Race Results for
Great Dane Velo Club Spring Race #2
Madison, WI
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Criterium on 04/23/2006

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Men - Pro/Cat 1/2 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Andrew Crater   Greenville , SC 70612   Wheel & Sprocket
2Cole House   Oneida Wi 183112   Endeavour Cycling
3Jordan Roessingh (1 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 170411   Nova IS Corp
4Bryce Mead   Sterling, IL 165869   Athletes By Design
5Jason Landretti   Fitchburg, WI 86309   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
6John Puffer   Indianapolis, IN 116272   Athletes By Design
7Eric DeGolier   Fond Du Lac, WI 53445   Nova IS Corp
8Kyle Jacobson   Milwaukee, WI 209985   Beans & Barley
9Jonathan Fraley   Menomonee Falls, WI 202651   Endeavour Cycling
10Michael Stickland (2 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 226519   Pedalhead
11David Kay   Appleton, WI 130383   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
12Andrew Anderson   Chicago, IL 204122   Team Mack
13David Schimp   Pasadena, TX 205085   Spin Doctors
14Paul Kronser (1 - Cat2)   San Luis Obipso, CA 180954   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
15Reid Mumford   Sandy, UT 25407   Athletes By Design
16Todd Miller   Shorewood, WI 24495   Endeavour Cycling
17Bradley Pearson   Janesville, WI 52499   Michael's
18Brett Stewart   Indianapolis, IN 206762   Athletes By Design
19Paul Nilsen      Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
20N/A   Milwaukee, WI 81296   Hampshire Cycling
21Seth Eckert   Oregon, WI 148803   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
22Michael Anderson   Saint Paul, MN 183953   Endeavour Cycling
23Ben Lund   Delafield, WI 104579   Endeavour Cycling
24Morgan Wiswall   Neenah, WI 67243   Wheel & Sprocket
25James Moore   Greenville, WI 208911   Wheel & Sprocket
26Kenneth Haines   Wausau, WI 14626   America's Dairyland
27Christopher Morris   Wausau, WI 55692   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
28Gregg Bednorski   Wausau, WI 3146   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
29Luca Fagundes   Madison, WI 151956   Athletes By Design
30John Larson   Greendale, WI 57032   Endeavour Cycling
31Rob Brugman   Whitefish Bay, WI 176135   Velo Trocadero
32Jack Nielsen   Racine, WI 150412   Beans & Barley
33Chris Strout   Hendersonville, NC 177553   Team Mack
34John Kunert   Madison, WI 87929   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
35Peter Femal      Monex
36Michael Kitzman   Appleton, WI 70069   Wheel & Sprocket
37John Acker   Sherwood, WI 67867   Wheel & Sprocket
38Todd Kinart   Appleton, WI 88303   Team Mack
39Daniel Lionberg   Fort Collins, CO 195162   Beans & Barley
40John Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025   Spin Doctors
41Chris Halverson   Madison, WI 188913   Spring Street Sports
42Brian Hammer   Madison, WI 132723   Beans & Barley

