Race Results for
Lionheart Grand Prix (former Pur Tour)
Mason, OH
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Criterium on 08/04/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1537.50Dylan Rockwood   Loveland, OH 358574   Lionhearts
2546.25Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH 325072   Lionhearts
3Ricky Dungan      
4Noah Bevan      
5572.50Alex Ditchen   Muscatine, IA 381028   
6581.25Chris McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH 358350   Queen City Wheels
7590.00Gavin Moore   Cincinnati, OH 381026   
DNFCameron Ott      

Men - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1466.43Spencer Petrov   Mason, OH 301051   Lionhearts
2487.16Alex Christian   Cincinnati, OH 324300   Lionhearts
3507.89Zachary Ross   Cincinnati, OH 301225   Lionhearts
4Chet Dobson      
5549.35Nathan Ross   Cincinnati, OH 301226   Lionhearts
6570.08Max Savage   Loveland, OH 323824   
DNFCameron Schmidt   Wooster 321344   Ride On Wooster

Men - Junior - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1248.47Nicholas Vorwerk   Southbloomfield, OH 303537   Team Type 1
2276.02Weston Flickinger   Akron, OH 298929   Prochain Cycling
3303.57Ian McShane   Louisville, KY 257336   Red Zone Cycling
4331.12Spencer Petrov   Mason, OH 301051   Lionhearts
5358.67Sam Winters   Lynchburg, VA 334610   Dire Wolf Racing
6386.22John Sternen   Chagrin Falls, OH 344680   Spin
7413.77Andrew Rademacher   Loveland, OH 267448   Lionhearts
8441.32Robert Prewitt   Loveland, OH 267669   Lionhearts
9468.87Cameron T. Schmidt   Wooster 321344   Ride On Wooster

Men - Junior - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1326.35Jack McCann   Cincinnati, OH 298338   Prochain Cycling
2382.18Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804   Prochain Cycling
3438.01Jonathan Patton   Mason, OH 263799   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
4493.84michael Pillman   Maineville 385719   

