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Fountain Square Grand Prix
Indianapolis, IN
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Criterium on 08/18/2012

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Men - Category Pro/1/2/3 - Senior - 0-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
173.57Christopher Uberti (1 - Cat1)   Greenville, SC 238311   Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist
278.07Daniel Harm   Seattle 209022   Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
382.57Chad Burdzilauskas (2 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 122674   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
487.07PATRICK ODONNELL (1 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY 383682   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
591.57RYAN KNAPP   Columbus, IN 161263   Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist
696.07RYAN GOOD (3 - Cat1)   Cincinnati, OH 251528   Bandwidth.com
7100.57Zach Bergh (4 - Cat1)   Dripping Springs, TX 254872   Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
8105.07KYLE PERRY (2 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 240005   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
9109.57HOGAN SILLS (3 - Cat2)   West Lafayette, IN 257611   Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
10114.07Jacob Rytlewski (5 - Cat1)   Brownsburg, IN 133501   Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
11118.57ANDREW OTTE (6 - Cat1)   West Lafayette, IN 281578   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
12123.07David Hauber (7 - Cat1)   Clarksville, IN 209979   Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
13127.57CHRIS KROLL (8 - Cat1)   Bloomington, IN 188069   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
14132.07ALEXANDER VOITIK (4 - Cat2)   Champaign, IL 184412   
15136.57Doug Fagan (9 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 205802   Racing For Riley
16141.07Sam Stone (10 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 213424   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
17145.57ISAIAH NEWKIRK (11 - Cat1)   St.louis, MO 282064   
18150.07SCOTT BAUMER (5 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 353428   Team Indiebike
19154.57Kirk Albers (12 - Cat1)   Upper Arlington, OH 1283   Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist
20159.07TIMOTHY NIXON (6 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN 337314   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
21163.57CODY WOODS (7 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 256120   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
22168.07COURT MAPLE (13 - Cat1)   Fishers, IN 51261   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
23172.57JOHN GRANT (14 - Cat1)   Louisville, KY 193579   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
24177.07Alex Wieseler (15 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 207324   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
25181.57Eric Anderson (16 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 42611   Zipp Factory Team
26186.07John Puffer (17 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 116272   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
27190.57MATT TANNER (8 - Cat2)   Carmel, IN 221474   Wheeltags
28195.07Michael Wilkie (1 - Cat3)   Lisle, IL 268873   ABD Cycling Team
29199.57LUKE MOMPER (2 - Cat3)   Fort Wayne, IN 339018   Ft. Wayne Outfitters
30204.07RICHARD TOLER (3 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH 66088   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
31208.57BEN SCHMUTTE (4 - Cat3)   Noblesville, IN 335050   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
DNSRICHARD BATE (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 297740   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
DNFMichael Schroeder (Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 282632   Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling
DNFAndys Burns (Cat2)   Delaware, OH 5573   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
DNFMatthew Light (Cat2)   Warsaw, IN 277747   Racing For Riley
DNFFelipe Cardenas (Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 177206   Team Indiebike
DNFKARIM ABDELKADER (Cat1)   Bloomington, IN 41398   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
DNFJOHN KELLY (Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 18827   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
DNFBrian Arfmann (Cat3)   Arlington Heights, IL 282223   ABD Cycling Club
DNFTIANYI ZHANG (Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 361453   

Men - Category 5 - Senior - 0-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1431.76MARK POWELL   Bloomington, IN 384644   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
2442.31DUARTE FERREIRA   Indianapolis, IN 385378   
5473.96VINCENT VERGARA   Carmel, IN 354196   
6484.51JOHN SPROLES   New Castle, IN 369102   
7495.06BRAD BAUMGARTNER   Fishers, IN 302841   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
8505.61TERRY MCDONALD   Indianapolis, IN 376337   OrganicAthlete
10526.71CHRISTOPHER HANCOCK   Pittsboro, IN 177320   Wheeltags
12547.81KEVIN STRAWBRIDGE   Indianapolis, IN 386621   
13558.36DON OMARY   Louisville, KY 385993   
14ADAM JAMES      
15579.46VICTOR POPOV   Plainfield, IN 382967   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
16590.01NICHOLAS SALUPO   Indianapolis, IN 383698   
DNFJARED JOHNSON   Indianapolis 381426   

