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Washington, DC
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Criterium on 09/21/2008

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - MR - 35-39

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1426.34Ramon Benitez   Glenwood, MD38:46.8 3304  203 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
2430.76Mark Warno   Fairfax, VAsame time 601  253 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
3435.19Nima Ebrahimnejad   Purcellville, VA23.2 10417  214 Trail's End Cycling Company
4439.61Christopher Schmidt   Falls Church, VAsame time 74299  244 bike lane
5444.03Christopher Hayes   Warrenton, VAsame time 15521  221 Haymarket Bicycles p/b Function
6448.46Christopher Regan   Washington, DCsame time 208314  242 TEAM HALL NISSAN
7452.88Arthur Brown   Washington, DCsame time 63036  207 Latitude/ABRT
8457.30Baird Webel   Chevy Chase, MDsame time 54174  254 GS Silver/Silver Cycles
9461.73Bill Gros   Ashburn, VAsame time 51036  218 Squadra Coppi/IMSaab
10466.15Kirby Newman   Falls Church, VAsame time 52932  239 Restello Presented by Fiorucci
11470.57Bryan Vaughan   Burke, VAsame time 129811  260 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
12475.00Curtis Southern   Frederick, MDsame time 52033  248 NCVC/INOVA HEALTH SYSTEM
13479.42Kevin Cross   Washington, DCsame time 274599  211 The Bike Rack of Washington DC
14483.84Andreas Gutzeit   Washington, DCsame time 215952  220 ABRT - Latitude
15488.27David Rusnak   Kensington, MDsame time 151875  258 Corner Cycle Cycling Club
16492.69Kevin Gallo   Vienna, VAsame time 51675  216 Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
17497.11Marc Lefkowitz   Pikesville, MDsame time 187415  257 Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
18501.54Matthew Braughler   Alexandria, VAsame time 269024  206 Colavita Racing
19505.96Christopher Clarke   Washington, DCsame time 7063  210 NCVC/Inova Health System
20510.38Lawrence Byvik   Warrenton, VAsame time 5765  261 Warrenton Cycling Center
21514.80Fredrik Andersson   Falls Church, VAsame time 216108  201 NCVC/Inova Health System
22519.23Marc Klein   Arlington, VAsame time 201836  227 NCVC/Inova Health System
23523.65Michael King   Woodbridge, VAsame time 103632  226 Team Hall Nissan
24528.07John Kamenick   Ashburn, VAsame time 216783  225 evolution cycling
25532.50Thomas Draffen   Yuma, AZsame time 255115  213 Westwood Velo - Trade Manage Ra
26536.92Jon Gaudio   New Kent, VAsame time 82135  217 Seigler Sports
27541.34Blake Selzer   Washington, DCsame time 150694  245 Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes
28545.77Bernie Gumucio   Rockville, MDsame time 195020  219 Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Vo
29550.19William Cusmano   Arlington, VAsame time 194573  212 Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
30554.61Peter Lindeman   Arlington, VAsame time 147939  256 National Capital Velo Club/Inov
31559.04Jeff Spaulding   San Luis Obispo, CAsame time 223594  249 Cucina Fresca/Supersquadra
32Oscar Martin   same time  234 Unattached
33567.88Ray Manyoky   Bethesda, MDsame time 217022  233 Bicycle Place Velo Club
34572.31Clifton Gray   Washington, DC45.1 192720  262 Capitol Hill Bikes
35576.73Pedro Hijar   Reston, VA52 64699  264 The Bike Lane
36581.15Guy Perotti   Great Falls, VA01:01.4 27767  240 ABRT/Latitude
37585.58Kurt Hoffmann   Astoria, NY02:44.9 221357  224 CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
38590.00Dean Wagner   Alexandria, VA02:49.7 271350  251 COLAVITA RACING

