First Race Director Webinar


It is the start of another amazing race season! Time to start building your Continued Education Units (CEU’s) with our free first race director webinar.

Participate and start collecting your CEU’s for the year to recertify as a race director. One of the requirements to recertify is 10 hours of approved education or programs. Five hours of which must be USA Cycling given education. This webinar will be counted as one hour toward your five hours of USA Cycling education.
Do you want to know the simplest and easiest way as a race director to work with your chief referee? Do you want to know what to expect and what they expect? Then here is a webinar for you:

The Race Director and Chief Referee Relationship presented by Chuck Hodge on February 28 at 6 p.m. MT. Mr. Hodge is a National/International certified race director, a road National Commissaire, and a Regional A track and moto ref. He has had the pleasure of working with many officials at his events and race directors at their events.       

Registration is now closed for this free webinar. A recording will be made available in March.

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