Men - Masters - 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.75Michael Savory   Miamisburg, OH 248650   McDonalds Cycling Team
2204.40John Gatch   Terrace Park, OH 153866   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Cycling
3215.05Michael McShane   Louisville, KY 23836   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
4225.70Mark Damschroder   Miamisburg, OH 57601   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
5236.35OBrien Forbes   West Chester, OH 11991   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
6247.00Todd Frye   Fairfield, OH 211810   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
7257.65Ali Kerr   Cincinnati, OH 196779   7 Hills Racing Inc
8268.30Sean Davidson   West Chester, OH 99429   Zephyr Wheel Sports
9278.95Gene Spangler   Centerville, OH 295691   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
10289.60Scott Lanzer   Anna, OH 278277   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
11300.25Rodney Roof   Blue Ash, OH 236003   Zephyr Wheel Sports
12310.90Christopher Kaiser   Park Hills, KY 256689   Queen City Wheels
13321.55Doug McConaha   Galena, OH 51774   Olympus Homes Cycling Team
14332.20Joel Schmidt   Wooster, OH 31638   Ride On Wooster
15342.85Steve Fine   Fort Mitchell, KY 239980   Team Dayton Bicycling
16353.50Andy Perrino   Cincinnati, OH 191478   Bio Wheels Racing
17364.15David Hart   Cincinnati, OH 166902   Zephyr Wheel Sports
18374.80William Ralph   Loveland, OH 288690   Zephyr Wheel Sports
19385.45Joseph Palumbo   Cincinnati, OH 344278   7 Hills Racing Inc
20Unknown Rider      
21406.75Janusz Kossek   Centerville, OH 320692   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
22417.40Dan Cavins   Norwood, OH 6502   Zephyr Wheel Sports
23428.05Shannon Moore   Cincinnati, OH 269594   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
24438.70Daniel Waite   Dayton, OH 175584   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
25449.35Richard Baylis   Cincinnati, OH 331852   7 Hills Racing Inc
26460.00Robert Dawson   Union, KY 353280   Queen City Wheels
27470.65Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH 331066   Queen City Wheels
28481.30Dale Eads   Loveland, OH 142059   Zephyr Wheel Sports
29491.95Dan Lach   Terrace Park, OH 119674   Zephyr Wheel Sports
30502.60Glenn Talaska   Cincinnati, OH 216744   7 Hills Racing Inc
31513.25John Dallman   Cincinnati, OH 237546   7 Hills Racing Inc
32523.90David Benner   Beavercreek, OH 305530   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
33534.55Stuart Goret   Loveland, OH 411889   
34545.20Ralph Pratt III   Batesville, IN 214025   Team Indiebike
35555.85Rod Thompson   Liberty Township, OH 359812   Queen City Wheels
36566.50Chuck Storey   Cincinnati, OH 383786   
37577.15Bruce Skillings   Kettering, OH 45949   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
38587.80Charles Winkelman   Springfield, OH 38643   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
DNSDon McKenzie   Hebron, KY 84261   Queen City Wheels
DNSJerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 233064   Queen City Wheels
DNSDavid Savage   Loveland, OH 323802   Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNSalan willey   Cincinnati, OH 296822   Queen City Wheels
DNSRick Hoeting   Cincinnati, OH 639   Queen City Wheels
DNFPatrick Lach   Cincinnati, OH 145722   Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNFDick Chartier   Hamilton, OH 238296   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
DNFJim Jenkins   Ironton, OH 242096   AeroCat Cycling
DNFTodd Ramsdell   Milford, OH 335220   Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
199.81Bradley Schaeffer (1 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 206320   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
2109.86Chris Uberti (2 - Cat1)   Greenville, SC 238311   Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist
3119.91Matt Bole (1 - Cat2)   Loveland, OH 669   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
4129.96Scott Catanzaro (3 - Cat1)   Washington, DC 290879   Bissell-ABG-NUVO
5140.01Joseph Hall (2 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH 221249   Mama Mimi's presented by Kenda
6150.06OBrien Forbes (4 - Cat1)   West Chester, OH 11991   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
7160.11Jason Karew (3 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 133936   Bandwidth.com
8170.16Michael McShane (4 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY 23836   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
9180.21Ryan Good (5 - Cat1)   Cincinnati, OH 251528   Bandwidth.com
10190.26Ian Newcomb (5 - Cat2)   Sacramento, CA 265515   Team Ghisallo
11200.31ryan gamm (6 - Cat1)   Oxford, OH 149656   Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
12210.36Morgan Hunter (6 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 257263   Bandwidth.com
13220.41Doug Burton (1 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 311382   Team WHAYNE
14230.46Andrew Millard (2 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 42755   Zephyr Wheel Sports
15240.51Isaiah Wallake (3 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 100343   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
16250.56Gregory Charkoudian (7 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY 238856   Zeitgeist Racing
17260.61Edward Wimmer (4 - Cat3)   Erlanger, KY 312686   Darkhorse Racing
18270.66Renato Sosa (5 - Cat3)   Centerville, OH 292086   Team Ghisallo