Men - Category 4/5 - Senior - 0-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1320.29CASEY ATCHLEY   Indianapolis, IN 341202   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
2333.78MARK POWELL   Bloomington, IN 384644   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
3347.27JOSHUA MILLER   Warsaw, IN 381896   
4360.76SCOTT PERRY (1 - Cat5)   Fishers, IN 376037   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
5374.25ROBERT MCFADDEN   Fishers, IN 360212   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
6387.74KYLE WILCOX (2 - Cat5)   Indianapolis 382818   
7401.23ERIK ALBERS   Indianapolis, IN 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
8414.72ROBERT ANNIS   Indianapolis, IN 331390   Team Nebo Ridge
9428.21AARON HEGERT   Bloomington, IN 298790   
10441.70BRENT NOWINSKI   Bloomington, IN 295872   
11455.19MARK HOFFMAN   Indianapolis, IN 309678   
12468.68CARY SMITH   Indianapolis, IN 33064   
13482.17BOB COCHRANE   Indianapolis, IN 356866   Team Indiebike
14495.66VINCENT VERGARA (3 - Cat5)   Carmel, IN 354196   
15509.15JAKE PARKER   Bloomington , IN 320630   Team Nebo Ridge
16522.64KEN BILLETER   Zionsville, IN 211097   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
17536.13JAMES CALVETTI   Northbrook, IL 374624   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
18549.62RODNEY RICHARDSON   Bloomington, IN 309044   
19563.11TERRY MCDONALD   Indianapolis, IN 376337   OrganicAthlete
20576.60PAUL LEVY   Bloomington, IN 315626   
21590.09BRANDON HENDRIX   Howard, CO 317406   
DNSDON OMARY (Cat5)   Louisville, KY 385993   
DNSTHOMAS DUNBAR   Cicero, IN 307219   Wheeltags
DNFLYLE FEIGENBAUM (Cat5)   Bloomington, IN 91024   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga

Men - Category 3/4 - Senior - 0-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1202.77JEFFREY MEADE   Westfield, IN 314908   Purdue University
2213.06BENJAMIN WEBER (1 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 344124   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
3223.35JEREMY WILSON   Indianapolis, IN 358949   Wheeltags
4233.64JIM CREAMER   Carmel, IN 306875   Team Nebo Ridge
5243.93BRENDAN CANTY   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
6254.22MICHAEL LANGAN   Indianapolis, IN 59681   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
7264.51Michael Wilkie   Lisle, IL 268873   ABD Cycling Team
8274.80JOHN RYAN   Indianapolis, IN 278498   Racing For Riley
9285.09Brian Arfmann   Arlington Heights, IL 282223   ABD Cycling Club
10295.38JOHN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN 315756   Team Indiebike
11305.67TOBIAS HOLSMAN   Indianapolis, IN 223735   MOB Squad - U Build IT
12315.96BRENT NOWINSKI (2 - Cat4)   Bloomington, IN 295872   
13326.25ERIK ALBERS   Indianapolis, IN 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
14336.54DAVID HALLANDER (3 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 242144   
15346.83JUSTIN SORBER (4 - Cat4)   Lafayette, IN 306060   
16357.12ROBERT MCFADDEN (5 - Cat4)   Fishers, IN 360212   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
17367.41MARTIN MEADOWS   Indianapolis, IN 242541   Speedway Wheelmen
18377.70JEFF RYAN   Indianapolis, IN 192058   Blue Ridge Design Cycling Team
19387.99AARON YANCEY   New Palestine, IN 157739   Indiana Flyers
20398.28GREGORY CHARKOUDIAN   Lexington, KY 238856   Team WHAYNE
21408.57ROBERT HERZOG (6 - Cat4)   Westfield, IN 349636   Team Nebo Ridge
23429.15David Anderson   Frankton, IN 51680   CA Pools / CFS Mortgage
24439.44RODNEY RICHARDSON (7 - Cat4)   Bloomington, IN 309044   
25449.73Paul Smith   Westfield, IN 311706   Indiana University-Bloomington
26460.02Spencer Carr   Sheridan Indianaa 56809   
27470.31JOSHUA MILLER (8 - Cat4)   Warsaw, IN 381896   
DNSNICK LEKOVISH   San Diego, CA 342874   Trails-Edge Cycling Team
DNFRICHARD BATE   Louisville, KY 297740   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
DNFBOB COCHRANE (Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 356866   Team Indiebike
DNFKYLE STEWART   Wilmington, OH 313374   Team Hungry

