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Lenoir Cyclocross
Lenoir, NC
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Cyclo-cross on 11/02/2008

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - JR - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Walker Shaw      Unattached
2Luca Shaw      Unattached
3547.24Daniel Brew   Fayetteville, NC 231631   C4 RACING (Cross Creek Cycling Club)
4550.86Irene Manning   Southern Pines, NC 270670   Unattached
5554.48Simon Marland   Boone, NC 253784   Boone Velo
6558.10Levi Marland   Boone, NC 253785   Unattached
7Christain Rains      Unattached
8Jack Thornton      Unattached
9Nicolas Hopkin      Unattached
10Soren Black      Unattached
11576.20E Nicholas Manning IV   Southern Pines, NC 273259   Unattached

Men - JR - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Justin Evans   Boone, NC 267363   C4: Cross Creek Cycling Club
2552.50Jeremiah Dyer   Greenville, SC 281799   Studio7
3565.00Chris Holmes   Salisbury, NC 255512   Carolina Masters Team
4577.50Chase Pilcher   Mount Airy, NC 237607   Ridge Rollers Velo Club Inc
5590.00Bryce Pilcher   Mount Airy, NC 254645   Unattached

Men - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1504.34Eric Marland   Boone, NC 91085   Boone Velo
2507.89Tom McDonnell   Sugar Grove, NC 150598   Boone Velo
3511.44Michael Scholtz   Hendersonville, NC 114403   NCCX
4514.99Mike Stewart   Abingdon, VA 210874   TriCities Road Club
5518.54Charlie (Jimmy) Bruner   Cary, NC 151753   Unattached
6jason morgan      Unattached
7Darrell Prillaman      Unattached
8529.19Charles Von Isenburg   Winston Salem, NC 132489   Mock Orange Bikes
9532.74Chris Bennett   Asheville, NC 3315   Boone Velo
10536.29Timothy Hopkin   Flat Rock, NC 16709   Unattached
11539.84Todd Davis   Raleigh, NC 159250   KCOI Boulevard
12543.39Marcus Jones   Hendersonville, NC 92985   NCCX
13russel henderson      Unattached
14550.49Russell Mead   Chapel Hill, NC 46232   Bitter Dose
15554.04Wesley Best   Roanoke, VA 96378   East Coasters
16Chris Huebner      Unattached
17561.14Cameron Brantley   Asheville, NC 59324   GS Boulder
18564.69Steve Carpenter   Fort Collins, CO 6222   NCCX
19568.24Christopher Thomas   Charlotte, NC 55724   Giordana - ClifBar
20571.79Shaw Brown   Boone, NC 5152   Boone Velo
21Paul Stahlschmidt      Magic Cycles
22578.89Shawn Moore   Lenoir, NC 24958   Sledgehammer Charlie's
23582.44Scott Staley   Charlotte, NC 223917   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
24585.99Jeffrey Smith   Charlotte, NC 33171   Unattached
25589.54Richard Melencio   Germantown, MD 52172   Mock Orange Bikes/MOB Cycling

Men - MR - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1450.81Jeffrey Welch   Lenoir, NC 37647   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
2456.86Randy Shields   Winston Salem, NC 32470   Carolina Masters
3462.91Daryl Rains   Winston Salem, NC 64810   MOB
4468.96Robert Pugh   Charlotte, NC 28821   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
5475.01Dwight Wyatt   Fairview, NC 220066   Unattached
6481.06John Baxter   Raleigh, NC 2962   Carolina Masters
7487.11James Edwards   Raleigh, NC 47206   Inland Construction Company
8493.16Marty Cloer   Charlotte, NC 76050   Harris Teeter
9499.21Andrew Ammon   Statesville, NC 89565   Carolina Masters Cycling team
10505.26Dale Bryant   Carthage, NC 166563   Sandhills Cycle
11511.31Chip Duckett   High Point, NC 233657   MOB Cycling
12517.36Todd Thornton   Durham, NC 35532   raleigh all stars
13523.41Daniel Potts   Raeford, NC 135598   Cross Creek Cycling Club C4
14529.46Lonnie Brooks   Raleigh, NC 48585   Cycles DeOro / Moses Cone / First Citize
15535.51William Macy   Statesville, NC 255531   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
16Jack Crouch      Richard Sachs
17Doug Shaw      Unattached
18553.66Ron Swenson   Lenoir, NC 253944   Unattached
19559.71Ron Heninger   Asheville, NC 201100   Hearns Cycling
20565.76Gregory Atchison   Chapel Hill, NC 93257   Tricyclists BRC
21571.81Dwayne Letterman   Elizabethton, TN 179248   Tri Cities Road Club
22577.86Andrew Good   Mooresville, NC 141589   Unattached
23583.91Douglas Owen   Banner Elk, NC 167927   Team Hammer
24589.96Peter Purcell   Lenoir, NC 283412   Sledgehammer Charlie's