19280.71Andrew Prickett (8 - Cat2)   Pleasant Hill, OH 266105   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
20290.76David Rose (6 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 296568   Team WHAYNE
21300.81Brendan Canty (7 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
22310.86Royden Kern (8 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 156112   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
23320.91Braden Matt (9 - Cat3)   Covington, KY 318110   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
DNFzachary utz (Cat3)   Portland, OR 384807   
DNFJack McCann (Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 298338   Prochain Cycling
DNFTony DeGiau      Bandwidth.com
DNFMark Damschroder (Cat3)   Miamisburg, OH 57601   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
DNFJames Matson (Cat2)   Columbus, OH 60978   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1203.60Zachary Lewis   Cincinnati, OH 345876   Zephyr Wheel Sports
2212.78Daniel Ott   Cincinnati, OH 200121   Darkhorse Racing
3Unknown Rider      
4231.14Chad Clemons   Mason, OH 280020   Zephyr Wheel Sports
5240.32Billy Campbell   Greenville, SC 280328   Olympus Cycling Team
6249.50Edward Wimmer   Erlanger, KY 312686   Darkhorse Racing
7258.68Brett Brevoort   Cincinnati, OH 218557   Darkhorse Racing
8267.86Will Gleason   New Albany, OH 231092   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
9277.04Renato Sosa   Centerville, OH 292086   Team Ghisallo
10286.22Nick Tinsler   Cincinnati, OH 206244   Darkhorse Racing
11295.40Andy Perrino   Cincinnati, OH 191478   Bio Wheels Racing
12304.58Gene Spangler   Centerville, OH 295691   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
13313.76Samuel Klontz   Black Mountain, NC 296965   BSM Cycling
14322.94Dale Eads   Loveland, OH 142059   Zephyr Wheel Sports
15332.12Mark Damschroder   Miamisburg, OH 57601   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
16341.30Rodney Roof   Blue Ash, OH 236003   Zephyr Wheel Sports
17350.48Dan Lach   Terrace Park, OH 119674   Zephyr Wheel Sports
18359.66Sean Davidson   West Chester, OH 99429   Zephyr Wheel Sports
19368.84Tim Collins   Mercer Island, WA 270856   Queen City Wheels
20378.02David Hart   Cincinnati, OH 166902   Zephyr Wheel Sports
21387.20Dan Barkeim   Burlington, KY 62279   Team CNC
22396.38Steve Fine   Fort Mitchell, KY 239980   Team Dayton Bicycling
23405.56Andrew Millard   Cincinnati, OH 42755   Zephyr Wheel Sports
24414.74Bradley Morgan   Cincinnati, OH 332066   7 Hills Racing Inc
DNSAddison Smith   Columbs, OH 224012   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
DNSWeston Flickinger   Akron, OH 298929   Prochain Cycling
DNSCorey Green   Mason, OH 150266   Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1228.14Robert Linenkugel (1 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 344196   Queen City Wheels
2234.92Brett Brevoort (1 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 218557   Darkhorse Racing
3241.70Mark Damschroder (2 - Cat3)   Miamisburg, OH 57601   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
4248.48Brendan Canty (3 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
5255.26Hendra Palisades (2 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 370844   
6262.04Alex Hasse (4 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 204273   Darkhorse Racing
7268.82Samuel Klontz (5 - Cat3)   Black Mountain, NC 296965   BSM Cycling
8Unknown Rider      
9282.38Ali Kerr (3 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 196779   7 Hills Racing Inc
10289.16Will Gleason (6 - Cat3)   New Albany, OH 231092   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
11295.94Bradley Morgan (7 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 332066   7 Hills Racing Inc
12302.72Dan Barkeim (8 - Cat3)   Burlington, KY 62279   Team CNC
13309.50Wendy Smith (9 - Cat3)   Cleveland, OH 189377   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
14316.28Michael Szymanski (4 - Cat4)   Hebron, KY 85538   Queen City Wheels
15323.06Brian List (10 - Cat3)   Miamiville, OH 343754   Zephyr Wheel Sports
16329.84Chip Dobson (11 - Cat3)   Cincinnnati, OH 142763   Darkhorse Racing
17336.62Braden Matt (12 - Cat3)   Covington, KY 318110   Covington-Newport Cycling
18343.40Royden Kern (13 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 156112   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
19350.18Doug Burton (14 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 311382   Team WHAYNE
20356.96Nicholas Vorwerk (15 - Cat3)   Southbloomfield, OH 303537   Team Type 1
21363.74Don McKenzie (5 - Cat4)   Hebron, KY 84261   Queen City Wheels
22370.52Spencer Petrov (6 - Cat4)   Mason, OH 301051   Lionhearts
23377.30Greg Charkoudian   Lexington, KY 238856   Team WHAYNE
24384.08Christopher Kaiser (7 - Cat4)   Park Hills, KY 256689   Queen City Wheels
25390.86Paul Neff (8 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 331066   Queen City Wheels
26397.64Davis Griffin (9 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 303938   7 Hills Racing Inc
27404.42Addison Smith (16 - Cat3)   Columbs, OH 224012   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
DNSRobin Zuend (Cat4)   St Louis, MO 290270   Queen City Wheels
DNFDoug Masraum (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 266513   UBS/7 Hills Racing
DNFAnthony DVarga (Cat3)   Middletown, OH 197572   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
DNFDavid Rose (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 296568   Team WHAYNE
DNFTim Collins (Cat3)   Mercer Island, WA 270856   Queen City Wheels

