UCI Track Teams



Welcome to the homepage for the 2016-2017 UCI track teams. On here you will find all of the information we have on the logistics of forming, registering, and maintaining a UCI track team.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your team process, please contact Justin Evans at Jevans@usacycling.org or 719-434-4263.

1. Team Composition and General Principles

This year USA Cycling is managing more of the team registration process, similar to how we manage the registration of UCI road teams. The official deadline for registering, published by the UCI, is February 12, 2014.

Teams registering with the UCI receive the following benefits:

  • Inclusion on the UCI Track Team Ranking
  • Information services and publications in addition to regular distributions
  • Direct entry services for major UCI events
  • Preferred pricing, where negotiated, for accommodations and food at World Cup events
  • Three copies of all rider licenses

A UCI track team is made up of a minimum of three riders and a maximum of 10. All riders must have a contract that includes the minimum information provided in the standard contract type provided. (Please pay attention to the model contract [Word doc]! We had several teams that struggled with this last year. All of the provisions of the model contract must be in your contracts.) The employer must also provide insurance for the riders. Note that this contract does mean that the rider receives at least minimum wage for a full-time job over 12 months. Thus, all rider contracts must address the financial compensation to the rider.

2. Roster Changes

Once the team is established and approved by the UCI, riders can be added to the roster, also subject to approval by USA Cycling and the UCI.

3. Key Dates for Team Registration

February 12, 2014 — Registration forms, signed by USA Cycling, rider contracts, and copy of the team jersey must be in the offices of the UCI. To expedite this, we will be submitting all the documents for you. Thus, what we need from you are the filled-in UCI registration form, originals of all rider contracts, and a picture of your jersey in the form of a JPG or PDF. We will sign all the documents and append the necessary stamps and forward to the UCI. Thus, the sooner you provide that to USA Cycling, the sooner we can get it out. Note that this deadline will be strictly enforced! USA Cycling will submit documents once the USA Cycling fees have been received.

March 25, 2014 — The UCI fees must be wired to their account (see wiring instructions included on this page).

4. Associated Fees for Registering a Team

For 2014-2015, the applicable fees are the following:

  • Due to the UCI — 3,500 Euros. This must be wired into the UCI account using the information provided in the file by March 25, 2014.
  • Due to USA Cycling — $250 prior to March 25, 2014

5. Downloadable Files