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Masters - 30-35

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Chris Strout   Hendersonville, NC 177553   Team Mack
2David Schimp   Pasadena, TX 205085   Spin Doctors
3William Baudhuin   Fitchburg, WI 159914   Brazen Dropouts
4James Moore   Greenville, WI 208911   Wheel & Sprocket
5Chris Halverson   Madison, WI 188913   Spring Street Sports
6Ben Lund   Delafield, WI 104579   Endeavour Cycling
7Todd Miller   Shorewood, WI 24495   Endeavour Cycling
8John Voigt   Oconomowoc, WI 53599   Spin Doctors
9Kent Savitt   Golden, CO 47891   Endeavour Cycling
10John Kane   Madison, WI 53997   Endeavour
11Mark McGeen   Waukesha, WI 23462   Team Mack
12Greg Biettler   Madison, WI 3663   Brazen Dropouts
13Morgan Wiswall   Neenah, WI 67243   Wheel & Sprocket
14Gregg Bednorski   Wausau, WI 3146   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
15Paul Nilsen   Madison, WI 117358   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
16William Ochowicz   Pewaukee, WI 101140   Nova IS Corp
17Patrick Loney   Madison, WI 21508   Endeavour Cycling
18Jeffrey Thompson   Hartland, WI 91110   Beans & Barley
19John Handlogten   Racine, WI 46674   Beans & Barley
20John Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025   Spin Doctors
21Jack Nielsen   Racine, WI 150412   Beans & Barley
22Brian Abraham   Buckeye, AZ 76774   CZ Velo
23Louis Waugaman   Tucson, AZ 199952   Team Mack
24Randall Roth   Shorewood, WI 61731   Endeavour Cycling
25Darren Pipp   Verona, WI 28209   Endeavour Cycling
26Don Lowe   Rockford, IL 218745   Team Mack
27Rob Brugman   Whitefish Bay, WI 176135   Velo Trocadero
28Keith Koechell   Delafield, WI 199894   Team Wisconsin
29John Larson   Greendale, WI 57032   Endeavour
30John Scandurra (1 - Cat3)   Madison, WI 49175   Brazen Dropouts
31Michael Kitzman   Appleton, WI 70069   Wheel & Sprocket
32Eric Wiecek   San Francisco, CA 129295   Athletes By Design
33Matthew Stewart   St.charles, IL 34141   Revolution Cycling Team
34Gene Tolli   Albany, WI 83764   CZ Velo
35Todd Kinart   Appleton, WI 88303   Team Mack
36John Danzer   Madison, WI 184112   Brazen Dropouts
37Christopher Morris   Wausau, WI 55692   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
38Greg Davis   Green Bay, WI 206415   Bellin Health
39Jim Winter   Delafield, WI 48859   Spin Doctors
40Rutger VanDijk   Milwaukee, WI 97876   Nova IS Corp
41John Kane   Madison, WI 53997   Endeavour Cycling
42John Fleckenstein   Pewaukee, WI 125362   Team Mack
43Gregg Coroleuski   Pewaukee, WI 49090   Beans & Barley
44Rich Delgado   Hoffman Estates, IL 51887   Redline
45Kenneth Haines   Wausau, WI 14626   America's Dairyland
46Lowell Kellogg   Menomonee Falls, WI 18804   Nova IS Corp

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Thomson Remo   Fond Du Lac, WI 212914   Baraboo Sharks
2Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO 200237   Nova IS Corp
3Brandon Feehery   Homewood, IL 193035   South Chicago Wheelmen
4Mitchell Bogardus   Kenosha, WI 210565   Nova IS Corp
5Myles Beach   Larsen, WI 208348   Unattached
6Victoria Meier   Baraboo, WI 191780   Baraboo Sharks
7Scott McFarlane      Unattached
8Marcella Weiss   Twin Lakes, WI 199793   Team Mack
9Sarah Huang   Pleasant Prairie, WI 225258   Kenosha Velosport
10Simon Miller   Shorewood, WI 228258   Endeavour
11David Rossiter   Baraboo, WI 199795   Baraboo Sharks
12Christian Stone   North Freedom, WI 229845   Baraboo Sharks
13Jane Lee   Madison, WI 237883   Unattached
14Garrett Roth      Endeavour
15Benjamin Stone   North Freedom, WI 245188   Baraboo Sharks
16Nikolas Lemke (1 - Cat5)   Baraboo, WI 212747   Baraboo Sharks

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Cole House   Oneida Wi 183112   Endeavour
2Matthew Brandt   St Charles, MO 197984   Baraboo Sharks
3Mitch Gantz   Green Bay, WI 225382   Team Bellin Health
4William Dehli   Coloma, WI 213433   Baraboo Sharks
5Erik Meier   Baraboo, WI 185547   Baraboo Sharks
6David Engwis   Kenosha, WI 181628   Speed Zone
7Adam Kosela   Downers Grove, IL 199924   Nova IS Corp
8Jordan Fatke   Fond Du Lac, WI 228267   Baraboo Sharks
9Dave Hackworthy (1 - Cat3)   Hudson, WI 211784   Nova IS Corp
10Zachary Geyer   Green Bay 230075   Unattached
11Jordan Zillner   Brookfield, WI 188210   Nova IS Corp
12Sam Stone   Indianapolis, IN 213424   Baraboo Sharks
13John Donovan   Hartland, WI 231155   Nova IS Corp
14Jim Doherty      Unattached
15Jacob Brow   Dousman, WI 233257   Nova IS Corp
16Jamie Freely      Brazen Dropouts
17Nick Carter   Baraboo, WI 222151   Baraboo Sharks
18Bjorn Mikkelson   Wausau, WI 218710   Nova IS Corp
19Matthew Kennedy   Sullivan, WI 229190   Safe & Sound
20David Riesch      Baraboo Sharks
21Matt McFarlane      Unattached
22Mike McFarlane      Unattached