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1255.65Hendra Palisades   Columbus, OH 370844   
2264.95Davis Griffin   Cincinnati, OH 303938   7 Hills Racing Inc
3274.25Robin Zuend   St Louis, MO 290270   Queen City Wheels
4283.55George Collins   Springfield, OH 101148   Champion City Cycling
5292.85Jamie Anderson   Cortlandoh 368403   
6302.15Don McKenzie   Hebron, KY 84261   Queen City Wheels
7311.45Paul Neff   Cincinnati, OH 331066   Queen City Wheels
8320.75Doug Carraway   Columbus, OH 287612   Team Six One Four
9330.05Robert Linenkugel   Cincinnati, OH 344196   Queen City Wheels
10339.35Jim Rauck   Grove City, OH 273978   
11348.65Mark Wieczorek   Cincinnati, OH 362381   Darkhorse Racing
12357.95James Bolin   Prospect, KY 308791   Team Louisville
13367.25Christopher Kaiser   Park Hills, KY 256689   Queen City Wheels
14376.55Daniel McCarty   Springfield, OH 289808   Champion City Cycling
15385.85lance brown   Cincinnati, OH 284915   Darkhorse Racing
16395.15Michael Mullins   Brookville, OH 344862   Colavita Racing
17404.45Rick Hinze   Louisville, KY 242044   Team Louisville
18413.75Nathaniel Allen   Covington, KY 340934   University of Cincinnati
19423.05David Savage   Loveland, OH 323802   Zephyr Wheel Sports
20432.35Dan Cavins   Norwood, OH 6502   Zephyr Wheel Sports
21441.65Kristian Graham   Granville, OH 231846   Team Six One Four
22450.95Doug Masraum   Cincinnati, OH 266513   UBS/7 Hills Racing
23460.25John Sternen   Chagrin Falls, OH 344680   Spin
24469.55Willis Brown   Columbus, OH 274873   Buckeye Cycling Club
25478.85Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 298154   Covington-Newport Cycling
26488.15todd alt   Columbus, OH 283958   Buckeye Cycling Club
27497.45James O'Loughlin   Cincinnati, OH 285530   Team Hungry
28506.75Brian List   Miamiville, OH 343754   Zephyr Wheel Sports
29516.05Patrick Lach   Cincinnati, OH 145722   Zephyr Wheel Sports
30525.35Joel Schmidt   Wooster, OH 31638   Ride On Wooster
31534.65Rick McKenzie   Cincinnati, OH 273545   Zephyr Wheel Sports
32543.95Shannon Moore   Cincinnati, OH 269594   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
DNSAli Kerr   Cincinnati, OH 196779   7 Hills Racing Inc
DNSMichael Szymanski   Hebron, KY 85538   Queen City Wheels
DNSJoshua Buchwald   Park Hills, KY 309304   BSM Cycling
DNSTommy Graul   Dayton, OH 382208   
DNSAnthony DVarga   Middletown, OH 197572   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1244.42Robin Zuend (1 - Cat4)   St Louis, MO 290270   Queen City Wheels
2256.34Robert Linenkugel (2 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 344196   Queen City Wheels
3268.26Matt Kapp   Columbus, OH 383420   
4280.18Jim Rauck   Grove City, OH 273978   
5292.10Eric Bair (3 - Cat4)   West Chester, OH 380376   Zephyr Wheel Sports
6304.02Tommy Graul (1 - Cat5)   Dayton, OH 382208   
7Unknown Rider      
8327.86Trevor Plum (4 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 375892   UBS/7 Hills Racing
9339.78Sam Winters   Lynchburg, VA 334610   Dire Wolf Racing
10351.70Christopher Kaiser (5 - Cat4)   Park Hills, KY 256689   Queen City Wheels
11363.62Joel Schmidt (6 - Cat4)   Wooster, OH 31638   Ride On Wooster
12375.54Nathaniel Allen (7 - Cat4)   Covington, KY 340934   University of Cincinnati
13387.46Matthew Cunningham (8 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 317636   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
14399.38Robert Messmer (2 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH 384851   
15411.30Don McKenzie (9 - Cat4)   Hebron, KY 84261   Queen City Wheels
16423.22Richard Baylis (10 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 331852   7 Hills Racing Inc
17435.14Jeffrey Youngs (11 - Cat4)   Marion, OH 137771   Team Rocky
18447.06Ian Hilt (12 - Cat4)   Dayton, OH 317956   
19458.98Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 298154   Covington-Newport Cycling
20470.90Christopher Milthaler (3 - Cat5)   Dayton, OH 385609   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
21482.82James Boyington (4 - Cat5)   Dayton, OH 382704   
22494.74Ben Calfee (5 - Cat5)   Kettering, OH 339604   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
23506.66John Moore (13 - Cat4)   Bellbrook, OH 313808   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
24518.58alan willey (14 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 296822   Queen City Wheels
25530.50Shannon Moore (15 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 269594   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
26Unknown Rider      
27554.34Chuck Storey (6 - Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH 383786   
28566.26Seth Nuckols (7 - Cat5)   Batavia, OH 352386   Bishop Bicycles
29578.18David Benner (16 - Cat4)   Beavercreek, OH 305530   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
30590.10David Barless (17 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 322284   Bishop Bicycles
DNFJoseph Palumbo (Cat5)   Cincinnati, OH 344278   7 Hills Racing Inc
DNFMichael Szymanski (Cat4)   Hebron, KY 85538   Queen City Wheels