Men - Pro

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Hilton Clarke   56:44.9  16 Toyota United
2358.66Freddie Rodriguez   Berkeley, CAsame time 30322  Rock Racing
3Domenique Rollin   same time  17 Toyota United
4363.31Kenneth Hanson   San Diego, CAsame time 194969  47 Cal Giant Strawberries* *
5Emile Abraham   same time  40 Team Type 1
6Ricardo Escuala   same time  28 Successful Living
7Geraldo Fernandez   same time  76 ING Direct Racing
8372.59Stephen Kincaid   Readingsame time 19139  25 Rite Aid pb Shebell & Shebell
9374.91Paul Martin   North Royalton, OHsame time 207549  46 Texas Roadhouse
10Karl Menzies   same time  18 Healthnet pb Maxxis
11379.55Rodney Santiago   Allentown, PAsame time 230558  22 Colavita pb Sutter Home
12381.87Tyler Wren   Rensselaerville, NYsame time 121621  20 Colavita pb Sutter Home
13384.20Daniel Holloway   Morgan Hill, CAsame time 181725  Garmin Chipotle pb H30
14386.52Kirk Albers   Upper Arlington, OHsame time 1283  42 Texas Roadhouse
15Russ Langely   same time  48 Battley Harley Davidson
16Eric Wohlberg   same time  30 Symmetrics
17393.48Brian Butts   Arlington, VAsame time 169492  54 Battley Harley Davidson
18395.80Charles Hutcheson   Sacramento, CAsame time 54686  50 Battley Harley Davidson
19398.12Jacob Keough   Sandwich, MAsame time 195634  11 Kelly Benefits Medfast
20400.44Benjamin King   North Garden, VAsame time 210212  12 Kelly Benefits Medfast
21Friedman Mike   same time  Garmin Chipotle pb H30
22Christian VandeVelde   :06.2  Garmin Chipotle pb H30
23407.40Chad Burdzilauskas   Indianapolis, INsame time 122674  43 Texas Roadhouse
24409.73Boyd Johnson   Greenville, SCsame time 103689  72 DLP Racing
25412.05Owen Nielsen   Roanoke, VAsame time 92478  73 DLP Racing
26414.37Dirk Pohlmann   Knoxville, TNsame time 51532  44 Texas Roadhouse
27416.69Kenneth Young   Jacksonville, NCsame time 233138  64 Clean Currents pb Don Byer
28Keck Baker   same time  52 Battley Harley Davidson
29421.33Scottie Weiss   Radford, VAsame time 93133  61 Inferno Racing
30423.65David Bozak   Hollidaysburg, PAsame time 155889  66 Clean Currents pb Don Byer
31425.97Charles Coyle   Boulder, COsame time 102604  29 Successful Living
32428.29Sean Barrie   Washington, DCsame time 198408  55 Battley Harley Davidson
33430.61Andrew Guptill   Charlottesville, VAsame time 118740  21 Colavita pb Sutter Home
34Jose Medina   same time  77 ING Direct Racing
35435.26Steven Gordon   Warrenton, VAsame time 224401  70 DLP Racing
36Jackie Simes   same time  32 Time Pro Cycling
37439.90Jason Meidhof   Bethesda, MD:17 143088  65 Clean Currents pb Don Byer
38Tom Soladay   same time  34 Time Pro Cycling
39Kevin Lacombe   :27.2  13 Kelly Benefits Medfast
40Bobby Lea   same time  26 Rite Aid pb Shebell & Shebell
41449.18Terry Huss   Clayton, NCsame time 218947  58 Inferno Racing
42451.50Rich Harper   Raleigh, NC:34.2 175041  56 Inferno Racing
43453.82Barry Miller   Kutztown, PAsame time 197897  78 ING Direct Racing
44456.14Jonathan Hamblen   Winston Salem, NC:47.5 14782  33 Time Pro Cycling
45458.47John DeLong   Blacksburg, VA:54.8 61583  59 Inferno Racing
46460.79Jonathan Mumford   Sandy, UTsame time 25407  14 Kelly Benefits Medfast
47463.11Andrew Olson   Blacksburg, VAsame time 84236  71 DLP Racing
48465.43Christopher Judy   Salt Lake City, UT01:07.3 130995  69 DLP Racing
49467.75Thaddeus Dulin   Greenville, SCsame time 130354  68 DLP Racing

