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Lion of the Den
Yorktown, IN
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Cyclo-cross on 09/09/2012

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Men - Cat 1-2-3 - Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1179.51CHAD TIEMAN   Fort Wayne, IN59:16.4 292101   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
2192.62DOUGLAS ANSEL   South Bend, IN59:40.8 213223   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
3205.72ERIC ANDERSON   Indianapolis, IN00:32.4 42611   Zipp Factory Team
4218.83MIKE KENNEDY   Louisville, KY00:47.2 256322   Scheller's Racing Team
5231.94ADAM RODKEY   Bloomington, IN01:06.4 167200   Speedway Wheelmen
6245.04JOSHUA PRATER   Indianapolis, IN01:24.7 28616   Speedway Wheelmen
7258.15Kyle Perry   Indianapolis, IN01:43.8 240005   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
8271.25SCOTT BAUMER   Indianapolis, IN02:20.7 353428   Team Indiebike
9284.36MIKE HEMELGARN   Avon, IN02:34.1 262921   DRT Racing
10297.47CHRIS NEVITT   Louisville, KY03:52.6 259511   Scheller's Racing Team
11310.57Matthew Light   Warsaw, IN59:19.6 277747   Racing For Riley
12323.68John Callahan   Terre Haute, IN07:14.4 289458   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
DNSDONALD GALLIGHER   Bloomington, IN 180004   Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
DNSJEFFREY SCHEPPER   Greenwood, IN 311601   Speedway Wheelmen
DNFSCOTT PERRY   Indianapolis, IN39:10.9 208296   Speedway Wheelmen

Men - Cat 1-2-3 - Masters - 40-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1244.36DAVE MCCOMB   Yoder, IN46:48.1 172316   Men of Steel Racing
2252.78TODD ANDERSEN   Fort Wayne, IN48:22.6 1584   Men of Steel Racing
3261.20Timothy Hall   Leo, IN49:52.3 115242   Ft. Wayne Outfitters
4269.62David Coar   Ft Wayne, IN50:01.4 57399   DRT racing
5278.04GEOFFREY CHANDLER   Indianapolis50:06.3 365647   Speedway Wheelmen
6286.46Jeffrey Schepper   Greenwood, IN50:10.6 311601   Speedway Wheelmen
7294.88Don Birch   Indianapolis, IN50:18.6 200905   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
8303.30WILLIAM HALLBERG   Indianapolis, IN50:26.9 312998   Team Nebo Ridge
9311.71JOHN WISCHMEIER   Columbus, IN50:37.5 286402   DRT Racing
10320.13SCOTT BOND   Greenfield, IN51:22.9 190551   Speedway Wheelmen
11328.55BRADLEY HAYES   Brazil, IN51:34.8 333804   J's Bikes/IHOP
12336.97MICHAEL HENRY   Fort Wayne, IN51:43.0 361289   
13345.39GREG BAUER   Muncie, IN51:59.9 310092   
14353.81MIKE SHIPMAN   Richmond, IN52:35.0 303145   
15362.23MIKE JOHNSON   Pendleton, IN52:45.9 264914   DRT racing
16370.65BRAD DEMOTT   Shelbyville, IN53:10.2 9179   Grey Goat Sports
17379.07Yngvar Brynildssen   Indianapolis, IN53:21.0 5285   Speedway Wheelmen
18387.48DAVID LEWIS   Huntertown, IN53:34.4 200944   Ft. Wayne Outfitters
19395.90Craig Reynolds   Terre Haute, IN53:35.3 274621   J's Bikes/IHOP
20404.32MIKE CONAWAY   Fortville, IN54:23.9 180478   Speedway Wheelmen
21412.74Tim ODonnell   Indianapolis, IN55:02.5 205702   Shamrock Cycles
22421.16CHIP SCHUG   Columbus, IN55:07.8 31828   WebCyclery.com
23429.58STEVEN VORDERMAN   Fort Wayne, IN55:37.7 50616   Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
24438.00CHARLES SOUTH   Fort Wayne, IN56:13.5 33532   Men of Steel Racing
25446.42SCOTT PERRY   Indianapolis, IN47:54.5 208296   Speedway Wheelmen
26454.84JOHN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN08:23.7 315756   Team Indiebike
DNSJAMES HARRIS   Indianapolis, IN 224490   
DNSMICHAEL LANGAN   Indianapolis, IN 59681   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
DNFPaul Richardson   Auburn, IN08:38.0 273612   

