May 29, 2013 LA Call


When: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
Attendees:   Andrew Barker (Voler), Greg Aden(SCNCA), Randy Legeai (LAMBRA), Lew Strader, Mimi Newcastle & Jim Patton (MABRA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Darrell Webb (NCA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Jonathan Kinnick (TBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Judy Rhyne (CCA), Bob Schallhorn (WCA), Bill Parsons (TBRA), Keith Creeden (FBRA).
Staff:  Andrea Spencer, Kristen Uhleman, Valecia Frasier, Susan Diller, Jeffrey Hansen, Gordon Weldon, Todd Sowl, and Fred Blattspieler, (Regional Coordinators were out on travel).
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  1. Voler State Championship Jersey program update – Aaron Barker, Voler eCommerce Director
    1. Launched last year; no risk: riders simply purchase through Voler online store. LA just has to approve artwork. LA receives 5% of purchase price
    2. Randy from LAMBRA: has worked great for us this past year, no maintaining quantities, we just have podium jerseys from Voler for free, entices riders to buy
    3. Bob from WI: Handing a certificate to the rider made the process super easy
    4. RD can offer free jersey, Voler sends certificates, and RD is charged as certificates are used.
  1. Brainstorming session “Ways to create more opportunities for riders”  – Fred Blattspieler
    1. 50% of first year riders leave USA Cycling, w/ primary reason being lack of racing opportunities
    2. Judy: Is this isolated to particular regions or states?
    3. Gordon: No, deviation is +- 3% by state, so pretty uniform. Not broken down by age, but by categories: particularly cat 4/5 riders. 10% response rate.
    4. Randy, LAMBRA: extremely expensive to organize races in metro area, so most races are far outside city, though that’s where racers are. Weekly TT series have evolved and grown- easy to put on, etc
    5. ??: In IL, lots of opportunities in northern IL, less so central and southern IL
    6. Jim, Greg, Judy, and Randy: Registrations are down 10%, generally, especially in masters and cat 3s (echoed in WI)
    7. Randy: Any sense of more unsanctioned races anywhere?
    8. Judy: not here, we’ve added new training series
    9. Bill in TN: lower level racers getting their fill during Wednesday night worlds series.
    10. Jack in OK: entry fees have skyrocketed, combined with low payout, has hurt participation; mid-week series are booming
    11. Florida: We were up early in the year but are flat now; masters category shakeup has impacted it locally. Local group rides are booming.
    12. What about beginner-only races?
    13. Randy: In some areas that will cause problems with smaller number of available riders for each race- most RDs depend on cat 5 entry fees for funding in less dense areas.
    14. Judy: working on that now, we will see
    15. Bob: incentives to RDs that offered cat 5 only races with pre and post-race clinics, and the number of cat 5 riders has increased
    16. Cost of putting on a race doesn’t change if there are only cat 5 racers, only decreases revenue.
    17. We also need more officials to support more races
    18. Keith in Florida: We’ve been more rigorous with results and submitting more results, sending them out in weekly email.
    19. On difference between pre-reg and day-of reg, what’s causing that gap?
    20. Judy: Weather is big factor, also who else is registering
    21. Jim: In the past, day-of were majority, now that is not the case, about 50/50
    22. Day-of late fees should be >$10 to encourage pre-reg
    23. Some have eliminated day-of reg altogether- too much hassle
    24. Scheduling an issue? Turning away races?
    25. Never in MABRA, not in LAMBRA, either; biggest fights are for CX weekend
    26. NE struggling to fill calendar
    27. CCA: healthy road season, not as much fighting over dates; much more competition for CX dates- accommodating most; no one goes to non-series races, anyway
  2. Open discussion
    1. Randy: can we mark one-day registrants as having one-day licenses? It currently shows a license number for one-day holders. Only way to check is a separate one-day report. Not indicated on regular registration list or on waiver. Confusing with their current license number
    2. Gordon: What does it matter if they pay for one-day online?
    3. Randy: For results spreadsheet, it looks up in license database.

Voler  -  2013 State Championship Apparel Program
Voler has entered into agreement with USA Cycling to be an official provider of State Championship clothing for all National LA groups. We have designed our program to not only be easy for each LA to use, but also to be very user-friendly for each champion. In addition, the program is also a revenue generator for each LA, with a 5% commission paid to each LA through USA Cycling.
Program Details
Voler will take your artwork and set them up to our patterns. Design assistance is also available. You will receive full proofs for your final approval before we start the program.
As part of our sponsorship, Voler will provide one size Small, Medium and Large in men’s and women’s jerseys to be used for podium photo shots and sizing for each champion. These jerseys are a generic version of the actual garment stating only State Champion without their discipline.
Actual official Champion jerseys will be created and made available for each discipline, such as TT, RR, Crit and Cross through the online store.
LAs can order certificates for $38.00 each to be given to each champion which can then be distributed to each champion at the race. Certificates can be ordered through Voler and will be electronically sent to the LA. Payment will be due monthly on any certificates that have been redeemed for the previous month, so that the LA doesn’t have to pay for more Certificates than needed.
The champion will then log onto the Voler Store through a specific Champion section on the site and place an order for their free jersey and purchase additional champion clothing at that time. When they check out, they will be prompted to enter their certificate code and will be discounted the cost of the one jersey.  Jerseys will retail for $70 each.
Once it has been determined that the purchaser is a valid champion in that specific discipline, the order will be released and processed.  The jerseys will be created at the time the order is processed and will ship within 7-10 working days of payment approval.
The LA has the option to have Voler produce additional styles such as:  Short-Sleeve and Long-Sleeve Skinsuits, Wind Vests and Jackets, Long-Sleeve Jerseys, Shorts and Bib-Shorts.  These additional items are available in the generic version only, stating only State Champion without their discipline. They will be made to order with a production time of 4-5 weeks from the time of order.  These orders will also be subject to verification of eligibility. The certificates issued by the LAs can be redeemed for these garments as well. The certificate will cover up to the value of a short-sleeve jersey, and then the champion will be responsible for any additional cost due.
Sales of all other clothing will generate a 5% commission paid directly to USA Cycling; USA Cycling will then distribute the commission to each LA quarterly. 
Voler Contact Information
21 Saratoga Ave
Grover Beach, CA 93433
Attn: Wayne Lance  |  |  800-488-6537

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