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1338.09Eric Bair   West Chester, OH 380376   Zephyr Wheel Sports
2347.09Stuart Goret   Loveland, OH 411889   
3356.09Robert Messmer   Cincinnati, OH 384851   
4365.09Peter Gorzynski   Loveland, OH 387286   
5374.09Trevor Plum   Cincinnati, OH 375892   UBS/7 Hills Racing
6383.09James Boyington   Dayton, OH 382704   
7392.09Stephen Herman   Dayton, OH 384989   
8401.09Robert Dawson   Union, KY 353280   Queen City Wheels
9410.09Ryan Helbach   Loveland, OH 238781   7 Hills Racing Inc
10Daniel Herschberger      
11428.09James Calvetti   Northbrook, IL 374624   Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
12437.09Christopher Milthaler   Dayton, OH 385609   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
13446.09Jeremy Deason   Bellbrook, OH 134935   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
14455.09Joseph Palumbo   Cincinnati, OH 344278   7 Hills Racing Inc
15464.09Todd Smith   Dayton, OH 323102   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
16473.09Bryan McClure   Louisville, KY 365270   Team Louisville
17482.09David Thole   Liberty Twp, OH 391369   
18491.09Brian Whitten   Dayton, OH 382573   
19500.09Shawn Wickham   Highland Heights, KY 321176   UBS/7 Hills Racing
20509.09David Tidd   Cardington, OH 368169   Team Rocky
21518.09Aaron Matthews   Miamisburg , OH 357286   MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
22527.09Aaron Marsh   Dayton, OH 367080   
23536.09Doug Hamilton   Fairborn, OH 198036   Bio Wheels Racing
24545.09Derek Drifmeyer   Loveland, OH 382515   
25554.09Josiah Dierken   Kettering, OH 359796   
26Unknown Rider      
27chris Campo      
28kevin green      
29590.09Felix Martinez   Maineville, OH 357977   
DNSAaron Daniels   Dublin, OH 298109   Cap City Cyclocross
DNSDamien Laboulle   Cincinnati, OH 383207   University of Cincinnati
DNSPhilip Kennedy   Cincinnati, OH 351720   Queen City Wheels
DNSJeffrey Seeley   Cincinnati, OH 248843   Queen City Wheels
DNSChuck Storey   Cincinnati, OH 383786   
DNSJeromy Bishop   Cincinnati, OH 303625   7 Hills Racing Inc
DNSJeromy Bishop   Cincinnati, OH 303625   7 Hills Racing Inc
DNSDamien Laboulle   Cincinnati, OH 383207   University of Cincinnati
DNSJeffrey Seeley   Cincinnati, OH 248843   Queen City Wheels
DNSChuck Storey   Cincinnati, OH 383786   
DNSPhilip Kennedy   Cincinnati, OH 351720   Queen City Wheels
DNSWilliam Vance   Cincinnati, OH 296203   Queen City Wheels
DNSAaron Daniels   Dublin, OH 298109   Cap City Cyclocross
DNSWilliam Vance   Cincinnati, OH 296203   Queen City Wheels
DNFTony Tucker   Springfield 365971   Champion City Cycling
DNFJohn Lorson   Union, KY 367249   Queen City Wheels

