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21st Annual BArrio Logan Grand Prix

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21st Annual Barrio Logan Grand Prix Registration
(Online registration closes at 10:00 pm MDT 5/3/17)
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Time Discipline Gender Category Distance Prizes Places Fee
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Sat 5/6/17
7:15 am Criterium Men Cat 5 30 min Trophies 6 $43 $33
7:50 am Criterium Men Masters 55+/60+ Cat 1/2/3/4 35 $200/$200 6/6 $43 $33
8:30 am Criterium Men Cat 4 40 $200 6 $43 $33
9:15 am Criterium Mixed Junior 11-12 20 Medals 6/3 $33 $23
9:15 am Criterium Mixed Junior 9-10 20 Medals 3/3 $33 $23
9:40 am Criterium Mixed Junior 13-14 30 Medals 6/3 $33 $23
10:15 am Criterium Mixed Junior 15-16 45 Jereys/Medals 6/3 $33 $23
11:05 am Criterium Mixed Junior 17-18 55 Jereys/Medals 6/3 $33 $23
12:05 pm Criterium Men Masters 35+/45+ Cat 1/2/3/4 40 $200/$200 6/6 $43 $33
1:15 pm Criterium Men Pro/Cat 1/2 75 $800 10 $48 $38
2:35 pm Criterium Women Pro/Cat 1/2/3 50 $800 10 $48 $38
3:30 pm Criterium Men Cat 3/4 50 $200 6 $43 $33
4:25 pm Criterium Women Cat 4/5 30 min $200/Trophies 6/6 $43 $33


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