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Masters - 45-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Don Lowe   Rockford, IL 218745   Team Mack
2Gordon Paulson   Cottage Grove, WI 176866   Spring Street Sports
3Jeffrey Thompson   Hartland, WI 91110   Beans & Barley
4Richard Olson   Milwaukee, WI 52494   Spin Doctors
5Philip Olsen   Madison, WI 189125   Brazen Dropouts
6Michael Mathews   Prairie Du Sac, WI 45646   Brazen Dropouts
7Jeff McKillip   Belmont, NH 219454   Unattached
8Russ Damhoff   Dixon, IL 52698   Unattached
9Gregory Andrews   Verona, WI 197184   Brazen Dropouts
10Craig Terlau   Shorewood, WI 179507   Endeavour Cycling
11Tom Starr   Oregon, WI 123474   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
12Andrew Reiland   Waukesha, WI 203977   Team Wisconsin
13Evan Blanchard      Unattached
14David Sieloff   Madison, WI 191904   Brazen Dropouts
15Douglas Bach   Madison, WI 238555   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
16Bob Brunette      
17Dale Kittleson   Janesville, WI 239378   Michael\'s
18Robert Henry   Oconomowoc, WI 143508   Team Wisconsin
19Walter Meanwell   Madison, WI 219535   Brazen Dropouts
20Gregg Coroleuski   Pewaukee, WI 49090   Beans & Barley
21Craig Wright   Madison, WI 244286   Brazen Dropouts
22Andy Tautges   Chico, CA 227928   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
23Kenneth Pearson   Janesville, WI 50596   Michael's
24Bill Jollie   Madison, WI 229219   Brazen Dropouts
25Mark Blumenfeld      Atkins Citizen Racing Club
26Christopher Kronser   Middleton, WI 200356   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
27Paul Johnwood      Endeavour Cycling

Men - Cat 3 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jack Hirt   Wauwatosa, WI 216643   Velo Trocadero
2Dan Ajer   Cottage Grove, WI 180160   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
3Gregg Brandt   Winona 227165   
4Victor Rentas   Park Ridge, IL 166946   Turin
5Justin Salzmann   Kaukauna, WI 211820   Unattached
7Casey Masterson   Milwaukee, WI 212244   Velo Trocadero
8Scott Thistle   Oconomowoc, WI 206291   Velo Trocadero
10Nathan Koenecke   Hortonville, WI 223047   Wheel & Sprocket
11Kip Spaude   Watertown, WI 199775   Nova IS Corp
13Jeffrey Lex   Milwaukee, WI 192305   Velo Trocadero
14Christopher Mantel   Cedarburg, WI 227962   Velo Trocadero
16Jeffrey Gantz   Green Bay Wi 187394   Bellin Health
17Alan Ziolkowski   Milwaukee, WI 203666   Project 5 Racing
19Aaron Brandt   Seboygan, WI 209961   Team Wisconsin
20Peter Stanislaus   Milwaukee, WI 194463   Nova IS Corp
22Gene Tolli   Albany, WI 83764   CZ Velo
23Brian Saso   Downers Grove, IL 197088   Project 5 Racing
25Charles (Casey) McCauley   Irvine, CA 209986   Nova IS Corp
26Jason Kozicki   Green Bay, WI 160070   Bellin Health
28Jason McKeefry   Madison, WI 182547   Brazen Dropouts
29Casey Lamers   Madison, WI 185456   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
31Patrick Haley   Milwaukee, WI 199776   Velo Trocadero
32Natalie Klemko   Bristol, WI 126306   America's Dairyland
34Eric Wiecek   San Francisco, CA 129295   Athletes By Design
35Jeff McFarland   Madison, WI 23448   Brazen Dropouts
37Nicholas Holbus   Milwaukee, WI 188436   Beans & Barley

