Registration open for 2014 UCI Mountain Bike and Track teams


The registration process is now open for cycling teams wishing to be classified as 2014 UCI Mountain Bike Teams or 2014-2015 UCI Track Teams.
2014 UCI Mountain Bike Teams
Teams wishing to be classified as UCI Mountain Bike Teams for the 2014 season have until Jan. 15 to complete the registration process and pay the UCI registration fee of 1,500 Euros.
Upon being accepted as a UCI Mountain Bike Team, a $250 fee will be payable to USA Cycling by Feb. 15. Should a team be accepted as a UCI ELITE Mountain Bike Team, there will be an additional 2,000 Euros payable to the UCI by March 1.
For more information, and details on how to register as a UCI Mountain Bike Team, please CLICK HERE.
2014-2015 UCI Track Teams
It is time for track teams to register with the UCI for the 2014-2015 season. Doing so will allow the UCI track teams to take part in all of the events on the International Calendar, including the UCI Track Cycling World Cup.
The deadline for sending in your registration materials to USA Cycling is Feb. 1.
For instructions on registering your team as a UCI Track Team for the 2014-2015 season, click here.
You can download the registration form as a word document here.
For more information on registering either your mountain bike or track team, please contact USA Cycling's Technical Director Shawn Farrell at

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