andrew Cullen   New York, NY 224136   CRCA / FGX Racing
66Jaime Garcia      CRCA/ BH/Comedy Central
67568.62Al Curtis   New Milford, CT 213915   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
68572.55Edward Wolf   Fairfield, CT 291171   Bethel Cycle

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1John Ford      Team Danbury Audi
2459.02Boris Salazar   Newrochelle, NY 299218   Team Danbury Audi
3463.25Dean Robert   Weston, CT 358023   TARGETRAINING
4467.48Mark Pattinson   Westport, CT 374790   0
5Patrick Murray      0
6475.94Jesse Quagliaroli   Willington, CT 312684   Expowheelmen
7480.17William Bosch   Redding, CT 366597   bethel cycle sport
8484.40Rich Payne   White Plains 373170   0
9488.63Michael Markowicz   Glastonbury, CT 22537   Cycling Concepts Racing Team
10492.86Michael Staropoli   Westport, CT 290187   0
11Matthew Lang      0
12501.32Joe Calbick   Weston, CT 368845   Target Training
13David Thompson      CRCA
14509.78Chris Budden   Port Chester, NY 75314   TargeTraining
15514.01Akil Sutton   Fishkill, NY 282375   Team Bikeway.com
16518.24Martin Kaufman   Chappaqua, NY 362334   0
17522.47Jeffrey Lesser   Stamford, CT 306658   Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
18526.70Roland Wauthier   Norwalk, CT 340922   0
19530.93Keith Mullaly   Wethersfield, CT 309018   Capital Velo Club
20535.16Tracy Boshart   White Plains, NY 253263   Tarmac Cycling/Iron Bridge Consulti
21539.39Philip Lavoie   Granite Springs, NY 365721   Rogue Racing
22543.62Edwin Nazario   Cortlandt Manor, NY 367874   Tarmac
23547.85Peter Schaffer   Weston, CT 374667   0
24552.08Steve Burrows   Watertown, CT 113721   0
25556.31Robert Vaccarino   Breezy Pointbreezy Point, NY 348788   0
26560.54Glen Brent   Red Hook, NY 365320   Team Bikeway.com
27564.77Peter Nicolardi   New York, NY 348338   CRCA - Rockstar Games | Signature C
28569.00Christopher Johnsonbrown   Erving, MA 369909   Northampton Cycling Club
29573.23James Karper   Norwalk, CT 367479   0
30577.46Robert Maloof   New Haven, CT 375633   Unattached
31581.69Amy Passingham   Tarrytown, NY 356412   unattached
32585.92David Leach   Armonk, NY 370065   0
33590.15Peter Schaffer   Weston, CT 374667   0

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1255.76Amanda Braverman   Washington, CT 210995   Stage 1 / FusionTHINK
2264.56Beth Renner   New York, NY 299267   CRCA: Innervation Fitness/Stan's No
3273.36Becca Schepps   Boulder, CO 209762   Innervation Fitness
4282.16Robyn Passander   Oxford, CT 210378   ZCC Zanes Cycles
5290.96Sarah Sauvayre   New York, NY 118465   CRCA/BH Comedy Central
6299.76Anneliese Haines   Newyork, NY 281541   CRCA: Innervation Fitness/Stan's No
7308.56Renee Engelhardt   New York, NY 287624   CRCA: Innervation Fitness/Stan's No
8317.36Cheryl Wolf   Ridgefield, CT 207005   Team Rockstar Games/Signature Cycle
9326.16Dorothy Ramsey   Old Greenwich, CT 46788   Team Danbury Audi
10334.96Lyn Mccabe   Stamford, CT 295891   TARGETRAINING
11343.76Rebecca Hussey   Bethel, CT 240962   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
12352.56Brittlee Bowman   New York, NY 280476   Innervation Fitness
13361.36Birgit Reeves   Lebanon, OH 332672   CRCA Finkraft Cycling Team
14370.16Ellen Moses   New York, NY 200962   CRCA/BH Comedy Central
15378.96Susan Fleming   Ridgefield, CT 332954   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
16387.76Donna Mcmahon   Farmingdale, NY 264367   CRCA/Radical Media
17396.56Clare Zecher   Greenwich, CT 310470   TARGETRAINING
18405.36Katie Mullaly   Wethersfield, CT 290966   Capital Velo Club
19414.16Katherine Amos   New York, NY 308375   CRCA/ Houlihan-Lokey
20422.96Abigail Isolda   Brooklyn, NY 333528   Speedwell Racing
21431.76Katie Marshall   White Plains, NY 307378   Tarmac / Iron Bridge Consulting Cyc
22440.56Meredith Uhl   Brookline, MA 350972   CRCA: Innervation Fitness/Stan's No
23449.36Megan Searfoss   Ridgefild, CT 286061   Bethel Cycle Sport Club
24Unknown Rider      
25466.96Becca Brown   New York, NY 350202   Unattached
26475.76Laura Mullaly   Wethersfield, CT 290963   CVC/Subaru New England
27484.56Megan Cea   West Harrison, NY 340524   Team Danbury Audi
28493.36Florence Chretien   South Salem, NY 378457   TARGETRAINING
29502.16Kathryn Chaffin   Brookly, NY 357244   CRCA
30Jane Pearson   Pound Ridge, NY 212760   Yorktown Cycles
31519.76Ann marie Miller   New York, NY 127444   CRCA/Eumaeus Asset Management-Fuori
32528.56Karen Williams   Glastonbury, CT 318448   Cycling Concepts
33537.36Megan Kelly   Stamford, CT 305406   TARGETRAINING
34546.16Nancy Ford   Greenwich, CT 189722   Team Danbury Audi
35554.96Emily Spence   Brooklyn, NY 357580   CRCA/BH Comedy Central
36563.76Kirsten Begg-swider   Danbury, CT 3174   Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team
37572.56Elizabeth Berilla   Mamaroneck, NY 370504   TARGETRAINING
38581.36Kara Mullaly   Wethersfield, CT 309019   Capital Velo Club
39590.16Alexandra Storm   Pawling, NY 330992   Tarmac / Iron Bridge Consulting Cyc

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