Men - MR - 55-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1516.63Kerry Shields   Salisbury, NC 32468   Carolina Masters Cycling
2536.13Chuck Gillis   Pittsboro, NC 255899   Garneau Custome
3555.63Alison Manning   Southern Pines, NC 254269   Sandhills Cycling
4575.13Howard Hesterberg   Santa Rosa, CA 128447   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1477.63Travis Livermon   Lewisville, NC 161583   Cannondale / CCN
2484.24Will Black   Austin, TX 58540   Moots
3jon hamblen      Richard Sachs
4497.46Charles Pendry (1 - Pro)   Raleigh, NC 106096   Inland Construction Cycling Team
5504.07Noah Niwinski   Asheville, NC 236341   Boone Velo
6510.68Bradford Perley   Brevard, NC 192115   Cape-Able Bike Shop
7517.29Benjamin Miller   Charlotte, NC 186026   Standard Pacific Homes
8523.90Tyler Hawes (1 - Cat2)   Naples, FL 222682   laketraining.com/stockman oil
9530.51Scott Frederick (2 - Cat2)   Raleigh, NC 66359   Inland Construction
10537.12John Cox   Winston Salem, NC 171150   Mock Orange Bikes/MOB Cycling
11543.73Eric Marland   Boone, NC 91085   Boone Velo
12550.34Ross Bowden (3 - Cat2)   Durham, NC 181996   Cannondale/ CCN
13556.95Christopher Dale   Raleigh, NC 210339   Raleigh All Stars/Lees-McRae Cycling
14563.56Luke Winger   Ramsey, MN 91941   Lees-McRae
15570.17Andrew Applegate   Asheville, NC 1829   Cannondale / CCN
16576.78Jacob Florence   Boone, NC 256847   Boone Velo
17Geoffrey Bergmark      Unattached
18590.00David Forkner   Pisgah Forest, NC 200885   CTM ELITE CYCLING