Men - Juniors - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1408.39WILL JOHNSON   Pendleton, IN34:45.3 341996   
2468.93MAREK HAYES   Brazil In37:58.3 386461   J's Bikes/IHOP
3529.46Jack Kovach   Indianapolis, IN39:15.3 388973   
4ZACH VORES   31:43.1   

Men - Juniors - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1CORBIN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN27:48.6 319856   Team Indiebike

Men - Cat 3 - Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1247.77SCOTT BAUMER   Indianapolis, IN45:39.0 353428   Team Indiebike
2262.67LUKE BEEMER   Brownsburg, IN46:56.8 354164   Midwest Devo
3277.58JUSTIN SORBER   Lafayette, IN48:06.9 306060   
4292.48DUSTIN JONES   Indianapolis, IN48:24.8 276412   Team Indiebike
5307.38BENJAMIN WEBER   Indianapolis, IN48:38.7 344124   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
6322.29ANDY PASKINS   Carmel, IN49:50.0 137920   
7337.19ERIK ALBERS   Indianapolis, IN50:20.2 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
8352.09MIKE MINICHIELLO   Westfield, IN51:02.7 332444   Team Nebo Ridge
9367.00JEFFREY DUNN   Indianapolis, IN53:45.5 309754   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
10381.90ANTHONY KUNKLER   Mccordsville, IN54:02.0 234617   
11396.80JOHN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN45:44.3 315756   Team Indiebike
12411.71Chip Schug   Columbus, IN29:28.2 31828   WebCyclery.com
13426.61John Callahan   Terre Haute, IN03:45.9 289458   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
DNSCraig Reynolds   Terre Haute, IN 274621   J's Bikes/IHOP
DNSYngvar Brynildssen   Indianapolis, IN 5285   Speedway Wheelmen
DNSJAY BRANT   Indianapolis, IN 330608   Team Indiebike
DNFJeffery Carter   Virginia Beach, VA 386333   