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1364.06Todd Hipp   Sterling, VA57:02.9 206049  322 Battley Harley-Davidson/ Sonoma
2369.44Jake Lifson   Pittsburgh, PAsame time 43355  331 Indiana Regional Medical Center
3374.82David Osborne   Olney, MDsame time 47971  340 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE-ARTEMIS ELIT
4380.20Sean O'Rourke   Alexandria, VAsame time 220702  339 Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team
5385.58Andrew Shaw   Alexandria, VAsame time 116102  347 NCVC/Inova Health System
6390.96Chip Hoover   Germantown, MDsame time 215690  323 Latitude/ABRT
7396.34Bo Lee   Annandale, VAsame time 20700  328 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
8401.72Christopher Schmidt   Falls Church, VAsame time 74299  346 bike lane
9407.10Michael (Mike) Esmonde   Washington, DCsame time 182417  314 Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes
10412.48Steven Black   Vienna, VAsame time 251406  305 National Capital Velo Club/Inov
11417.86John Parks   Warrenton, VAsame time 205871  364 Unattached
12423.24William Breslin   Chantilly, VAsame time 4772  307 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
13428.62Peter Custer   Hampton, VAsame time 162204  310 IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS EL
14434.00A.T. Stamp   Lancaster, PAsame time 54332  348 Hincapie/Coca-Cola/Barkley
15439.38Jeffrey Dickey   Arlington, VAsame time 9439  312 NCVC/Inova Health System
16444.76Reed Albergotti   New York, NYsame time 228853  361 Jonathan Adler Racing
17450.14Justin Desilets   Riverton, UTsame time 209451  311 
18455.51Jared Nieters   Wilmington Vtsame time 220150  363 Haymarket Bicycles
19460.89Yanni Papadopoulos   Silver Spring, MDsame time 146488  341 The Valley Athletic Club
20466.27Kevin Gottlieb   San Francisco, CAsame time 226379  317 Squadra Coppi
21471.65Colin Prensky   New York, NYsame time 274257  343 CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
22477.03John Howe   Newtown, PAsame time 213562  324 PSR/Peddlers Shop Racing
23482.41Ramon Benitez   Glenwood, MDsame time 3304  303 
24487.79David Harrell   Springfield, VAsame time 196487  319 WWVC / 3D Fitness and Health
25493.17Eric Krause   Middletown, MDsame time 214347  327 Latitude/ABRT
26498.55Jose Escobar   Washington, DCsame time 236162  313 Battley Harley-Davidson/Capitol
27503.93James Pettengill   Takoma Park, MDsame time 210149  342 Battley Harley-Davidson
28509.31Paul Mica   Alexandria, VAsame time 177291  335 NCVC/Inova Health System
29514.69Paul Lengermann   Washington, DCsame time 216293  330 NCVC/Inova Health System
30520.07Steven Kendall   Fairfax, VAsame time 259050  326 NCVC/Inova Health System
31525.45Nathaniel Wilson   Boulder, COsame time 207985  356 NCVC/Inova Health System
32530.83Brigham Lumm   Washington, DCsame time 258015  334 Route 1 Velo / Capitol Hill Bik
33536.21Blair Berbert   Washington, DCsame time 203786  304 NCVC/Inova Health System
34541.59Reed Tanger   Arlington, VAsame time 68301  350 Turin
35546.96Pedro Hijar   Reston, VAsame time 64699  264 The Bike Lane
36552.34Christopher Hayes   Warrenton, VA23.1 15521  321 Haymarket Bicycles p/b Function
37557.72Robert Kelly   Washington, DCsame time 185671  325 NCVC/Inova Health Systems
38563.10Gregory Abbott (1 - Cat2)   Washington, DCsame time 151860  301 NCVC/Inova Health System
39568.48Lang Reynolds   Seattle, WA33.8 168449  345 Hagens-Berman LLP
40573.86Curtis Winsor   Charlottesville, VA44.3 187500  360 Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
41579.24Jesse Leifert   Washington, DC01:08.3 239946  329 Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes
42584.62Ian Morrison   Frederick, MD02:22.0 225571  336 Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
43590.00Jon Gaudio   New Kent, VA04:57.6 82135  316 Seigler Sports

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