Men - Cat 4 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jerry Long   Moscow, ID 202427   Baraboo Sharks
2Seth Lenss      Bellin Health
3Michael Eckert   Sturgeon Bay, WI 227929   Unattached
4Paul Potylicki   Aiken, SC 222870   Outspoken
5Ryan Staab   Platteville, WI 239672   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
6Chad Griffin   Madison, WI 211147   Unattached
6Josh Meyer   Two Rivers 197910   Spin Doctors
7Steve Vandeven   Chicago, IL 232049   Athletes By Design
8Brian Hertzberg   Forest Lake, MN 208067   Velo Squadra
9James McManus      Nova IS Corp
9Damon Rinard    29918   Brazen Dropouts
10David Engwis   Kenosha, WI 181628   Speed Zone
11Lance Niles   Lafayette, CO 233828   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
12Alexander Sharon   Wheaton, IL 206147   Athletes By Design
12Will Stoffel   Katy, TX 199999   Unattached
13Jim Frame   Weston, WI 204984   Unattached
14James Stemper   Wauwatosa, WI 230799   Marquette U Cycling Club
15Adam Kosela   Downers Grove, IL 199924   Nova IS Corp
15Brandon Wood   Fitchburg, WI 230061   Endeavour Cycling
16Patrick Flannery   Madison, WI 580   Endeavour Cycling
17Kelson Danielson   Brooklyn, NY 199053   Baraboo Sharks
18Lucas Joppa   Durham, NC 133427   Velo Squadra
18Selim Hicsonmez   Madison, WI 239381   Zia Velo
19Stephen Feehery   Homewood, IL 11378   South Chicago Wheelmen
20Christian Sheridan   Crozet, VA 167388   South Chicago Wheelmen
21Christopher Zacharias   Whitefish Bay, WI 188643   Hampshire Cycling
21Erik Olson   Madison, WI 218697   Unattached
22Mark Larson   Fitchburg, WI 70145   Velo Squadra
23Thomson Remo   Fond Du Lac, WI 212914   Baraboo Sharks
24Matthew Johnson   Mesa, AZ 217561   Zia Velo
24Randall Roth   Shorewood, WI 61731   Endeavour Cycling
25Christopher Sarna      Unattached
26Brian Abraham      Unattached
27Rich Delgado   Hoffman Estates, IL 51887   Redline
27Jim Doherty      Unattached
28Brandon Feehery   Homewood, IL 193035   South Chicago Wheelmen
30Paul Warloski   Milwaukee, WI 97808   Beans & Barley
36Kevin Kirsch   Madison, WI 53028   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)

Men - Cat 4/5 - Masters - 30-35

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jerry Long   Moscow, ID 202427   Baraboo Sharks
2Chad Griffin   Madison, WI 211147   Unattached
3Barry Humiston   Germantown, WI 55686   Spin Doctors
4Ryan Fandre   Waukesha, WI 188403   Unattached
5Aaron Duston   Colorado Springs, CO 229941   Unattached
6Sean Shields   Milwaukee, WI 76735   Hampshire Cycling
7Timothy Riley   La Crosse, WI 230962   Wheel & Sprocket
8Eric Knuth   Madison, WI 203995   Brazen Dropouts
9Jeff McKillip   Belmont, NH 219454   Unattached
10Aaron Schindler   Hartland, WI 137634   Velocity Cycling Team
11Michael Geitner   Mukwonago, WI 233888   Unattached
12Michael Mandli   Germantown, WI 225464   Spin Doctors
13Anthony Phillips   Hartland, WI 231191   Team Wisconsin
14Stephen Feehery   Homewood, IL 11378   South Chicago Wheelmen
15Russ Buege   Denver, CO 225976   Spin Doctors
16Mike Kahl   Oregon, WI 199798   Great Dane Velo Club
17Rick Walls      Unattached
18Chris Larson      Atkins Citizen Racing Club
19Andrew Schwartz   Milwaukee, WI 226605   Endeavour
20Brian Carlson   New Berlin, WI 63425   Unattached
21Jacob Herber   Milwaukee, WI 212565   Endeavour Cycling
22J Channing Tassone   Pewaukee, WI 187998   Velo Trocadero
23Mike Hulen      Velocity Cycling Team
24John Grisa   Brookfield, WI 244444   Velocity Cycling Team
25Gregory Ferguson   Middleton, WI 218703   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
26Tom Starr   Oregon, WI 123474   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
27Gregory Francken   Elm Grove, WI 201071   Velocity Cycling Team
28Damon Rinard    29918   Brazen Dropouts
29Christian Sheridan   Crozet, VA 167388   South Chicago Wheelmen
30Mike Weber      Unattached
31Joel Crouch   Chicago, IL 244599   Unattached
32Don Carr   Wauwatosa, WI 185458   Nova IS Corp
33Jeff Zillner   Brookfield, WI 239450   Nova IS Corp
34David Greenblatt   Madison, WI 72993   Unattached
35Philip Olsen   Madison, WI 189125   Brazen Dropouts
36Joseph King   Madison, WI 190745   Brazen Dropouts
38Greg Mahalick (1 - Cat5)   Glendale, WI 228634   Endeavour Cycling
39Walter Meanwell   Madison, WI 219535   Brazen Dropouts
40Brian Janssen   Milwaukee, WI 192576   Endeavour Cycling
41Darin Chic   Sussex, WI 229777   Spin Doctors
42Ryan Griessmeyer   Madison, WI 215363   Atkins Citizen Racing Club
43Craig Shwonek   Sagamore Hills, OH 55615   Endeavour Cycling
44Robert Henry   Oconomowoc, WI 143508   Team Wisconsin
45Zbigniew Potylicki (1 - Cat4)   New Port Richey, FL 78737   Athletes By Design
46Matthew Block   Schofield, WI 216921   Unattached
47Andrew Gardner   Fitchburg, WI 189020   Brazen Dropouts
48Terry Ferguson (2 - Cat4)   Mundelein, IL 204324   Velo Club Roubaix Inc
49Mark Schultheis   Wauwatosa, WI 244585   Unattached
50Evan Blanchard      Unattached
51Bill Jollie   Madison, WI 229219   Brazen Dropouts
52Andrew Reiland   Waukesha, WI 203977   Team Wisconsin