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1527.70Michael Koballa   Greensboro, NC 256611   Inland Construction
2529.10Todd Hancock   Raleigh, NC 120970   Inside Out Sports/Zaytoun and Miller
3530.50Todd Hunter   Cary, NC 178827   Inland Construction cycling team
4Chris Pickerell      Unattached
5533.30Scott McAllister   Durham, NC 242947   Bitter Dose Racing
6534.70Christopher Bennett   Brevard, NC 200681   Sycamore Cycles
7536.10Alan Wages   Charlotte, NC 36874   Black Sheep Cartel
8537.50Chris Behrmann   Waxhaw, NC 221118   Sledghammer Charlie's Racing
9538.90Andrew Mitchertree   Greensboro, NC 126985   Boone Velo
10540.30Todd Braswell   Lenoir, NC 101225   Sledgehammer Charlies
11541.70Ben Corbalis   Portland, OR 184819   Union Velo p/b RINET co.
12543.10Chris Rouisse   Fort Mill, SC 270421   BikeSource
13544.50Jesse Pipes   Boone, NC 257009   Boone Velo
14545.90Josh Tucker   Clemmons, NC 185734   Clemmons Bicycle Racing
15547.30William Peterson   Pittsboro, NC 249957   Inland Construction
16548.70Austin Faulkner   Columbia, SC 252252   unattached
17550.10Geoffrey Pendry   Hays, NC 148974   Inland Construction/BTD
18551.50Kelly Holmes   Clemmons, NC 50913   MOB Cycling
19552.90Ryan Galdes   Spring Lake, NC 204236   Boulder Cyclesport
20554.30Robert Pugh   Charlotte, NC 28821   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
21555.70Jamie Godfrey   Rutherfordton Nc 200675   Unattached
22557.10Brian Sain   Taylorsville, NC 255774   Inland Construction/Back to Dirt Cycling
23558.50Baird Sills   Boone, NC 239845   Clemmons Bicycle racing
24559.90Sean Easley   Edgewater, MD 10374   ACA-kraynicks
25561.30Jason Chapple   Winston Salem, NC 237066   Vic Chisholm Racing Inc./Benissimo
26562.70Fred Mitchell   Galax, VA 221438   Cycletherapy
27564.10Jack Brown   Lenoir, NC 236017   Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing Team
28565.50Brendan Johnson   Durham, NC 246255   Bitter Dose Cycling
29566.90Frank Manfre   Midway Park, NC 173614   usmc
30568.30John Benoit   Gastonia, NC 180642   Bolt Brothers Cycles
31569.70Michael Blankenship   Winston-salem, NC 254357   C & H Hearts Racing Club
32571.10Michael Galloway   Winston Salem, NC 228724   Clemmons Bicycle Racing
33572.50Robert Sisson   Pineville, NC 60506   Trysports Cycling Team
34573.90Scott Staley   Charlotte, NC 223917   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
35575.30Chris Bennett   Asheville, NC 3315   Boone Velo
36576.70Robert DeRose   Greenville, SC 172794   
37578.10Jason Scislowicz   Raleigh, NC 169336   Inland Construction
38579.50Shawn Moore   Lenoir, NC 24958   Sledgehammer Charlie's

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1530.02Joseph Welsh   Cordova, TN 259649   Prochain Cycling
2531.07Max Dyer   Lenoir, NC 251110   Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing
3532.12Jack Brown   Lenoir, NC 236017   Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing Team
4533.17Alan Sparks   Elizabethton, TN 191107   MAXXIS \ NTMBA
5534.22David Tallon   Durham, NC 285600   
6535.27Robb Peterson   Mount Airy, NC 270019   
7536.32Shawn Moore   Lenoir, NC 24958   Sledgehammer Charlie's
8537.37William Gillette   Columbia, SC 234749   Hoffenchard
9538.42David Keesler   Charlotte, NC 279600   Boone Bike
10539.47Shaw Brown   Boone, NC 5152   Boone Velo
11540.52Jeremiah Dyer   Greenville, SC 281799   Studio7
12541.57Paul Stahlschmidt   Boone, NC 278302   Magic Cycles
13542.62Thomas Savage   North Augusta, SC 219861   Southeast Investments
14543.67Kyle McNamee   Charlotte, NC 251843   Hoffenchard
15544.72David Moore   Charlotte, NC 284010   
16Brent Lester      Unattached
17546.82benjamin cooley   Charlotte, NC 254157   Unattached
18547.87Noah Jordahl   Carrboro, NC 243259   Cross Creek Cycling Club - C4
19548.92Carl Woodworth   Charlotte, NC 167464   Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing
20Thad Walker      Unattached
21551.02Jeff Varner   Climax, NC 270356   Mock Orange Racing
22552.07Matt Grainger   Arden, NC 191087   Appalachian State University Cycling Clu
23Jake Lewis      Unattached
24Kevin Watt      Unattached
25555.22Brendan Murray   Chapel Hill, NC 258383   ASU
26Brad Ungurait      Unattached
27557.32Bill Tellman   Brevard, NC 272135   Sycamore Cycles
28Mark Woodall      Unattached
30559.42Justin Evans   Boone, NC 267363   C4: Cross Creek Cycling Club
31560.47Douglas Engel   Charlotte, NC 232709   Bolt Brothers
32561.52William Sumner   Lewisville, NC 256544   Cycle Therapy/Paceline
33562.57Mike Ormand   Waxhaw, NC 219712   bolt brothers cycles
34Sam Hutchens      Unattached
35564.67Randall Mauldin   Watertown, MA 245746   Franklin Street Cycles
36565.72Danny Mathis   East Bend, NC 227423   Piedmont Velo Sports
37566.77Megan Carmody   Boone, NC 254860   Boone Velo
38567.82Ron Heninger   Asheville, NC 201100   Hearns Cycling
39568.87Mike Patterson   Kingsport, TN 229523   Tri Cities Road Club
40Mike Noyes-smith      Unattached
41570.97Travis Beane   Clemmons, NC 170924   Clemmons Bicycle Racing
42572.02Alexander Fowler   Morganton, NC 261787   Boone Velo
43573.07Matthew Owen   Banner Elk, NC 194035   Team Hammer
44Wayne DellaMaestra      Unattached
45575.17Paul Paisant   High Point , NC 280851   Mock Orange Bike
46576.22Andrew Benbow   Fayetteville, NC 229304   C4- Cross Creek Cycling Club
47577.27Howard Hesterberg   Santa Rosa, CA 128447   Sledgehammer Charlies Racing
48578.32Daniel Brew   Fayetteville, NC 231631   C4 RACING (Cross Creek Cycling Club)
49Mark Prince      Unattached
50580.42Cameron Sattenfield   Winston Salem, NC 285670   Hearts Racing Club
51Joeff Williams      Unattached
52Eric Sanderfield      Unattached
53583.57Robert Voigt   Winston Salem, NC 165903   
54584.62Charles Hicks   Lenoir, NC 270345   Sledgehammer Charlie's/Luna Cycles
55585.67Eric Winebarger   Taylorsville, NC 236335   
56Robert M Donovan      Unattached
57587.77Kimberly Marland   Boone, NC 91250   Boone Velo
58588.82Thomas Brew   Fayetteville, NC 244222   Cross Creek Cycling Club - C4 RACING
59589.87Jim Smalley   East Bend, NC 195594   Cycletherapy

