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Advanced Skills and Tactics Clinic

 Taught by Shawn Mehaffey - USA Cycling Level II Coach and Master's 1/2/3 racer,
Shawn Rosenthal - USA Cycling Certified Coach and Cat 1 racer 

October 15 & 16, 2011
Location: Danville & Pleasanton, CA

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Would you like to race smarter, to learn the secrets successful bike racers discover through years of trial and error?  This clinic is for both men and women, specifically those who are Cat 4/5 racers that have raced at least five times or Cat 3 racers that have raw talent and want to improve their racing ability.  The first class is a half-day discussion of individual and team tactics for success.  The second day of class will feature 30 miles of on-the-bike skills practice.  Per new NCNCA upgrade rules, after attending Cat 5, Cat 4 and Cat 3 racers will get three upgrade points.

Over 240 racers have taken this clinic, and several of them now compete in the Pro/1/2 ranks. In seven years of competing Shawn Mehaffey finished in the top 10 over 50 times (see details below). In other races he served as a domestique, helping his team leader get on the podium or at least place in the top ten. With this clinic you too can learn how to be an effective racer, whether racing individually or on a team.

 Topics covered on Day 1:
- Pre-race Strategy
- Tactics for Success 

 Skills practiced on Day 2:
- Cornering Skills
- Efficient Riding - Pacelines
- Bridging - Blocking
- Climbing - Descending
- Sprinting - Team Tactics

  General information:
  Session 1 – Saturday, Oct. 15,  9:00 – 1:30 in Danville
  Session 2 – Sunday, Oct. 16,  9:00 – 4:45 in Pleasanton

Directions: Will be sent to you when you sign up.  

 For more info call 925-866-1613 or email


  • USAC (USCF) licenses will be required for insurance purposes. One day and annual licenses will be available for purchase at the clinic.


Some comments from previous participants:

  • "what takes years on the bike to learn can be summed up in your clinic."
  • "I have been working on the sprinting technique that you showed us and it has already made a difference."
  • "I really thought your clinic was GREAT. I learned so much... The power sprinting technique was very helpful."  
  • "I liked being able to implement the newly learned skills, while obtaining your feedback."
  • "I raced the Patterson RR and...on the down hill your tuck position really worked for me. I was shocked at how I was catching people that were peddling and also tucking, but I was going even faster."
  • "[My cornering] has been great. I have already noticed a difference in my descending technique."
  • "after taking your clinic, I took it upon myself to act as unofficial Master's Cat 4 team leader in many of the road races and crits. The result was we were able to race effectively as a team and put multiple guys in the top 10 at races consistently over the course of the season."
  • "This is the best bike racing clinic I've ever taken."
  • "I wish I knew about your clinic earlier and look forward to participating in your next one."
  •  "I would recommend the clinic to others."

Shawn Mehaffey's USCF race results for years 1996-2002, and 2011 (coaching only 2003-2010):

    Top Five Placings: 32

    Top Ten Placings: 52

Significant USCF Race Results:
3rd - 1997 Burlingame Criterium (Master's 30+ 4/5)
3rd - 1998 Santa Rosa Criterium (Elite 4/5)
2nd - 1998 Madera Criterium (Master's 30+ 4/5)
1st - 1998 Daulton Road Race (Master's 30+ 4/5)
3rd - 1998 Cat's Hill Criterium (Elite 4)
2nd - 1998 Tour du Point Criterium (Elite 4)
3rd - 1998 Burlingame Criterium (Master's 30+ 4/5)
2nd - 1998 Davis Criterium (Elite 4)
1st - 1998 San Rafael Criterium (Elite 4/5)
8th - 1998 Napa Valley Grand Prix (Elite 3)

7th - 2001 Susanville Criterium (Master's 35+ 1/2/3)
6th - 2001 Tour de Santa Nella Road Race (Elite 3)
5th - 2001 Suisan Harbor Criterium (Master's 35+ 3/4/5)
5th - 2001 San Rafael Criterium (Elite 3)
5th - 2001 Last Chance Criterium (Master's 30+)

6th - 2002 Tuolumne Township Criterium (Elite 3)
7th - 2002 Santa Rosa Criterium (Master's 30+ 3/4/5)
7th - 2002 Santa Rosa Criterium (Elite 3)
8th - 2002 Santa Nella Road Race (Elite 3)
1st - 2002 Hellyer Velodrome Twilight Omnium (Category B/C)

Other Significant Cycling Results:
7th - 2011 Hemet Double Century (a non-USCF 200 mile timed event, field size was 122 riders)
8th - 2011 White Mountain Double Century (a non-USCF 200 mile timed event, field size was 69 riders)

Current registrations for Advanced Skills and Tactics Clinic (fall)

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