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1283.72Allison Nuovo   Upper Arlington , OH 375446   
2304.29Angie Sexton   Cincinnati, OH 302437   Bishop Bicycles
3324.86Luanne Murray   London, OH 48868   Kreitler Racing Team
4345.43Stephanie Breslin de Sosa   Centerville, OH 294010   Team Ghisallo
5366.00Traci Cummings   Williamsville, NY 198115   Tom's Pro Bike/Ingram Micro Cycling
6Katherine Graham      Team Six One Four
7407.14Kathleen Neff   Cincinnati, OH 354912   Bishop Bicycles
8427.71Stacey Roberts   Springfield, OH 343144   Colavita Racing Inc.
9448.28Wendy Smith   Cleveland, OH 189377   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
10468.85Melissa Quinn   West Chester, OH 295999   

Women - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Sydney Lach   Cincinnati, OH 359638   
2556.67Madeleine Green   Mason, OH 320414   Queen City Wheels
3573.34Abigail Savage   Loveland, OH 323830   
4590.01Olivia Rademacher   Loveland, OH 367604   Lionhearts

Women - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kennedy Adams   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
2Emma Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 321258   Lionhearts

Women - Junior - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Mackenzie Green   Mason, OH 300251   Queen City Wheels

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1447.94Erin Clemons   Mason, OH 359857   Bishop Bicycles
2460.85Stacey Roberts   Springfield, OH 343144   Colavita Racing Inc.
3473.76Amy Mees   Cincinnati, OH 370438   Bishop Bicycles
4486.67Kim Cory   Hilliard, OH 369286   
5499.58Lorna Waters-Tellez   Dayton, OH 291019   Secret Cycling
6512.49Amalia VanMatre   Loveland, OH 399497   
7525.40Kennedy Adams   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
8538.31Julie Herrmann   Loveland, OH 287605   Secret Cycling
9Karen Hamilton      Bio Wheels Racing
10564.13Heidi Riffle   Dayton, OH 333204   Secret Cycling
11577.04Mary Bill   Miamisburg, OH 286616   Secret Cycling
12Margaret Burns      Team Fleur de Lis
DQJennifer Irwin      Bishop Bicycles

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