Men - Cat 4 - First-timers

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Robert M Donovan      Unattached
2Eric Sanderfield      Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1532.46Elizabeth Frye   Boone, NC 104859   Boone Velo
2536.98Haley Beann   Menlo Park, CA 232473   Boulder Cyclesport
3541.50Cara Applegate   Asheville, NC 133102   BMW-Bianchi
4546.02Melanie Black   Houston 40370   Moots
5550.54Evie Boswell-Vilt   Baltimore, MD 254664   BMW-Bianchi
6555.06Kristin Jo Markham (1 - Cat2)   Collierville, TN 251742   BMW/Bianchi
7559.58Katherine Shields   Salisbury, NC 220876   Carolina Masters Cycling
8564.10Emily Shields   Salisbury, NC 220875   Carolina Masters Cycling
9568.62Lynn Pitson   Salisbury, NC 235467   Carolina Masters Cycling
10573.14Janet Trubey   Fletcher, NC 187030   NCCX

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Debbie Gillespie   Travelers Rest, SC 272883   TEAM BILO
2542.78Jocelyn Mauldin   Watertown, MA 272175   Franklin Street Cycles
3Nicole Thomas      Unattached
4Rip Nicholson      Unattached
5551.12Robin Baxter   Raleigh, NC 2398   Raleigh Allstars
6553.90Julie Paisant   High Point , NC 282245   MOB Cycling
7556.68Jenna Walker   Hendersonville, NC 274497   Sycamore Cycles
8559.46Karen Minor   Fort Mill, SC 182085   Bolt Brothers Cycles Racing
9562.24Jennifer Young   Greenville, SC 219509   Team BI-LO
10Melanie Andes      Unattached
11567.80Theresa Dawson   Charlotte, NC 221885   Mock Orange Bikes
12570.58sirena lundsford   Winston-salem, NC 263956   Cycle Therapy/Paceline
13Stephanie Cole      Unattached
14576.14Milanne Wilhite   Whispering Pines, NC 255325   C4 (Cross Creek Cycling Club)
15Sarah Walkowiak      Unattached
16581.70Ginger Wade   Abingdon, VA 258580   Team MedPlan
17Nicole Benbow      Unattached
18587.26Aenon Moose   Blacksburg, VA 285911   Appalachian State University
19590.04Kimberly Marland   Boone, NC 91250   Boone Velo

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