Men - 50+ - Master - 50-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1197.69JIM CREAMER   Carmel, IN 306875   Team Nebo Ridge
2215.10ROBERT BROOKS   Indianapolis, IN 4981   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
3232.51David Lewis   Huntertown, IN 200944   Ft. Wayne Outfitters
4249.92Marc Johnson   Indianapolis, IN 344334   Team Indiebike
5267.33JOHN SCHMITZ   Bargersville, IN 315756   Team Indiebike
6284.74WES HARRIS   Bloomington, IN 15233   Speedway Wheelmen
7302.15GENE SPANGLER   Centerville, OH 295691   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
8319.56ROBERT BECK   Indianapolis, IN 49527   Mission Berry Farms Cycling
9336.97STEVE ELLIS   Indianapolis, IN 10703   Team Indiebike
10354.38BEN WEST   Indianapolis, IN 56678   Scarlet Fire
11371.79Steven Vorderman   Fort Wayne, IN 50616   Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
13406.61ALLEN GALLOWAY   Indianapolis, IN 82542   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
14424.02THOMAS LOBDELL   Indianapolis, IN 45607   Scarlet Fire
15441.43CHARLES SOUTH   Fort Wayne, IN 33532   Men of Steel Racing
16458.84WILLIAM STONE   Columbus, IN 47749   Scarlet Fire Racing
17476.25Ralph Pratt III   Batesville, IN 214025   Team Indiebike
18493.66Bruce Fagan   Greenwood, IN 323578   Wheeltags
DNFED MARSHALL   Fishers, IN 22595   
DNFBRIAN ROBINSON   Zionsville, IN 332774   Wheeltags
DNFMARK SILLS   Champaign, IL 219887   Scarlet Fire Racing

Men - 40+ - Master - 40-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1154.89COURT MAPLE   Fishers, IN 51261   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
2167.92Mark Scott   Aliso Viejo, CA 64124   Surf City Cyclery/STERLING BMW
3180.95JOHN KELLY   Indianapolis, IN 18827   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
4193.98ROBERT BROOKS   Indianapolis, IN 4981   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
5207.01MICHAEL SAVORY   Miamisburg, OH 248650   McDonalds Cycling Team
6220.04CHRIS KROLL   Bloomington, IN 188069   Joe's Cycles/ Cardinal Bicycle Co.
7233.07WILLIAM HALLBERG   Indianapolis, IN 312998   Team Nebo Ridge
8246.10JOHN FREIJE   Fishers, IN 53968   MOB Squad (Motivated Over Bicycling)
9259.13BRENDAN CANTY   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
10272.16MICHAEL LANGAN   Indianapolis, IN 59681   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
11285.19SCOTT PERRY   Fishers, IN 376037   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
12298.22ROBERT HERZOG   Westfield, IN 349636   Team Nebo Ridge
13311.25GREGORY CHARKOUDIAN   Lexington, KY 238856   Team WHAYNE
14324.28Joseph Webster   Indianapolis, IN 199652   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
15337.31Sean O'Donnell   Columbus, IN 26563   Scarlet Fire Racing
16350.34JERRY WITHAM   Fort Wayne, IN 70424   Ft. Wayne Outfitters
17363.37Felipe Cardenas   Indianapolis, IN 177206   Team Indiebike
18376.40SCOTT PERRY   Indianapolis, IN 208296   Speedway Wheelmen
DNSJEFF RYAN   Indianapolis, IN 192058   Blue Ridge Design Cycling Team
DNFMARK SILLS   Champaign, IL 219887   Scarlet Fire Racing
DNFWILLIAM STONE   Columbus, IN 47749   Scarlet Fire Racing

Women - Category 1/2/3/4 - Senior - 0-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1245.96SIERRA SIEBENLIST   Indianapolis, IN 166038   Team Indiebike
2276.06Sydney Hatten (1 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 241403   Team Nebo Ridge
3306.16Luanne Murray (2 - Cat2)   London, OH 48868   Kreitler Racing Team
4336.26JANELLE RENSCHLER (1 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 261856   Speedway Wheelmen
5366.36LYNN COY (2 - Cat3)   Zionsville, IN 280716   
6396.46REBECCA LIELAND (3 - Cat3)   Avon, IN 336556   Team CFW - Freewheelin
7426.56JENNIFER DURHAM (1 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 336196   Team CFW - Freewheelin

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