Men - Cat 5 - Elite - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jordan Heimer      Team Mack
2Joel Crouch   Chicago, IL 244599   Unattached
3Lyle Hanson   Madison, WI 219950   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
4Jeff McKillip   Belmont, NH 219454   Unattached
5Jason Boynton      Michael's
6Ryan Law   Milwaukee, WI 240610   Endeavour Cycling
7Mitch Gantz   Green Bay, WI 225382   Bellin Health
8Jon Alvarez   Madison, WI 244751   Endeavour Cycling
9Michael Geitner   Mukwonago, WI 233888   Unattached
10Jeff Rockwell   Madison, WI 240609   Brazen Dropouts
11John Donovan   Hartland, WI 231155   Nova IS Corp
12Jacob Herber   Milwaukee, WI 212565   Endeavour Cycling
13Matthew Block   Schofield, WI 216921   Unattached
14Erik Miller   Madison, WI 224854   Unattached
15Tom Kelly   Oregon, WI 220844   Endeavour Cycling
16Rick Walls      Unattached
17Kevin Berger      Brazen Dropouts
18Thomas Theisen   Sacramento, CA 229836   Unattached
19Darren Muenchow   Palmdale, CA 242445   Unattached
20Justin Kingsbury      Unattached
21Wojciech Kosela      Unattached
22Geoff Streator   Madison, WI 228536   Novara/REI
23Sam Stone   Indianapolis, IN 213424   Baraboo Sharks
24Marc Wolman   Philadelphia, PA 244058   Brazen Dropouts
25Andrew Roads      Endeavour Cycling
26Dana Bartholomew      Unattached
27Steve Brown   Madison, WI 241254   Unattached
28Andrew Toumanoff   Milwaukee, WI 233831   Marquette U Cycling Club
29John Spaude   Watertown, WI 234655   Nova IS Corp
30Cody Gunst      Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Women - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Carrieann Kopernik   Union Grove, WI 172958   Nova IS Corp
2Rebecca Anderson   Columbus, WI 126258   America's Dairyland
3Susan Peithman   Portland, OR 224114   Athletes By Design
4Faye Hartmann   Middleton, WI 167233   Brazen Dropouts
5Natalie Klemko   Bristol, WI 126306   America's Dairyland
6Kristin Wentworth   Madison, WI 207606   Nova IS Corp
7Rachel Eichers   Madison, WI 179920   America's Dairyland
8Madeleine Puissant   Milwaukee, WI 218400   Nova IS Corp
9Stephanie Birkenstock (1 - Cat3)   Madison, WI 205759   Nova IS Corp
10Rita Glumm   Waukesha, WI 222984   Spin Doctors

Women - Cat 4 - Women - 23-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO 200237   Nova IS Corp
2Heidi Ploeg   Middleton, WI 219462   Atkins Citizen
3Ridge Benedum   Bloomington, MN 101389   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
4Alice Hagen   Milwaukee, WI 226675   Beans & Barley
5Karen Pluim      Capitol Velo Club
6Muriel Nagle   Madison, WI 238837   Atkins Citizen
7Heather Curnutt   Madison, WI 246308   Capitol Velo Club
8Rebecca Zach   Milwaukee, WI 207474   CZ Velo
9Tracy Mather      Endeavour
10Tori Jennings   Madison, WI 17769   Capitol Velo Club
11Alecia Jasper   Oak Creek, WI 244027   Beans & Barley
12Michelle Sykes      Atkins Citizen
13Sabrina Blosky   Muskego, WI 230978   Beans & Barley
14Marcella Weiss   Twin Lakes, WI 199793   Team Mack
15Anne Lauf      Capitol Velo Club

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