Men - Cat 4 - Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1364.55ALEKSANDER MINKIS   Brownsburg, IN38:15.7 356889   Midwest Devo
2367.99Ryan Shean   Indianapolis, IN39:56.5 290397   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
3371.43RYAN TRAGESSER   Fishers, IN40:11.3 278631   
4374.87PATRICK HIRSCHFELD   Indianapolis, IN40:56.5 373456   Team Indiebike
5378.31JOE LAUX   Indianapolis, IN41:06.2 308730   
6381.75MICHAEL KEPPLER   Indianapolis, IN41:31.4 195291   Speedway Wheelmen
7385.19Robert McFadden   Fishers, IN41:50.6 360212   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
8388.63JOSEPH HATLEY   Indianapolis, IN41:52.9 88011   
9392.07CHRISTIAN TUCKER   Milford, IN42:07.8 370236   Midwest Devo
10395.51KORY GEORGE   Richmond, IN42:10.4 387046   
11398.96DONALD WILLIAMS   Indianapolis, IN42:17.8 361151   
12402.40BENJAMIN MASON   Indianapolis, IN42:25.2 387499   Team Nebo Ridge
13405.84CHRIS ARVIN   Bloomington, IN42:33.5 101636   Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
14409.28Jeffery Carter   Virginia Beach, VA42:47.0 386333   
15412.72BEN METZGER   Indianapolis, IN42:57.9 266233   Team Plan C
16416.16MATTHEW ALLEN   Lafayette, IN43:09.1 297739   Purdue University
17419.60ERIK PAAVOLA   Chicago Il43:14.5 387611   
18423.04FRANK TROIANO   Fishers, IN43:23.2 206824   
19426.48MARK MILLER   Fort Wayne, IN43:26.2 343740   
20429.92James Foster   Indianapolis, IN43:26.3 305928   
21433.37KENNY BUCHANAN   Greencastle43:32.5 375139   J's Bikes/IHOP
22436.81RYAN SNOW   Indianapolis, IN43:55.5 381293   
23440.25JOHN WEBER   Richmond, IN44:09.6 254981   Colavita Racing
24443.69JANELLE RENSCHLER   Indianapolis, IN44:11.9 261856   Speedway Wheelmen
25447.13BOB COCHRANE   Indianapolis, IN44:13.3 356866   Team Indiebike
26450.57JEFF RYAN   Indianapolis, IN44:15.1 192058   Blue Ridge Design Cycling Team
27454.01ADAM HAINES   Fishers, IN44:18.0 259340   
28457.45JOHN PAUL   Greencastle In44:19.7 364662   
29460.89GLENN TANK   Yorktown, IN44:20.5 371700   
30464.34JIM FRAZIER   Fishers, IN45:11.6 103874   
31467.78TOM STANDERS   Greencastle, IN45:13.3 201563   J's Bikes/IHOP
32471.22CORBIN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN45:23.0 319856   Team Indiebike
33474.66JOHN WHEELER   Carmel, IN45:23.1 206716   
34478.10TOM ELLIOTT   Carmel, IN45:39.0 345524   
35481.54JEFF SMART   Indianapolis, IN45:48.5 350026   
36484.98TOM PEEK   Anderson, IN46:33.3 91366   Speedway Wheelmen
37488.42ROBERT ANNIS   Indianapolis, IN46:52.6 331390   Team Nebo Ridge
38491.86CARY SMITH   Indianapolis, IN46:56.4 33064   
39495.30TODD SEARS   Carmel, IN46:58.5 277700   
40498.75Garrett Weiler   Muncie, IN47:41.8 310301   
41502.19JOHN GARDNER   Terre Haute, IN47:51.9 360366   J's Bikes/IHOP
42505.63BRANTLEY BERRY   Richmond, IN48:41.5 360870   
43509.07PAT HERRICK   Auburn, IN38:24.7 293500   Men Of Steel Racing LLC
44512.51FRED IVERSEN   Carmel 38:25.5 366391   
45515.95DAVE GARRIOTT   Indianapolis, IN38:28.9 359215   
46519.39John Carr   Spokane Wa.39:08.2 372919   
47522.83KEVIN WILSON   Indianapolis, IN39:43.6 200173   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
48526.27DAVID GABLE   Fort Wayne, IN39:58.3 172315   
49529.72JOSEPH SLADE   Carmel, IN40:43.4 360196   
50533.16BRENT HOUK   Indianapolis, IN41:00.7 384444   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
51BOB LOCKE   42:10.3   
DNSSAMUEL RUFF   Zionsville, IN 304976   Team Nebo Ridge
DNSSCOTT SNYDER   Westfield, IN 272379   Team Nebo Ridge

Women - Cat 1-2-3 - Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1301.32NICOLE BOREM   Warsaw, IN47:55.3 184390   Don Walker Cycles Racing
2318.06REBECCA ZINK   Indianapolis, IN48:20.5 278382   Shamrock Cycles
3334.80VALARIE GOSSAGE   Shelbyville, IN49:02.5 298474   Speedway Wheelmen
4351.54Jayne Prater   Muncie, IN53:51.7 346154   Speedway Wheelmen
5368.28LINDSAY RODKEY   Bloomington, IN53:55.5 242247   Speedway Wheelmen
DNFJANELLE RENSCHLER   Indianapolis, IN09:24.7 261856   Speedway Wheelmen

Women - Juniors - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1RILEY SHIPMAN   Richmond, IN33:25.1 386534   

Women - Cat 4 - Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1418.93CHRISTINA PAUL   Greencastle, IN29:39.2 364661   
2475.95ERIN BAUMGARDT   Muncie, IN30:34.9 183469   
3532.98MARIE LOCKE   Muncie, IN35:01.3 351126   
4590.00KRISTEN SCHWARK   Indianapolis, IN36:20.3 376802   Speedway Wheelmen

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