Repeat national champions shine at 2013 Masters Track Nationals


By Robert Annis

Indianapolis, Ind. (Aug. 3, 2013) -- The last day of individual competition at the 2013 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships featured several performances of blockbuster proportions on Saturday at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis.
Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky./ Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc) earned another Stars-and-Stripes jersey – his third of the week and the 36th of his career – but a red cape might have been more. Tolson let loose another superhuman effort Saturday, winning sprints at will on his way to capturing the men’s 50-54 points race victory.
A day after playing team tactics perfectly, Boulder Orthopedics put on another in-race clinic, capturing the men’s 60-64 scratch race. The three riders – Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, Colo.), Paul Mack (Longmont, Colo.) and Steven Worley (Boulder, Colo.), all former national and world champions – individually are great riders, but like any super group, are greater than the sum of their parts. Their game plan on Saturday?
“Do what we did (Friday),” Messmer said. “Take turns attacking.”
When Steve Truesdale (La Center, Wash.) broke away from the pack, he was quickly joined by Messmer and Mack, while Worley stayed in the group. Messmer, Mack and Truesdale worked well together for several laps, when Messmer “caught Truesdale napping” and jumped away for the eventual win. Truesdale couldn’t respond, and Mack just bided his time until the finishing sprint. Worley was able to capture the final spot on the podium.
“When it’s a team event, the team is paramount,” Messmer said. “We want to win the best all-around team award we won last year.”
Luanne Murray (right) outsprints Tara Unverzagt at the line for the gold medal in the women’s 50-54 scratch race.
Luanne Murray (right) outsprints Tara Unverzagt at the line for the gold medal in the women’s 50-54 scratch race. (photo by Robert Annis)
A day after cruising to victory in the women’s 50-54 points race, Luanne Murray (London, Ohio/Kreitler Racing Team) snagged her second gold medal of the national championships, winning the scratch race. The field negated any and all breakaway attempts, leaving the race to be decided in the last lap. Shortly after turn two, Murray was off like a flash, sprinting to the front of the group with Tara Unverzagt (Torrance, Cal. /South Bay Wheelmen) hot on her trail. Murray managed to hang on to the line, winning the finishing sprint by millimeters.
Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo.) was a wonder woman during the 55+ points race, capturing half of the sprints and lapping the field solo en route to her latest national championship.
“I’m not much of a sprinter,” said the modest Missourian. “I knew this was my only chance at winning, so I went hard after that first sprint. … I was prepared to suffer until they caught me, then go ahead.”
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2013 USA Cycling Masers Track National Championships
Major Taylor Velodrome
Indianpolis, Indiana
August 3, 2013
Men's 40-44 Flying Time Trial
1. Stephen McLaughry (Portland, OR/Bike Central) 11.391
2. Quinn Hatfield (Los Angeles, CA/Velo Club LaGrange) 11.431
3. Allen Vugrincic (Palo Alto, CA/Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic) 11.567
4. Bennie Flores (Pride, LA/4th Dimension Fitness) 11.785
5. Michael Dancel (Dpo, aa/Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic) 11.817
Men's 45-49 Individual Pursuit - 3km
1. Daniel Casper (Northfield, MN/Revolution Cycle/Twin Six) 03:41.5
2. Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, IN/Zipp Factory Team) 03:45.6
3. Tim Mulrooney (Minneapolis, MN/Synergy) 03:46.5
4. David Brinton (N Hollywood, CA/Serious Cycling) 03:46.9
5. James Tainter (Minneapolis, MN/) 03:49.8
Men's 70-74 Individual Pursuit - 2km
1. Michael Williams (Metairie, LA/) 02:53.7
2. Leo Menestrina (San Jose, CA/Alto Velo Racing Club) 02:56.6
3. Jim Turner (Menlo Park, CA/Alto Velo Racing Club) 02:57.5
4. Edward Burns (Vestal, NY/Bell Lap Racing) 03:02.7
5. Jurgen Leiser (Colorado Spgs, CO/) 03:17.8
Men's 75-79 Individual Pursuit - 2km
1. Skip Sparry (Plano, TX/Matrix Cycling Club) 03:11.8
2. Thomas O'Rourke (Westbloomfield, MI/Cadieux Bicycle Club) 03:17.3
3. J Robert Beck (Hanover Park, IL/Midwest Masters Cycling Team) 03:19.7
4. Marshall Gordon (Hendersonville, NC/Midwest Masters Cycling Team) 03:27.5
5. Roger Wright (Fort Myers, FL/Florida Velodrome Association) 03:41.9
Men's 85-89 Individual Pursuit - 2km
1. Carl Grove (Bristol, IN/Pista Elite) 02:57.2
Women's 45-49 Individual Pursuit - 2km
1. Christine Phillips (Chandler, AZ/Strada Racing Club) 02:41.1
2. Karen Claeys (Seattle, WA/Lake Washington Velo) 02:45.5
3. Suzanne Goodwin (Mckinney, TX/McKinney Velo Club) 02:46.3
4. Renee' Fenstermacher (Redondo Beach, CA/South Bay Wheelmen) 02:52.0
5. Andi Smith (Menlo Park, CA/B4T9/Foundation) 02:55.2
Men's 50-54 Points Race - 20km
1. Curtis Tolson (Louisville, KY/Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc) 25
2. Robert Bodamer (Humble, TX/Matrix Cycling Club) 17
3. Chris Carlson (Plano, TX/Matrix Cycling Club) 14
4. John Walsh (Playa Del Rey, CA/SPY GIANT RIDE) 13
5. Paul Drees (Avondale, PA/Morgan Stanley Cycling Team) 13
Women's 55-59 Points Race - 10km
1. Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, MO) 32
2. Karen Kelly (Phoenix, AZ/Strada Racing Club) 5
3. Debra Cavender (Troy, MI/BK Training Systems LLC) 4
4. Valerie Tiemann (Spring, TX/Northwest Cycling Club) 0
Women's 60-64 Points Race - 10km
1. Lynn Rivier (Highland Park, IL/Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club) 19
2. Jan Palchikoff (Los Angeles, CA/CPT) 12
Women's 65-69 Points Race - 10km
1. Jo Johnson (Wilmington, DE/Team TBB/Deep Blue) 0
Women's 70-74 Points Race - 10km
1. Julie Lockhart (Dunstable, MA/Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC)) -57
2. Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, CA/San Diego Cyclo Vets) -60
Men's 40-44 Sprint
1. Stephen McLaughry (Portland, OR/Bike Central)
2. Quinn Hatfield (Los Angeles, CA/Velo Club LaGrange)
3. Robert Gauss (Kenosha, WI/)
4. Bennie Flores (Pride, LA/4th Dimension Fitness)
5. Chris Deardorff (Camas, WA/BRIHOP Cycling)
Women's 35-39 Sprint
1. Laura Flores (Pride, LA/4th Dimension Fitness)
Men's 55-59 Scratch Race - 7.5km
1. Michael Birditt (Escondido, CA/Swami's Cycling Club)
2. Mark Sommers (Washington, DC/DC Velo Limited)
3. Shannon Fox (Englewood, CO/)
4. George Luft (Parkland, FL/)
5. Ron Good (Naperville, IL/WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team)
Men's 60-64 Scratch Race - 5km
1. Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, CO/Boulder Orthopedics)
2. Paul Mack (Longmont, CO/Boulder Orthopedics)
3. Steve Truesdale (La Center, WA)
4. Chip Berezny (Coopersburg, PA/Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc)
5. Steven Worley (Boulder, CO/Boulder Orthopedics)
Women's 50-54 Scratch Race - 5km
1. Luanne Murray (London, OH/Kreitler Racing Team)
2. Tara Unverzagt (Torrance, CA/South Bay Wheelmen)
3. Jane Vanni-Noone (Indianapolis, IN/Scarlet Fire)
4. Lisa Giuffre (Englewood, OH/The Midwest Express)
5. Jane Chateaubriand (Seattle, WA/Lake Washington Velo)
Men's 35-39 Time Trial - 1km
1. Jeffrey Whiteman (Chicago, IL/George Garner Cyclery Track Team) 01:10.1
2. Michael Lifshotz (Apex, NC/Origin-8) 01:10.9
3. Jonathan Davy (Torrance, CA/Ironfly) 01:11.5
4. Jonathan Chambers (Hellertown, PA/Cycle Fitters) 01:11.6
5. Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen (Saint Louis, MO/Penrose Park Velo Team) 01:12.3
Men's 65-69 Time Trial - 500m
1. Reid Schwartz (Chicago, IL/University of Chicago) 38.994
2. Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, CA/Performance Cycle Coaching) 39.267
3. Lawrence Bosch (Fort Collins, CO/Boulder Orthopedics) 39.622
4. James Kinsinger (Erie, CO/Boulder Orthopedics) 40.85
5. Ray Lafleur (San Diego, CA/Eddie B Cycling) 41.092
Women's 40-44 Time Trial - 500m
1. Shannon Moak (Katy, TX/Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic) 39.047
2. Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, GA/Louis Garneau Factory Team) 39.923
3. Kimberly Nuffer (Denver, CO/Boulder Orthopedics) 41.306
4. Kristen Meshberg (Lyons, IL/George Garner Cyclery Track Team) 41.643
5. Cindi Vargas (Humble, TX/Matrix Cycling Club) 42.527

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